Feb 13th, 2017

Walmart has notified its store customers that it’s no longer possible to pre-order the Nintendo Switch there. The largest retailer in the world has sold out of Switch pre-orders.

This is in line with what other retailers have been saying: both GameStop and Target have run out of pre-orders recently, and they even cancelled some gamer’s pre-orders due to shortages (although both retailers have denied this).

Last month, Nintendo said that they have increased Switch production to meet pre-order demand. According to Japanese retailers, 80% of allocated Switch launch units have already been sold via pre-orders.

The company added that they have 2 million Switch units ready during the first month. But that may not be enough, if pre-orders are any indication.

One gamer posted the below image on Twitter, showing a notice at one of the Walmart stores. It reads:

“We’re sorry! We are sold out of pre-orders. Check back to buy yours after launch in March 2017”

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