Apr 26th, 2013


Good news for all your virtual console fans here in North America, you can now access the Virtual Console from the eShop. Searching for any virtual console game will bring it up in the eShop, so let us know how you’re liking those new games! For European users, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for your update, which includes:

  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Excitebike
  • Ice Climbers
  • Punch Out
  • F-Zero
  • Super Mario World

However, European consumers will be missing out on Kirby’s Adventure and Balloon Fight from the line-up that North America is getting. This is likely due to 50Hz versions being released and getting lots of negative feedback from customers. Instead, Europeans will get Mario’s Super Picross.

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  • tooby77

    Easy now complainers. More games will ofc come soon. The road to Rome wasnt built in a day.

    • Nintendofreak

      try “rome didnt burn in a day” its better

      • david daniel wharton camacho

        but Pompey did

        • Nintendofreak

          huuh i got burned *-*

        • Evang3los

          It was Dr who’s fault. Haha

    • It appears that some think it is simple to move the game to the new Wii U OS and add in the features like MiiVerse capability all while doing all the other tasks they have like making new games, working software patches for speed and stability.

      I do think the cost is a bit high though. Not that it should be free but maybe more like $2.99 for NES and $4.99 for SNES. Of course I have many VC games already that I will be able to upgrade for lower cost. Lets see if Sony or Microsoft do that IF they port over any of their digital content. You will probably have to pay full price again. They already want you to have two systems to do the job of one anyway and pay $500 for that privilege.

    • Threinfhir

      Rome wasn’t built in a day but the road leading to it was.

      • Kyle Berger

        I hope you are kidding.

  • tronic307

    Already upgraded my Super Mario World. It looks so much cleaner. Can’t wait for Super Metroid!

  • Noel Canales

    I still do not understand why its so hard to move all the current virutal console games from the Wii to the Wii U E-Shop. So let me get this right…..they (Nintendo) name new system very similar to Wii by slapping he the letter “U”, but they cannot even gets these games moved over and converted so we can play them on our Wii U system. And if you purchased them already on your old regular Wii (different system) you got to pay $1 if its an NES your downloading again or $1.50 if its an SNES game. Am I being scamed? Its like they are starting the virtual console all over again where its going to take months to get titles we want. What give big N?

    • routerbad

      Well, considering its a completely different platform, and they are using a new emulator, adding miiverse functionality, getting people to moderate the communities, etc, all while they are putting large teams of developers at work building new games for the platform, I think what they are starting with is just fine. It has to start somewhere, and I have a feeling they are working toward a rapid release schedule for the updated games. Meanwhile, they are all still available on Wii mode.

      • Noel Canales

        i can only hope so.

      • THIS^^^^

        Some think it is just like flipping a switch. Also the Wii U is more than just adding the letter U. Would he say that the PS3 is the same as the PS2 with just a number 3?

        • Squid

          YES! I couldn’t agree with you more!

    • Denvy

      Ability to remap buttons, ability to create restore points and integrate into Miiverse. It’s not the same thing. You do NOT have to pay anything to play these games on the Wii U. You can transfer your games from the Wii to the Wii U for free and still play them…without paying extra!

    • Cerus98

      Takes more than a button push. The games needed reprogramming. Think you can do that better? The put your money where your mouth is.

      • Kim Nielsen

        no, the games did not require reprograming. They just put an extra layer on top of them, or around if you like. The core is the exact same as it has always been. Besides, regular pc emulators can do everything the wii u emulator does… without reprogramming.

        • Cerus98

          PC emulators have off TV play on the gamepad, miiverse intergration etc? Frankly I find your lack of computer knowledge laughable yet you’re still commenting on the subject. One minor code change can have major unforeseen side effects. It’s the nature of programming. Emulators are just that, emulators for a particular system. They took time to create, are not perfect and are illegal. They don’t require “reprogramming” because the programs are emulating the original consoles.

          The Wii and Wii U aren’t just NES emulators on a PC. The is many games from many different consoles. Do you think the games automatically work with the Wii Us buttons without programming? That takes programming which takes testing.

          • Kim Nielsen

            I disagree… do you really think they’d reprogram hundreds of old games, when it’s way easier to integrate it into another piece of software? A piece of software they programmed for the wii u, none the less. And yes, the piece of software is strictly designed for each emulated console( Nes, Snes, etc). I have yet to see any features in these VC games that would require reprogramming of the original game. Not until they release 8-bit super mario bros 3 in 3d with multiple endings.

            Tv play on gamepad, miiverse intergration… wtf does that have to do with PC emulators anyways?!?.. i find it hard to see how those features would require any reprogramming. It’s an integrated part of the emulation. I bet my hat (though i don’t have one) that if you fx. dissected all the snes games on VC, it would have the same exact same emulator, or code if you will. If you get your emulator right, there’s no reason to reprogram the original game.

            And noooo (meant to be said very slowly, with a hint of sarcasm), I don’t think think Wii U’s buttons automatically work without programming. But you do that in the emulatorsoftware connected to the game, not the game itself. Besides, it’s hardly the most impressive feature. It’s done fairly simple. If you press a button, like Y, the emulator knows from your setting that it equals A. So it imitates that button and tells the game you pressed A on your nes gamepad, even though you didn’t… and so the games “boing” and “pling” and you got yourself a gold coin.

            I’m 46 years old and have worked in the software industry for ages, so I do know a thing or two about programming… punk!

            Did you know that Wii has an emulator called Snes9 GX. You can remap buttons, save states ect… guess what?! no, reprogramming! Quite a shoch, huh?! Sure, it didn’t have Miiverse or offscreen tv play, and you know why? Because there is no such thing on wii. But some day one guy will figure out how to make Snes9 GXU – without the Miiverse ofcourse.

            NO REPROGRAMMING NEEDED!!!! get your facts straight, and quit being so arrogant towards other people, when you don’t know shit… troll?

  • tooby77

    Sad we europeeps have to wait. Damn, that ice climber takes me back to 1986, i rented nes and was blown by IC. Played Nintendo since that day. I have owned all xbox and ps consoles but all those where sold after a while, bought new, sold and so on. But i will never sell a Ninty console. 🙂

    • Nintedward

      Tomorow isn’t much of a wait lol

      • tooby77

        what i ment was that it should be world release. what time do we get it? 7 in the morning still no vc

      • audi lover

        Its 8.30 in morning and now downloading smw so not such a long wait

  • Adrian

    Virtual. Mother. Freakin. Console!!

    Finally! Ugh, but what a crap game selection. Given this game selection, they should just have a promo event and sell em each for a dollar until they have a real selection.

    • tooby77

      So u like to see 1147 games like instant? Dude its much smarter to release a few at a time. Brilliant nintendo

      • Adrian

        No, I want to see something like, I don’t know, 20 games? 30 games? 50 games? Not 6 games, only one of which I have any interest in playing (which I still have my SNES version of, that I’ve beat like 20 times).

        • Adrian

          Anyways, it’s not really about having them all out at once. I’m just saying the selection sucks now. Since it sucks, I have no interest in using it. What WOULD interest me would be a promo sale. That’s all.

        • Cerus98

          There’s 8 games, not six. Learn to count.

          • Adrian

            The article above shows 6. Learn not to be a dick.

          • Cerus98

            Oh ok, since the article says 6 the two other games I downloaded must be imaginary. Kirby and Balloon Fight make 8. The six shown are for EU. Do you even own a Wii U? Look for yourself.

          • Adrian

            Perhaps I am in Europe. Either way, It doesn’t change the fact that you are being a dick :).

  • Zuxs13

    Only one i dont have yet is Super Mario World, so i will be getting that as soon as i go home.

  • I will upgrade my Super Mario World when i get home tonight and aside from that Super Metroid is the only one I want to get from the current availability. I hope they keep the VC games coming pretty steadily.

  • bizzy gie

    50Hz? What does that mean?

    • It’s how fast the images refresh on the TV basically. With 50hz you may see some lag in the game because modern TVs usually do 60hz refresh or higher.

      • bizzy gie

        Refresh? What do you mean by that?

        • Every time the image changes on the TV it is called a refresh. 50hz is the frequency of that image changing. Higher refresh means smoother animation. Make sense a little more now?

          • bizzy gie

            Ah. Got it.


    How much is super Mario world?

    • $7.99 unless you already had it on the original Wii Virtual Console and then you can upgrade it for $1.50

  • Magnus Eriksson

    This is wrong. Europe have both Ballon Fight and Kirby in the VC line up.

    • tronic307

      Man, you should see all the VC games Japan gets. Now THAT’S wrong!

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Yeah. Its really not satisfying at all…

  • Cant wait to start collecting the games we all grew up with. 🙂

  • Squid

    Guys, can you help me come up with reasons to tell my friend animal crossing New Leaf isn’t boring?

    • Tell them the truth. It makes it easyer to get close to kids and give them the jimmy saviles super fun tickles 😉

      • Nobody

        I laughed a little too hard at this.

  • LopsidedPasta

    Here is my synopsis of the WiiU’s launch: It wasn’t ready when it first appeared in stores. Ok, but not great games, slow, and slightly buggy OS, and no virtual console are all signs that the WiiU was rushed somewhat to get it in stores by December 2012. However, most of these problems have been fixed by now. The games, sure, are still largely mediocre, but the OS is much better now, and the Virtual console has launched. When the HUGE games release for the WiiU, it will be ready to handle them. Better late than never. Better on time than late, true, but still. The WiiU is now a MUCH more respectable console in my opinion.

    • The Clockwork Being

      Their plan must have been to continue with the Wii sells for a year but the investors of Nintendo must have told themsleves that the Wii wouldnt hold for a year. So they had to release the console now so that investors would be happy

  • Nintendo has already won in the next gen race 🙂

    • Adrian

      That’s a weird thing to say, considering the other players haven’t even (really) entered it yet.

    • Oh come on. I like Nintendo as much as the next guy here, but don’t be silly.

      I wonder, have people considered Nintendo actually doesn’t care how well or poorly they do in comparison to other consoles? They never really speak of the competition in interviews or commercials. Even back in the old “Genesis Does What Nintendon’t” days, they didn’t stoop to Sega’s level of trash talk. Maybe they’re just happy if they make a profit.

  • Robknoxious1

    “$2.99 for NES and $4.99 for SNES”
    This ^^^^

    How many more people would take a chance on some of the lesser known older games if they were more reasonable? I know I would.

    • Cerus98

      Economics…learn it. It took work, time and money to bring these games out again. How about this – you tell me where you work and I will come in and tell you what I think your products and services are worth and pay you that amount.

      PS. Old doesn’t mean worthless either.

      • Ford Crews

        They are free to set the price at what ever they want, but judging by the cell phone/tablet/dvd market, they sales increase exponentially with reductions in price.

        • Cerus98

          You’re comparing cell phone and DVD sales to virtual console games? You’re also arguing that people buy things when they’re cheap? Hurray for captain obvious.

          #1 More people have a DVD player than consoles.
          #2 Cell phones have always been cheap under contract and given their status as a so called “cool” thing to have everyone has one.
          #3 People stand in line for days for the next big smartphone release and pay full price.

      • Robknoxious1

        Easy pal, No need to get snippy. I’m well aware of how the markets work. I used to have to put together quotes based on what my company wanted to sell something for. I also had to play devil’s advocate to my bosses based on what I knew the local market would bear for a given product. I was pretty good at finding a balance if I do say so myself. I’m a conservative that believes in capitalism and the free market. If those price points are working for Nintendo fantastic. More power to them.

        I’m just speaking for myself that I would’ve bought more VC titles on the Wii – quite a bit more – if they had been priced lower – at least with sales like they’re having now (hopefully this trend continues with Wii U VC idk what’s happening on 3DS, I’m not a handheld guy). Obviously Nintendo is going to decide if they would be better off keeping the price high or lowering it. For years I’ve watched Steam have sales on Genesis games for example at terrific prices. I would’ve preferred to play them on Wii but the bargain hunter in me won out. That was my choice same as it is Nintendo’s to set their prices.

        PS. Who said old equals worthless? Not me. $2.99 and $4.99 has worth to me. Again it’s Nintendo’s choice. I’m just saying what I’d pay for LESSER KNOWN games. I’d suggest that Nintendo “encourages” demo’s for VC games so more people can discover older hidden gems. We cool bro?

        • Cerus98

          Sorry, sounded like you were griping about their VC prices. I know a lot of people got all pissy when Nintendo announced the upgrade pricing because people think they’re entitled to every version of a game on every console for one purchase price. A buck fifty is a heck of a deal and I’ll be upgrading all my VC titles as they become available. Small price to pay for the work they put in adding new features. I’ll also continue to buy new VC titles even if I can get them cheaper in their original forms because off TV play kicks butt.

          Now if you really wanna talk price then N, Sony and M$ all need to lower their digital prices. It wouldn’t make me buy digital but it would certainly entice a lot more buyers if they were 5-10$ cheaper. Folks who aren’t as stuck on having cases and discs to collect like I am. I knows mass produced discs and cases don’t cost much to produce but there isn’t really much incentive to buy digital beyond the deluxe promotion.

          • Robknoxious1

            Sounds like we’re not far off in our beliefs. I had no issues with the charge to upgrade Wii VC to the Wii U features. Off TV play indeed kicks butt.

            My main problem with pricing on digital versions of games you can buy at retail is not that they are not cheaper – it’s that frequently they’re actually more expensive. I bought Arkham City for $29 and last week saw it for $19 brand new. On eShop it’s still $59. They should try and update their pricing to where it’s more in line with current retail selling prices.

            Take care sir.

          • Nobody

            The big thing about PSN and XBLA is that those are often new games, made for that console and not 20 year old games. I can see myself paying 15 bucks for a new digital title.

      • Kim Nielsen

        economics… you have absolutely, no idea of what you are talking about, do you? perhaps you should go learn some ecomics yourself. In the meantime, go shut your piehole, would you please? 🙂

        anywho… VC games 10$ in my country… i dont know anybody who would pay that amount of money for old game.

  • Jack5221

    Do you have to update your Wii U in order to purchase Virtual Console games? I keep trying to update my system but it keeps getting an error at around 50% – 93% and making me restart. I plan on updating my Wii U Monday, hopefully when the servers are less flooded. Anyways, can I still buy Virtual Console games off the eShop without the update?

    • Game Master

      I updated my Wii U last night an 2am, had no error or anything, took me 30 min.
      Nintendo must love me

  • Super Buu

    Wii U is gaining momentum!

  • Jason Setley

    we seriously need a folder or an app to organize all this we also need the same thing for the Nintendo Wii U 3d panoramic it’s good to see Nintendo giving us stuff and I couldn’t be happier is a Nintendo fan

  • Sweet. I got Kirby’s Adventure and it’s still really fun.

  • I would like all the VC games from Wii to be available on Wii U like right away. Starting from that point on please.

  • Owh come on Nintendo why release outdated 50hz games for Europe? Wtf guys? Every tv in Europe supports 60hz for many years already, even my oldest tv from 1995 already supported 60hz back then. So why does Europe once again get screwed over?
    Sorry had to let it out, didn’t read all comments yet just had to insta post after reading the article, not sure if anyone already posted a simillair comment like mine.

  • Jack5221

    Someone please help. I cant NOT get the update. I wait about 2 hours retrieving the data for the update, then another 2 hours updating, then at 93% it gives me an error and makes me restart, starting with retrieving the data… Please help, what do I do? I really need the update.

    • MetroidZero

      Contact Nintendo.

  • Ace J

    i can finally change the controls to play super mario world the way i want to

  • nTm

    I’m from germany and i already own kirby’s adventure and balloon fight. Got them for 30 cents and they are 60Hz

  • Weak launch but its w.e

  • Andrew Forza

    so according to wii u daily, if it “comes out saturday” then we should be able to download it on monday

  • What time did it launch for those in the US? Assuming similar time for a European and Oceanana release

  • audi lover

    Its now sat morning in uk and still no virtual console im getting extremely pissed off nintendo you really dont give a shit about Uk/Europe markets

    • audi lover

      They do care finally out in Uk its 8.30 in morning and downloading smw thanks nintendo

  • disqus_rHEUgIiMJM

    but we have kirby and ballon fight here in europe available for everyone

  • Andrew W Garttmeyer

    Did I miss Super Metroid for .30 cents?

    • No.. Sometime in May. About 2 weeks or so it will go on sale