Apr 3rd, 2014

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__qp9iPKeNs]

In addition to new information from a recent roundtable discussion with Mario Kart 8‘s director and producer, a new trailer has been released for the game. It shows off some new tracks, items, and karts. It also shows off the graphics looking better than we’ve ever seen before.

Does this trailer make you more excited for the game? Less excited? Are you placing a preorder right now? Let us know below!

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  • Ultrasyd

    No pre-order anymore for me because there will be plenty of boxes available at launch at the supermarket, as usual. I even got my Windwaker HD edition special edition like that …

    • darkcreap

      Not so sure about this one. Especially for the special edition. A friend of mine had to get his quickly because they were running out of preorders in our local Amazon store.

      • Ultrasyd

        Yes it’s always the case, but shops got them, even though not many, and I like to go to the shop on day one, and be the first customer πŸ˜€
        Also, I always say I don’t want a special edition, and 1 day before release, I change my mind haha.

  • ScrewAttack

    FUCKING HYPE. Cannot wait. Two rainbow roads! That music! The tracks look fantastic! 32 tracks…..if they don’t release reasonably priced/free GP cups that can be played in multiplayer they are RETARDED. I need more of this stuff right now, before the game even comes out.

    I’ll be preordering my special edition from Nintendo UK next week. Been looking for some nice new tshirts for the wardrobe and the bullet bill one hits the spot.

  • Guest

    MARIO STINKING 64 remake is one of the best remakes for a retro track i have ever seen here it it


    • darkcreap

      That does not seem the remake. Does it? The tracks don’t seem to match.

      • Commander Raichu

        i think they wanted to add more AWESOME to it

      • Bubble Bass

        All we need now is a remake of Super Mario 64

  • Commander Raichu

    that n64 rainbow road remake music is stinking awesome
    well played nintendo well played

  • Pilu Skifte GrΓΈnvold

    One year ago I bought my very first gaming console, it was the Wii U. I have really enjoyed Darksiders 2, New Super Mario U, Skyward Sword, Tropical Freeze and now playing Wind Waker HD (which I love!!). I’m really looking forward to this game.

    • Commander Raichu

      also look forward to smash bros x new zelda u coming eventually
      projest cars miyamotos new ip and all the other games coming to e3 as well as all the eshop games

      • Fred

        If you didn’t know, I’m excited for X

        • Commander Raichu

          i think i see that but just to torture you OLD X FOOTAGE HAHA!


          • Fred

            I’ve been torturing myself. I pulled Xenoblade back out. Wow, that game is so awesome, if X is half the game Xenoblade is I’ll absolutely love it!

          • Commander Raichu

            youll love it no matter what
            i might even get it even though i never played xenoblade
            games so rare it goes for over $100 πŸ™

          • Fred
          • Fred

            I bought mine a long time ago when they were going for $100, but I found a guy that posted it in the classified ads for $80 I snagged it and I can tell you, if I would have paid $100 it would have been worth it. It’s my all time favorite game

  • Jon

    is it just me or does the part at 0:39 look a lot like Peach Beach?

    • Commander Raichu

      nope its a different course i forgot what its called but its from mario kart ds

  • Nintengoth

    First of all WOW! Mario Kart 8 looks to be the best in the series yet! I really cant wait lol I do want to know one thing and that is, how many customisable parts for karts are there? 100s? 1000s? lol this game looks just amazings!
    Am I the only one who loves the Blue Shell? just before I get MK8 ill get the Blue Shell tattooed on my chest πŸ˜€

  • Magnus Eriksson

    I cant come up with anything negative to say. It looks amazingly beautiful. The game looks like candy. People who say that graphics doesnt matter must take a look at this. I cant wait almost.

  • Dan

    Close your eyes and listen to the video. That’s the sound of Wii U’s being sold and Sony retards being proven wrong.

    • DragonSilths

      More like Xbots. Xbox One will get left behind, PS4 will win and Wii U will be 2nd. No game will make the Wii U take off to the moon. Each game will slightly boost sales. Nintendo needs to fix their damn company before they can get back on track and then maybe in the 9th gen they will “win” again.

  • Jeremy

    I pre-ordred mine yesterday along with the new wheel. I just wish the US had a cool limited edition version like the UK folks.

    The game looks stunning and I can’t wait to play!

  • Gameonfool

    How can Nintendo produce a game that looks on par with a xbone game running at 60fps. Suppose the wii u is not that weak after all. Looks real fun too.

    • Keronos

      damn right it ain’t. don’t believe the morons who say it is on par with the ps3/360, some people just think that business decisions or laziness doesn’t exist… So in their minds..”DURR if it’s not out for Wii U, IT MUST NOT BE POWERFUL ENOUGH! DURHOHOHOHO” <– that sums up the mindset of those idiots for ya lol

    • DragonSilths

      The power of the idiots in the media and analysts teaches people the wrong shit. Wii U is a lot more powerful then people think. Its cause 3rd parties don’t use the Wii U’s power. Project Cars seems to be the 1st 3rd party game to use the Wii U.

    • Rich Garriques

      actually it looks more on par with ps4 , media tells alot of lies about wii u. devs haven’t touched the surface of wii u’s power yet

  • steveb944

    Must… Resist… Preorder. Hold out for miraculous US bundle!

  • ActivesiN

    Mario Kart 8 looks amazing, come faster may 30!

  • darkcreap

    I am hyped!!! MK8 is coming strong!!! I feel it!!!

    • Robinpreet Sidhu

      I am sooooo excited, that I feel it in my veins!

    • Robinpreet Sidhu

      Help me!

    • Robinpreet Sidhu


  • Alexandre Gramiliki Vieira

    (Brazilian, sorry for the bad english)

    The game will not support 5 players like Sonic Crap Racing or even have dual screen for 2 local players (splitscreen on GamePad touch screen? Top lel)

    Needless to say we will not have voice chat using the GamePad.

    Nintendo is not using features that third-party use since launch. I tried to make noise in the community of Mario Kart 7 on Miiverse, but it seems that only Nintendo games can come without features and continue “perfect”.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Well for starters you are comparing a 360/PS3 port to a game that is actually built from the ground up with Wii U in mind only. The graphical difference is almost night and day. There is no way this game would be able to render 5 screens at once without suffering probably a huge framerate dip considering how its halved with 3-4 players. Voice chat in a racing game would be just distracting in my book

      • Alexandre Gramiliki Vieira

        But dual screens… (even for 2-4 players).

        • Gabe Hoffman

          That was the point I was trying to make with 3-4 players the framerate is chopped in half if there were 5 players it would be even worse

          • Alexandre Gramiliki Vieira

            One person on TV and another on the GamePad is the basic of the basics. MK8 don’t do that.

            Third-parties do that since the launch of the console.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            You still do not understand it do you. SASRT was mainly a port of 360 and PS3 which obviously wouldn’t be too taxing hardware wise. COD BLOPS II was limited to two players with gamepad split screen. MK8 is a game that is built from the ground up with Wii U in mind and Wii U only. If you were to compare to MK8s graphics to either of those two games I mentioned the difference is practically night and day. In split screen can be taxing on the hardware because the game has to render sometimes up to four screens at once. If there were 5 players having to render different screens at the same time, It would be impossible without framerate suffering horribly. MKWiis split screen was a mess. Also remember what Nintendo said long ago that having two game pads automatically cuts the framerate in half

          • Dogloopy

            You don’t get it Gabe. Alexandre (and myself for that matter) doesn’t care about the difficulty of making it happen – we care about the fact this cool looking game isn’t using the WiiU features it should. When the WiiU launched, there was a set of expectations on how games would use the system. Nintendo themselves have done the worst job of using those features. ZombiU, BLOPS 2, Sonic Racing, Deus Ex – THOSE games have pushed the gamepad in ways Nintendo hasn’t, They have failed to meet the level of innovation they promised. I’m glad Mario Kart is pretty, but I wanted 2 player action on separate screens with new asymmetrical game modes. I think the lack of the options is massive MASSIVE disappointment. If your art has a negative impact on your game, then scale back your art. Gameplay first always. Make that gamepad feel worth it.

          • there will be an advantage for the one with the gamepad, especially in the battle mode.
            so people will be saying: you won because you see where i am.
            a mic in a fun racing game?
            i use mic in COD for wii u and most of the time i have to mute players because they don’t know how to use it.

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            I hope Nintendo announces a new mode with asymmetrical gameplay or whatever. That could still happen right?

          • Gabe Hoffman

            To be honest we don’t know anything about battle mode really perhaps the gamepad will be used there

          • Gabe Hoffman

            Pikmin 3 and WWHD both were excellent examples of gamepad usage form Nintendo.This reminds me of how people were knocking DK simply because it didn’t use the gamepad other than Off TV play. Bottom line it didn’t really need to use the gamepad. In Smash Bros Brawl most people used Gamecube Controllers and nobody ever knocked it for not using motion controls. Mario Kart 8 is not the game that will truly sell the gamepad those games are further down the road. Most of my multiplayer will likely be spent online anyway. Off TV play is a big enough perk for me. To be fair we are still relatively in the dark on battle mode which could potentially use the gamepad in someway. As I have said before to implement two screen 5 person multiplayer would have been a bit iffy considering how framerate is already halved at 3-4 players. What I would be more worried about is how the online will hold up. I would not consider this a massive disappointment. Rather a relatively minor blemish on what is otherwise a polished game.

        • DragonSilths

          MK8 could be the 1st game to use 2 Gamepads…But The Wii U can handle 2 at most as Reggie said at E3 2 years back.

  • Trevor


  • HydePark1980

    This could be strong contender for game of the year just on fun factor alone.

  • InterTreble

    This trailer simply reminds that you can have 8 cores, 8 gigas or 8 missiles… but if you want to play masterpieces like Mario Kart 8, you must want a Wii U. Sorry haters, you will miss THIS! ^^

  • anthony optimo

    Haha, I like that the caterpillar kart Yoshi is driving has a grill where the nose is. It must be a mid engine kart or that is where the turbo is housed. Man this game looks awesome, hey Nintendo throw us a bone and show us some X now.

  • LJay

    Wow!! That looks amazing!-did i just see a new version of dohnut plains from the snes one!!??

  • Iflywright

    ohhhhh yeeeaaauuhhh!

  • Mario Garth


  • When I saw the trailer at first I was like “wtf are people talking about? looks like a wii game so why claim it looks so great?” Then I noticed I forgot to activate HD, and was looking at the 360p video, watched again in the 720P resolution and I admit it looks damn fine. Pretty impressive. Rainbowroad is gorgeous. Might add a late pre-order for this afterall.

  • Jason

    Looks like the new Rainbow Road doesn’t have gaps inside the actual track, so that should make it a little less annoying. So excited for this game, but if Lakitu is go karting, when who fishes people out and starts the timer?

    • LLort A. Ton

      The rainbow road in the trailer is actually the N64 Rainbow Road, but the visuals are so good that it looks new. and the Lakitu that people will play as has a red shell, and the lakitu that fishes people out has a green shell.

  • Leo

    Nintendo have officially outdone themselves! This game is stunningly beautiful! I can’t believe my eyes!

  • DragonSilths

    I saw this trailer a few days ago. These aren’t “new tracks” they are Retro Tracks. Like Moo Moo Ranch and N64’s Rainbow Road.

  • cool1706

    I saw 4 new items, the 8 power up, the piranha plant, the coin, and what looked to be the bullet box

    • cool1706

      I forgot what it was called

  • Robinpreet Sidhu


  • Dark-Link73

    The only reason I haven’t pre-ordered mine is because I’m still hoping for NoA to announce last minute a Mario Kart bundle just like they waited to announce the Zelda 3DS XL and the Wind Waker Wii U. Crossing my fingers!

  • Rinslowe

    I can’t wait to sit down with my family and play the heck out of this game!
    Hopefully I’ll see some of you online for a little competition as well…

  • fireheartis1

    That was amazingly cool man. I would love to buy this on day one, but I can’t. I promised my wife I wouldn’t buy anymore games until our next bonus check because she agreed to let me buy 7 more games for my Sega Saturn I didn’t have yet. Too bad man because I have to way 4 months in order to get this game.

  • Rogelio

    Awww i was hoping the item Chain Chomp would return From Double Dash :(.

  • Xero Azure

    Nothing like seeing one of the best Kart Games On your console, and only Your Console, Long Live Nintendo


  • Tim van Broekhoven

    Ohhhhh 53 days! I am dying!