May 19th, 2012

Wii U controller
The Wii U controller has undergone some changes, according to a new leak. An image of the Wii U controller has surfaced that shows some button changes and new additions. The (supposedly) new Wii U controller has done away with the circle pads and now has proper analog sticks. The start and select buttons have also moved to the right side, while the Home button remains in the center. But the biggest addition appears to be the analog sticks, which look a lot like what we’re used to when it comes to gaming on all platforms, including the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3. The new analog sticks also appear to have been moved to the side a bit, which looks more comfortable. There also appears to be a button or sensor just under the D-pad. The image was first spotted on NeoGAF via the Tweet (which is now down). For a much larger, high-res photo, the link to Twitpic is still up, although it might be taken down soon: high-res image.

The new controller also bears the “Wii U” logo and branding, another indication that the Wii U name is final and won’t change. The image was originally leaked via Twitter by a QA game tester at developer TT. However, the Tweet has since been removed.

Click on after the break for a comparison between the new and the old controller design.

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  • Demetrius Schwab
    • Wildman

      It’s been taken down…

  • Nintengoth

    Lol well it does look much better, i cant wait to see everything at E3.
    Nintendo rocks my socks 😉

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    I kinda like how the original looked better. The front view of the new controller looks a little awkward, though I do like the analog sticks. I always feel like I’m gonna break the circle pad on my 3DS

  • alex

    Well, I would like it, if it will toast and fry eggs n bacon when Im camping.

  • jonnathan

    loooooolllllll I like Wii Remote or … Greetings from Venezuela

  • alienfish

    This looks legit too. Now all I need to know is if those sticks are clickable and there are analog triggers hidden underneath. My guess is if Nintendo is willing to change the design this much to accommodate the hardcore crowd then they are definitely willing to put in analog triggers and clickers. That little square underneath the D-pad has sparked my curiosity greatly too. I’m lovin’ this new design. Now it just needs to come in black.

    • Wildman

      Apparently, this was the original design for the controller.
      The one shown at E3 2011 was the E3 spec. controller.
      Click-able analogs would make me a happy Nintendo gamer!

      My body is ready!

      • alienfish

        I have a hard time believing that. This controller seems more refined:

        -WiiU branding
        -Extra input (one of the squares, possibly both)
        -Grips on the back
        -Button configuration that won’t cause cramps

        There are a number of other things to consider that do support your theory though. The fact that Nintendo used circle pads on it last E3 would suggest they are pushing for that. Also the old controller is much simpler looking than this one and that might be good for attracting casuals. Overall though, I think the fact that the word ‘WiiU’ appears on the controller at all is a clear sign that they are getting ready to sell this. In this world branding is everything, and this is the first model of the controller with that implemented. I’d bet my last penny we’ll see a better looking box at E3 as well to match this sleek design.

  • Swic11

    Wow, I was finally starting to be ok with the circle pads, but I’m really happy that they are using analog, I just feel like its more sensitive

    • Rabia

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  • amatboy4010

    being 2012, human enginuity is quite forthcoming. the old or updated design does not excite my pudendal fuse. i think a remaster may eventually happen as more than 58% of random surveys have decided against. it is curious that nintendo post articles with comment options, yet the majority posts are never reconciled.

  • amatboy4010

    in addition web sites mysteriously vanish when negative comments are matched. but i store both apathetic and positive response of interest. in that trend wii u has not vanished, perhaps not an influentual threat. i conclude it would be a better standpoint to verify.

    • amatboy4010

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  • david6

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    • david6

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      • nathant16

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        • nathant16

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          • nathant16

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          • david6

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  • Samuel

    Actually, this could be an old picture. Remember the patent that showed the Wii UPad originally had analogues. This could be it. For the patent go to:


    It’ll work out better for fps.

  • mkdhdh

    this is better altough i liked circle pads on 3DS i dont think it could work with a fps of somthing like that. and i like how the home buttons and mic and + and – buttons are placed

  • Jhon Travolta 2134823795

    I think the sticks should be more to the center.. In the corner doesn’t look so confortable.. & I liked the circle pads idea better, but maybe if they launch a game like DMC the wouldn’t feel so right..
    I really prefer the original visually but if they kept the + button in the center it would be hard to reach it in an action moment.. at least the – should be on the other side..
    & don’t like the clickable sticks idea, I’ve played shooters that use it & games that doesn’t & I don’t feel as if something’s missing on the ones that doesn’t have it, maybe as an option but they shouldn’t have important actions

    • nathant16

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    • david6

      No its, your comment is awaiting moderation. It does that everytime our server is updated. Im gonna meet you downstairs to see what your doin. Ha ha.

  • (>”)>Kirby

    I’m going to miss circle pads, I was just getting used to them.

  • david6

    Ok commin downstairs your i have like 50 unroots, gotta see what you did.. Oh i think off subject again, I love all things Nintendo, not wii.

  • Indoctrination

    i prefer the old design for now but lets wait until for E3 to come around to find out the real design for the controller

  • amatboy4010

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      • Juliana

        i tried the xbox clrortolens once and hated them they might have been 3rd party but i don’t know but later i used xbox 360 clrortolens and they are very good

  • titan4

    Yah, I guess it does seem like treason. I’m not impressed at all by Nintendo.

  • Captain snugglebottom

    It’s most likely that this deaign of the controler will be more comfy then the previous one the least i can say is that it seems legit.

  • Ares

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    • Ares

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  • Billy Bob Norris

    Man….everybody is either an alien fish a noob a robot…or a drunk modern day pirate….Seems legit brah

    • david6

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      • Billy Bob Norris

        Amazing….I see…Now I must go off and sing 60’s christmas songs for no apparent reason!! 😀

  • Microjack5

    We have to think here; there have been multiple dev kits for the Wii U, and there is a possibility that the controller design varied in each one. So the question is, which version of the controller is this?

  • Awsome wiiu lover

    The new looks better because on my 3ds’s circle pad , i think it’s goona break so new one will be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • david6

    Oh i think i wasnt done hating on this, got side tracked. This controller is ugly, stupid and ugly.

  • Your mom

    I liked the circle pads more. This analog stick thing is a FAIL! I hope it does not make it to the final production.

  • james braselton

    hi there yeah they did not change the touch screen tablet controler yeah for wii u controler

  • F

    If this is the final design, I kinda like it, but I’ll miss the old one.

  • max

    Holy crap this was real