May 31st, 2013

Super Luigi U Wii U box art

It has been announced that New Super Mario Bros. U will receive an update on or before June 20th, the date that New Super Luigi U DLC will be available for download. This update will do two things:

  1. It will allow the downloading of the Luigi DLC from within NSMBU; you won’t have to download it from the eShop.
  2. It will allow both games to be played with the Wii U Pro Controller.

While these are relatively small updates, both are very welcome. Being able to download the DLC right from the game is a lot more convenient than having to navigate through the eShop. The Pro Controller support is something that has been missing for no real reason and it’s great that they’re finally adding it.

The Luigi DLC for NSMBU will be available for download in the US on June 20th and will cost $19.99. Physical copies will hit the shelves on August 25th and they retail for $29.99

Will you be picking up the Luigi DLC for NSMBU? Are you excited about these updates? Let us know in the comment below.

[via neoGAF]

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  • Jon

    This will give me a reason to get the pro controller. I’ll also be sure to get the hard copy of NSLU, love the box art and… it’s green 😀

    though… need some money first 😛

  • Sohiab Rehman

    Any idea on UK Price?

  • Cameron

    Woo! More Pro Controller support, for a secong I thought MH3U and ZombiU would be the only games I used it for!

    • Fred

      I use mine for Sonic Racing, NBA 2K13 and Tank Tank Tank!

  • AAAkabob

    Yea I’ll get it cause it’s a full sized game for $20

    • val berger

      I don’t really think that 20 bucks for this is cheap. There are so many full sized games that aren’t as expensive. I’m a bit worried about Nintendo’s pricing policy as I guess that those VC-Gamecube games will cost just too much.

      • Fred

        Wait, you don’t think that $20 for a FULL MARIO well Luigi game is cheap? Are you kidding me? Day 1 download for me!

        • Josiah Parsons

          Possibly. the $20 download looks like just a dlc that you need the $60 NSMBU game to download. Personally I want the physical version (that green case is EPIC!)

          • Fred

            Yes the $20 one is DLC, but if you already have NSMBU then they only differences are the price and if you feel that you need the disc. I already own NSMBU and I prefer to download my games so for me it might as well be a full new game for $20. If you call it DLC or a full new game (essentially a sequel to NSMBU) I couldn’t care less what you call it either way my family and I are going to have plenty of fun with this game!

          • Wayne Beck

            Could have sworn they said the Digital Version was Playable as a Stand Alone Title as well, but maybe that’s a digital release coming at the same time as the Physical Release.

          • Elem187

            Retail version is stand alone and retails for $30… the DLC requires NSMBU and costs $20.

          • disqus_sgtob6da3X

            I want it now but I’ll wait for the physical copy for me. That way if my friend want to borrow it they won’t need my console as they did with NSMBU.

      • AAAkabob

        The original game has an equal amount of “story mode” as this dlc does and it was $60. You can surely find games for cheaper but this is Nintendo quality games and that comes at a price

      • Squid

        Well first. We don’t even know if GameCube will be VC yet. If it does. 11-17 dollars a game isn’t too much to ask. Since the GameCube wasn’t too far behind Wii when it came out.

        • val berger

          Hm I thought Nintendo had already announced that. But now that you mention it, I’m not sure anymore. 11-17bucks would be ok for me, I just got that feeling that it’s gonna be even more.I don’t know. VC pricing tends to always be just the little bit too much for me to buy it so I usually end up only buying absolute must haves.

          • Squid

            I understand. Because N64 games for 10 dollars is a good price, it’s only 2 dollars more than a Super Nintendo Game. So I wouldn’t imagine it being 20..
            Wait they announced VC for GameCube? I remember them first announcing Nintendo and Super Nintendo, then saying GameBoy Advance and N64 games would come at a later time.

      • Luigi is worth like $1

      • I agree the VC games are way over priced.

        I can get nicer looking new games (and yes I mean REAL games, that I think are better – unless you live for platformers) for my Playbook for half what they charge.

  • DennisJKA

    The standalone version will hit shelves on 26th July in Europe. One month before the US release… Great! =D

  • Denvy

    Awesome news about the controller support.

  • I’ll be waiting for the physical copy since I don’t have NSMBU.

    • MTGSWE

      I have NSMBU, but I will still get that green box 😀

      • Yeah it is. Even if I had NSMBU I’d still wait for the physical copy. Cause that Luigi green case is awesome.

    • Josiah Parsons

      Same. the green box is awesome.

  • val berger

    maybe I’m the only one, but as I just hate time limits, the 100second-limit is a reason for me not to buy this DLC. Maybe if it gets a 50% pricecut one day.

    • dat

      I agree with you, Val berger causw I don’t like 100 second limit either.

    • Josiah Parsons

      What is the 100 second limit?

      • val berger

        Every level comes with a time limit of 100 seconds to make it harder than the original game (200sec)
        I don’t know. I think I’d prefer the screen moving forward like in previous Mario games to make it harder, than a time limit. I just….hate time limits….not just in videogames 🙂


    Now that’s what I’m talking about. Pro controller support :D. I will buy Luigi U as a retail. Love the box 🙂

  • Physical copy :3

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    I’m going for the boxed version, I LOOOOOOVE the box and it’s art 😀

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    And pro controller support would be amazing, now I’m gonna buy one hehe XD

    • MTGSWE

      It will be. I have and love the pro controller and want to use it for as many games as possible.

      • Tim van Broekhoven

        Can you use it with Sonic Racing? I’m gonna buy that game soon and just wanted to know.

        • MTGSWE

          Yes you can use it for Sonic Racing Transformed 🙂

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            Cool, then I’m definetly going to buy a pro controller. Now I can play Darksiders, Mario (soon) and Sonic with it! 🙂

    • Brett Butler

      A little upsetting that they didn’t have the option to use the pro controller in the first place with every game. I am looking forward to using it more.

  • wober2

    the lacking pro controller support was just crazy for this game. IT made no sense why they did not give pro controller support. The lack of game support hurt the sales of pro controllers too, i saw many were returned. Strange when the classic controller works but the wiiu pro controller does not with certain games.

    I really dream that some day the wiiu pro controller will work with the wii app and that they mirror the the video-out on the gamepad for wii games… i dream!

  • Fred

    AWESOME FINALLY I can use my pro controller on this game!

  • RyuNoHadouken

    im waiting for the retail version…i want that case!!!!!!

    • Kaihaku

      Same here.

  • jonen

    Finally, no pro controller support drove me insane

  • Henry Hotspur

    I’m glad Nintendo actually cares about the god damn Pro controller now. There was no reason for this game to not support it in the first place.

  • Rob

    I will download it day 1 as well! Btw for some reason it’s nearly impossible to get a pro controller in Mexico right now

  • Kai Shepherd

    20 Dollars is insane. It hardly adds anything to the game… it was a poor update as it is. Instead of wasting our time and apparently our money they should be out there thinking of innovative ways to use our Wii U and making the most out of its potential instead of fleecing a couple of hours of work off for 20 dollars a piece. I can’t wait till they release European prices. I am sure I will laugh my ass off. Nintendo are only going to end up bankrupt with shitty things like this rated as “substantial”. Poor Show.

    • Unlike MOST DLC it completely changes the entire game. Most DLC gives you a new level for $5-$10.

      You either don’t know what the hell you’re talking about or are just here to troll. The bankrupt line tells me you’re a troll. This will sell millions of copies and downloads and with $12 billion in spending cash, Nintendo will be around for quite some time…

      • Kai Shepherd

        Does it actually change the entire game? No. Not really. I would rather a new level/world than what it does do.

        I know very much what I am talking about. There isn’t a need to get personal here. I am well aware that this will sell well at least somewhat. My point is that people will and are getting bored of the same thing day in and day out. I know a lot of gamers, and a lot of them don’t take Nintendo as a serious company. The general image behind Nintendo as a company and as the Wii is that its a “lesser company and console” to the rest of the generation. You are speaking to someone who desperately tries to defend them against the onslaught of negatives thrown against them. I do this because they have some genuinely good IP’s. The problem is they aren’t using them right.

        There are a select number of people who WILL buy this but they don’t make up the majority of the gaming industry. The casual Call of Duty players and the Die hard gamers do. Do you think they will fork out 20 dollars for a content that gives you 0 extra levels that is branded as a “whole new experience”. It’s not a brand new experience at all, it’s the exact same one I completed within the Wii U’s first week of release.
        In the last few months I have done nothing but praise them for the Wii U but as you can find yourself on the web there has been mistake after mistake. I love the miiverse and I love the game pad and I think it’s brilliant it’s in HD. But that doesn’t take away from the fact it won’t compare in power to that of The PS4 or The Xbox One. Not only this Nintendo themselves have apologised publicly for making “KEY” mistakes such as releasing an 8GB Wii U model – it was a poor design and isn’t nearly big enough. Compared to current Gen consoles its still small. The smallest PS3 you can get – 40 GB. Nintendo are always behind in one form or another and as a fan I can’t stand by and butter them up when they are making such glaring errors. Did you hear about the mistake with battery packs in the Wii U controller? They don’t last longer than an hour and a half/two hours after only 5 months of use. They are now bringing out a larger battery pack for 30 dollars (the new Wii U pads have them already integrated). Why should I or anyone have to pay an extra 30 dollars for THEIR mistake.

        Look up Wii U sales, they shot right down only a month after release – much much lower than predicted and like so Nintendo has suffered. With EA dropping out of making games for the new console – I can see a lot of gamers are going to be keeping a close eye on them and people will just get tired if they keep coming out with the same stuff. Companies and games NEED to evolve with the times. I love Zelda and Mario and there conventions but even a die hard Zelda Fan like myself can agree new things need to happen with the games and the consoles if Nintendo are going to stay afloat.

        The gaming market at the minute is full of disappointment and it wouldn’t surprise me if consoles like the upcoming OUYA and Steam Box end up replacing the three big companies at the moment. It’s happened before – look at SEGA, look at ATARI. The majority of people want new ideas and they don’t want the same stuff over and over again.

        I am aware that was quite a large talk but I am quite annoyed by the way Nintendo have come about this “DLC”. It’s just lazy if you ask me, Release a new version of the game – certainly. Don’t call it DLC and try to blag off that it is bringing something new to the game – that’s rubbish. It doesn’t do anything other than replace one or two sprites and animations. Are you really willing to pay an extra 20 dollars for around 10 hours of work.

        – I work as a Lead Journalist for a game news and review website. (Which will remain nameless for opinion purposes. I.e these are my opinions not those of the company I work for)
        – I also am currently on my third year as a Games Design Student. As you can imagine doing the course leads to such truths.
        – I am constantly at gaming events due to my primary job and course, talking to gamers and what they want.
        – My second job – I also work in video game retail.

        • SoulSighter

          That’s cool and all, but you forgot to mention it replaces all the levels in the entire world with new ones too; which is about 81 new levels total?
          That alone is worth the $20 to me.
          I only have a part time job, and that’s just like 2 hours at work?

  • Metroid 33slayer

    All my wii u games are now compatible with the pro controller it is definately my controller of choice. This is great news and here’s hoping the pro controller gets supported with all nintendo’s big IP’s. BTW the games i have are NSMBU, Sonic transformed racing, MH3 Ultimate, Ninja gaiden RE and NFS Most wanted.

  • Blaise Ventura

    Will we get classic controller support as well?

  • I will be getting both the DLC and the physical copy of Super Luigi U. I will keep the physical copy sealed cause the collector in me won’t allow me to pass up on that cool minty green case 😀

  • makkan

    i hope they release it before that date because i want it now, so i can play with the pro controller and download the DLC.

  • Squid

    Remade hard mode and Pro support? IM IN!

  • Kai Shepherd

    Need I say more?

  • Guhtere

    I can play with the pro controller? AWESOME!

  • Game Master

    physical copy over downloads always

  • brian murphy

    the pro controller support will be great id like to see all wii u games support wii u pro controller so i dont ever have to use the wii remote ever again in a wii u game nobody wants to be handed a wii remote in a multiplayer game on the wii u would be nice if nintendo made the wii u pro controller option mandatory as well

  • Kaihaku

    Thank goodness that they’re adding pro controller support. I was shocked when I tried to play with mine and couldn’t.

    Otherwise… I’ll be getting the disc version of Super Luigi U. Yep, I’m paying $10 dollars more because I like the box.

  • invible

    Yes finally can play Mario with pro controller

  • Guest

    Is the update today?!

  • Wiiluigi

    Nintendo is going to make a ton of money on this. Think about it, many people will want to play this right away, they won’t be able to wait. Not only that but people also want this green case. Money in the bank.

  • So does this this just dress the characters up differently for $20? Or is this a new game?

    Didn’t get Super Mario yet as I’m a bit tired of platformers, and it the online version is pricey. IF online pricing came down to retail price, I’d probably buy both, just to have them.

  • Linskarmo

    Thank you! Now I won’t have to waste power on the GamePad screen during single player.