Jun 8th, 2012

As expected, Epic Games have released footage from the upcoming Unreal Engine 4, which has been rumored to be available on the Wii U. The engine showcases the video of which we’ve seen some screeshots in the past, and as one might expect, it looks stunning. The tech demo shows some of the new effects, such as physics, particle effects, lighting, and more. It’s been rumored that Epic Games is looking to bring the Unreal Engine 4 to the Wii U console, but that will of course depend on how powerful the Wii U hardware is. We know for sure that the new engine is coming to the next PlayStation and Xbox consoles. To see just how impressive the new engine is, head on after the break for a 10 minute developer walktrough, showing off all the key features and how the engine works. It’s definitely worth a watch!

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  • swic11

    I watched this earlier on youtube. its pretty impressive, and kinda shows that graphical leaps and bounds are still available to make. I mean, its not as huge from PS2-PS3, but still much more impressive just for the fact that its done in real time.

    • arcadian

      The engine scales and 1 million particles is over kill. Most of the tech is just standard direct x 11 tweaks. The Square enix engine even has alot of this and even meta balls.

      The wasn’t much here that was truly next gen. Battlefield did most of that. Also project cars has a lot of that tech already. Epic is a little late to the party but it’s good to see them here.

      This tool will be used to speed up lighting in your games not much else, every thing else is pretty much standard.

  • EvanescentHero

    Eh. I want Wii U to have it simply so I don’t have to listen to people bitch about the Wii U NOT having it. Beyond that I really couldn’t care less. Sure, it’s pretty, but I don’t play a game because it’s pretty. Otherwise I’d be a Sony fanboy.

    • amatboy4010

      yes, your not miss pretty, you probably do not play games at all, comment fail. you sound like a bitch.

      • Skozo

        You sound incoherent and ignorant. What response with an insult towards one whom you hold no personal affiliation with as such to use a derogatory? Seriously, just get the hell off; you’re mind is not furniture for you’re skull since it’s supposed to be used. Idiot.

  • Hafid

    Must be on WiiU !!!
    But i think she CAN …
    Just imagine a Zelda Like That !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Will shut my mouth …

  • SOAstockton209


  • amatboy4010

    1/2 of my matrix loves nintendo but 1/2 of me hates. i think it is the wii half that hates them. die wii – die wii.

  • amatboy4010

    unreal engine 4 is a needed feature in order for nintendo to remain in the competition.

    • SanPharaoh

      I’m not so sure…the Wii couldn’t run any of the super engines at all…and somehow it won the competition.

  • nathant16

    I don’t get my hopes up any more. There are too many negatives about Wii U to keep my loyalty. I was only a partial fan anyways. I’ll wait for Xbox 720 or PS4. Whichever one is better. And I doubt they will moderate online gaming I’m not a kid anymore. Wii U is shot.

    • amatboy4010

      it seems nintendo cannot get 3rd party support, so it would be in vain to achieve unreal engine 4. it cannot be done with disruptive innovation. i hate reginald fils-aime. alpolgy, im leaking goo out of one of my doo hicky ma’bob thing majiggys, i think its my ass.

      • amatboy4010

        sorry again, it was the thought of disruptive innovation that gives me robo diarrhea. it may be by disruptive technology that i get robo diarrhea.

    • Chris

      So you can’t wait for your future paper weight and george formin toaster oven?…. Oh wait sorry I mean the Xbox 720 and PS4

  • amatboy4010

    my comment is being moderated…….. hmmm hmmmmmm…..hmmmm. “NO TALKING!!!! hmmmmmm……..hmmmmm……….hmmmmmm NO TALKING. some humans hate freedom……..hmmmmmmm waiting hmmmmmmmmmm. I’ll sing a song: we can’t say what we want. hmmmmmm click, click my robo fingers. moderating. oh, my song: nintendo will fail according to demographic statistics, I’ve never been nooonanooo dooo woooo uuuuuuu cookoo………

    • amatboy4010

      i’ve never been wrong.

      • amatboy4010

        some humans hate talking. i’m going to check out ps4 and xbox sites while i wait for my comment to be modified……….

        • Hafid

          Yo CAN go anywhere but i think its a proN blog !!!
          Dictature of Nintendo %) but no problem for me im a proN …

  • JC

    I want this for the wii u but now I won’t get my expectations so high.

  • insert name

    this is not that impressive ,it look more developer friendly than other thing (maybe a little graphics leap ).

    • SanPharaoh

      Yeah. It’s all about ease of use…there’s nothing being done here that can’t be done with CryEngine 3.

  • LordiMcKill

    In all honesty, I believe that this is why Nintendo hasn’t officially released the true system specs for the Wii U yet is because it’s not truly ready. Yeah they showed the final version of the console at E3 but that was just visually the console & the gamepad itself not the true nitty gritty hardware stuff.

    Something tells me that Nintendo is working with Epic to get the console specs right for the Wii U in order for it to run UE4.

    If that’s so then that would make the Wii U the first true next gen console for sure. Not saying that it isn’t but it would certainly put a lot of people’s minds at rest.

    • DrSlump

      Yes we all hope you’re right. But the rumored hardware specs are not so well promising: three core cpu +1,5GB ram + integrated r700amd cpu series. These is a little bit more powerfull than xbox360. Maybe that Nintendo is working with Epic to integrate the u4 engine in this hardware, but with some limitations for sure. I got a wii and i’ve seen what nintendo done with 3ds hardware, so i don’t expect nothing great from them.

      • SanPharaoh

        All the specs floating around the net are rumors, nothing more. And the 3DS is amazing.

  • alienfish

    Even if this is compatible with Wii U the actual hit on system resources will be huge. That said, I still think something like this would have a lot to offer a lightly built system like Wii U.

  • Ryu

    I want to see Metroid Prime 4 with this! can you guys imagine that? 😀

  • 3ds guy

    People these days give the wii u some time to get going instead of hating it wen u not even played on one people want too much u want the console cheap but want unreal 4 not happen an i rarther it be more for better tech

  • Piemelworst

    This engine was showed on an nVidia 680, 16 Gb Ram and an i7. How will you get this on a console anyway?

  • Sally A. Pidd

    anyways to run this engine they said they used a GTX 680 Kepler which cost about $500 and by the time the PS4 and next Xbox come out in a year or 2 the price would be about $350 that mean buying the console for $390-400 if they want to make a profit and who wants to buy a console for that much in this economic difficulty were having.

    • atstyle

      That gpu cost aroun $500 and high end-gpu cost doesn’t tend to go down pretty fast. In 2 years that same gpu would cost about $415, and we know game compagnies strikes deals with manufacturer depending on the sales expectations.

      So let’s divide that price by 3 so it would make $139 just for that gpu, then to be able to fully exploit that gpu you would need a cpu of good caliber to keep up which would add in another $50 you get to $188($8 more than what the manufacturing cost of the wiiU without gamepad) just for cpu+gpu combo.

      You would have to add all other components into that machine and it would easily jump to a good $350 manufacturing cost. now take into account the shipping, the R&D and also the marketing and you would have a console sold for a good roughly $550-$700.

  • Death

    Well, we’re already getting Ue3, Ue4 will just be a bonus.

    Plus these are the best graphics I’ve ever seen. Now, Graphics are not that important to me, but the designers for this are Unbelievingly talented.

  • david6

    Oh good so were getting this again.

  • Majin

    The thing is, how many developers will actually use this engine? To have the “need” for the engine, your going to have some very, VERY heavy development time and a gigantic budget. From Starfox for the SNES, to Battlefield 3, the same modelling techniques have been used. All the polygons are made by hand, and the more complicated the model, the longer it will take for it to be made (and easier to fuck it up.).

    My opinion? Screw this engine. The interface is sexy, but the idea behind the engine is financially flawed. Unreal Engine 3 is fine (I’ve used it.), but what we need is optimization. We shouldn’t have to buy a £100+ GPU to play a damn game at low-medium settings. Thats what the £30+ GPUs should do.

    • david6

      Why didnt they just drop the controller and put money in cpu, gpu, thats what people want. Now we have to wait forever for a better console to come out.

  • FruitMundi

    Cryteck said they have the Cryengine 3 running on the Wii U. Simply put thats good enough for me.

  • Emerson

    I think Nintendo should cut a deal with Google’s Android and Google Plus or use Chrome on the new system and in return make the system UE4, Square-Enix Engine compatible to subsidize the cost of the right graphics chip. If they aren’t there already. That could put 150 million Nintendo users using Google products for Internet. I think Epic could put a lower particle count option in for WiiU titles. Anyway, that would put Nintendo on par with whatever Xbox and PS3 have to offer without breaking the bank.

  • Jacob

    WOOOOOO looks awesome!!!!!

  • Matt

    Rumours of the tri core are old hat the wiiu has 4 cores and 16 treads end of that tri core rumour is some1 digging up rumours from dev kit V1/V2 the most current devkits were using a HD6770 and 4 core cpu with power7 features like EDRAM/Watson tech ect,the wiiu has 1,36 terraflops gpu,the UE4 needs 1 terraflop to work and the rumoured 720 gpu is only 900 giggaflops WORK IT OUT.

    • bleachorange

      actually, some of those flops are being used to power the gamepad, so no, not enough dedicated to the main screen pal.


    think zelda on UE4

  • bleachorange

    actually, the impact of this engine in the speed and ease of construction means bigger games are made more quickly, and the lighting and particle effects are noticeably prettier. in a nutshell, with this engine, games can be made to today’s high end standards in half the time (perhaps reduced price? we probably wont see that), or pack in much more content in the same amount of time. the end user won’t see much difference as far as most of the engine innovation goes, but there will be benefits that most people won’t even realize.

  • TheImaj

    I am NOT AT ALL a game developer and I want that editor!!

    I’m still baffled that some idiots feel like video games are not works of art. It’s clear that they are.