Jul 12th, 2012

Unreal Engine 4 Wii U
Developers will be able to port games made with the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 to the Wii U, says Epic Games. Epic, makers of the ultra popular Unreal Engine series, have said that while the Unreal Engine 4 won’t natively support the Wii U, it is very scalable. This will allow developers to release their UE4 games on the Wii U, albeit scaled down in terms of visual quality and effects. Epic also officially confirmed that they won’t be directly supporting the Wii U with Unreal Engine 4, confirming previous rumors.

The Unreal Engine 4 is designed for next-generation consoles in mind, consoles which are reportedly 10X more powerful than the current generation systems. In terms of console power, the Wii U lies somewhere in the middle, according to latest reports, which means that it won’t be able to run Unreal Engine 4 to its fullest.

Epic’s Mark Rein told Videogamer that the company won’t directly support the Wii U with the Unreal Engine 4, but that the technology is “supremely scalable”, and can run from mobile phones to high-end PCs and consoles. Developers will be able to port their UE4 games to the Wii U if they wish. However, Rein added that the current Unreal Engine 3 is a “really good fit” for the Wii U. There are currently several Wii U games in development made with the UE3 engine, including Batman Arkham City, Aliens Colonial Marines, and Mass Effect 3.

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  • Alienfish

    Sounds pretty epic to me.

  • darkfox

    Eat it Trolls

  • Parker

    I dont really care if the Wii U will be able to run UE4 to its fullest but if UE3 is a “really good fit” for the Wii U as they say then that means there is a good chance too see games like the samaritan demo and thats enough for me.

  • victor

    im not sure if thats really good news. i mean, ok it can be ported, but as he says, wiiU is half way whats expected from the next gen consoles. 50% loss in quality seems a lot, but only the future can tell for sure.

    and thinking about the years nintendo have before competitors arrive, say untill 2014, wiiU will be competing with ps3 and xbox360, which means thirdy party games will be quite the same for all three. but then next gen consoles arrives, and we see a big boon in graphics and performance, and wiiU will be down the line.

    but ofcourse, who am i to predict the future. and before ppl start hating on me, im nintendist, and really looking forward for wiiu. i just hope it will be very strong and bring nintendo to the top of market!

    • Alienfish

      I don’t think it there will be much to worry about. Like Iwata said, there will be lower poly counts and the shading won’t be quite as good but in the end it will look almost identical. Probably like the original Playstation compared to the N64, which didn’t seem to turn people off of it.

    • Gamer

      You do realize that it is by the nature of it running unreal engine 4 even scaled to 85 % of its unrealness a 10x more powerful system than the hd twins ps3 and xbox360. Also it runs CryEngine 3 effortlessly. How much more incentives do publishers need? The Wii U is here.

    • asfdasd

      all them ppl hating on this comment are fawkin dumbass think about the wii u future idiot its going to compete against xbox 720 and ps4 not 360 and ps3 which will most likely have unreal engine 4

    • Brother

      i remember when ps3 came to the market. It was only Wow after Wow!
      everything was“CELL” and how it was billions and zillion light years ahead every other. One year later you were still paying 550$ for ported games from xbox 360 ( bioshock, fear 1, 2, and many many other). Oh! It was 1080 as well, but how many games were produced in 1080? Maybe 20. Everything was 720p.
      why? It is not cheap to make games. Remember the old days you spent 30-50 hours to finish a 20$ game ( like snes zelda, chrono trigger or psone FF7)? Today you pay 50 bucks for 15 hours of fun.
      i think nintendo got it right for the future. The next gen will be leveled in 1080, no mattter what they say. Will everybody sell their recent bought full hd tv for the next 5 years. Not me.

      • Brother

        Don’t expect a great jump from performance, the next gen will NOT be that much. And if it will be, don’t expect games reaching its full potential. If you want to buy call of duty 15 in four years in the lauching date, you better be ready to pay 90 bucks for 6 hours of fun.

        Next gen winner is going to be the one who develops the easiest SDK, with the best multiplayer system for a reasonable price.
        if sonyvlqunches another 550$ console, they will be gone. Lessons learned from ps3.

        • josh with the truth

          ya sony is not in a good position to make a super expensive strong system

    • alex

      I agree with you am a nintendo fan too but it look the same history again wii ws good but was left behind cuse cant compet with the power of the other two and 3rd parties are lasy they dont want go down scale st port i will buy a wii u but look that i will need to buy a ps4 also like i did this generation and i be honest nintendo need to stop thinking in price and not also inovate but also put power under the hood i prefer a clasic con.troler and a powerfull machine that give me not only the best 1st parties games but also 3rd parties games also that the most amazing controller ever a.d just stupid games and no support at all

      • Steventelation

        except the original wii was more successful than its rivals, it was not left behind even though it had less than satisfying graphics, because it had a cool remote and wii sports, a good zelda game, and gameplay that was different than anyone had ever thought of.

    • joe

      I agree with you though….what happens in 1 1/2 – 2 years from now when “engine3” is considered “old”….? You’ll start seeing games like we do now, really made for xbox360 or PS3, and a very watered down version for wii….BUT THE GOOD NEWS is that they’ll be what, just a few games running on that “engine”…it’s not like every 3rd party will be doing it….
      Also the WiiU would probrably be another $100 added on if the chip set was more advanced…..

  • 3dsguy

    Wow that is all

  • Draco Breach

    While Mark Reins said UE4 would not support the Wii U, Epic was quick to real him in. At this point, UE4 support for Wii U is neither confirmed nor denied! The ability to port is a function of scalability, yes. However, Epic has stated, yet again, that they have not announced any console support, and conversely lack thereof.

    UE3 is a “nice fit” for the Wii U because the engine doesn’t have to be scaled, unlike other consoles.

  • Bicyclicfiddle

    I’m fine with that, it shows the WII U is more powerful than current generations (EAT IT MICROSOFT) meaning unlike the less powerful current gen consoles, the WII U can support a little less powerful version of UE4. In the end i don’t think there’ll be a huge difference between UE4 games on other next gen consoles, and the ported versions on the WII U. I believe in what Iwata said about the other next generation consoles, that there won’t be a huge power difference, and Epic’s announcement on UE4 ports on WII U just proved it.

  • PKUltima

    I think that only high end gaming PC’s will be the only ones able to run UE4 to the fullest, like how UE3 was scaled down for the PS3 and 360.

  • Gamer

    Game, Set, match for all trolls out there the Wii U like we told you all is a next generation console. The Wii U already can run Frostbite, cryengine3 ( which is actually pretty much more powerful than the unreal 4 ). Plus even Nintendo’s own engine. Now we can sit back relax and wait for the epicness that is the Wii U. Since Nintendo shall have a year to two years head start, imagine the damage the will do when third parties realize how many people buy this gem. Plus first and second party triple A titles.

    • Smurfman256

      engines are not “powerful.” they are simply pre made toolsets of lighting, physics, particles, mapping, ect. for developers to use to make development of a game much easier and quicker. The more powerful the hardware, the more effects/faster framerates that you will be able to add into the game using said engine. As far as power goes, the moment that I heard that Mass Effect 3 was running 60FPS on Wii U, Batman: Arkham City had much higher resolution textures AND had anti-aliasing, and Ninja Gaiden 3 was running with V-Sync, I was certain that the beta dev kits that were used to display the games at E3 (I am still sceptical that the final dev kits were released at the time) were significantly more powerful than current gen. Who knows; maybe the final version will have a GPU that produces 1TFLOP in computation power, a DX11 class tessellator, and advanced DOF.

      • Alienfish

        You’re right, game engines aren’t where the power lies. Game engine’s get called ‘powerful’ due to their efficiency in using the available resources from any given system. The game engine can also include features to scale for specific setups and consoles so the developers can concentrate more on balancing the look rather than digging into the hardware and figuring out exactly what is possible for themselves.

  • Firebro

    AWESOMNESS! Yes can run basicly anything now. I don’t care if the graphics are not better than 720 or ps4. If it can at least run the latest engine and be ported than we will be on perfect pace. Now we can have all the 3rd party games and all the Nintendo games! Can’t wait for this beast to come out =D

  • Marcus

    i really wanna see UE4 on wiiu, couse i want to see how nintendo want to make better graphics than just “improving gaming experience” i want better graphics too, it´s too much to ask

    • Alienfish

      It is too much to ask. You’d be asking millions of people to pay an extra $200 or so for something they don’t necessarily care about. If UE4 is all you care about then get a beefy PC.

  • 3dsguy

    Microsoft got beat by the wii with half the power prepare ur xbox heads for the full force of the big N and its forever fan base wii get the last laugh.One more thing by the time xbox 720 comes out nintendo will already be in planning for there next console wii lead u xbox follow an copy. Ha ha ha we r the nintenkings

  • 3dsguy

    I can smell somthing in the air oh its ok it just that smell of victory

  • Neonridr

    A scaled down version of UE4 still will look significantly better than what is being pushed out this generation so to me it won’t really matter. Lots of people are happy with the quality of visuals being produced today and it’s not like we’re going to be comparing the Wii U to the poor, ugly Wii ports that 3rd parties commonly put out during the current generation. The fact that it can support it in some shape or form is great news.

  • Kaizar

    That is bull…..the Wii U can run Crytek 3 beatifully.

    And Crytek 3 is way more powerful than the weak Unreal Engine 4.

    So the ports should be at 100% capacity.

    I know that Crytek 3 is way more powerfuler than Unreal Engine 4.

    So these guys clearly don’t know how weak their Engine is…..truly sad.


    • Envy

      You’re a bull.

    • Christopher

      So? Unreal Engine 3.5 actually looks a little better than both the UE4 and Cryengine 3 engines. Don’t judge a book by its cover, mean that UE4 might have physics that CE3 doesn’t have.

  • DerikGotro64

    I honestly don’t see a difference in UE3 or UG4. If its just prettier graphics by 5-10%, I really don’t give a damn as long as its Next-Gen, which the U is. If the PS4 and 720 come out and have lil prettier graphics, ill still be on the U cuz I’m getting a new experience and not the same old shit.

    • Christopher

      Its really just a step up from UE3.5 then anything. UE4 just has newer physics and thats pretty much it apart from some minor changes in graphics.

  • Sexigarro

    We are Wiining this match ….

  • Shankovich

    Awesome, that’s good enough for me. This is great, especially considering the Wii U will be 1 year early at the very least, and it’ll be somewhere in the middle. Kinda how the 360 is with the PS3, but that played out just fine up until just very recently (when the PS3 is now starting to look better than 360 graphics wise).

    Can’t wait to see dynamic lighting in Metroid (If Retro makes it), DX 11 in Zelda, super epic colours, particles, etc. in a full Mario game (i.e. galaxy)…uhhh I can go on LOL.

  • Richard

    If you want better graphics then buy an xbox 360 or ps3, if you want improved gaming experience then buy a wii u, but if you want both then just buy both: a wii u and any of the other consoles 🙂

    • Hetsumani

      Finally, a sane person. I have both the PS3 and Wii, and also play on my PC. That way I don’t miss any good game.

      • encarta

        umm…!? the wiiu will have both better gameplay AND better graphics, have neither of you read the article?

    • AcesHigh

      Yes, but not everyone can afford more than one console.

      Besides, I don’t get what this comment means. If you want better graphics… well, buy a Wii U! If you want a better gaming experience… buy a Wii U! That’s what the article is about. Basically saying that the Wii U is powerful enough to support a gpx/physics engine (maybe a little scaled back) that neither the X360 or the PS3 support in ANY fashion. Besides… just look at the Wii U graphics of Batman and others demoed so far. They look as good if not better than current gen. It’s a win win for Nintendo fans. Now we can have our cake and eat it too!

    • Steventelation

      Yeah a wii u has better graphics AND a better gameplay experience AND great games AND free online gaming. Why would you want any other console??????
      Also some people can barely afford getting two or more consoles, you have to think of that.

  • Rasta

    Ok tis is rad plus it can run crytek 3 and ever once is saying that crytek 3 is stronger than Unreal. My Q is can it run like that square enix tech demo that was at E3.

  • Gamer

    Reader-ship disclaimer. With the utmost respect for the individuals with no pun intended my contribution is shared. Like Lance Amstrong before he beat his cancer, the Wii defeated the ps3 and xbox360 in sales and gaming gems like XENOBLADE chronicles, the last story, pandoras tower, Zelda the skyward sword, monster hunter tri, zac and wiki; and returning after defeating cancer with one testicle( scaled down unreal engine 4 ), the Wii U defeating the xbox360/720 and the ps3/4 throw in the under selling no game having ps vita at the same time. Even before it’s even released :). Nintendo! Now you are playing with power.

    • encarta

      have you heard about Lance Armstrong recently?

  • Man

    Nintendo FTW!! I mean come on Wii U can run UE4,and CE3 so we are talking beautiful games and as if that wasnt enough we have a new inovative controller(that is allready being copyed *cough*smartglass) all at a “Resposible” price of 300 dollers! I JUST NINTYED ALL OVER MY LAPTOP

  • Marcus

    @Kaizar i dont know that

  • Enigmatic

    Hahaha. Kaizar, you are truly are a Nintendo fanboy.

    What’s truly sad is how you don’t know about the Unreal 4. We haven’t even seen a game use the Unreal 4, and there hasn’t been much information released regarding it altogether. The Unreal 4 is in NO WAY weak though. It is designed for the true next gen consoles, after all. The Wii U really isn’t all that much more powerful then the current gen consoles. It should not be able to run the UE4 fully. What, your going to say that these guys are lying about their own engine? Your going to start hating on them now that they have said this?

    • silentbates

      they actualy show a game made with unreal engine 4 its called fortnight i believe im not fully sure. but it does not look *FANTABULOUS!!* it looks *meh* I dont realy see a big gap in between ue3 and ue4 but ce3 has shown some WONDERFUL things and i cannot wait to see games made with it. ue4 gots a little bit better lighting and makes games a little bit easier to make (i have a UEDK and ive seen a video showing off the ue4 and how developers can use it again…i forgot the videos name but it somewhere in this great big ocean we call por* i mean internet)

    • Gamer

      Denial is a bad trait my friend. The Wii U is next gen. Unlike this gens 360 Wii or ps3. So why can’t you enjoy a wonder you too shall buy, the Wii U.

      • Enigmatic

        Looking at the specs, it is obviously a this gen, not a next gen.

        And you can’t judge an engine off one game. The next gen consoles will be able to bring out the engines true abilities, not the current ones.

        They wouldn’t make an engine that is barely better than their last. This is Epic games that we are talking about.

        • SanPharaoh


          You’re delusional.

          True Next-Gen gaming is on it’s way in about 4 months. The future is now…clinging to your heXbox or PleaseS3 is fine, but you seem to be betting all the marbles on systems that have not even been acknowledged, let alone developed.

          Both Sony and Microsoft are not ready or willing to come to market with a new console yet. Not because they don’t want to, but because once they do you will see that it is not so much better than your current console (save the Wii U) and they will most likely not turn a profit within 4 years in this economic climate and will be forced to exit the console market altogether, or run the risk of losing their investors (which at the end of the day is all they care about. That money.)

          Sony also said a few days ago that they will not release a new console unless they can make a SIGNIFICANT leap beyond what is currently out now.

          I can almost guarantee you that Sony is going to keep squeezing life out of the PS3 (as they should) and Microsoft will just try to find a way to patch up their XBOX to masque its flaws because unless they can guarantee a profit off of the sale of a new console where the only thing it can offer gamers/consumers is better graphics then they are going to keep pushing what they already have out.

          My advice. Stop fooling yourself into thinking that those companies are going to release a new system any time soon just because Nintendo is releasing the Wii U. They are far from ready.

          And trust me if they do release a new console it will not be anywhere near what you’re expecting. Nintendo is innovating with a new style of game-play interactivity, the likes of which have never been done on a home console. And MS, and Sony, they will copy with their new systems, and of course try to push the graphics a little further, but it almost seems like a hopeless case.

          How much better can graphics really get, really? And at what price will they be offering these visual enhancements?

          Would you really spend 500 on another PlayStation or XBOX that can only offer slightly better graphics and the same lame game-play? (point, shoot, duck, shoot, respawn, kill, hide)…lol…I guess to each their own. Shooters aren’t my cup of tea.

          Or would you accept the future and spend maybe 350 and get a world class gaming entertainment system, also known as the Wii U that can last you year for years to come?

          Bottom line…there would be no talk of Next-Gen console gaming if the Wii U wasn’t on it’s way. Trust me. All PS360 fanboys would be happy feeling like their system has the best graphics, minus PC, and they would keep laughing at the Wii.

          Now that the Wii U is coming out and Nintendo is back in the “hardcore” arena those fanboys are scared that they will have to eat all the shit they like talking. But as of now the fact remains that we will be getting the Alpha titles and they will getting the Beta versions. And how much do you want to bet they will say: “Graphics don’t matter, it’s still the same exact game…”

          Good luck, buddy.

          • Draco Breach

            Except it won’t really be the same game, will it?

            Just like Rayman Raving Rabids was more fun, as admitted by an anti-Nintendo company, on the Wii than the 360, multi-platform games like Aliens Colonial Marines will play much better on the Wii U because of the immersion the GamePad brings.

            The GamePad brings something to the table that Microsoft and Sony can only hope to copy with a new console, so it truly is Nintendo who started the next generation with a shot heard round the world.

          • encarta

            i may be waiting a long time, and i hope not, but for a while now i,ve not bought any game for my 360 in the expectation that a better version will come out on wiiu. I’m waiting for fifa with it’s touchscreen enhancements (even though i’ve heard it lacks some new tweaks of the other consoles to the last game), re6 which may or may not be that great but i’ve followed the series, DOA5 (pervy camera mode using gamepad anyone?) in 60fps, and more importantly gta5. i will hold out buying all those unless they come to wiiu, because i know they should be better graphically or gameplay wise, and i’m not going to give in, only to find it does eventually release on wiiu and me not wanting to buy it again.

  • rafael

    I live in brazil and here it isnt so common to see families playing wii together…when the wii came out, it was a huge phenomenom…
    I wanted to know, do u guys think that families who bought a wii to play together will be interested in buying a wii-u, or wii sports was all that really apealed to them?

    I think the wii-u will be sucssessful, but i have a hard time imagining it becoming a ”mania” like the first one :/

    • silentbates

      i would be the fahking captain of the band wagon of saying yes it will be but to be professional…only time will tell… (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD OF COURSE IT WILL ZABADAZEEMZOOMPOP!!!!)…. only time will tell…

      • alex

        My opinion is no the gamepad dosent look so interactive for casual gamers like the wii remote. How i know i all ready show the wii u videos to my wife, sister, mom and sister in law who they love the wii and they say mmmmmm…not interesting i stay with the wii at first thsy think was a wii new controller also i have a bunch of hardcore gamers that they dont know about the wii u nintendo need to star showi.g more not only casual gamers but also to hardcore gamers…not everybody watch the e3 or surf the internet for wii u….they .eed comercial nowwwws if they want to sell the wii u by christmas

        • rafael

          Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Sweet sweet sweeeeeeet victory yeah 😀 nintedo has another super nes era where no one will be able to compete 😛

  • jandkas

    “UE3 seems like a really good fit” shit looks like microsoft was right, the wii U is their chance to dump all xbox 360 games on it. Shit!! Dang it, the this sort of proves that epic games has inside info that other consoles are stronger. And they aren’t supporting the Wii U because it isn’t “next gen” that is utter bullshit.

    • Gamer

      You need to go back to school and learn sentence analysis. Epic said the Wii U can play unreal engine 4 games. Plus it easily seamlessly runs the more powerful CryEngine 3; it’s designed to be easily programable and developer friendly. Stay mad cause every third party game the ps4 and xbox720 get we too shall have on the Wii U. So remove the veil that blinds you.

      • Paul

        that is true Gamer, he also said games that use the engine could be ported over to the wii u

      • jandkas

        First, don’t attack a person’s grammar right off, it makes you seem really petty and this is the internet for pete’s sake. Get off your high horse.Second if you knew what I said I was lamenting the fact that Epic wasn’t going to support the Wii U with UE4 directly because they are going to support “next-gen” consoles. Since they also said that UE4 is going to be on ios devices it means it can be on the Wii U but with less “oomph”. And also again you should go back to school and learn sentence comprehension because again I am supporting the Wii U but lamenting that Epic is saying it isn’t next gen.

        • Steventelation

          Spelling isn’t that important, but not even putting periods between sentences makes it very hard to read. I usually just give up reading long paragraphs with no periods and go to the next comment.

    • Mike

      I’m sorry but are you retarded? In which way does ”UE3 seems like a really good fit” mean that there will be nothing but ports? They just haven’t made a Wii U specific version, so no 2nd screen support, gyroscope support, etc.. But the Wii U will still be able to have UE4 games, they just won’t use the various features of the Wii U, for the time being, but that also could be a good thing, since the GamePad heavily taxes on the console, so UE4 games could look as good on the Wii U as on any other console if the Pro controller is used.

      • jandkas

        No are you retarded “UE3 seems like a really good fit” was said by Epic games, and if you saw what Microsoft’s comment saying the only reason developers are supporting the Wii U is because they can port games over. Which I was lamenting the fact that, that statement might be credible. Also what do you not understand by scalable, it means it can be on the wii U but not with all its graphical prowess, which means it is going look a bit less better.

  • Christopher

    This is great news, even though the Wii U might get the low to mid range in graphics when it comes to UE4 its still going to be great seeing that Nintendo won’t be left behind. Me, I really don’t mind if the graphics are a little underpowered because I focus more on whether I’m having fun with the system or not.

  • Mike

    Note to haters: It isn’t native because there is no version of UE4 that uses the 2nd screen, gyroscope, etc. yet. So expect Epic to release a Wii U version of UE4 some time later, perhaps when the Wii U reaches about 20 mil. units sold, which will probably be in 1 year (Those are just my thoughts, don’t pay any attention to them if you don’t believe me, I’m perfectly fine with that.).

    • Paul

      if the game seems to be lets say crysis 3 game then the developers dont need to use the tablet system just the pro controller and must state this on game packaging

  • Bill

    I’m sorry but it is wrong to think that this is good news. (UE4 is the best graphical engine out there atm, just to be clear). Epic games have said that the WiiU is only 5x more powerful than current gen, which will not compete with the PS4 and Xbox8(or whatever you want to call it) when they are released. This is not good news because Nintendo are trying to market themselves as a hardcore platform I.E. they have good graphics and good online support. But with significantly less power than the next gen consoles they obviously aren’t, (No matter how hard fan boys rage at me). I will admit having UE4 on the console will be good, but please note that UE4 will also be on phones, which im kind of hoping wont be as powerful as the WiiU :|. So if Nintendo aren’t the hardcore platform then are they the casual platform like with the Wii? Of course not because of innovations such as smart phones and the Ipad. From a business point of view they don’t have a unique selling point apart from the controller and the amazing games (Which they have always had). When you also add the release of the Ouya, the new console which has similar specs to WiiU but only for $99 and free games, I’m starting to think that Nintendo’s previous tactics may not pay off in this generation and this might be Nintendo’s last console.

    Please don’t rage at me, I love Nintendo they are a great company, I’m just trying to be realistic.

    • Britton

      Few problems I have. No I will not rage at you.
      1 – Wii U will not be “significantly less powerful”. It will only be a marginal difference. 3rd party support will be strong for the Wii U even if they “scale down” UE4 (not all games will use UE4).
      2- After saying they do not have a unique selling point, you contradicted yourself by pointing out some of the best things about the console (controller and games). Side note: Good games make a console, not power alone.
      3 – Ouya will not be very good competition, if competition at all.

      MS and Sony will die out before Nintendo will.

      • Bill

        😀 thank you for not raging, much appreciated.
        I don’t understand where your getting the information for point one, how do you know it will be only marginally different to PS4/Xbox8. I agree 3rd party support is good atm, but im concerned if we will see it drop with the release of the other consoles.
        I take the point i was contradicting myself yes, but, i think you miss understood slightly the reason i mentioned the ones that they do have (Good games and good innovation) is because those are the same with every console, and we all know what happened to Gamecube, it was a flop. (My point is that they are irrelevant)
        I think the Ouya might well be competition, not only for Nintendo but to all 3 major consoles, its just Nintendo will be affected most because they are the smallest company out of the major 3. :/

        I disagree, although i would love Ms and Sony to die before Nintendo, i don’t think it will happen.

        • SanPharaoh

          Pessimism is good for the equilibrium as a whole. Without it, optimism wouldn’t be as sacred as it is. Please allow me to chime in for a moment (though rather late).

          I’d like to just fill you in on a few points regarding the “PS4”, and the “XBOX8”. First and foremost, they are both years (at least one year) away from arriving to the shelves. During which time the Wii U will ;pwn the console marketplace.

          Second, recent statements from both MS and Sony have hinted at releasing consoles that are more reasonable priced than what is out currently…as they do not want to undermine their current systems, which can only mean that if the new systems are more powerful than the Wii U it will only be slightly more powerful because the technology used to make them will be more advanced than what is in the Wii U, as it should be since they’re coming out a year or two later. But if they do not want to repeat their mistakes from the past then they will try to make a profit on the consoles while keeping the price point much much lower, otherwise they will not release the console anytime soon and all that does is give Nintendo a chance to regain the upper hand yet again.

          *A little side note: The Wii U went into development soon after the success of the Wii, so we’re talking a minumum of at least 4 years in the making. If the Wii U is successful, which I will do my best to make sure that it is, then Nintendo will go right back to the lab and begin working their next console before MS and Sony even get to release their next next console.

          Sony and Microsoft are just getting started…IF they are in fact planning on releasing on NEW console, and not a peripheral, which very well could be the case considering the fact the PS3 does in fact have a ton of potential. No developer has reached even 75% of it’s potential so it really could stick with the Wii U…for at least a year.

          Microsoft is in the worst position because if they allow Nintendo to absorb the market (as they will) then they will have to release a system that is either priced equal to or slightly less than the cost of the Wii U several years after it is launched which means if the Wii U is successful then Nintendo will have no problem dropping the price a little to stay competitive.

          I really could speculate all day, but the point I’m making is…as of right now the UE4 doesn’t have a home, save the PC market, and so as of today all console makers will be getting “scaled-down” versions. And as far as tablets, and smart phones go…blah. No real gamer is playing his or her games on a tablet, or a smart phone. I seriously believe smart tablet games are for when you’re taking a dump, or waiting for someone or something and just need to kill time.

          In order to make those devices really compete with consoles you would have to release an entire line of add-ware that no one who is playing those games would buy. And no company, right now, has the resources to throw away on such a foreseeable disaster.

          Casual games are a passing fad, a trend if you will. Consoles and gaming PC’s will forever rule the market. The only part of Nintendo really affected by them is the handheld sector, but I’m sure they are working on a solution to this problem even as I type this.

          Where was I? Okay, I remember now…PS4 and XBOX8 and the UE4…by the time those systems come out Developers will have figured out how achieve greatness within whatever limits the Wii U may have with that engine and the other two or three systems will just be getting off the ground, and who says that all devs are going to be using that engine anyway. Crytek is working a new engine as well that will give the UE4 and good run for it’s money.

          All I’m saying is, if you really like Nintendo, then get the Wii U. Don’t worry about what those other guys are going to do years from now because by then Nintendo will be ready to give us something new and exciting within the realms of the Wii U and more than likely their competitors will just copy them again.

          Sorry for the long message…

          • Bill

            haha, dont worry about the long message.

            I think both our arguments are just as legit as the other, with few faults in each one.

            They differ only with one being based pessimistic and the other optimistic.

  • Daemonrunner

    I really wish this particle version of this article had put in one other fact to shut down the trolls:

    “In the same interview, Rein said that he would ‘rather [wait for] a massive leap in performance and capabilities’ from next-generation consoles ‘than get something today.'”

    The key words here are “massive leap”. To me, that means that Sony and Microsoft would need to push out some super expensive tech in order to run UE4 at full settings.

    The Elemental demo ran off an variant of the Falcon Fragbox augmented with Nvidia’s GeForce 680 (no other technical specs were given). I know console’s architecture can be pushed much further than Windows-based PC’s, but there is still some hefty tech that would need to be dropped into a console for it to be considered the ideal setup for Unreal Engine 4 (according to Mark Rein). Is that something Sony or Microsoft is willing to risk in today’s economy?

    Unreal Engine 3.5 has barely been utilized in gaming on any platform. If consoles can run games close to the fidelity of the Samaritan demo, I don’t have any complaints. I was actually more impressed with that demo than the Elemental demo.

    Also, there is more to the engine than just graphical updates. Simplifying the development process is also of extreme importance so that games can be developed faster. A game doesn’t need to be all super high definition to use the engines SDK. If a game takes less time to develop using the Unreal Engine 4 SDK, but not use the engine to its fullest, then a developer is going to take that route instead of using the Unreal Engine 3 SDK.

    My prediction:

    None of the console’s will reach Rein’s expectations for Unreal Engine 4 (which seems odd since the engine will run on mobile platforms, browsers, and low-end PC’s). But, will still be utilized by developers and will inevitably be brought to all consoles anyways.

    • Daemonrunner

      *particular (not particle) LOL!

  • 3dsguy

    Xbox and ps got left in the dust of the wii on sales so no chance in beating wii u sales its the sales wot matter at the end of the day not graphics.Who sells more wins

  • Maverick-Hunter

    As pigma from star fox said “you can’t beat me I have a better ship”

  • toad

    if you didn’t notice he said that UE4 is scaleble im not saying smart phones and i pads are not powerful but theye do make up a large part of the gaming market they are most likely getting a scalled down version for them as well

  • Master Daddy Sir

    The Unreal demo was shown on a PC running Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 $520 card alone…In short I don’t wanna pay $1000 dollars for a PS4 or Xbox720 when the potential for great gaming can be accomplished with slight upgrades to the tech we have now. The only thing I see wrong with my 360 is collision and pop up issues, you don’t throw out your gaming pc when it can’t play Portal you upgrade the components. Just saying…

  • Dan

    Funny how journalist says Wii u is not next gen because of weak specs,,,, damn stupid Next gen is base on year not on specs,,, lol… If wii u came 5 years ago and wii came this year,, wii is still the next gen system!!!! Jeez