Sep 19th, 2012

Nintendo has been striking deals left and right to bring the latest and best technologies to the new Wii U console. The company just announced that it has reached an agreement with unity Technologies, providers of the popular Unity engine and technology.

The new deal will make Unity’s software, which includes the 3D engine, software libraries, physics technology, and more, to the Wii U. The agreement gives Nintendo the right to distribute the engine to third party developers, as well as use it for its first party titles. Any developer currently using Unity for other platforms will have a chance to bring their project to the Wii U.

Unity Wii UUnity will also create a “Wii U add-on” for their engine, which means developers will be able to easily publish their games on the Wii U, in addition to other platforms. Unity currently has over 1 million registered developers. The engine costs around $4,000 to $5,000, depending on the add-ons and additional services. While that may sound like a lot, it’s a fraction of what other engines cost. For example, CryEngine 3 reportedly costs $1.2 million to license for a game.

Nintendo has made several agreements with third party software makers over the past year to provide technology for the Wii U. Those deals include Havok for Wii U physics, and more recently, rendering software from Umbra. The Wii U supports many modern game engines, including Unreal Engine 3, CryEngien 3, ID Tech 5, and others.

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  • nintendofreak

    i though unity was something for internet game

    • Ravyu

      I thought you were smart… Nah JK

  • goginho

    The Wii U will simply be beast!!

    • AKA-Link77

      And the engine starts with “U”
      😀 😉

  • Deadmansam

    I want the Wii U more and more everyday!

    • [CMD] DEATH

      Agreed! I can’t wait for it :D, need too save up for it though and will most likely trade my Wii for the 50 bucks off at Gamestop so I just need 300 bucks for it, good thing I can play all my Wii games on it just hope somehow I can get my game memory off the Wii and get it on too my Wii U when I get it.

      • Kaizokuman

        You’ll need your Wii to transfer stuff. Don’t sell it yet.

      • Aldo

        You can transfer your Wii information in a sd card a sell your Wii without no worries for lost your games advances

        • u mad bro

          oh snap seems someone is on the CMD clan in COD huh *cough* best hacking clan ever *cough*

  • steven12153

    Wii U will kill the gaming market

    • Nintyfan

      Why are you guys marking him a thumbs down? What did anyone say???
      Huh? Huh?

      No need to get butthurt when someone says Wii U will do great! OMG

      • AKA-Link77

        Wat a HUGE misunderstanding. . .

    • SortableShelf19

      Why are you thumbs downed so much? He said something positive about the Wii U.

      • Lord Carlisle

        Actually, it’s very hard to tell.

    • SteampunkJedi

      I believe people misunderstood you, and thought you meant that the gaming market will die because of the Wii U. At least I hope that’s not what you meant.

    • Mechadestroyah

      i could not stop laughing about how misleading this was lol

  • Macarony64

    Slender was make using this engine and many other popular pc games. The wii u library has just spanded to hundreds

    • Shock

      What’s slender?

      • SortableShelf19

        A really creepy game…

      • Opticine

        Don’t look it up. Don’t play it. Don’t buy it. Don’t download it. Don’t pirate it. Don’t watch it. Don’t think about it. NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE!

        • koopa killer

          Lol nope or open? Jk.

          • Kyron

            lol. Yeah. It looks like he’s saying “open”

    • wii u fan forever

      Are you talking about-…………SLENDER MAN?!?!????!,???,?????????,???!?!!??!?!

  • Enygmaomega

    As much a Nintendo fan as I am… And as psyched as I’ve been…
    The last line of the article sounded to me like “the Wii U has finally met par with modern technology”

    Ever Since I discovered this website I’ve been happy and supporting nintendo… Like I always have. But the video game industry is in chaos, and with all the lag between Wii U and the other consoles (and idea copycats) the Wii U will be technologically outdated… And possibly idea outdated…

    I really hope that it works. I preordered my deluxe and I believe in Nintendo. I just hope this works. This gamble will make Nintendo the savior of the collapsing console market….or be doomed to crash with it.

    • Jon

      I agree 100%. It’s sacrilegious to say around here but I can’t stand it when I hear Unreal Engine 4 on the Wii U will be a scaled version and that the Wii U will FINALLY support the outdated Unreal Engine 3.

      I get excited when the makers of the Cryetek engine praise the Wii U though.

      As ambivalent as I am, I can’t make a judgement until we know what the PS4 and 720 specs will be. Until then we won’t know for sure what the Wii U third party support will look like. Cost of development, cost of the new consoles, and a bunch of other factors we won’t know until the competition releases, will be what decides on the comparative financial success of the console.

      • Christopher

        Actually, UE 3.5 is the engine that the Wii U can run which is a more updated version of the UE 3 engine and yes, you are right in saying that UE 4 is going to be able to run on the Wii U.

        Though that makes me wonder, if UE 4 can run on Wii U then why did Epic Games say that the xbox 720 and PS4 might not even run it?…. Ah, who care. Wii U will be a beast of a machine anyway.

    • TheHydra707

      The Xbox 360 was outdated before it was even launched. Same thing with the Wii massively outdated. Yet did that phase anything? It’s what is done with that technology that keeps it alive, and the experience it brings. Specifications mean nothing to the mass market, and honestly not that many gamers care about it either. It’s a very small percentage of people with really loud outrageous mouths that make it seem more relative than it is.

      The console market is going down because its at the end of its life cycle. Historically this is how it goes. Once the next generation is in full swing everything will be back to normal. Don’t buy into these bull shit sites who act like the console market is facing the apocalypse. It’s literally not that big a deal. Everything happens is cycles. These sites who propagate these ideals are doing it for a simple reason. Views, and discussion. The more outrageous the topics are. The more responses it gets. The more views it gets.

      • Jon

        My reply was speaking of comparative financial success in terms of within in the industry itself; it is the competition between the big three hardware makers.

        Specs will have a lot to do with it. A balance has to be struck. If the new consoles come out with specs in the same ball park as the Wii U we will have a Generation comparable to the previous one where the ultimate winner in both games and money went to the lower powered PS2 which had desirable features. — Now if the new consoles crank it up to another graphics leap to support astounding 4k resolutions and high end PC components then different questions arise. Does the console easiest to code for get the higher quality games third party games such as the 360? Or will the price on the hardware be too expensive for the average consumer, such as the PS3 launch price, which gives developers no incentive to develop for a console with a small user base. And even if the newer consoles are both powerful and affordable, will the cost of development be too much for the big triple A third party titles?

        Then in the mess of variables and hypothetical situations, one has to only assume how the Wii U will hold up. — The shortened point to the ramble is that we can’t know how financially successful the Wii U will be until we know the scenario the industry will be in 2 years.

      • EnYgMaOmEgA

        Nintendo needs to adopt a business model like apple. The iPhone is not the best phone out there in terms of specs, but man is it a sweet item to have. Apple makes its customers believe that they NEED the newest iteration. And this is with the iPhone barely having more innovation over its competitors.

        Ninty has MUCH more innovation than the other guys, plus first party software. We’ll see how this goes. Too much to predict now.

    • Jetty

      Wii U will sell in wide open waters until Q4 2013. When Sony and microsoft release their next gens, people will have more variety. With variety brings different consumers, that’s just a fact. Wii U sales won’t be as strong as the current sales are unless Nintendo has a well timed price cut to compete with other console releases, or if demand is just that high.

      There are too many variables right now especially with other technology. These comments have strong points, but I have one warning. Nintendo has been spec inferior since the SNES. Specs aren’t a big deal to a Nintendo fan. If people want graphics I’ll recommend xbox or PS4, go ahead and enjoy it. As a Nintendo fan, being outdated is what always made Nintendo special. If graphics were really everything, than PC would have a monopoly.

      Nintendo aint going anywhere.

      • Kyron

        Well said Jetty

      • ZombieGuns

        I’m a PC gamer above anything else because the best graphics and newest hardware are very important to me. So that’s one of the reasons i’m buying the Wii U at launch, that and ZombieU. The use of the gamepad’s touchscreen in ZombieU is pretty cool and the graphics are look like something from a high-end PC.
        So even PC fanboys like me can get behind the Wii U.

  • rocketman

    cart wait 4wiiu now

  • t_vo

    Does anyone know of any games out there that use the Unity Engine?

    • Crapcake

      Tons of internet games

      • Neonridr

        lots of ios games…

  • TheHydra707

    This is cool. I hope Slender comes out on the Wii U EShop. It uses this engine, and it’d be awesome to have the game on the Wii U!

    • Ninjafish

      It probably wouldn’t. Even though it’d be super intense 🙂

  • Lucifer

    Loves me some nintendo I loves the nintendo it is GOD

  • UTGamer12

    I am going to be so poor after launch.

  • Lucifer

    Nintendo should look at how sony smash does as an indicator of what to do and what not to do. I hope they add a nice bunch of roster since you only get 1 game every 6 years of a genra type

  • theaquacharger

    So where’s the source for this?

    • Wii U Daily

      Press release…

      • The Aquacharger

        Perhaps you should cite or include that.

  • Amtoj

    Great! Was already working on PS3 and 360, time for me to move the project to my favorite company too!

  • Nintyfan

    Yeah look at all these wannabe trolls on this site. GO AHEAD THUMB ME DOWN, I will have my Wii U by then so SEE YA!

  • Smurfman256

    As someone who has actually worked with Unity, this is a dream come true. An easy interface plus a seamless compiler and the ability tow write in Javascript and C# makes things MUCH easier on my end.

  • Ledreppe

    Ninty are really pulling out all the stops to make ‘core gamers’ as happy as possible on the Wii U, good times!

  • somebody

    looks so real

  • NNNN

    Wow, im actually using the free version of this engine right now.

    • Nintenlord

      Then start working on a best seller 4 wii u

  • SteampunkJedi

    That’s quite a few game engines. I hope they are well-utilized by developers, as well as Nintendo themselves.

    • SteampunkJedi

      (Yes, I realize Nintendo is a developer. I meant third party developers for the first part)

  • CaptainIcy

    Great news. As an indie developer myself who uses Unity (among other tools) I’m really excited about this. Keep it up, Nintendo!

    • Kyron

      Roll Tide Roll!!!

      …sorry. had to do it…

      • Jetty

        Lol The one person that gives me a “well said Jetty” has to be a Bama fan. It’s a small world in SEC country. Geaux Tigers!!!

  • SuperWiiEntertainmentSystem

    History repeats itself, this can very well be applied to the gaming world. Microsoft/Sony failing, Sony failing due to Vita and so-so PS3 sales, Microsoft due to the overrated Kinect and money hungry, Nintendo will help save the industry, just as it did in the early 1980s.


    i love unity, cant wait to see it on wii u:)

  • TheUNation

    Looking forward to the first Wii U title powered by Unity 4 Engine. The 3D demo that I saw on YouTube this morning was incredibly breathtaking!!!!!

    • Captain Potato

      Just saw some epic video of these Unity packages…Wow! If Nintendo can make a Zelda game with killst4r’s help, there would be nobody who could resist the Wii U…except haters! All they know how to do is hate!

  • Derp

    Well, we can get independent developers now. That is good because who knows? Maybe a later HUGE ip could start on the Wii U, being once a little Indie game.

    • Draco Breach

      Uhm… Wii U already has indie support. A lot of indie developers are praising how easy the Wii U is to develop for.

      Unity is a nice, inexpensive package to work with. While there are lots of engines and SDKs to work with, a recognized, professional engine brings a project a lot of recognition. $5k US is also much easier to push as a consumer-backed project – like Kickstarter.

      I really wish more Kickstarter projects used more professional engines – like Unity. I’m a huge RPG fan, and RPG Maker projects get real old, real quick.