Jan 7th, 2014

Developer EnjoyUp has confirmed via Twitter that Unepic will finally be released on Wii U come January 16th. The game was announced last year for Wii U after Nintendo did a heavy push to entice indie developers to bring their games to the console. Many fans have expressed excitement about the game being available on the system, so know that your wait is only a little while longer!

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  • Deadpool U

    Well this game certainly looks Epic(pun definitely intended).

  • Jon

    YAY! I have been wanting this game for a while 🙂

  • starwars360

    Cannot wait!!!!!!!!

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Just what Nintendo needs – another 2D platformer.

    • Mario

      Was that sarcasm again Magnus?

      • Nostalgic_Chaos

        Ha. I hope it was. Was going to ask the same question

    • Shota

      no worries next month comes donkeykong tropical freeze XD

  • Nostalgic_Chaos

    I don’t mind these indie games. For me, it’s not something I’m going to sit down and play right now. It’s not a substitute for the lack of games.. and it shouldn’t be.
    If Mario Kart, Smash Bros and all of the other good stuff were out now, I wouldn’t even give this game the time of day, and I’m really not going to now either. Sorry.

    I appreciate these smaller company developers. I really do. We’re all trying to make it, in what ever field we’re trying to do well in, but with all of the frustrations and lack of games we’ve had for the Wii U, I’m just in a mindset right now where I’m expecting so much more as of this moment. Maybe when the general Wii U games library has evolved and developed and I’ve actually had time to celebrate Nintendo’s greatness once again, like the days of old, then perhaps I can be in a mode where I can celebrate these smaller company developers and what they are trying to do for Nintendo. Right now, I just really want to play Smash Brothers and the likes.. You know.

    • MetroidZero

      I agree 100%.

  • Gameonfool

    Doesn’t look that bad watching the trailer. The wii u will miss out on allot of games though. Every time I see a new game on IGN it’s usually just xbox, ps and PC. Even when there is a ps360 version and ps4one version there’s no wii u. It’s not on enough devs radar. Even when wii u will have a good 2014, which I believe it will, will enough devs jump on board. If they do then you won’t see their games till at least 2015. It is a concern. But maybe the wii u will grow with epic ness over time more and more, we shall see.

    • Flawless Victory

      Well this will take time…this is not going to happen over night.

    • Nostalgic_Chaos

      When the games start coming out for the Wii U this year, the sales and profit from those games should tide them over for quite some time. We wont need to worry about other devs, believe me. I’m sure Nintendo will be where they need to be. Nintendo will be the captain of their own ship, once again.

      • Gameonfool

        I don’t doubt Nintendo’s efforts but the wii u could do with just that little bit more to encourage the on the fence people. Also would like to see more RPGs especially with the gamepad.

        • Nostalgic_Chaos

          X and Shin Megami and Fire Emblem will be good RPG’s and will make good use of the gamepad, but yeah, more RPG’s wont hurt.

      • Nin85

        Who is this “we”? I mean in all seriousness I wouldn’t mind more third party on Wii u. I have the Nintendo games and can’t wait for 2014 and the games they have lined up but I had to buy a PS4 to get certain games that won’t come to wii u because the devs/publishers don’t see money in it. Very frustrating at times.
        I mean from Nintendos view yeah they are going to be fine as a business but because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I reap any benefits, other than 1st party games…
        Case in point, I have a ps4 and played FIFA on it, looks great but that’s it I keep playing my wii u 2013 copy, it just offers me more with game pad and a large family. Ghosts, another that I play exclusively on Wii u, but finding a game in certain lobbies can be hard when everyone on there is on tdm, ugh!!! Anyway had to get ps4 version for my son, played it once double screen on line and walked away after first match lol.

        I love my wii u, but I don’t just need Nintendo to succeed, they always do, I need them to reach out and get 3rd party back, of course I don’t know how they can but that’s why I’m not a CEO. Rant over :/

        • Nostalgic_Chaos

          Nintendo are known, though, for their first party games. This is why people world wide love Nintendo, because of their high level of creativity and innovation. They are unique for a variety of reasons. Other consoles are known more for third party games for a reason, because Nintendo do well without the support and have done since.

          It’s a win win situation, though. In hindsight, that is what I was trying to say.
          When Nintendo’s sales boost this year, devs will come to them.
          In other words, other devs are welcomed, but are by all means not needed. Nintendo are all good mainly just focusing on 1st party. If I’m interested in 3rd party, I’ll buy a PS4. I would rather Nintendo just stay how they always were and how I’ve grown up to know them since a kid. A successful 1st party gaming company who is the master of their own ship and does things in their own stride.

          But I do get what you are saying, nonetheless.

          • Nin85

            I hear you, man I’m 38 and been playing Nintendo consoles/portables my whole life. Loved them, enjoyed them, and can remember many nights in elementary, high school, college with friends that were amazing because of the games available. My problem would be with your new comment about Nintendo always being Nintendo. I skipped 360/PS3 although had friends with them so I still got to play some cool games. I understood the strategy with Wii and that was my console all of last gen, and again I was happy, but my kids are growing up (10/14) and as I said earlier I ended up getting ps4 for my 14 year old son ( he did great on entrance exam so I promised him) and I just see a rift that I don’t like.

            In my house most of our time is on Nintendo, Mario 3D, Pikmin, even Wii fit lol. I see the enjoyment he gets with family time, but I also see when he want to go to his room and play ghosts with his friends from school. None have the wii u. So there am I getting two consoles and thinking why? Little things like OS chat, achievements but in a Nintendo spinner way, I mean all the properties they have I wouldn’t mind booting wii u to see my trophy room like in smash. I don’t know I’m just lost at how they do things to keep the young kids going into their teens which will give them a nice base going forward.

          • Nostalgic_Chaos

            Yeah. I was really disappointed when Battlefield 4 didn’t make it to Wii U. Battlefield is my favourite shooter. That is the one game I was REALLY hoping would make it. I was upset when it didn’t. That would have been a brilliant 3rd party game.

            I’m 25, so I’ve been playing all the games since a child as well. For me, I just really don’t mind buying another console if I need to. I understand that different machines provide different things and experiences. Nintendo are my favourite and I like the way they do things. It’s just unfortunate that the decisions they have made with the Wii U in it’s early stages have been ridiculous, with the marketing, lack of quality launch games. Need I say more. Nintendo themselves have not been embracing third party support too much, because they know that they are the Guru for 1st party and don’t want people to forget it or to be distracted. They are confident. They know that the right devs will come to them if they need it. At least the third party support is better than it was before, with titles such as Watch Dogs etc… I own both COD Black Ops 2 and Ghosts on my Wii U and I enjoy them and I play Ghosts regularly, even though I’m not a huge fan of COD for different reasons.

          • Nin85

            Yeah got bf4 on ps4, outside of its issues, and there are plenty for me anyway, when it plays it plays amazingly well.
            Just thinking what criterion did with nfs and damn as you can guess I’m not a graphics whore (just and extra for me) but BF4 on Wii u, he’ll bF3 with game pad ala splinter cell would have been just perfect for me. Alas, I’m at work and shouldn’t be complaint about these mega corps anyway lol

          • jrob23

            they managed to do it with you. You grew up on Nintendo like I did and you have continued into adulthood to play the games. You have passed that love on to your son who unlike many of his friends, has experienced what Nintendo offers. There’s nothing wrong with dudebro games. Your son and the gen before him grew up on multi plat fps playing online with friends. I never got to do that and I am a little jealous. But when you as a Dad want to hang out and play at home with your son, the Wii U has plenty of games to do so with. Yes, it will require you owning two consoles, but you can sell the wii you have and put that money towards a Wii U. Keep the wii games you like most as they are playable on the Wii U and you are set.
            A gamer nowadays has to own multiple machines to really get their fix. I think PC and Wii U is best combo. But I don’t PC game so I will be getting PS4 again (had and sold due to lack of games) or Xbone…whichever has the best exclusives, I’m thinking PS4 because it fixed what I hated about the PS3, the controller.
            Nintendo has always struggled to bridge the gap from their handhelds used by kids to the their consoles used by teens. Most late teens/young adults do not want a Nintendo console because they feel it’s too kiddy. But Smash Brothers, Mario Kart and a new exciting IP might sway some of the to try it out.

          • Rob

            You got 5 years on me. I played the first Super Mario Brothers in 1987. I was 7 back then. Man, that game had magical powers to me at that time. That is what Nintendo is good at, creating that feeling. These other consoles don’t have that, in my opinion. Or, maybe it was just because I was a kid.

        • Michael Rowlands

          iv been saying this for a long time now the wii u needs 3rd party games way should you have to go out and buy a xbox all ps4 just to play 3rd party games..

    • Nintenjoe82

      The devs that could do well will continue to tow the party line of their respective publishers and come out with excuses as to why they’re not bothering. Just like in the N64 era, there will be a couple of devs outside of Nintendo that shine and do the system justice. There’s no use worrying but if we want to ensure 3rd party support we need to buy 3rd party games. The last one I bought was Deus Ex but will do my bit and get WatchDogs and whatever else….

    • Alienfish

      Indie support has been great so far and I’m just going to flat out say that AAA third party games will probably never do well on Wii U simply because people buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games. If people can keep their 360’s and PS3’s and get a comparable experience to what would be on Wii U they won’t upgrade to it. They’ll upgrade to PS4 and XB1 for the better graphics if they have the money. Also, for online multiplayer games, the last gen HD twins are already established and Wii U hasn’t caught up to that yet.

      The only way Nintendo could get and keep 3rd party AAA support is if they finally came out with a be all, end all system that could do everything that any other console could do and more. The last one we saw was Super Nintendo.

      So basically what I’m getting at is that it doesn’t matter if Wii U misses out on a lot of games in its lifetime because it wasn’t even built for them. It was built for Nintendo games and has the added bonus of being very indie friendly. Wii U will grow more epic with time and we’ve already seen footage of games that will bring it there like MK8, Smash Bros., and Xenoblade. Now all we need is some Zelda footage.

  • Nickdawg

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu#k Yes!!!!!!!!!

  • Madmagican

    Okay 🙂

  • Justagamer

    Damn now they release it..have to wait till feb
    (Note- Awww Did i hurt someones feelings..Someone went mad and thumbed me down..Ha what a coward!

    • Justagamer

      Hahahaha 4 so called gamers are mad…Need a tissue?
      If you don’t like the Wii U or the games it gets don’t buy a Wii U..Simple and it’s not hard..But thanks to the four cry babies who proved my point

  • Random12multi

    After watching this trailer this game no longer looks

    *puts on sunglasses*



  • Johny

    nice 😀 ! love games like this !

  • lonewolf

    Ok how many of you people bought splinter cell or deus ex or any indie game for the wii u? when you will start to buy games for it then the 3rd party will be coming by themselves.

    • I bought splinter cell and it was okish but I wouldn’t rave about it. I’ve bought plenty of indie games. Not buying deus ex: HR a second time unless it’s going cheap on eshop (though it’s a great game).

      There are a few ok third party game out but until watchdogs there’s nothing I’m really excited about. You know it’s a two way thing with third parties. They can’t just give us mediocre stuff and ports of old games we’ve already played then complain that we’re not buying it.

      Now if the Wii U was getting Thief or Deus Ex: universe I’d snap them up… but it’s not.

    • Michael Hancock

      Joe Dever’s lonewolf?

  • RyuNoHadouken

    can yall hear that? its the sound of shovels and dirt

    • Madmagican

      but Shovel Knight’s not out yet…

  • Justin Jefferson


  • Michael Hancock

    “Unepic”. What a stupid name for a game.

    • Justagamer

      Your comment…Meh!

      • Michael Hancock

        Yet worth at least 10 seconds of your time.

        • Justagamer

          Nah it was less maybe a sec! keep trying trooper

          • Michael Hancock

            I don’t believe you. “Unepic” is not a word. You have no qualms with this. Therefore, a person that might not be too bookish. It would probably take more than a few seconds for you to read my comment, conjure a witty remark (if you want to call it that) and then type it. “Keep trying trooper”. Who talks like that? Perhaps you are “Justagamer”.

          • Justagamer

            Wow… I actually feel sorry for you. You want to troll SO bad, but you fail at it. Keep that helmet on, and don’t let all the rejection letters from the special Olympics get you down bro. Someday they’ll say you aren’t too retarded to join them! Keep reaching for the stars!

            Get a life dude. and nice last name fits ya..Han..Cock..Pricesless
            Oh and guy your trolling is laughable!
            Who act’s like this..LOL

          • Justagamer


          • Justagamer

            It’s a name for a new game moron..Stop the bitching or ghet a life..prick

  • makkan

    i may actually buy this game its looks kinda fun 🙂

  • Vakua Dorn

    the name is surprisingly accurate

  • Justagamer

    Oh No Michael Hardcock is stalking me!…LOL