Sep 25th, 2013


Earlier this year we reported on the downsizing that’s going on for Nintendo hardware and software in the UK. Asda and Morrisons, both prominent UK retailers, have stopped stocking the Wii U completely. Now Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain, has reduced their Nintendo shelf space in some places entirely, while some places maintain the pitiful set up you see above. There are only five slots available for games and of those slots, only one is a Wii U game.

This is being done to make room for the launch of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. If you live in the UK, how does your local Tesco look? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • barwiifan

    Really? I feel bad for Nintendo now, because they’re just Nintendo traitors. I hope they bring back more shelf space.

    • nin-10-doughfan

      shows that nintendo needs to work more big time because this is serious!

      • barwiifan

        It’s not that serious since it’s just one store, but this is still disappointing.

        • nin-10-doughfan

          yaeh! i am disappointed!!!

  • Marcus Navarro

    Facepalm. Facepalm to the max.

    Idk how they do it in the UK, but I never see anyone going to a supermarket with the intent of buying video games. Never.

    To any British people, would this affect video game sales? Do people there shop in supermarkets to buy games?

    • Merrfn

      Now that I think about one of my supermarkets over here (in New Zealand) stock video games. The thought never crosses my mind to go to a supermarket for games even though I know they are there. Mainly because they store the 3rd party no-name spew.

      I dont know if “trends” have changed, but back when I lived in London I didn’t know anybody who went to the supermarket for games, because this Wii U display is basically what all game displays look like.

      If this photo was taken at a game store however, then this would be unjust and traitorous to Nintendo.

    • Graeme Lynch

      Um the thing is supermarkets tend to offer games at a lower price than the game stores. The other option is online but I guess some people want to buy and play straight away. Also I know that supermarkets do a voucher collection thing for Christmas time so a lot of parents will save money throughout the year then buy consoles/games then. I don’t exactly know how much percentage wise supermarkets take in gaming sales but I know that the major game retailer in the UK is really struggling and shut lots of stores down. They also merged with another game company but even then things are aomewhat bleak. They do seem to be picking up on some good ideas though like the exclusive Nintendo game download card they offer. Normally cheaper than buying from the Eshop.

      • Over here game specialist shops are always cheaper. It might be different over there, i don’t know. What i do know, is here no one shops at supermarkets for games.

        • Graeme Lynch

          I live in the UK to and I actually know plenty of people whom shop in supermarkets for games. I guess it really depends on where you live doesn’t it? Smaller towns means supermarkets are more accessible than game shops. I don’t quite understand the patronising tone in your response. I was merely stating some facts about the UK gaming retail market.

          • More accessible doesn’t mean cheaper. As you said, you don’t know the percentages. If you did, you’d realize why i typed that comment. Where you live does play a part but one specialist shop doesn’t set the standard for all. I think the specialist shops you live close to must just scam or something, in all my experience i have never seen a supermarket offer better prices for games.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Location is clearly a factor as it is for millions. I think supermarkets branding and stock of game products does have an impact on sales. After all it is where people go to shop for food weekly/monthly.
            P.S. Unless buying games pre-owned (although Asda now sell pre-owned games) supermarkets offer cheaper prices than my nearest Game store.

          • I guess it caters to a different audience, I’m merely basing my theory’s on where i live and places that i have visited. I will agree that SOME new games can be cheaper in comparison to a Game shop. However, i feel that this is very uncommon when i compare it to places I’ve seen around where i live and some other places. I’d also like to apologize for the tone of my earlier comment.

    • I’m from the UK and everyone i know wouldn’t shop at a supermarket under any circumstance. Most of the people i know (Including myself) would go to shop that specializes in games because they’re way cheaper and there are a lot of loyalty offers. Whilst it may be true that a lot of stores closed due to Game’s money problems, they still dominate the market over here and their stores are packed with people throughout the week.

    • Nintedward

      No, as you would probably guess about 80%(estimate) of video game sales in the UK come from dedicated Video game stores… and HMV,Toys R US etc.

  • Lil J Moore

    What’s Tesco?

    • YiyeUniverseMB

      UK supermarket.

      • Lil J Moore

        Huh. First time ever hearing about this store. I wonder why they would do this to Nintendo

        • Guest

          Tesco in the UK has an business side-arm called ‘Fresh n’ Easy’ (I think) in the States. The consensus is that most people don’t tend to shop supermarkets for games (unless you can snag a bargain which is what Tescos recently offered with a reduced deal on GTAV) as they’re full retail value and not cheap like the rest of the junk they sell.

        • I assume you are not from Europe? No pun intended but I live in the Netherlands and even I know Tesco, it’s a very well known store chain in Europe originated in the UK as the article said.

  • RetroSquid

    The two Morrisons by me stopped stocking anything Nintendo early last year…

  • YiyeUniverseMB

    That’s more than my nearest TESCO stores. Their fruit tastes like crap, too. And their veg. And their meat is full of fat. Even the chicken. Rant over.

    • YiyeUniverseMB

      Also, their DVD section is around 75% direct-to-DVD films (mockbusters and the like), 15% B-Movies and about 10% good films.

      • Merrfn

        The same with the games to be honest. Or does your store supply games that are not 3rd party no-name spew?

        • Louie

          my local Tesco only seems to advertise terribad games like the black eyed peas experience and second rate movie tie in games.
          Maybe if they tried advertising good games they would sell more. >:(

      • Nintedward

        Tesco’s interior is about as exciting as purgatory :/ . Sainsbury’s , Mark’s and Spencers etc feel like a themepark inside compared to Tesco lol

        • Have you had a bad experience in Tesco’s? xD

          • Nintedward

            No, there’s a small Tesco across the road from my place and I have no choice but to shop there for conveniences sake. It’s just Extremely boring.

          • I can sympathize since it’s the same for me. Although.. the Tesco i live near has slightly more 3DS/Wii U games. I think the thing to remember is the fact that they only sell games they imagine to be popular.

          • Peter Lythaby

            I haven’t but my mums favourite department there is customer services. Say no more

    • Nintedward

      Tesco is so boring… I mean it’s ok and you can’t knock the mainstream brands that they sell, but their Tesco labelled food all tastes very uninspiring…
      On topic- Nintendo is in a state of generational transition, one that Sony and Microsoft are about to undergo also. Their PS3 and 360 consoles gained more and more traction late on even to this day they remain super popular hence the shelf space. However those two consoles are 7 nearly 8 years old. Their days are limited and they will soon make way for Xbone and ps4, which like the Wiiu will have a small installed base initially which will in turn produce low software sales at the beginning. The idea is that soon the Wiiu will get more and more popular games, the installed base will grow and so will the shelf space!
      -End rant.

    • LonDonE247

      2 words HORSE MEAT!!!
      LOL tesco were the same supermarket to be found selling polish horse meat as beef burgers LOLOL what a joke, but anyway it is worrying, i called it as soon as asda announced they were not stocking nintendo stuff in store, i knew this would set a dangerous president, and then a few other stores followed suit, nintendo should be worried about this big time, without local shops, nintendo will hav a even harder time!

      Even my local cex (computer exchange) a specialist games shop who even still sell ps2 and game cube games, and used games too, hardly ever have wiiu stock, and when i asked why they told me, they dont sell new copies of games, they have to wait till a customer trades in a copy of said wii u game then they sell it, WTF???? i was furious, i don’t like buying used, i prefer to buy new to support the devs and games i love, but its ridiculous, and so i am forced to buy nintendo stuff online, but i shouldn’t have to, even though i mostly buy online, i still like to pop down to my local shop to buy a game their and then so no waiting for delivery, its annoying as hell!!!

      The guy in the shop goes nintendo is for kids, LOL i was like do i look like a kid to u? in fact funny thing was i was at least 10 years older then he was,lol
      Nintendo need to get their finger out their a$$ and do something!!
      Man i miss Hiroshi Yamauchi as boss,RIP iwata seriously needs to go guys, him, and reggie, reggie is a total fail, he has failed to get western devs to release games on wiiu, which is what he and the American team should be focused on, this coupled with the dreadful advertising is killing WII U

      • Marcus Navarro

        The fact that a Wii U game is not to be found in your local cex should be a good sign.

    • YiyeUniverseMB

      So pleased I’ve started an ANTI-TESCO mini-discussion! Keep up the good work, guys!

  • Guest

    Hmmm I sense a click bait article… you know it really is sad when we get the same type of articles every week or every other week. I am all for being well rounded with Nintendo related news but there is a fine line that most people don’t like to be crossed and that is the constant barrage of click bait articles that hold no weight and get shoved in our faces when there is much better Nintendo related news.I come here as do many others for Nintendo related NEWS not a bunch of useless-same as last week click bait articles.

    • I think this deserves to be brought to attention, as many people don’t realize that retailers in the UK are reducing shelf space for Nintendo titles. It’s not click bait just because you don’t like the news.

      • nin-10-doughfan


      • Guest

        It is click bait haha I mean people realize that stores in the UK are shrinking there shelf space you guys here at Wii U daily have been spouting it for the past few months anyone on here longer than 2 months has seen this topic covered way too much. Again I am all for being well rounded with Nintendo related content,but there is much better Nintendo related content out there you guys never cover because you put up stuff like this.

        • Marcus Navarro

          You’re not providing your argument with any substance.

          • Guest

            Your comment makes no sense I don’t need any substance seeing as it is only an opinion.I base my opinion off of going to other gaming news websites and my experience with this site.

        • Please return to the front page where I discuss improvements to Miiverse, a sale on Wii Party U pre-orders, the Nintendo 3DS surpassing original Wii sales, and an article on how an indie developer could change the Nintendo eShop for the better. You obviously haven’t read those yet.

          • Guest

            I have, but there are still many other Nintendo related thing’s out there that don’t get the spotlight because of articles like this that re-iterate the same thing over and over again. Look we get that it’s not doing well in the UK fine but don’t throw these type of articles at us so much as it takes the place of other Nintendo news.

          • nin-10-doughfan

            you have a point!

          • Adam Porter

            back up your claim, link us to these hoards of good wiiU news. sorry but your full of crap, just cause you don’t like the fact that wiiU is doing crap doesn’t mean it’s not happening, jesus i just wish you guys would wake up, WIIU IS GETTING WORSE and nintendo just don’t care.

          • ItzameyaToad

            1: I never used the term “Hoards” I said Many don’t put words in my mouth 2: I don’t have to back up shit since anyone can go on to any other gaming website and see Nintendo related thing’s not covered by this site. 3: I don’t deny that Wii U is in bad shape I only said ” there are still many other Nintendo related thing’s out there that don’t get the spotlight because of articles like this that re-iterate the same thing over and over again.” This site always must have an article about something bad when there is plenty of good news out there aside from the same old article about stores support in the UK.
            Now don’t get your panties in a twist because someone gives an opinion of a site and gives constructive criticism so the site can get better.

          • Adam Porter

            well you know maybe we who live in the uk and ireland find this valuable, this is wiiU news in our area.

          • nin-10-doughfan

            i do not know how you do it on the pod cast because i am a nintendo fan!( ’cause nintendo 4 me is doing a poor job!-this isjust my opinion ).

          • ItzameyaToad

            I apologize for my statements I made earlyier today I didn’t mean to call you out in such a rude way. My original intent was to point out that I don’t like seeing articles like this that talk about things mentioned in previous articles that to me seems like a subject that has been beaten to death. I understand though that you and the other authors are only reporting the news and that this is news I just went about giving my opinion the wrong way, my apologies.

      • Zuxs13


      • Guest

        Though i agree, I’d like to say that Tesco is mainly a place where people would shop for food. However, game shops have a fairly wide range of Nintendo games to choose from and it’s just as big as Xbox/Sony games. Only thing is, there aren’t many used games for the Wii U here at the moment.. As sales pick up, this will obviously change though. Articles like this are needed because its updating people on the status of how the Wii U is doing elsewhere. News is news good or bad and for people who don’t agree with that, There’s something wrong.

  • nin-10-doughfan

    Is nintendo in serious trouble?

    • Lil J Moore

      What makes you think that?

      • nin-10-doughfan

        feels like that everyday more third party publishers ( except sega ) is loosing faith on wii u!

        • Marcus Navarro

          Supermarket-like retailers are becoming a non-factor for gaming, as gaming is continuing to trend towards digital distribution. However, things like this does raise some eyebrows.

        • SecretX

          calm down is only been a couple of third party’s. and besides when the system sells they come back since they only follow the money.

        • Lil J Moore

          To me it feels like they aren’t losing faith in the WiiU but more like they want it to fail. except Ubisoft, Sega, and indie devs

          • nin-10-doughfan

            feels like it, most especially peter moore and that fable creator.

  • SonicLucario

    This is one of the reasons why the WiiU is not selling well at all, look at this advertising, its garbage. The fact that is hidden behind other systems is making it harder for casuals to know its existence. At least the GameStop that i go to has a dedicated WiiU section and I really appreciate that. And they were advertising the new Wind Waker HD bundle at the front window!

    • SecretX

      lol gamestop is the worst one ever to advertising nintendo stuff, my gamestop really stop supporting nintendo so i stop buying from there. even if it did sell people would just complain that there’s no games for the system, so i guess they’re trying to focus on more games than advertising.

      • SonicLucario

        thats my point, the fact that the GameStop I go to is advertising the WiiU pretty well

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          It varies from store to store. All depends on management.

      • Jon

        I think it varies from store to store depending on the manager. The store in my town advertises quite a bit of Nintendo, probably as much as they advertise the Xone and PS4. As of now it is more of the PS4 and Xone but that is simply because it is being released soon where as last year, Nintendo dominated the advertising because the Wii U was being released. But some stores in other ares I have seen don’t have much for Nintendo. Some go as far as pretty much limiting two and dominating one system.

        • Josiah Henry

          Yeah the sad thing is I have talked to people who did not even know Nintendo had a new system out!

      • Akatosh

        You should complain. GS takes complaints VERY seriously. I’ve gotten tons of stuff from complaining.

    • Jerry Garcia

      The Walmart where I live have a whole Wii U section… Plenty of games to advertise. From top row to bottom.

      Tesco is just playing Deusche bag syndrome….

    • Jack5221

      Honestly, I don’t see PS4 and Xbox One selling all that much either. Mainly because nearly every single game coming to the next generation consoles is coming to PS3 / 360. Which is stupid especially since neither next gen console is backwards compatible. I cancelled my PS4 preorder because there is 0 incentive for to upgrade right now.

      Just look at the list. Assassins Creed, FIFA 14, GTA 5, Watch Dogs, Last of Us DLC, COD Ghosts, Diablo III, Final Fantasy X – X2 HD, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD, the next KillZone, Battlefield 4, the next Batman, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Wolfenstein: The new order, The list goes on. Lol. Why would anyone buy a next gen console, if they could get the same games on their current gen console.

      Dont get me wrong, the line up of games for both consoles looks really great, however the PS4 / Xbox One only games all have a TBA or 2014 marked for their release. Im predicting both consoles will sell out for the first 2 months then have their sales numbers plummet. Those people who have to have the console 1st will rush to buy, then be disappointed when they find out that their console exclusive games aren’t coming out until late 2014 / 2015. Mean while… Wii U owners are enjoying Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros and who knows what else Nintendo has in store for us in 2014.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Yeah, a lot of games are coming out on PS3 and 360 too. However, that will change as the PS4 and Xbox One have a established user base. You could be right about a drought, that’s possible. However, that may not be the case with Nintendo’s rivals as they may have watched the Wii U sales plummet and will take extra measures to prevent that. If they’re smart, they’ll do so.

        In any case, only thing we can do is wait and see.

      • NintendoNoob

        Zelda Wii U 2014, game gasm all the way

        • Jack5221

          Im calling right now, E3 2014 is when they fully announce Zelda U! Got my fingers crossed for a 2014 holiday release, but I have a feeling we might not see Zelda U until Jan – Feb 2015. We’ll just have to wait and see.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            I am sorry to say that a new Zelda will come 2014. Possibly Majora Mask at 2015 whether Wii U or 3DS we don’t know but will find out for sure.

          • NintendoNoob

            I just want some teaser from Nintendo or something. SOMETHING TO CRAVE MY NEEDS D:

          • Ice Climbers

            Nintendo’s E3 2014 lineup: Smash Bros 4, Zelda U, Monolith Soft’s X, SMT x FE, and if we’re lucky, Miyamoto’s new IP. Oh, and whatever that third Sonic game is.

      • Majora’s Mask


      • Akatosh

        Not to mention how expensive the systems are.

    • my gamestops are advertising the Wii U well too. Not sure why Europe has such a hard time. Prolly cuz fifa isnt on Wii U anymore.

      • Martijn Plasmans

        Don’t forget soccer is the biggest sport in the world and extreme popular in Europe. Fifa not coming to Wii U is a reason for people to buy another platform and/or skip the Wii U because they want to play it.

        • exactly my point, thank you for clarifying 🙂

    • Magnus Eriksson

      The only reason Nintendo is selling bad is Nintendo themselves. As soon as they realize that they are the problem then things can change. Because then they know what to do instead of blaming everything on everyone else. Thats the whole truth.

      • CMB

        Nintendo never blamed anything on consumers, they acknowledged that they were the problem, yet they have not done anything

        • Shadao

          Yet. It takes time for things to run in full steam.

          • Martijn Plasmans

            I think the bad weather Nintendo is in is good. Nintendo needs a wake up call that the consoles this generation won’t sell as easy as the Wii.

        • Akatosh

          Well, they are finally starting to get some actual physical games out there…

  • Merrfn

    Wow well that is beautiful. So spacious. Not a pitiful display at all.

    • nin-10-doughfan


  • aldo2410

    Just wait until smash and mario kart hit the shelves, those lil five slots will explode

    • nin-10-doughfan

      not counting on it!

  • Shelim Uddin

    Tbh hardly casual gamer in UK knows what a wii u is.

    • Zuxs13

      Its not just the WiiU the 3DS barely sells there too. Look they only have 3 3DS games! I’d say UK gamers are Ignorant about something! but its not the WiiU!

      • Just because there’s barely games in one store doesn’t mean that its the whole of the UK.. As Shelim said, People barely know what the Wii U is and that’s because the advert got taken down rather early due to information about the Gamepad. No one really buys games from Tesco’s anyway. The reason why Tesco sells more Xbox/Playstation games is purely because they feel that they’re more popular. It’s a business thing. I think you’re actually being very stereotypical say it’s the WHOLE of the UK, is just stupid. Most people shop at a game shop.. not a bloody supermarket. Take it from someone who got both the 3DS and Wii U at launch, We know where to buy our games and it isn’t from here lol. Oh, unless you want to end up shelling out an extra £10..

        • Zuxs13

          I’m sorry but you do realize there is a bug difference between being ignorant and being stupid right? Well obviously you don’t because you thought I was calling the people in the UK stupid versus them being ignorant about what systems have fantastic games.

          • ‘UK gamers’ It just shouldn’t be phrased like that. I never said you said they were stupid. I was merely saying that the thought of you saying ‘UK Gamers’ is stupid. Not that we’re stupid.

        • sd

          Maybe only hardcore gamers buy games from tesco. Maybe they pop to tescos with the munchies, buy some snacks, maybe a few beers then roll on past the game section to get their latest friday night game.

          Strange move on Tescos part, but lets face it how many people rush to tesco to get their latest console or game unless it is part of a promotion.

          • I agree partly, i wouldn’t say it’s hardcore gamers though. To me it seems like something the classic ‘bro’ would do

          • sd

            That was just me attempting to be sarcastic. I was imagining the management meeting where they decided this and came up with that assumption. Otherwise if you took what I said at face value Nintendo gamers would not be capable of being hardcore gamers, which would be incorrect.

            It partly makes sense to make room for the new consoles and this article might be out of context. Is this the only nintendo section, have they altered the PS3 or xbox 360 sections. the article doesnt really mention this. But reducing the 3DS section would seem strange, unless tesco do not class the 3DS gamers as “hardcore”.

          • I can’t seem to ever grasp sarcasm when someone types it lol.. but i totally agree with you.

      • sd

        Its tescos. This is a supermarket, not a game specialist. The 3DS sells very well in the UK, it is just Tesco altering their shelves for the new consoles. Most people go to tescos to buy food and beer as this is its main purpose.

      • Shelim Uddin

        Thats not actually true. Am from the UK and i follow good games when i see them, especially Nintendo first party titles. The problem is the Wii U was poorly marketed in the UK its non existent.

  • Zuxs13

    WTF is up with the people in the UK? Do you buy games any more or just buy the ones that are “bright and shinny and go BOOM”..

  • discuss

    UK asking for attention again …

  • Looks pretty darn sad for WiiU in Europe still 🙁 Still no advertising and I get more and more agitated by commercials for Assasins Creed 4 and Watch Dogs. Getting spammed by commercials for these titles strangely enough they both are multiplat (ps3, ps4, Xbox 360, Xbox one and Wii U) yet the spam commercial is only for PS3 and PS4.
    To make things worse both games are mentioned to contain 60 minutes extra gameplay exclusively to PS3 and PS4. On top of that no mentioning at all about the games for X360, X1 and WiiU… Ubisoft what’s up with that…? Sony gave you £10/€13 million to advertise like that and add ONE HOUR extra gameplay exclusively to Sony platforms. No wonder wiiu get’s surpressed (not the only reason but certainly ain’t helping much either)

  • Craig Mclachlan

    If your dumb enough to shop for a console or game from a supermarket, you shouldn’t be allowed to own a console!!!!!:)

    • Leo

      A lot people do that… sadly.

  • everyone

    Seems odd. I would understand the reduced Wii U section but the 3ds is a top seller over all other systems. Are you sure this is it? The top corner says Nintendo top 5. So maybe they have another section?

    • Nintedward

      The 3DS has been kickin ass and taking names in the UK this year. It would be stupid of anyone to not want to sell it and stock the popular games it has.

    • sd

      It also depends what type of tesco store this is. Is it a regular store or one of the larger ones? But yes I agree with you its a bit strange with the 3DS currently being the best selling console in the world.

  • Cyberus

    We’ll see how much self space they’ll have whEn its_Burnt down__Ț̴͉̲͈͔̻͟O̩̠͍ ̷̯͉̝̠̲T̷̲̣̯̪̖͕͠H̛̝̠̩͍̻̱̣͙͘͢E̵̝̙ ̛̩̰̻͝G̵̢͚̘͖R҉̖͕O̷͖͈͙͎̱͢U͠͏̜̬͓̖̳̰̲̪̩Ṇ̸̠̩͇̹̹D̶͈͓̝͕͢ͅ

    • Marcus Navarro

      How the hell do people get their characters like that? I always see things like that when I’m on Twitter.

      • Mr. J

        No idea

      • Ryan House

        in win 98 there was a program where you could see all these funky characters and you just had to copy and paste them.

        Actually its still available in Windows 7 its called Character MAP

        §ëÊ charmap.exe

        Select the Characters you want when you got the word select copy and then use CTRL + V to Paste

  • Mr. J

    The US seems to have more advertising in shops such as Walmart, Target, GameStop, and Toys R Us. At the Target I go to they have a huge banner hanging from the ceiling that states Wii U.

    • Marcus Navarro

      Because Target’s a true supermarket. They don’t really lean towards any one kind of product. Toys R Us is no-brainer and Wal-Mart’s…Wal-Mart. Fuck Wal-Mart.

  • sd

    That seems a bit random when you consider this space is also for the 3DS. Which happens to be the best selling console at the moment.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    I don’t know about the UK, but I know three GameStop’s in my area are moving Nintendo games out to make room for the PS4 and Xbox One.

  • Nintengoth

    Hahaha! well that is bad stuffs, I go to about 3-4 tescos the big ones and there is sweet FA of it. the DS has a couple of games like 5-6 the Wii has about the same and I see about 1-2 WiiU games. it sucks donkey balls but hey, maybe not being so popular now Ninty might bring back those hard games from old that were on the N64 and Cube, soon as games become popular they go bad 9 times out of 10. I buy my games from GAME or off the interwebs.
    even bloody ASDA, Sainsburys and Morrisons don’t even sell any Ninty stuff really.
    Blockbuster has next to nothing for Ninty either lol
    (nathy hugs Nintendo) 🙂 x

  • Harley Ninja-Tune Dawber

    its awful im going to tesco in 10 minutes to take a picture and show you how bad it is, when i asked at the click and collect desk i asked them would they have windwaker hd on launch day and they said probably not while they will have skylanders on day 1 for ps4, its awful it really is, nintendo are seriously getting screwed over by the retail market at the moment, i think personally they should make it so all there games on the eshop are 10-15 dollars/euros and pounds cheaper then at retail and make places like tesco,asda, morisons etc realize how much retail business there loosing if they did so .

    • Oblivion

      If people purchased the products then they would keep them in stock. Simple as that. It’s not like they are giving up money just to irk Nintendo.

      • Leo

        Well if they don’t expose the products how can you expect that people would purchase it?

        • Oblivion

          Well that’s not their job. They are there to make money, not help out other companies with their advertisements.

          • Leo

            Precisely. It’s their job to expose the products on the shelves for people to buy it. Otherwise what would be the point of having shelves to sell products? It doesn’t make any sense to expect people to buy it without putting it in the shop window.

          • Oblivion

            Each square foot of space in a store is cost. At the end of the day, they see what product is taking up what space and how much revenue it’s generating. If it’s not making enough money, they pull it from the shelves. It’s as simple as that.

            It’s not their job to help nintendo; they are in it for the money and that’s it. If the demand goes up I have no doubt they will restock it. It’s all about money, nothing else.

  • Shadao

    What kind of idiot would not take advantage of 3DS shelves?

  • companyoflosers

    maybe if you actually had wii u sections people would be more aware of it? not everyone who plays games pays attention to the internet and gaming news sites.

  • Zakariyya Al-Quran

    You should see Sam’s Club, they have no Nintendo section and only a few wii games in the back.

  • Mario

    THIS is just plain ridiculous.

  • Krzysztof

    Don’t you have a feeling that Nintendo doesn’t give a damn ? Maybe they have really good reasons for this, don’t know. I just hope they know what they’re doing.

  • Niknique

    You can’t really blame them. I mean they don’t know about the come back Nintendo is going to make. Hopefully this kind of treatment towards Nintendo products doesn’t last long since the new line up of games has finally begun.

  • Squid

    This is terrible, I feel that Nintendo will rise for the holidays though.

  • This is why I shop online. I usually get my Games from Best Buy because of the GamerZone points, free shipping and guaranteed delivery on or before launch day. I hate going to most stores because (especially electronics stores like Best Buy) because I find the employee make up is of that of unskilled teenagers or people who had not motivation to better themselves hence lowering the maturity level and intelligence level of the people you are dealing with. Heck the last time I was in Best Buy was to pick up Star Trek: Into Darkness on my way home and I stepped over to the gaming section to see if they had Rayman Legends for Wii U and it was out of stock. Some teenager came up and asked if I wanted help and I stated I was just seeing if Rayman Legends was in stock for the Wii U and he said (with attitude) nah, it is sold out but it is in stock for the XBOX 360 and you are better off getting it for that system anyway because the Wii U is a terrible system and will be discontinued soon anyway. I just walked away and said nothing.

    I have been other stores where the Wii U section is put in a corner and hidden behind cardboard displays for other games and consoles almost like it is purposely being hidden by these dudebro gamer types that work at these stores. If Nintendo wants to fix something they can start with this and send in the Regginator to go up to the management and say “Meh” and go set up proper and equal displays and promo material.

    For reasons such as this I shop online as much as I can and read reviews of past purchasers and you can tell the ones that are sincere compared to the ones that are not just by how they describe their experience.

  • AJ Ariyathas

    Come on people sign the petition for GTA V!!!

  • Johnny Be Me

    DUDES LOOK IT’S XBOX 360 GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!……………and also Nintendo, I suppose. What I hate is that a majority of companies won’t even give them a chance.

  • Leo

    This is worrisome since even though Nintendo is preparing a load of great games for the market people will not see it unless it gets some kind of exposure on the shelves.

  • Hulkamania

    making room for the Xbox one… what a joke. The Wii U drought shall be over soon.

  • If you do a search for “3ds sales UK” you’ll see a ton of articles stating the 3ds is selling with a roughly 49% increase in the UK alone for the first half of 2013. I can guarantee that the second half (with Pokemon X and Y and Zelda alone) has brought even more sales in. Not to mention the more affordable 2DS hitting the market soon.

    As for the Wii U, the games are streaming in… we already had Rayman and Wonderful 101 (plus many others) and the holiday season is coming with many more hits like Wind Waker HD, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Mario World, Smash Bros., Sonic: Lost World, Bayonetta 2, etc… the Wii U sales will begin to flip to the positive.

    Tesco has clearly jumped the gun. They are just another brick and mortar store that is trying to compete with the online and game specific markets around the globe. Their answer is to flood their games section with Microsoft and Sony merchandise to gain a profit. It won’t get them more sales… it will just limit their clientele to those two markets. Perhaps they should think to lower the price of their games or offer a sale like Target recently did to help move the merchandise…

    Regardless, once the Wii U picks up this holiday season, they will pick it up again.

  • e_rocket

    Jost when a wii U game gets to the top ten in sales… does not make sense to me…

  • TCar

    On the flip side, the terrorist training game Grand Theft Auto is raking in the dough! This is the one reason my kids will never see a Sony or MS system in my household!

  • Jon

    This is probably why Nintendo doesn’t care about the UK. because the UK doesn’t care about them

  • Cristian1993

    Making room for ps4 and xbone games? That’s a lot of empty space

  • Ryan House

    Doesn’t the 2DS come out in October which is only $130 that should help Nintendo Sales

    I was in a Toys R US / Babies R US that just opened I had to let the guy know that Super Mario Galaxy 2 was no longer $59.99 he looked it up on his device and printed a new price label

  • Banemus

    You know what i don’t get. Why do people want nintendo to fail? What has nintendo done to deserve this? They kept gaming alivz back when everyone was against it. They gave us the gameboy, nes, zelda, mario and a whole other bunch of awesome ip’s. I just don’t get it. They gave us so much awesome experiences you wouldn’t believe and this is the thanks they get ?

    Wiiu needs to die like dreamcast! Make games for iphone! WTF!!! What is wrong with you assholes. That ea article is a joke!! Seriously? You should bow DOWN for nintendo because they are the reason that consoles even exists, assholes!

    • crocodileman94

      They want them to fail because they want them to go third party, so they don’t have to buy a “kiddy” console.

      • Banemus

        well if that were the real reason than that would be kinda stupid because if the console is kiddy thats because of the games. So why would they want kiddy games …

        • crocodileman94

          I don’t know. But read the comments on various sites. Several of them are like “I can’t wait for Nintendo to go third party so I can play Nintendo games on my PS4”.

  • Maraccuda

    What I find strange about that image is that the Xbox 360 sign incorporates the Nintendo sign (if you can call it that). Did Tesco make the sign themselves?
    I don’t know about the UK but retail outlets here have representatives from companies that bring signages and the like for the stores.
    So I am wondering if M$ made those signs on purpose as to make their game sections larger.

  • This hurts Tesco more than Nintendo. I mean internet sales for games are much bigger than sales out of store – so go on, hurt yourselves. Nintendo will long live, Tesco or not. The games will find a way to the customer anyway. Am sure of it.

    • There must be some real hardcore Tesco fans here, eh?

  • Darkscarab

    I work at asda and they only sell ds/3ds games and consoles now even the wii is gone.

  • Nintenjoe82

    This is so far from being news that I am surprised it has made it onto this site. Tesco hasn’t had a Wii U section at all since launch. My local one has a couple of DS games and a few PC CD-ROM games. My local Morrisons has a single Wiimote as its Nintendo section.

    Nintendo need to actually speak to some retailers if they’re making a new push this xmas. If they don’t, I can’t see anyone stocking Wii U. It will be online orders only.

  • leemass25

    to be honest were not missing out tesco are pure ripoffs my local tesco are still selling batman ac for 40 pound….. and thats just 1 example if u live in the uk better off getting your games from amazon or granger games there alot cheaper even brand new. i got need for speed u from granger games brand new for 18quid. so this doest bother me in the slightest and shudnt bother most other wii u owners unless tesco is your only source of games then in which case this news sucks.

  • Connor Devlin

    Thats so cruel! Geez.

  • Smurfman256

    I’m gonna laugh so hard if the PS4 and Xboner bomb hard.

  • QuizmasterBos

    How bad this is depends on how many people go to a supermarket to pick up games. Casual players generally don’t have a Wii U and those that do (though that is mostly due to Nintendo’s almost non-existant advertising) will just go to a more dedicated shop.

    I can’t speak for everyone, but the fact that a supermarket basically stopped storing Wii U games is not that problematic to me. If toystores started doing this, then we could have a big problem.

  • Raptok

    Mine looks pretty similar, nothing I can do really, except laugh when the Playstation fails

  • springer85

    LMFAO it is so OBVIOUS why game stores are doing this!!
    In Gamestop today the PS3 and Xbox 360 sections are nearly both half a shop full, and the Wii U space is a joke!!
    You would think with the next gen arriving end of next month that they would get rid of all PS3 and 360 stock but those STILL SELL more than the gimmick U!!
    Nintendo is so screwed, I mean seriously what was the POINT in releasing a half ready console a year early when ZERO great games were ready?
    Biggest mistake in gaming history!!
    They got away with it with the 3DS as that only had 1 competition, but the U will have to go up against 2 next gen’s with better games,features and first party exclusives first year!!
    By the end of next year Nintendo will be the new SEGA!!

    • Kriffix

      I’m not going to vote you down anymore. I know it turns you on too much.

  • Akatosh

    So glad I don’t live in the UK. No offense to those in the UK.

  • Jonawu!

    Wow what bloody assholes make room for ps 4 and Xbox one how big are the fn game boxes it makes no bloody sense

  • ICHI

    The plot thickens!!! Apparently Tesco are in cahoots with Nintendo in the UK for big displays on the run up to christmas? The picture above is what it currently looks like in my local Tesco though.

  • Louie

    Good news! it seems that Tesco will be joining in the Wii U marketing campaign for Christmas!

  • Josiah Henry

    I work at a library and in between the three branches within boyd county we have just about all the games that are out on the wii u presently (or the major games at least). Yet I have people come up and try to check out wii u games and when I ask if they have a wii u they reply with “No, aren’t these games for the wii?” In other words they did not even know that nintendo had a new system out!! Depressing!!!