Jun 28th, 2012

Wii U price tag
Another day, another Wii U price rumor. According to a survey, UK retailers are expecting Nintendo to set the Wii U price at £250. Or at least, Nintendo will set a price that will translate to £250 for consumers, since there are taxes to be paid and the retailers take a cut of sale as well. The retailers, speaking to MCV, do not believe the price will be any higher than that, and most expect it to be lower. They also hope that Nintendo Land is bundled with the Wii U in order to showcase the potential of the new video game console.

By comparison, when the original Wii launched in the UK in 2006, it was priced at £179. However, the GBP was much stronger than the Dollar and Euro back then than it is today. So it’s very likely that a £249 Wii U price will translate into $250 USD in America and 250 Euros across mainland Europe.

Yesterday it was revealed that Nintendo is considering multiple Wii U models at launch, which could be sold at different price points depending on accessories and possible game bundles. Over the past few weeks, Nintendo has spoken a lot about the Wii U price. recently, company president Satoru Iwata said that the Wii U price will be reasonable. We’ll have to wait and see what Nintendo decides, but one thing is clear: they have learned from the mistakes made with the 3DS, where it was initially priced way too high. The 3DS received a price cut shortly after, and Nintendo admitted that they had the wrong price and launch strategy with that system. Mistakes that won’t be repeated with the Wii U.

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  • Watch_Dog

    It seems to be a reasonable price.

    • David6

      no I really think it is too much, unless this is for a version with a more powerful graphics card and processor, I really think a pro model and a casual/noob model of console could work, because most peple will only buy if it is the same price or less than xbox or ps3, i think this because why pay more for equal or less

      • Jerm1234

        Nintendo said that they want to top the sales again, so a reasonable price would be that solution. If nintendo wants to out sell xbox and sony again they have to give us a nice price.

      • Alienfish

        There is so much more to this system than Xbox 360 or PS3 and selling it for $250 would just be a perfect move for Nintendo to make. the latter two consoles are getting old and people want something new. Plus, $250 is extremely competitive since I’m pretty sure that’s what PS3 sells for at this very moment and Xbox 360’s barebones system is only $50 less (with the Kinect package at $300 I believe, $350 for better HDD). I will be one happy gamer if Nintendo can meet this price.

  • gnat

    doesnt 250 euros= about 325 u.s. dollars ? thats a little much.

    • David6

      YES, this is what iam saying, nintendo dont realise that this price might just make another dreamcast, i love nintendo but they are not realistic here with what poeple can aford

      • LizardLee

        Yeah but the article also said that most of them expect the price to be lower.

  • jamin

    $250 is the highest i would pay for a Wii U… so if it goes any over that, i guess i’ll have to get one off Craigslist 😉

    • Alienfish

      for $400~$800

  • Thrasher 1x

    IT WONT be $250, thats LESS than what the wii went for. Why in the hell would the wii u be the same price a a vita and cheaper than current gen

    • You We Us

      Current Gen systems will have a price drop by the holidays, keep in mind.
      250 is the same as the Wii’s original price. Inflation hasn’t changed the value of the dollar very much since then, so it’s about the same price.

      A note to Canadian retailers: 250$ US does NOT mean 300 or 350 CDN! The two currencies are nearly at parity, yet most retailers still push up the prices here, a legacy from 10+ years ago when the cdn$ was ~0.70USD. If I see this happening yet again, I’ll wait to buy one second-hand.

    • Matt

      The Wii was not more than $250 at launch. What are you talking about?

    • Frankensavior

      Really? The Wii launched for 250 where I lived. As for your second statement. Well I don’t know, maybe because the Vita is severely over priced. I can easily see the Wii U pricing between 250 – 300.

      • Thrasher 1x

        1. vita is not overpriced for the tech it has
        2. cheaper than this gen. come on bro
        3. if it is that price next gen systems will blow it out the water and be another wii
        4.nintendo is trying to save us money but just making me have to buy a wii u plus another system for third party
        5. a u pad would cost about $100 to make, not selling at a loss and a $250 price will leave about $120 for hardware with a $20 profit(nothing)

        • You We Us

          2. “come on bro”? Are you saying it’d be BAD to be less expensive than other systems? The lower the price, the better. You’d have to be a major sucker to WANT to pay more. LOL

          3. see above. your logic is astounding.

          4. if the Wii U is “too cheap”, you’ll have to buy another system? why not just spend the money you save on GAMES??

          5. Wii U GamePad’s cost is probably much less than 100$. It’s just a controller with a touch screen. no chips or anything. Also, 100$ + 120$ + 20$ = 240, not 250. LOL again. A 30$ profit per system would be more than enough.

        • Frankensavior

          1. Yeah I guess that’s why its not selling. Why pay 250 for something with all the features of a much cheaper smart phone? The only extra viable feature would be the games that could be played on it. Which isn’t really a point because well it has very few games. Then yes it is overpriced. It doesn’t give you the value that other products offer at a cheaper price.
          2. How is that hard for you to grasp? It’s called being competitive.
          3. You’ve already been proven wrong by numerous developers, and people who actually have knowledge of how business works. If anything “blows the Wii u out of the water” it won’t be cost effective, and it WON’T SELL.
          4. I’m sorry, but that statement doesn’t even make sense. The motion plus is a cheap add-on, not another system.
          5. It actually only costs $50 to make. Now this is where you really loose me. Making a profit is still making a profit. Say the Wii U sells with a 20$ profit for each system and it sells 15 million in the launch window. Do you see where I’m going with this? That’s a rather nice profit. It won’t be selling at a loss. Which two current gen systems did. With the Ps3 taking the largest hit in profitability. Costing over a whopping 1000 to produce at the beginning of its life time. Like I said a profit is a profit, and the Wii U will be selling at a PROFIT not a loss.

        • Andrew

          Are you serious there is no way that higher price=more sells which is a main point of making a gaming system. Besides we have no idea what the specs for the Wii U are. We all know that the next gen systems are going to be more powerful than the Wii U. They are going to be released 2 years later. It is ridiculous to thank otherwise as much as it is to believe that the Wii U is inferior, only as good or only sightly better than the Xbox 360 and PS3. I believe that while the Wii U will be weaker it will still have enough power to play next gen games. In this economy there is no way Sony and Microsoft will risk their gaming businesses making systems no one can afford which as you say will blow the Wii U out of the water. I hope that Sony and Microsoft have learn that just packing a system with the more expensive parts will not make the system sell better. There is a reason why Nintendo a system from the first generation is still here when everyone else has failed. They know what they are doing and will be here long after everyone is saying Playstation Who? and Xbox What?!

          • TheMaddMan

            Yeah, and I have no idea how much more powerful you can even get with a console.

  • Mihailo1

    £250 is actualy 387 dollars,but there is no way that wii u can cost less than this gen consoles, i would mostly spend 400 dollars on it

    sorry for my bad english

  • gmann

    As of today’s market, 250 pounds is equal to $387 and 311 euros. 250 pounds is also very close to the 30,000 yen estimate that the Japanese mags have been reporting.

    That leads me to believe that $350 will be the price point in the US.

    • Baka

      America gets the cheapest price. $250 would be the price if you take into account historical figures.

  • David6

    They had better bring a new model to choose from, I hated the white but what I want is purple coloured, Im start to think now that nintendo dont do fan service, I have been on forums for a long time using this handel so I dont know why they wont listen, I used to love nintendo but that love is fastly turining into a dead black rose

    • David6

      also me and my friends will agree that £250 is too much, when you add in a few games and hardrive, I would have to get this as a birthday AND christmas presant in one, which you should understand is NOT fair, sort it out nintendo

      • borninblack

        Nintendo doesn’t do fan service you’re right, and I’m glad too because what fans want is often contradictory, they don’t know what they want most times anyway. I share a similar disappointment in that they are taking a tediously slow approach to hyping the system and milking my favorite plumber but then the fans all wanted a new Mario and a new everything else so how can I really blame them.
        Anyhow to EXPECT a price at or below what current gen is- is hardly fair imo although it would fit with Iwatas statement of being reasonably priced

      • Sojiro

        If you can’t afford it at launch you can’t afford it, get it later. $300-$350 is what i’ve been expecting this machine to launch at from the get go. Granted, 250 pounds would put that a little higher, but i’m pretty sure it would come to $350 if this rumor turns out to be true. I don’t know why you think a price around what is rumored here isn’t “fair”, its a next gen console, and expecting it to be $200-250 or whatever ridiculously low price you expect it to be at is just setting yourself up for disappointment.

      • Auth


  • jeb

    $300 is around £192 – IMO that would be tremendous value. What is with the comments on here. £250 is the max of what I want to pay. If anymore, I’d probably delay buying it or buy few games / controllers etc. Bit of a a bummer.

    • David6

      yeh, people are not made of money, as if a console running on seven year old nearly equivelant tech should be more than the competition, AND for what? an I pad rip-off screen that will put me off mario bros?

      • jeb

        7 year old tech & i-pad rip off. lol …that’s bollocks. It’s true some gamers are whining Insatiable brats; it’s a shame they have the loudest voices.

      • Paladin

        The technology inside the Wii U has been said to be three years old, not seven. That would make the specs more powerful than what is in the PS3 and 360. That would warrant a slightly higher price than those consoles will be worth this November.

  • swic11

    I would easily pay that, and have more games to play, and probably pick up a pro controller.

  • Jerm1234

    Wait so we have to pay $250 for a wii u? thats amazing

  • Britton

    If it was $300 I would buy it without even thinking about it. I think $250 is under-priced but I would be excited to pay less for something that is worth more. I still think its going to be roughly $349. I think anyone who is a gamer with common sense would know even $349 is a good deal for a really good next gen console that has a tablet controller.

  • Frankensavior

    This is interesting. As much as I would enjoy it being 250 bucks. If in USD it equals $325 I can easily live with that. Most of us expected it to be $300, and some of us also were wishful in thinking we would get a $250 price. Which would still be awesome, but 25 more dollars than what I expected it to be. Can’t say I can complain. I can easily swing that. Though $350 is as high as I’ll pay for one. As I’ve said before. I’m not paying over 400 for “ANY” console.

  • Skozo

    The UK uses Pounds, not Euros.

  • markw1982

    if the wii u will cost £249 i hope it comes with a side order of fries

  • Hi8us

    Being £250 in the UK makes sense meaning the console will most likely cost $300 US dollars at launch. Sounds about right, maybe packed with a wiimote & nunchuck plus Nintendo land.

  • pach

    $250~$300 would be nice for the console + a tablet controller, but more than $300 is a no-no for a console that probably will be the weakest in 2 years.

    But remember the xbox360 and ps3 use 2006 hardware. But we are in 2012 and Wii u is probably using 2008 hardware and was only a little more power than the current gen, and will not include any drive. I could say they should not go above $250, it is a reasonable price if they want to outsell m$ and $ony again even if they do release new systems in 2 years..

    • We Us

      xbox360 uses 2006 hardware? it was released in 2005. how does that work?

      I’m pretty sure they both used ~2004 hardware, in fact.

      • pach

        yeah, wrong date.

  • jcb411abuser

    god but you are all cheap, the wii cost me 220euro at launch as far as i remember, id pay upto 350euro for this console, another 100 for 2 games and i’m set, i wouldn’t mind paying a good bit for the console as long as the games arent ridiculously priced for it

    • pach

      350 euro for 2008 hardware? i’m glad nintendo doesn’t think like you.
      It will be 250~300, no more than that.

      • pach

        *250~300 usd.

      • AwayToHit

        More like 2006 hardware

  • gotham82

    I hope they don’t leave it to long to announce lauch and price , becasue i would like to pre order from one of my fav retailers and recive it launch day.

    I feel a shortage and delays 🙁 launching very close to xmas just seems bad espcially if people shop online and orders dont arrive and what not.

    Also the delays caused by the time of year when its chaotic and customer service levels go out the window.

    I hope they launch in october so it gives people amble time to purchase and stock to builds up for xmas shoppers . i see a lot of people buying to keep up with the jones .

    ( petter griffin laugh ) ooh hurry up! i want to play mario bros u lol

  • LordFenix

    I like how everyone is freaking out if its over $300-350 but i remember seeing people buy a PS3 for $800. even after the fact the 360 was out a year longer and the demos u saw of PS3 looked no damn different than the 360.

    As for the bitching about hardware… we have no idea what the wii u is really running. We really cant use the current games coming out to really say what it can do. what developer in their right mind would go completely out of there way to up the textures quality and poly count to a game port. Im surprised they are even adding touch pad support. As for nintendos games… they always take baby steps… give them a year after release and then they will show u what it can do… and hell might take them longer to really push it.

    Worrying about the next MS & Sony system is just stupid… people said 360 was going to fail cause it released a year early… look what happened… I really dont think the next systems are really going to be pushed that far. I dont think either company can afford to sell at a loss right now and I think they finally understand the masses cant afford a $800 system… MS already said the earliest they might release a console is 2014 and i dont think sony will do anything until MS shows their hand. At the rate both companies are going I see Sony working its way to cloning the Wii-u and MS is going to make something like it but in a different direction.

    • josh with the truth

      i agree with u

    • Paladin

      I like the way you think, kid. *smiles while puffing a cigar*

  • josh with the truth

    yes yes yes iv bean saving all year i got 300 bucks my parents have money problems so i get 50cents a day so this would be perfect for me

    • josh with the truth

      there probably going to release it black Friday or a weak before so peps can buy it for Christmas present

  • Paul

    got my pre order down at my local gamestation for newt


    ill pay 250 to 350 and ill be happy:) but i will pay higher for better games memmory ect…

  • maniax300

    Reasonable price might be $400, pleasantly surprised might be $300 or less.

    Sony is going to copy nintendo
    by using their ideas and changing it.Like the eyetoy,(Sega’s idea) like the move,(obvious wiimote)and like the games.(Playstation smash bros) M$ will do copy sony and ninty(like kinect).

    Nintendo is most original!(but nothing is!like a screen on a controller.we heard that B4)

  • Roseline

    Assolutamente no, ma come ben sai la disinformazione puf2 crraee illusioni. perche8 a sto punto, basandosi sul combattere e unirsi ai party anche MH3 (o lo stesso WKC dei sonari) lo sarebbe, cosa mai pif9 lontana dalla realte0. Ma lo dico solo perche8 il jrpg come impostazione non renderebbe possibile farlo (unica eccezione forse e8 Phantasy Star, ma li si trattava di un jrpg online ma offilne a tutti gli effetti , nel senso che di online parlavi e scambiavi oggetti, le quest eran tutte in solo, pochissime in duo).Poi ripeto, non posso che essere contento dell’annuncio.