Feb 15th, 2013

The Wii U hasn’t been selling well. The Wii U Basic set has especially not done well, since the Deluxe package offers a much better value. UK retailer ShopTo have slashed the price of the Basic 8 GB Wii U set from £249 to £199. The Premium pack still retails for £299 and includes a copy of Nintendo Land, 32 GB of storage, and some accessories as well.

Wii U UKAmazon UK also appears to have slashed the price of the Basic Wii U set, although not as drastically. The Basic set retails on Amazon UK for £239. Other UK retailers seem to be sticking with the original £249 price, including GAME and Tesco.

UK retailers have complained that Nintendo hasn’t done enough to market the Wii U, with Tesco’s Jonathan Hayes telling MCV that “Wii U has not caught the public’s imagination yet”, adding that Nintendo needs a “killer app” and a price cut.

Games buying manager for Sinsbury Gurdeep Hunjan offered his opinions as well, saying, “A new strategy needs to be communicated and launched for Easter, the school holidays, the summer holidays and beyond.”

Everyone seems to be on the same page about what Nintendo needs to do: start promoting the Wii U. This is exactly what Wii U Daily said as well in our in-depth article.

Hopefully Nintendo listens to its retail managers — the people who actually buy the consoles and sell them to consumers.

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  • tooby77

    Fk u wii u. Didnt 3ds buyer get games for free for beeing fucked for buying console at release?

    • Letha1Rage

      This is just one retailer who slashed the price. When early adopters of the 3ds got all those games for free it was because nintendo themselves dropped the price of the 3ds and I am sure when and if they do it for the wii u us early adopters will receive some games.

      • tooby77

        Sadly the truth is that i own 13 games already. Nope, not from eshop. Well. Sadly, sadly i deside to buy those. I just get mad, its to close to window. Guess i will own 20 untill 2013 end

        • tooby77


        • Letha1Rage

          Imma need to use google translater for this one.

    • DemonRoach

      I too bought on and got screwed by Nintendo.  It’s been 3 months, and no quality games have been released, then a price cut.  I should of just bought a Ps3, this machine has no future with it’s specs.

      • the ps3 barley had any quality games in its first 3 months. in fact, nobody i knew even bought it because it was so damn expensive in its first 3 months. key phrase: first 3 months.

        • Revolution5268

           um dude you are talking to a troll who does not even own a wii u. he does not even support wii u at all.

      • Gearchin

         Well now, let’s blame Nintendo for the industry being garbage too? Oh wait you cant, because you know they’ve actually helped gaming stay relevant. This is one Retailer cutting the price and so many people are trying to strong arm Nintendo, it’s sad the industry is at this point.

  • Laud

    Well it makes sense since UK citizens have to pay more.

    This is good news for them and I’m not sure Nintendo even cares because they’re focused on software sales.

    Although, this isn’t really good for them either.

    •  Lol.  You piad guys BS is funny sometimes because you actually think that we think you are just fans

      • Death47

        I’m getting real tired of your shit, and I hardly even post here.

      • Laud

        You Enigma, and Demon have a thing don’t you? Probably friends or something so you tell me what’s worse.

        A paid agent or a group of uneducated trolls spreading misinformation and intentionally trying to bring down a beloved gaming company? 


        • RonaldRayguns

          There probably the same person. 

          •  It is the good thing that we are not.  You guys on the other hand…

  • audi lover

    You would have to be insane to buy the white version in the first place a completely pointless package anyway, so no wonder it isnt selling most intelligent people stump up the extra cash for a version with more storage, makes a lot more sense

    • catsby

      Not really, I for one does not want a black console.. And you can upgrade the storage via a flash drive..

      • audi lover

        na got zombiu nintendo land and smbrosu and pad for 330 again you would be insane to spend 250 or even 200 on white version with nothing do the math

    • Johny

      i only got the deluxe version pretty much because of the color…. and the zombiU bundled which i intended to get anyways .. 

      also zombiu is my favourite wii u game atm xD … its awesome

  • George McDowell

    What is there to promote? It’s got circa 2006 Xbox power and hardly any software. Eighty million casual games (read as: Wii purchasers) have no interest in a platform that won’t even let them run their old games in HD. Nintendo amazed everyone with the Wii. It has badly miscalculated with the ill-fated Wii U. They are about to become the new Sega.

    • Mickey Mouse

      Stop talking out your arse! Ther’s plenty that can be done, it’s a matter time until then.

    • Genesect4ssb4

      But then again, you are judging a console that has been out for less than 4 months. 

      The Wii U is doing better than the PS3 and Xbox 360 when they launched. It took about 2 years for a good game to come to 360 (Halo 3) and forget PS3 their first good game was MGS4 Guns of the Patriots. 

      This year, despite the delay of Rayman, Wii U gamers can look forward to
      Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (also for 3DS)
      Lego City Undercover (also for 3DS)
      Need for Speed: Most Wanted
      Potential Mario Kart
      Wind Waker HD
      Resident Evil Revelations: Wii U Edition
      Pikmin 3
      The Wonderful 101

      and others!

      •  Tired argument…

        • Genesect4ssb4

          Tired of u…

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Quite sure we get the same feeling about you. If so tired, then throw in the towel and move along. Not that you will.

        • Gearchin

           what tired argument?, he is stating games which are known to come out within the year. yet you just use drivel and pointless “facts”. Come on man, you as a gamer should know better, to not underestimate any gaming company. Oh well, but this is the age of the “ENTITLED” gamer, whine about everything.

      •  you’re right, i didnt even think about the 360 until i saw halo 3, people need to just calm the fuck down and wait about a year when there have been plenty of releases and lets not forgot all of the awesome titles that could come out on the wii u in november

    • another ignorant idiot that cant even freakin give a 3 MONTH OLD console time before he jumps to the “ill fate” conclusion…

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Those types have nothing better to do.

        •  Your types get paid to post and say only the good things which is why Nintendo is so full of themselves and refuse to change.  Now it is over.

          • yes!!! and here comes Donald!!!! he only goes to the negative news about nintendo, go look up the monster hunter 3 article or the zelda community article. guarantee you my left nut you wont see ANY of his comments there. fucking loser. haters are gonna hate. NOW it is over

          •  Well someone must collect your left nut from you!  Daniel – go get it!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Nah. The fact that you notice his left nut kinda gives away your sexual orientation right there dude. Least now I know why you bring up active homosexuals in your previous comments. Masking your own much? 😉

          •  Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            As if you have proof that we do get paid, again that comment is as old as your trolling. Nintendo does what it wants the way it wants. Not even the fans can change that nor you. Don’t like Nintendo, fine. Least be constructive about it, and calling people paid posters sounds quite moronic. You act like Nintendo is the only company that makes mistakes. Get over it.

          •  I am being constructive, but you guys call it trolling!  I also never heard one of deny being paid to post…

      •  The lack of sales tells you what time it is.

        • Adam Porter

          and yet nobody mentions the vita as a fail, or the original xbox, or even ps3 up until a couple of years ago

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            He’ll continue his trolling. He’s got nothing better to do. Pity the poor thing. 

          •  You are trolling me.  I am not here to promote Nintendo, I am here to tell the truth.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I don’t promote any console. I tell it like it is. If i was here to promote, I’d be calling Wii U number one and praising it non-stop, which I don’t. I’ve given it its fair share of negativity. Or did you miss all those comments? Be real now.

          •  You seem like you are here to promote and you are paid to do it. You have given but so much criticism of Nintendo and the Wii U.  It probably amounts to no more than 2% of your writings.

    • tomtank91

      a 2006 xbox circa??? ok

    • Laud

      Doesn’t know hardware – Check
      Ignorance when it comes to backwards compatibility (Backwards compatibility is better than NO backwards compatibility) – Check
      One-billionth person to say that Nintendo is going to become the new Sega when Sony is doing about 8 years in annual incomes worse than Nintendo – Check

      I like to point out trolls and make sure people don’t believe what they say.

      This is your last warning before I brand you a /Troll.

      Do some research and stop with these crazy predictions about the most successful gaming company being close to bankruptcy, it’s not true.

  • Cesar Barroso

    it doesn’t matter if they slash the price yet, the games will start dropping on march, so before that this won’t matter. Games is what people are waiting, Nintendo is preparing them to be great not to just get them out to increase sales. It is not a smart move to not have games on january and february but hey better late and great than sooner and shit. Monster Hunter bundle will start to do the job.

    • Anthony K Aurelia

      Better late and great than sooner and shit……LOVE it, lol. 

      • HylianHero7227


    • tomtank91

      yeah games like Need for Speed, Walking Dead, MH3 Ultimate, Lego City Undercover and hopefully Aliens Colonial marines.

      • Gearchin

         i can do without A:CM, but the others i can see purchasing, Mh3U and lego city maybe NFS.

  • $43770222

    well, im from the uk. I think on amazon the price for the black console is like £299 but on the high-street it’s only about £238

    • Guilliman

       Where on the highstreet?

  • Andre’ D’Arcy

    How much is that in US dollars?

    • Johny

      i think around some alittle more than 250$

  • Kuzon

    £199 = $308.87 US Dollars. The basic units should of been this price in the first place. A Basic unit in the UK used to cost $386 US dollars. More than a US Deluxe unit

  • sonicfan1373

    I think that the problem will resolve itself when Nintendo releases unique software for the platform. Moreover, Nintendo should also mark down the price of the system closer to the holiday season and provide unique bundles, in order to better position themselves for when the more expensive next-gen consoles are released.

  • DemonRoach

    I want my be reimbursed for this awful product, and for them majorly reducing the price before any worthwhile games were released.

    • tomtank91

      Nintendo haven’t reduced the price, it’s the UK that overpriced the product like they do with everything else. $300 in the USA, £250 in UK. How was and is that fair.

      • DemonRoach

        They did, because the same price cut is coming to the U.S. in a few days.

        • Gearchin

           grasping at straws

    • WiiUltra

      Stop complaining like a little bitch. At least you don’t have to pay $700 like some countries do.

      •  Stop bullying because people don’t think as you do.

        • Laud

          Donaald is one of the more obvious trolls and all you really need to do is just click on his avatar and look at his comments. 

          He has done nothing but complain and I don’t even think he owns a Wii U. He provides no reason or sources to back up is predictions or opinions and is known for pulling numbers out of his ass.

          Steer clear.


          •  We can click on yours and easily see that you are paid to post.

          • Gearchin

             just like you are paid to be a douche, and the anti nintendo crap you spew. See what i did? i made something up, about somebody, just like you like to do.

        • WiiUltra

          Thats what you do, not me. Hypocrite

    • Laud

      Alright guys, I’m about to do everyone a favor and mark trolls down.

      From now on if you see a response from me and it says “/Troll” steer clear or keep in mind that they’re trolling when you comment.

      DemonRoach has complained since the very beginning of this websites existence and has posted comments such as “This is why I sold my Wii U” which means he’s either here to fuck with people or he lied about selling it and is here just to complain. Either way, he’s never contributed to this website in anyway and thus with a kiss I brand you.


      • DemonRoach

        I’ll complain until Nintendo fixes their sloppy ways.

        • Gearchin

           you mean what you believe to be “sloppy”, seriously nothing but “Entitled” gamers in our society today. Gamers, this day and age should be ashamed of themselves, for thinking they are OWED anything.

  • Enigma


    Wii U is failing. Just like I said it would.

    • tomtank91

      how is it failing?

      • Lol!  57,000 sold in a month is a FLOP.  It is over for Nintendo.

        • WiiUltra

          Its funny, because I remember both xbox 360 and ps3 selling less in their 3rd month in a better economical time. Dumbass

          •  Are we talking about them or the Wii U?  I did not buy a 360 because the software did not shock my mind enough, even though Madden looked good.  Dead Rising and Fight Night Round 4 made me get the 360!  However, the 360 was hyped up, but this Wii U…

          • Enigma

             Your the dumbass, the PS3 and 360’s sales were never that low.


          • Laud

            Uhh yeah, they were.

            Comparing launches you’ll see that the PS3 didn’t even sell a million consoles within it’s launch window.

          • Enigma

             Read the link from Game Informer. They know what they are talking about.

          • Laud

            Yeah because game informer is a totally unbiased website bro. 

          • Enigma

            It is unbiased.

            They support Nintendo pretty strongly actually. Don’t accuse them of being biased just for the sake of a debate, bro.

          • Laud

            Also, the people in the comment section are smarter than the authors of the article. You should read the comments instead.

            Launch sales are always low and sales in January are always low because the market is tired from the holidays but I don’t see what that has to do with the launch of the x360 and PS3, those things didn’t sell nearly as much as the Wii U is selling.

          • Chris Aita

            I refuse to believe that considering 360 and PS3 had HUGE return rates after because of RROD and YLOD. Also, the amount of repairs that had to go on for these two serious issues made people skeptical about buying it. To top it off, Wii U still managed to sell better in the first two months of it’s life than both PS3 and 360. I hate when people say “Nintendo is doomed to fail” or “The chance for the system is dim” meanwhile at this point of life the 360 and PS3 were doing even worse. Despite all of this the Wii U isn’t selling much thanks to lack of advertising, same for SONY’s own handheld. The moment there is proper advertising for the console, everything will be fine.

  • Adam Porter

    advertise advertise advertise!!! what the fuck is nintendo waiting for, release some fucking adds for fuck sake!!!

  • tomtank91

    Im not being funny but why should Nintendo cut the price of there console?, it’s new, reasonably priced, because ps4 n xbox720 most likely be priced from £400 £500 at least.

  • OK, do I STILL need to say that it’s over for Nintendo?  Nintendo’s arrogance will do them in.

    •  shut up donaald, youre black! black=ps3 fanboy

      • Adam Porter

        you just made yourself like 3000 times lower than donaald, you racist prick, your the kind of dick no-one wants around here, donaald may be a hater but racist cunts can just fuck off. and i’m pretty sure that isn’t him in his pic.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Uhm….that’s quite a racist comment. You just lost credibility there. Let’s keep the subject on video games and off stupidity. Donald has more of my respect than you….and even that pains me much to say that. Now excuse me while I drink the thought of that out of my mind.

      • Genesect4ssb4

        hey im black, and i like WiiU, Ps3, Wii, and 360, its just that I prefer Nintendo over all.

    • Gearchin

      What arrogance?, the fact they’ve done more for gaming than microsoft/sony, has tried to move gaming forward even through economic troubles. Is it their reluctance to “change” for the benefit of the “ENTITLED” gamer, or because you think they don’t do enough? Could it be that they want to keep lower DEV costs so that more developers and publishers could stay afloat while sony/microsoft just want the costs to go up for their own pockets? Which is it, or do you just wish you were working for Nintendo?

      •  You sound like an agent.  We cannot be conerned about what a company had done in the PAST, we are concerned what they are doing wrong now.

        • Gearchin

           WOW, you think i get paid for my OPINIONS, WOW . Nintendo, isnt doing anything wrong at the moment, they know how to run a business better than you or I. I’m sure if they took business opinions from you they would be in the red for 6+ years like Sony.

          •  Actually, if they took business decision from me, that would be #1 again.  Sony has different divisions, while Nintendo only does games.  They make money by making cheap systems like the Wii and Wii U.  I do not buy for a second that the Wii U takes a loss.  I ma sure that it makes a hefty profit (if it were selling) per console.  That is Nintendo’s tradition.

  • The lineup looks solid.  Everyones itching to jump down Nintendo’s gullet.  Just give it time and chill the tits.  I enjoy my U, sad that they couldn’t give me one major release, but I think their going to deliver some pretty sweet games.  I want Nintendo to stay solid just to add some diversity to my gaming library.  

  • Adam Porter

    i really don’t think you guys in the US quite get how little advertising has been done for the wiiU in the uk and ireland, it’s been practically zero, i mean i still haven’t seen an ad since like november.
    the console is good, the games are good, the community is good, but i have to admit it’s freaking the hell out of me how little advertising is being done, i makes me wonder have nintendo given up on the bloody console, for gods even shops don’t have up eye catching displays or ads for it, just a little corner of light blue game boxes you’d hardly know they are there.

  • im liking my Wii U but i wish we had more good titles at launch, Wind Waker HD should have been at launch including pikmin 3, but none the less MH3 next month so im all good 😀 add me on Nintendo Network if ur getting the gqm NNID:RawPunk


    Just wait. Nitendo shall begin sending out a plethora of advertisements after E3. Just wait. The folks at big “N” know what there doing.

  • Sami Rautio

    My Youtube Channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/Megaman3112/videos?flow=grid&view=0 there is videos of thoughts about WiiU: This is pretty Unfair but i dont mind i payed 379€ for my wii u some1 might get it cheaper lucky them  just let the anger flow out of you! 🙂

  • audi lover

    Wiiu is a great console people need to give it a little more time, but still id only ever buy the 32g version, and as for the fool donald ive owned ps3 and 360 twice each and im sick of the poor quality hardware, had ring of death and yellow flasher in all units, thats what you get when you sell a console at a loss you dont care about quality of your product, at least nintendo care about there consumer and wait to give you quality

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Saddening news but let’s hope this is a wake up call to Nintendo, just advertise it properly PLEASE! I have a Wii U and love it but since the adverts are poor and rare, there’s so many people missing out through no fault of their own.
    people have said N are waiting until 720 & PS4 to go all out with advertising, now this is well
    and good but it would better if they got as many people into Wii U now as later on many people will go for the Xbox/PS whereas if WIi U gets sales now, then they won’t have need of another console for a while – Come on Nintendo, this is suicide, hurry up with an ad and make it a good one.

  • Adam Porter

    alright, i’ve been doing alot of reading on the net this past few days about the wiiU. there are loads of devs and publishers who believe the wiiU isn’t powerful enough, as in it’s even hard for most of them to get games running as nicely as the 360 and ps3. weather that’s inexperience or not and the wiiU is capable is really irrelevant, devs don’t want to use the wiiU or are reluctant.
    now when the nextbox and ps4 come out we will be relying on devs who want to work on the wiiU for third party games, as the hardware seems like it’s going to be lightyears apart which devs will want to down grade their game to support a console most of them don’t like working with to start off with. there could be a complete drought of third party games after a year or 2 for wiiU and that wouldn’t worry me as much but with nintendo taking so long to develop it’s own games it’s very worrying.
    we have most major titles that will release this year already announced, the main exclusives being, pikmin3, monster hunter ultimate, and wind waker hd, only 1 out of those 3 is truly a new game, the others being just hd ports, and lets be honest monster hunter ultimate is only slightly improved graphically from tri. so as for mind blowing exclusives this year we are really only looking at pikmin3 to satisfy us. and with wind waker hd being released in fall i wouldn’t expect the new zelda to be released until nearly 2016, as i bought a wiiU really just to play the next zelda game that’s a huge blow for me personally.
    with the increasing negativity from the media over the wiiU, the increasing lack of support from devs and publishers, the complete and utter failure to advertise successfully or gain significant presence in stores(this is possibly the largest problem with the wiiU sales), it does seem nintendo could be in huge trouble.
    maybe it’s time to think about cutting loses and quickly develop a new more powerful console that is more similar to what ps4 and nextboxes design will be, but still compatible with the gamepad and other accessories offer early adopters to the wiiU some kind of reward and quickly get them to change over to the new unit. i really don’t think this console will last 4 or 5 years, it’s not dead yet but with soooooooo much negativity the media will kill it over the next year.

    •  At last, you see the light.

      • Adam Porter

        i don’t really agree with you in that the console is bad, or nintendo make “baby” games, though nintendo have messed up not securing exclusives and not having a AAA title for the launch window or even in the first year of the console, resulting in an onslaught of negative media coverage that i think is close to irreversible.

        •  I don’t even think that the console is bad, but the controller is useless and it was not designed to compete with the other two new releases.  If they were not ready, they should have waited.

    • Jizz Beard thePirate

      Yea… I see ur point but… don’t you think the handheld market is similar in the same sense? For example, the 3ds vs the Vita… The Vita has dual analog sticks and it is basically a portable powerhouse of a machine yet… the 3ds is out selling it and not only that, most of the developers are making games for the 3ds and not the vita. Developers were of course bummed out that 3ds didn’t have a second analog stick and its not very powerful but at the end of the day… the 3ds is selling like crazy. 

      Also remember that the 3ds didn’t pick up sales for a while as well and it was also not selling as much as the ds either but eventually, after the game lineup and price drop, it is beating the vita like no tomorrow

      • Adam Porter

         yes but the nextbox and ps4 will be the ones getting all the games not the wiiU, 3ds has better games than the vita that’s why it’s selling better, plus the 3ds is a whole lot cheaper aswell. last nintendo direct got me really excited for the 3ds line-up coming this year.
        i’m basing my point on the fact that multi-platform devs don’t want to develop on the wiiU.

        • Jizz Beard thePirate

           We dont know that 100% now do we? Launches are always rough at first and a few dev’s have said good things about the wiiU

          • Adam Porter

            a few devs isn’t really enough though is it

  • Jef Dinsmore

    I can understand things happening differently in the Orient but, why does things happen in the UK but not here? Are  we that different?  If the price drops there why not here too or if a game gets released there why not in US as well?

    • Petri

      US already has the cheapest price tag for the console.

  • Gregory Edcius

    i only hear the uk complaining most of the time a price cut is not an solution for everything especially with new hardware the software should sell the system i hope enough games are releasing this year after last two nintendo directs im pretty hyped

  • The majority of you are impatient pricks that probably didn’t even buy the Wii U with your own money. If you DID spent your hard working money than disregard this. You most like understand the value of money better than a raging child. I’ve alone have already spent $600+ just on this console(not saying this to brag). You can’t even complain that there aren’t any good games because there are A LOT of good games to play. All the e-shop indie stuff is pretty good, even if it isn’t exclusive to the console. We’re almost 4 months in the consoles life span, and if you’re complaining about how you can’t play with friends online, or it has nothing for you play, than sell it. Problem solved. Get yourself a 360 or Ps3 (not hating, i have those too). The price cuts are unfortunate that for those that bought it at full retail price, but Nintendo aren’t known for leaving their fanbase/customers in a bad mood. If they give it a price-cut, which i doubt, they will give something out.
    That being said, I’m gonna go watch Seananners mess about in Arma 2 on my WII U!

  • ahahaha ,and people said I was wrong. Where is the article about how poorly wiiu is selling in the US? Too embarrassed to put one up huh? I’ve said before I’ll say it again: this will be the “little N” last console. ahahah RIP Wii u

  • Jase

    I got brought my wii u premium pack with nintendoland for £235 bargain.. defo the best console I;ve had.  Yes there arent many games out yet but they will come and Lovefilm and Netflix along with Mario keep me happy…