Jun 9th, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 15th, 2012, 10:36 pm

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was one of the biggest new titles revealed at E3 2012. It was the one game that everyone was talking about, more or less. Watch Dogs is a futuristic third person stealth and action game that reminds us a lot of Deus Ex. From what we’ve seen at E3, the primary game mechanic will be based around hacking and infiltrating systems and locations. While Watch Dogs is currently only scheduled for release on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013, Ubisoft has now said that the game could very well arrive on the Wii U. Speaking to IGN, Ubisoft’s Tony Key said:

“We have so many games in development for Wii U right now that we need to keep that team focused and this is a very ambitious game. But it’s not out of the question.”

Watch Dogs got a lot of attention for its story, gameplay mechanics and visuals, which reminded us a lot of the futuristic settings in Deus Ex and Blade Runner. The video above shows Watch Dogs in action, showing the open world gameplay, the hacking mechanics, and more. We really hope to see Watch Dogs on the Wii U, which shouldn’t be that unrealistic, considering Ubisoft’s support for the platform.

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  • david6

    I think this would really be pushing current consoles to an absolute max, i believe nintendo has enoupg power, but it all depends on their graphic card.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      It doesn’t even matter for the graphics card, it matters that companies get used to porting games to the system. They need to get used to the system to be able to pull out some of it’s potential to run this. As a next gen system, of course it’ll be powerful enough to handle this, but do the developers have enough skill to jump into this? That’s the real question. After Assassins Creed 3, hopefully 🙂

  • JC

    I’m liking the relationship between ubisoft and Nintendo 😀

  • swic11

    I think its crap that Ubisoft showed this, and didnt say that it was coming to Wii U. I read on IGN that its working on the other systems right now and may come to the Wii U. Well… way to show the love. This would be a Day 1 buy for me if it was on a Nintendo System as many 3rd party games would be. I love Nintendo games, but I would love even more not to have to buy another console.

    • david6

      They say the game pad is stealing power; and worse graphic power frame rate in half.

      • Kd

        That hasn’t been confirmed. That more of a he say, she say thing.

      • Kd

        Okay I read that it may only take a hit on frame rate if its using 2 gamepads. One gamepad definitely didn’t hurt Assassins Creed 3.

      • Chris

        Actually that doesn’t happen with the single game pad, the confirmed that if you use TWO game pads you’ll see the frame rate drop to 30 FPS

  • Watch_Dogs

    Reminds me of the TV Series, Person of Interest. Though really this game looks fascinating, I’m definitely getting it.

  • Kd

    Yes sir! I can’t wait to buy this game. If it comes out for the Wii U then I’ll buy it on the U. I see this game being better on the Wii U then the other consoles, so I hope it comes on the U. If it doesn’t then I might buy it on my PS3 unfortunately. I see this being a bigger beast on Wii U with the extra content the U can provide.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      I know, just consider how the gamepad can be used. He used his smartphone (iphone) to hack into everything. That’s the gamepad. That’s pretty much a perfect use of it

  • david6

    I’m sure there is a lot of money to be made having 3 different controllers, even if expensive game pad takes power from game console; i doubt 3rd partys want to fickle with multi-controllers or power loss.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      After they get used to the system, they’ll be able to develop games more efficiently for it, so after a couple years, it probably won’t be nearly as much of a problem as it’d be now. They’ll probably use the Pro Controller in the mean time

  • Skozo

    How this makes it to the Wii-U, if they increase the Wii-Us power up by a bit to support both controllers; instant seller.

  • 3ds guy

    i will have 1 game pad an 1 pro pad as i dont really multiplayer on split screen more online as long as it dont loose power with 1 game pad am happy

  • alienfish

    In my opinion, it’s better to think about what IS coming to Wii U than what isn’t. Are the other consoles getting ZombiU? Unlikely.

  • david6

    It is just one game pad that bends frame rate in half, two is worse. Then devoloper must make game compatible pro, motion, and pad. So even one player is a hassle. And the other consoles are getting their own distinct zombie games at sametime.

    • david6

      And thats why were not getting this and five other new block-buster 3rd party titles. Right now were out of the race.

      • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

        Actually, we aren’t getting blockbusters cause it’s a new system and the developers aren’t used to developing for it yet. Plus, the system won’t have an install base yet, so they’re taking a major risk. Look at BioShock Infinite. By the time a significant enough amount of people have Wii Us to make selling that game profitable on the system, it’ll probably be a year old. The first year is the worst, especially when it’s only a single company jumping into the next generation. That’s why Nintendo is even waiting for their bigger first party titles, and not just shoving them out at launch. It’s almost a waste of an installment, cause people won’t have bought the system yet, and then they’ll just want what’s new for the most part, by the time they get the system.

  • arcadian

    I’m loving the concept really and the different perspectives they have already shown. Its a social hacking game which would be even cooler if it was tied to a real social network, which is why the wii should be investigated since it will be the first fully integrated social network for the sake of just being social rather than a bugging system to get people to join your game.

    The Wiiu can handle this game if it is on the current consoles. The Gamepad will not take too much power away. The key is to set the resolution correctly during game play and to lock the TV view then up the resolution of the pad if finer detail is needed. Yet i dont think 1080p will be needed on that pad.

    Also you could select people so much easier on the wii u game pad.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      Does the pad go up to 1080p? I thought that was only on the tv

  • Hafid

    I think the WiiU could definitively do it !!!
    But its a différent manner to program a game on it …
    So they Will take a little more Time for it !

  • Lyonat

    Just throwing this out there. A certain person saying that one game pad drops the frame rate dramatically. Ignore that. This person is pulling things out of no where. It’s 2 game pads.1 game pad is capable of running 1080p/60fps. Example: confirmed by Assassins Creed 3. Secondly Cryteck CONFIRMED Cryengine 3 on the Wii U. I don’t see this game being anymore physically demanding.

  • Ryu

    *cross my fingers* come to Wii U!

  • Neonridr

    While I am upset that we won’t be seeing this game on the Wii U when it first releases, I can totally understand where Ubisoft is coming from. They only have so many resources, and they have 8 titles prepping for launch along with Ghost Recon (which wasn’t shown at E3 but still confirmed to be coming to the Wii U). Hopefully once the launch is done, they can put a team onto the task of porting this game over to the Wii U. I can totally see so many unique features from the gamepad being applied to this game that it would be silly not to bring it to the Wii U. Fingers crossed as this game looks fantastic, and I’d rather buy it for the U than my 360.

    On another note, since Nintendo confirmed all their launch titles are only 720p, is Assassin’s Creed running at a full 1080p? Just want to be sure that is the case. It looked fantastic, so I am assuming so.


    Is it just me or this game looks like a modern day Assassin’s Creed?
    It looks really awesome. As an Assassin’s Creed fan, I’m definitely getting this game. Even more if it gets released on the Wii U.