May 14th, 2013

Last year when I played ZombiU at E3, I was instantly sold on the Wii U. I needed the console for that one game, as I grew up playing Resident Evil when it was actually survival horror and absolutely loved Silent Hill and Parasite Eve. ZombiU was a modern incarnation of those games. Now it looks like Ubisoft Montpelier could be hard at work on a sequel.

Aside from that tweet from one of the developers discussing the game with a fan, NeoGAF has managed to gather up quite a bit of evidence that suggests the studio’s next project.


It’s unlikely that we’ll see anything from the team this year at E3 since the first game was shown off just last year, but here’s to hoping for next year we’ll see perhaps a new location, more backstory into the plague, and more melee options for the next game.

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  • Lusunup

    This is fantastic! now they could actually make it look like how it was suppose to be in the trailer(use melee weps while swinging the gamepad) But even if they don’t do that Im still guna buy it!:D

  • Levi Johansen

    I’ve been wishing for a sequel for a long time now, and I don’t even have the first one…. o.O

    Payday tomorrow, heading straight to the mall after work! 😀

    • Elem187

      Do yourself a favor and pick it up. There is no excuse not to have this title on Wii U, especially with how cheap it is right now.
      If you like high tension, real survival horror, this is the definitive game of the genre.

      • Ben Kapferer

        I’m just worried that it’s going to be too frightening for me to handle!

      • Levi Johansen

        I’ve played some of the demo – but it’s too scary. I stand still for minutes after walking by a corner, every time!

        I’m just unable to move, and when I saw “ghost-zombies” or whatever they are, I think I died!

        It’s just too scary for me. I’m gonna train my nerves with Residen Evil 4 and the new one coming out now.
        Then I’ll try ZombiU, both of them.

        I really like the gameplay and the tension and atmosphere, but the biggest reason I wanna get into the game is that it’s made by Ubi and I’ll play everything Ubi makes on Nintendo forever – except sports games.

  • Johny

    YES!!!!! OH YEAH ::D:DDD i was hoping hard for a sequel.. i LOVED ZOMBIU !!!! its an awesome game 🙂

  • Mark Thom

    yes keep the games coming 🙂

  • Archiq09

    ZombiU is very nice! for a sequel put a co-op and a little multiplayer similar to 2 players mod (just for give a longer time to the game until the 3) 😉

    • nyjavi

      You want co-op, go play resident evil please. It is a survival horror game I don’t want anybody near me. Thank you

      • Didn’t Dead Space 3 prove that Co-op can still be scary?

        • Not really. Dead Space 3 was a very mediocre game and I say that as a fan of the first and second games. EA really failed with it.

  • Awesome news :3

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel :3

  • Adam Porter

    everyday ubisoft are slowly redeeming themselves

    • I think they’re pretty much redeemed for the Rayman thing. They’re the only developer bringing all of their titles to the Wii U.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        I really never understood the anger towards Ubi’s Rayman decision. It was a rational choice made upon low Wii U sales. Ubi have continued to support Nintendo anyway, as the only 3rd party supporter.

        Anger towards Nintendo is understandable. Against 3rd party devs, no.

        • A lot of people felt like they were having something taken away from them since the Wii U version was complete when they announced the delay. They wanted it to release in February, when it was originally intended. Now they have to wait for the crowded holiday season, where Rayman will be competing with Ubisoft’s own popular games, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, and Assassin’s Creed.

          • Fred

            We wouldn’t have had a problem with them releasing it on the other consoles in September if they would have released it on the Wii U in February. We were just wanting more games, we had pre-ordered and 3-4 weeks before we went to pick it up we’re told that it’s done, but we still have to wait until September. It was really frusterating thinking we were on the cusp of having a really fun game, hearing that it was done, and then being told to wait 7 months anyway

        • Mr. Eriksson, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this website is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

          • D.M.T

            Eriksson always says stupid things but you should explain why it’s stupid instead of just dissing him lol.

            People got dumber after reading his comment but YOU had the chance to make those people smarter and you didn’t.

          • There are better and more important things that I put my time and effort into. Winning the internet is not one of them.

          • Cerus98

            Ok I’ll explain why it was dumb. His statement was putting the cart before the horse. Consoles don’t sell without games. Ubi should know that by now. Blaming its delay on sales that were ONLY lower than the Wiis launch is stupid. Especially when it was outcry from the MS and Sony community in addition to MSs outrageous multi-platform policies. In short, it was all about money which to be blunt, they won’t make nearly as much of now that it will face massive competition from more popular and anticipated games. In a dry market in March it would have sold well. This fall you won’t be able to say the same since people aren’t made of money.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Yes, very clever. Of course its Ubis responsibility and not Nintendo that Nintendo’s consoles are selling. Im sure you are in a high esteem for your sharp brain among your friends and co-workers…

          • Arthur Jarret

            The ‘Xbox outrageous multi-platform policies’ bit has never been proven. While there is an excerpt in their policies relating to multi-platform releases, past releases show they do not exercise any pressure on the clause.

            All that has been released to the press is that this is a policy decided by the ubisoft board – they have decided not to have timed exclusivity for any multi-platform title.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Very well explained! I say it again, you are surely one of the brightest intellects here. And you know so many words, im sure yor parent tought them to you all the time. 🙂

          • LOL Billy Madison

          • Cerus98


          • Magnus Eriksson


        • I agree with the Anger towards Ubisoft thing as it is not like they canceled the game and it seems they added considerably more content to help make up for the delay.

          The last part though is I think there is some anger towards 3rd part developers as well as some towards Nintendo. Nintendo fumbled and in some cases dropped the ball with this launch and is probably their worst in history but they seem committed to make up for it but apparently not as instant and fast as people would like as some seem it can change overnight. All that being said some think the 360 and PS3 launches were smooth and that the PS4/NextBox launches will be a piece of cake. Maybe they will go well but I think they will have some troubles out of the gate too with support and launching services just like they (and many other companies) have in the past.

          • Sidney Majurie

            “Nintendo fumbled and in some cases dropped the ball with this launch and is probably their worst in history…”

            SNES and N64 both launched with only 2 games, and it was those 2 games for months. None of those systems had a 3 million+ install base after 6 months like Wii U. After Wii launched, how long before the next must have game released after Twilight Princess? And, Gamecube, a system with their most robust launch lineup (adding Super Smash Bros Melee in it’s first couple months on the market) ended up as their worst selling console.

            A little perspective : )

          • That was a long time ago… the video game industry has changed now and is way more competitive now. Nintendo really had to do one thing to keep the Wii U fairly steady until the rest of their games came. Release it with NintendoLand and have a top IP like Smash Bros, New 3D Mario, Mario Kart or Zelda at Launch.

            Twilight Princess was released along side the Wii and even though that was both a Gamecube Game and Wii game it was a primary factor in the Wii’s initial success. Then when people played Wii Sports for the first time and experienced a whole new way to game word of mouth and gaming experience kept the console selling.

        • Ben Kapferer

          It was annoying that Ubisoft delayed the Wii U version, but I understand why they did so.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Annoying, yes. But thats a totally different issue.

        • Potemkin

          Trying to teach a fanboy something rational is simply not POSSIBLE. Every possible cause that might affect their beloved comapany (even when that company has clearly been making the mistakes) is not something their brains can comprehend. I used to be a Nintendo follower, now I’m simply an observer and believe it or not it makes you see things more objectively…

        • Sidney Majurie

          Ubisoft was the one running around talking exclusive. Ubisoft was the one to pull the plug on a finished game a couple of weeks before release. Ubisoft was the one calling it a launch title and Wii U sales had little to do with this. IF YOU’RE CALLING YOUR GAME AN EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH TITLE, YOU DON’T KNOW OR CARE WHAT THE SALES OF THE SYSTEM ARE.

          Why are so many people missing that GLARING point? Not to mention Wii U had a 3 million Install base in February when the game was scheduled to launch. Show me a home console with a larger install base after 3 months on the market. Go ahead… I’ll wait here.

          • Mario

            Look the bright side! At least the game will have more content when it’s release. And while were waiting, we’ll play with the Rayman legends challenge app, which is exclusive to the WiiU! And I doubt the PS3 and Xbox360 can outmatch the WiiU’s unique gameplay.

        • I’m mad at you because consumers arent buying your system!


          • Magnus Eriksson

            So who is responsible then?

          • consumers for blaming it for the last system’s problems. if they take the time to get to know the system, they love it. I’ve had 3 people I know buy Wii U’s just by playing mine. Sure, Nintendo could advertise better, but too many consumers are just going “Hurr durr wii is underpowered garbage” to give it the time of day

      • JB

        Not to mention the Wii U an Original IP in Zombie U… That alone should almost be enough. 🙂

        • Adrian

          I thought it was off of their IP, “Zombi” ?

          • JB

            Well I’m not sure about that…. I know it Zombi U was originally developed off the title “Killer Freaks From Outer Space” But somewhere along the development cycle they decided to make it a Zombie game. That just led me to believe that the two were unrelated and it was just a play on words on Ubisoft’s part. Though you might totally be right, since the premises of both of games are similar in the regard that if you die, your character turns into a zombie.

            I suppose my ultimate point was that ZombiU was built specifically with the Wii U in mind.

          • Adrian

            Either way, the game was great! Glad they didn’t make Killer Freaks from Outer Space.

          • JB


      • Sidney Majurie

        I agree. Honestly, they had me at Splinter Cell Blacklist for Wii U after the Rayman debacle. But they ARE bringing everything as you said. Mmmm… Watch Dogs with the GamePad 🙂

        So I will now be sprinkling lum lum sauce on my shoe and chowing down in anticipation for their games this fall 😀

      • bizzy gie

        Don’t forget FREE Rayman. They’ve more than redeemed themselves.

      • disqus_kwh0hHFKHw

        I like Ubisoft but they will never be forgiven for not having Farcry 3 on the Wii u

    • D.M.T

      Slowly? You should just forgive them. I already did after this news. We all make mistakes and they deserve a second chance.

      • Fred

        they’ll get it…I’ve already decided I will buy Rayman Legends in September no need to worry.

    • I should appear as a zombie in ZombieU 2

    • Mario

      They already did in my book!

  • Ony

    I could’nt finish Zombi U because of the “Eye of doctor” bug, 13h of shit-in-my-pants for a great “fak u, you’ll never see the ending kissy kissy <3" :/

    Thus, I found the game really good (and accurate, thing rare these days concerning zombies) and I somehow enjoyed being terrified on this adventure 🙂

    So, great news if they add tons of stuff, with no bugs, and a little less linear scenario :3

  • Ducked

    This is going to be good 🙂

  • If ZombiU2 gets a quality jump such as the one from Red Steel to Red Steel 2, I’ll be pleased. Revamp the melee combat, strengthen the story, tweak the Prepper Pad, and adding some true online multiplayer (if they decide to keep it) will easily make ZombiU2 a worthwhile sequel.

  • Elem187

    My god, I will seriously lose my chit if we get a sequel to ZombiU…I LOVED playing through my first time. and the Second play through has been quite intense as well.
    Still not so good on survivor mode, but I keep booting it up to try. (I think I’m about half way through survivor mode, HARD AS F)

  • Joe

    New York perhaps? Or if it’s still in London, it’d be cool to see more places (Covent Garden, Houses of Parliament?)

  • D.M.T

    The first ZombiU is great but there’s room for a lot of improvements. Make it a lot better than the first ZombiU and people will buy the game like hot cakes.

    I would also like to see Red Steel 3 on Wii U please 😀

  • Nintedward

    I loved ZombiU . One of the most tense , edge of ya seat games I’ve ever played. Would love a sequel!

  • Henry Hotspur

    People compare ZombiU to Red Steel. You guys remember how awful Red Steel was and how good Red Steel 2 turned out to be?

    While I liked ZombiU, a sequel would be amazing!

  • So if they call it Zombie U2 will Bono sue?

    • david jarman

      Lol, no cause it would be zombiu 2.

      • I know… sorry for my poor attempt at humor.

        • Sidney Majurie

          He’ll probably still try to sue if he’s half the douche South Park made him out to be 😀 LOL nice joke.

          • david jarman

            Actually bono is much nicer then that and he is big into charity.

        • david jarman

          It was actually good.

  • david jarman

    I can’t wait! Zombiu actually made me feel scared again.

    • You are a horrible junior publicist.

      • Jon

        oh wow, so you didn’t die! and your back to the same old troll I see.

      • david jarman

        I express my feelings for a game and now I’m a horrible junior publicist? Have you even played this game? Wait! Wait! Wait! I got this……uhmm “no!”

      • come at me bro

        • Stop it son. Where do you live?

          • there you go acting tough again…too afraid to even show your real name let alone your face.

  • Edward Dudley

    I hope they make an online multiplayer part for this game.

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    ZombiU 2: The Fall of Paris available in stores Spring 2014.

  • Eliot

    Would love to see a sequel to ZombiU, preferably with a less abrupt end sequence! The original is certainly a solid base from which to progress.

    Not going to get too hyped up for this though as it is only at prototype stage and many games never get any further than this.

    And if it’s to remain a WiiU exclusive, Nintendo will need to swell their installed base, as the original game only shifted about 430K units, so I’m not sure how much UbiSoft would be willing to invest in an exclusive sequel.

  • Kamon

    Sweet! I hope they fix everything that people didn’t like in the game. Ubisoft seems pretty responsive to the fans so I think we should expect it.

  • Super Buu

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a Zombie game set in medieval times….? J-just s-s-s-saiyan….

  • Adrian

    If this game came out, it might be one of the few games I would buy at full $60 retail. I loved the first game!

  • Why do I all of a sudden get the urge to watch 28 days later (ZombiU) followed by 28 weeks later (ZombiU 2?) I feel sorry for Paris and the rest of the European Mainland 😀

  • rulqua

    Sounds like a great idea. The only improvement they could make over the last iteration was, for the sequel, to leave out all the suck.

  • discuss


  • Guhtere

    I will probably sound like the Two Best Friends here, BUT WHAT WILL THEY CALL THE SEQUEL?

  • John Raybell

    Sure hope its better then the first game. 🙂

  • thisguyjustdidthat

    I don’t want a sequel. I want a prequel. What if we played asa guy a few days before the outbreak and continue to play as him throughout the outbreak be even better if we played as the doc or the prepper or something to that affect. Or just some guy. Id love to see that

  • Nintendofreak

    i just hope they dont change their mind with the zombiu2 halfway thought n make another game ( killer creep from outer space to zombiu)