Aug 11th, 2012

While Ubisoft is putting the finishing touches on ZombiU for the Wii U, the company already has ideas for a possible sequel. ZombiU producer Guillaume Brunier says that for the sequel, they’d like to offer more multiplayer modes. ZombiU will only ship with one multiplayer mode — a “Capture The Flag” type mode where one player has to capture an object, while the other player controls all the zombies and tries to stop player 1.

In the latest issue of EDGE magazine, Brunier says that they would have loved to have more multiplayer modes in ZombiU, including a 2-against-1 mode, but, as Brunier puts it, “We’ll have to put that on the feature list for ZombiU 2”. Instead of waiting for a sequel to get more multiplayer modes, an idea would be to release some DLC with additional content and modes. Are you listening, Ubisoft?

ZombiU artwork
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  • Bacon

    Ubisoft.. dont…
    it would be better if later on after ZombiU is finished developing… you can think on the sequel , so put everything on the first one and dont miss thing πŸ™‚

    • theaquacharger

      By this point the game has been “finished” for a while. It’s just in the polishing stages unless something terrible happens.

    • BluChuChu

      I’m completely on board with this! I’m glad Ubisoft is showing such a large amount of support for the Wii U, but it also makes me feel like Nintendo could be doing a little better getting out some first party titles. Anyways, totally excited now!

      • Alienfish

        I think Nintendo should expand their number of studios so they can get into different genres and create some new IP’s. That’s just me though.

        • Peter

          They are trying to do this and have a lot of third party support. On september 13th there should be more third party titles. This will make the Wii U have more “hardcore games” which could bring call of duty. Also EA quietly announced that they are making battlefield 4 for Wii U, as the Wii U they said is “amazing with graphics”, and it “has a lot of potential for battlefield 4”. So it is definitely coming to Wii U. Also black ops 2 has been hinted at at least 6 times in the past few weeks.

      • Anonymous

        Bring Kirby to the Wii U!

    • AKA-Link77

      the sequal should be called:
      Zombie TU

      • Shankovich

        I really hope someone from United sees this LOOOL

        • Shankovich is my boyfriend

          πŸ˜€ Your wish came true.

  • joe

    iFirst, therefore I gay.

  • gPadWatcher

    God save the Queen! If Ubisoft wants to do a sequel to the original for the Wii U… bring it on!!!!!!!

    • tman4318

      Actually ZombiU is a sequel to the game zombi

      • Melk

        No, it’s not. It’s a reboot of the “franchise”, not a sequel.

  • tekkentagU

    i hope Zombie U has an actual story rather then just some missions you have to complete…

    • Melk

      They confirmed a long time that it will have an story…

      Seriously, it’s even noticeable during the gameplay videos!

  • Crapcake

    YAYyyyyy FIRSt comment!!!!! I win gold!

    • Josh

      Yay, you’re actually the 5th comment you pathetic little child! I don’t care if you’re doing it jokingly, stop bringing that YouTube crap here. This is a good website, dammit!
      Back to the article, what’s the point? Ever heard of DLC, Ubisoft? Even EA are offering new modes through DLC in SSX rather than making a whole new game; if the money-grabbers of the industry can do it, I’m pretty sure you can.

      • BluChuChu

        You can just ignore it you know. They reserve the right of free speech, no matter how pointless and stupid. Please don’t make the rest of us Nintendo fans look like raging fanboys.
        As for the article, I would prefer buying a new game, especially if it’s been improved graphically and offers more gameplay over shelling out money for DLC any day.

        • Josh

          It has nothing to do with looking like a raging fanboy, my comment in no way shows I’m a fanboy. It’s the fact that when I go to the comments section of a decent website, I want to read intellectual comments related to the article, not some stupid attempt for popularity. Similarly, you could have ignored my comment.
          I live by the saying “A wise man always has something to say, a fool always has to say something.” They have free speech, but if they have nothing to contribute to the article, then what’s the point of commenting?

    • joe

      iFirst therefore I gay.

      • Mikey

        Yeah, you weren’t first either so you’re really gay.

        • derp

          do you have a problem with homosexuals ? thats not cool

          • gNat

            josh you probably are a raging fanboy. ps all the coments are accepted at different times so you cant really say first.

          • Mikey

            No I’m just turning his own comment back at him. This in no way reflects my attitude towards homosexuals.

  • Gamer

    This is actually a great and welcome thing. This means it’s a great game and thus there shall be no drought of games on the Wii U even in year two.

  • Hi8us

    I would have liked some type of survival multiplayer online. Maybe for the sequel then.

  • Shankovich

    DLC ubi, what the hell is this? 2002?

    • Melk

      I would love to say something like “No, DLC sucks and nobody like it”…but I think it may be necessary right now.

      It’s not like they have the option to wait more, they HAVE to release the game as quick as the Wii U is released, business issues.

    • Shankovich

      Ok, by DLC I’m not implying it has to be paid for sheesh people have some common sense. (In reply to the dislikes)

  • biggo

    not tryin to be a dick but i like how everyone is comenting as if they played the game already

  • Mikey

    I’m sorry, but that picture does not make the game seem appealing to me at all.

    • Kyron

      Its not supposed to, genius. Its gruesome for a reason…

      • Mikey

        Obviously it would appeal to some people who like that kind of thing, genius, or they wouldn’t do something like that. I’m not one of those people who likes blood and guts in my games and this just guarantees that I would never play this game.

        • Herox95

          I want the game as part of NintendoLand so I can scare the crap out of my Mum!

      • Mikey

        it’s a sad day when a guy gets attacked for stating his opinion.

  • Henry Anderson

    ZombiU2 electric boogaloo

    buy it now.

    • Captain Potato

      LOL!!! Goes on sale on Sunday Bloody Sunday under a blood red sky? Will be delayed in Zooropa due to manufacturing issues!

  • Quad

    i would rather have them make killer freaks of outer space

    • theaquacharger

      I prefer both but Killer Freaks From Outer Space sounded good.

  • Galaxy

    Why not just use DLC? Common Ubisoft, THINK.

    You can add TONES of DLC just to show off that the Wii U supports DLC!


    • Herox95

      YEAH, WHY? I was really hoping for that game…

  • CyanideInsanity

    So long as they manage to make it more that what could be a dlc pack, then I say go for it!

  • bg

    No they should not have dlc

  • Ledreppe

    LOL the game’s overhyped and not even released yet, and they they’re already announcing their intentions to make a sequel. I won’t be getting this game, certainly not on day 1.

    • Kyron

      Oh c’mon pal. Join in on the fun.

    • Herox95

      Well, buddy, you’ll miss the frights and thrills it has to offer. I wonder if they’ll release a playable Demo?

  • maybe your mother

    zombi u 2 in new york city

  • The Beeshnu

    That’s thinking of the future

  • Braulio500

    The man in the picture looks just a bit like Ben Stiller. X3
    And back to the article: I just can’t wait to play that game, it looks amazing! =D
    Though… the nurse scene at the gameplay video… makes me a little nervous =S
    This will be a survival horror like a survival horror must be =3

    • Kyron

      Why does it make you nervous?

      • Braulio500

        Because it scared me =S
        But, those things make it a great game C=

    • SteampunkJedi

      I was just thinking he looked like Ben Stiller, too.
      While I’m not a big fan of these types of games (I haven’t tried them, actually), I’m glad that Ubisoft seems to have full support for the Wii U.

  • Raul

    Everyone complains because companies do DLC and they are releasing “unfinished games” and using DLC to get extra cash. Ubi isn’t doing it and people are pissed? So contradictory. I for one do not want DLC. I’d rather get a sequel.

    Also, Ubisoft is pretty much better for ZombiU to sell like hotcakes. I honestly think it will be a big hit. Perhaps this can become a big exclusive “hardcore” franchise that Nintendo needs.

    • fedster

      100% agreed

    • BluChuChu

      Agree agree agree. Looks like someone knows what they are talking about.

  • jaga

    OH NOOOOO!!!!! What??? The multiplayer mode capture the flag seems so boring to me, the player with the gamepad has a boring experience while the player with the wii u pro controller has all the fun. I thought that they had only showed that multiplayer mode, not that it was the only multiplayer mode!!!!! Im a little dissapointed

  • Funky Monkey

    The DLC could be different cities around the world. Paris, Rome, Sydney, New York subway system for example.

  • Kyron

    I personally prefer sequels over DLC. If you want to Ubi, do it up!

  • fedster

    damn, ubisoft be going hard in them nintendo paint

  • Mukkinese

    I’m looking forward to this game and hope that they have a sequel too, but would love to see a Red Steel 3, using the Wiimote and nunchuck. Red steel 2 was an exceptional game.

  • Gavin

    Honestly, I think they should offer new multiplayer modes and stuff like that as free DLC, to release one multiplayer mode in a full game is a little cheap.
    DLC that you pay for should be big, like the Shivering Isles DLC for Oblivion.

    I hate when devs role out a map pack or something like that for quarter of the price of the full game, relatively speaking the map pack has no where near as much effort put into it than the full game nor does it have as much playability.

    If Ubisoft want to offer new multiplayer modes via DLC AND want to charge for it, by all means they can do it but its not worth it unless they’re offering a hundred multiplayer modes or if each one cost the same as a normal app on iOS or Android.

  • Nitro

    The only game i know that a company started making a sequel before they even started selling the first one was cheetahmen. I hope ubisoft doesn’t end up in the same boat that cheetahmen did.

  • Nitro

    The only game i know that a company started making a sequel before they even started selling the first one was cheetahmen. I hope ubisoft doesn’t end up in the same boat that cheetahmen did.

  • LolWatTurtles

    What’s honestly holding them back from adding more multiplayer to the first game? Is there some kind of limit? I mean seriously, I know it’s a new system and all but I don’t see anything that’s holding them back about adding more mutliplayer. Not even at least a Survival mode where you and 2 other players online can fight hordes of zombies? Seriously.

  • brandon

    Um hard to get excited about a sequel when I haven’t played original. I am getting.1 but just like res evil racking city sometimes killing zombies is not enough (i no its hard to believe). But the potential is there…


      I totally agree, maybe from the pre-orders they think it is going to be a hit. I have said before, the idea of one life and you die, you start as another character is awesome but how will this game compete with other known Zombie games that probably will start being ported to the WiiU as well now.

  • bigha6900

    For zombieu 2 how about doing zombies & the lil killer freaks all in one game that sh%t will be the best game ever

  • matthew vogt

    This looks to be cod zombies combined with dead island. ishh even if I decide to get a wii u the only thing I might get is smash bros but then is it really worth getting ?

  • Bacon

    I wish that the sequel would be in a much exotic place like brazil or something πŸ˜€

    • Quad

      like right inside the Amazon Jungle fighting off tribal people zombies

  • Colton

    So… ZombiU itself has multiplayer or no? TELL US THAT. I want to say “more multiplayer” means ZombiU does, but I’ve yet to read that ZombiU has any multiplayer.

  • BXG

    THOUGH ^_^

  • LolWatTurtles

    I’m really hoping Ubisoft adds DLC for multiplayer in ZombiU. I’m not talking about game modes similar to the CTF multiplayer where you need a second player IN the same room as you. I mean online multiplayer. I would love to see a survival or horde mode in this similar to other games where you fight horde after hordes of zombies. I know the system isn’t even out yet and they haven’t gotten used to the new hardware, but I just see so much possibilities for multiplayer in it. :l

  • Guhtere

    Zombi2? lol

  • Daryusp07

    I can’t wait to post my 1 survivor full game gameplay on youtube, twitch, and others!!! BTW, DLC for new multiplayer modes would be great!!!

  • blindexecutioner

    AS long as these multiplayer modes don’t take away from the single player game I don’t care. Β Too many games are too focused on multiplayer and the single player game suffers.

  • Manly tears

    How about online multiplayer instead of the shitty LAN we have now.