Jul 1st, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 3rd, 2012, 5:29 pm

Ubisoft Wii U gamesUbisoft is so far the biggest third party supporter of the Wii U, with half a dozen games scheduled for release on the new console this year alone. The list of Ubisoft Wii U games includes two exclusive titles, ZombiU and Rayman Legends. And there’s a big reason why Ubosoft will be offering both casual and hardcore titles on the Wii U. The company believes that Nintendo will please the hardcore gamers with the Wii U, both with first party games like Pikmin 3 and its support for third parties on the console.

“Nintendo will start to please the hardcore gamers with the Wii U”, Ubisoft’s Alain Corree told UK tech trade paper MCV in a recent interview. He added that the company will be “playing both fields” when it comes to offering games on the console, meaning that they’ll have both hardcore and casual titles. Some of the hardcore games include ZombiU and Assassin’s Creed, while titles such as Rayman Legends and Just Dance 4 are likely to please the family and casual gamers. Corree added that Ubisoft has been a strong believer in Nintendo’s new console “since day one”, and that they have a strong vision for its upcoming Wii U games.

Ubisoft has so far announced 8 Wii U games, and there are rumors of adding Watch Dogs, which was a huge hit at E3 last month.

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  • swiftcashew

    They better put Watch Dogs on Wii U. Come on, hacking on the GamePad? Count me in.

    (By the way:

    “And there’s a big reason why Ubosoft will be offering both casual and hardcore titles on the Wii U.”

    Fix that and you’re good!)


    yay suport i think this is step in the right direction. and alionfish i doent get u do u hate the wiiu or do u support it

  • Wii Who

    This is just one of the Reasons I love Ubisoft.

    (Please ;o Don’t tease me about Watch_Dogs for the Wii U and just do it u.u)

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    Give me Watch Dogs, or give me nothing!…actually, that’s a bit extreme. I’ll take Assassins Creed 3 and Watch Dogs please

  • LordFenix

    my big issue with third party companies saying they are 100% behind the Wii-U or They know its the Next logical step or They have great expectations for the Wii-U is most of them either hand over a few titles or dont release anything over to the Wii-U. Ubi-Soft and EA seem to be doing okay so far at giving us some great title line ups… but it seems they are still holding back on it… why not port all of your multi platform games to the Wii-U.

  • Madara

    Nothing new. I want Nintendo Network details.

    Why were some games terribly laggy on the Nintendo WiFi Connection? I don’t know how online programming/networking works for video games, but the Wii was miserable in that department. I’ve heard that Mario Kart Wii had the best online, and I have that game. It plays well online, but the position lag, etc. makes it incomparable to playing the same races offline. Also, hacking needs to be better addressed. People will always find a way around “the system”, but Mario Kart Wii hacking was rampant and basically left unresolved. It was fun to play the hackers sometimes, but other times it was annoying and disappointing. Considering certain game series only have one title per generation, I won’t the online experience to be the best, and Nintendo has so much potential.

    I’m not bashing here. I’m just tired of all the hype surrounding games and gameplay, and want to hear news on the online infrastructure and improvements. I’d also like to see them.

    • Draco Breach

      The biggest problem with programming an online game is server/client load. You can have the best servers in the world on Nintendo’s end, but faulty connections or bad networks on the client end will ruin or potentially lessen the experience for everybody else.

      There are a plethora solutions for this, and I’m not sure the Wii was really equipped to handle it (at least PSU wise). However, I will say that no current solution is perfect and often degrades the quality, in my opinion, of playing with others through the online interconnect we call the Internet.

      I’ll start off with my humble opinion. The use of online multiplayer in games is still an unproven medium severely hampered by dissemination of technology, understanding of technology, mismatch of systems, speed of utilities medium, packet loss and corruption, security of information, and gross code calculations.

      In simple terms, the user experiences latency, disconnect, maintenance, and inconsistent grades of satisfaction.

      The solutions deployed to resolve some of the issues only compound my disgust with online as it currently stands. One of the more interesting solutions is running calculations on the server end and using the client end only to render. It works rather well for the current technology available, but still results in packet loss and corruption if the client side has poor network, hardware, or other issues.

      Consoles actually make multiplayer easier in some respects – consistent technology for example. While PCs are by far stronger, developers don’t have to worry about different CPUs, GPUs, chipsets, or RAM.

      In the end, it’s all one convoluted mess that we’re almost lucky works at all. I’m a bit biased about the whole thing, but I’ve looked at the code required to bring it all together. Even if you set aside server/client issues, I still have certain trepidation. I might not be satisfied until we can bring our utilities up to speed by replacing copper with fiber.

      That might help maintain calculations per second rather consistently.

    • Firebro

      Same. I am 98% sold on the Wii U but heres what i want to know. How the online will work? Can you chat to friends like in xbox live parties? Can you send messages to your friends without that 30 minute wait time? Can you chat in online games? Can you add a friend in the lobby after you played a game of smash brothers just by clicking on their gamertag and having it say (add friend, message etc.)? And will the pro controller have a mic jack where you can plug in the headset and chat to people? Once those questions are answered i will be sold on the wii u.

  • A1424andy

    We all know Ubisoft is doing a better job than Nintendo. Nintendo is doing really bad job on games for the wii u.
    i am only buying the wii u to play Rayman Legends,ZombiU,Assassins creed 3,and LEGO city undercover.

    • Draco Breach

      Nintendo is making a bid to bring third-parties in. It may be a risky bid, but it’s one they are most certainly willing to make. It may pay off big, but it may just as easily blow up in their faces. Either way, they have already hinted at what they’re working on for 2013-14 release. I have a feeling we’ll know a lot more by August/September.

    • KingrafaSe

      How are they doing a bad job if one of the games that you only want to buy is made by nintendo?

  • Alienfish

    They should ship casual games in white cases and hardcore games in black.

    • LordFenix

      but then who gets to decide what is casual and what is hardcore? by what im reading they are calling rayman a casual game… but really rayman used to be under the hardcore label and from what i say gameplay wise it has not changed much but more or less improved so IMO its still hardcore.

      • LordFenix

        from what i see* damn its late LMAO

        I am really looking forward to most of the announced titles… i just hope a few of the wii games get a polish up and port or heck sequel on the Wii-U


  • rocky

    even if ps4 and 720 do have better graphics ill stick with nintendo because of the awesome gameplay and super cool nintendo games like zelda and metroid plus 3rd parties games…fasho dawg

    • Paul

      looks like the next playstation will be online only

  • icanseeu

    If you think WatchDogs is coming to the WiiU, I think some of you are going to be very disappointed…..

    • Paladin

      Why do you think that is the case? It doesn’t make sense for you to say that if you have no logical defense for it. It’s not like the Wii U will be underpowered. We’re talking about competition among the Wii U, PS3, and 360. In this situation, and in the near future, the Wii U’s processing and graphical power should be much greater than both of the aforementioned consoles. Let us not forget that Ubisoft has been very supportive of the Wii U thus far, and I doubt that the studio itself would pass on the chance to make much more money on this new console.

  • Draco Breach

    Unlike EA, I’m glad to see Ubisoft put their money where their mouth is.

    They haven’t gone in quite yet, but I can’t really blame them. The Wii U is a new console, and it has new and different quirks to get used to. I think Ubisoft will bring Watch Dogs to the system. I just don’t know how immediate it will be.

    I’m willing to believe EA, Ubisoft, and other developers are waiting for teams to free up (sounds so bad to say that…) from other projects before sinking their teeth into Wii U designs. We’ve seen developers say it before. IP x might come to the Wii U, but they are concentrating on finishing the 360 and PS3 versions first. I’m willing to believe that. It’s not outside the realm of belief, and it makes sense to actually work the GamePad in properly.

    With the Pro Controller and GamePad, developers can weigh their options and decide what’s best. I’m actually quite glade to see the consideration – if that is indeed what it is. In fact, I’m hoping what I’m seeing is consideration. I may be optimistic, but I’m, in general, getting this feeling from developers. Anyway, it means no “shoehorning” the features on. It means real effort.

    … I sincerely hope.

  • loko


  • The Baconater

    Hmm Splinter Cell looks like it could work really well with the WiiU.

  • Frankensavior

    Like I’ve said before. The use of the words “casual”, and “core” are complete bull. You can play any game in a “core”, and competitive manner. So the words are used simply in a subjective way. Meaning that these words no longer have a meaning as overly misused. As for big Ubisoft support. I’m all for it. Heres hoping they stick to their guns and release every multiplat, and exclusive they possibly can.

  • brandon

    I want a great RPG (one I haven’t played and not zelda. res evil 6 would also be great. Actually captor could do bothand don’t remember hearing any support from them or did I just miss it

  • brandon

    Also I want analog triggers for racing PLEASE.

  • brandon

    And to he able to pre order lol

  • Axtear

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