Jul 23rd, 2012

French publisher Ubisoft is the biggest third party supporter of the Wii U in terms of games. Ubisoft already has 9 Wii U games in development, 7 of which are slated to be launch titles. Recently speaking to investors, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said that Nintendo has “created something good” with the Wii U and they expect the console to be successful. He added that Nintendo is a company that takes a lot of risks with the systems and games they create. Which is true of course — Nintendo took a huge risk with the Wii, opting for motion controls and innovation when others simply released more powerful hardware.

Ubisoft on Wii U
Ubisoft’s CEO recently told analysts that while the company is creating lots of games for the Wii U, most of those are ports from existing titles. And porting a game to the Wii U costs less than $1 million, according to Ubisoft. This means that the company isn’t taking a big financial risk bringing its franchises to the new console. In order to recoup the costs of porting a Wii U game, a game only has to sell about 25,000 copies on the new system. Despite the ports, Ubisoft is so far the only third party publisher to bring original games to the Wii U: the survival horror shooter ZombiU, and the 2D platformer Rayman Legends.

For more, check out the full list of Ubisoft Wii U games.

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  • Wii Uoops!

    Didn’t Ubisoft used to not like Nintendo? Anyways, I don’t think I’ll be picking up ZombiU, but maybe Rayman Legends.

    • Crapcake

      They made scribblenauts for Nintendo! Except for remix

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Any true gamer knows just by watching the gamplay of the wii u that it’s gold, a true winner, a system that isn’t just a graphic whore machine.

    • Buzzeh

      Im glad someone else understands this, amen brother

    • Grodus

      Good! I’m not the only one who relizes that.

    • Berieanne

      And although not a graphics whore machine, is definitely capable of providing beautiful visuals.

    • UGotWongGuy

      Absolutely. While pretty graphics are nice, gameplay needs to be front and center. I don’t care how good a game looks, because if it has the best graphics ever, but still plays like crap, then all you have a shiny turd.

    • AcesHigh

      But good thing she DOES still put out! Yeah! ;P

    • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

      I’ve said this at the start of the Wii U, not in the same words, but with the same meaning. \m/ Nintendo Wii U \m/

  • Mid-core Gamer

    What about Sports Connection by Ubisoft Barcelona?
    I went to the full list of Ubisoft Wii U games and that game isn’t there.

  • deSSy2724

    Really….. Virtual Boy was the only non succesful Nintendo console, and ofc, they risked….. other Nintendo consoles are very sucessfull, so its normal that most “big” publisher want to support Nintendo consoles. Sony…. ehm, PS1 and PS2 were successful, PS3 not that good….. but i like Sony too, so for me, the stronger console means nothing, isnt important to me at all… Games are the only important thing. (i dont care if PS4 would be stronger than Wii U), i would like to buy both consoles (well, money is important too xD).

    • Icanseeu

      Nintendo 64 and GameCube weren’t successes…..

      • Draco Breach

        By what measure? They made money, and they sold well. They didn’t sell as well as their competition, but that’s not a measure of success.

        Sony mainly did well because they were priced competitively with DVD players of the time, and the PSx played games to boot. I was rabidly anti-Sony (and anti-Sega) at the time, but I got over it. Still, my favorite games of the fifth and sixth generations were on Nintendo consoles – Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber (fifth, N64) and Tales of Symphonia (sixth, NGC).

        When I grew up, I realized some good games were on the PSx and PS2 – like Grandia, Xenogears, and Xenoblade Saga (among others).

        Still, I can name some very good and very successful games on the N64 and GameCube.

        Memory lane is fun.

  • PK Thunder

    I’ll be picking up Assassins Creed 3 if Need for Speed Most Wanted isn’t on Wiiu. I really hope it is though.

  • Ledreppe

    Rayman Legends is the only Ubisoft game I want, maybe Assasin’s Creed III but I didn’t finish the original Assasin’s Creed on the PC (final battle turned into a button mash and didn’t pay off).

  • SuperShyGuy

    Yeah you heard that screw you Pachter!

  • TheBoldman67

    I’ll be in arkham city if you need me.

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      and I’ll be in London if you need help….to kill Zombies! 😛

      • gPadWatcher

        And I’ll be at NintendoLand enjoying the ride, playaz!!!!!!

        • Gamer

          I will be at my Sony friends house playing Pikmin 3 on her brand new Wii U helping her sort out which ps3 games to trade in for Mario bros Wii U.

          • Socalm

            I’ll be on my bed playing with my Wii. See what i did there.

          • NameUcan’thate

            Well i’ll be fighting templars during the american revolution. care to join, anyone?

          • fedster

            i’ll b getting layed hahahaha wiiU foreplay FTW!

          • Leeroy

            ill be smashing people’s heads in mushroom kingdom

  • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

    I’ll preparing my list of games for the Wii U… I’m sure I’ll have enough money to buy all the games I want. but, a Wii U game costs how much? 40$? 50$? 60$?

    • SuperShyGuy

      60$ is most likely

      • Draco Breach


        $60 seems to be what industry leads are indicating. The Wii U is using an optical media similar in density to BRD, and other indicators are pointing at laser lens capable of reading dual layer. Not at all unlikely, but it may be unnecessary.

        The main reason many PS3 games even come close to the 25GB capacity of BRD is because a lot of information has to be printed multiple times. I haven’t seen too many games surpass 10GB real size yet, so dual layer BRD density may be unnecessary for the time being.

        Though, the high resolution texture packs the Wii U can support may make me reverse my above statement. I’ll have to see how Batman Arkham City and Assassin’s Creed III stamp.

  • Grodus

    I had no idea ubisoft was sichic (I always forget how to spell that). Well, I geuss you learn something new every day, ‘cus the Wii U in gonna rock!

    • Grodus

      I’ll pass on zombiU, but I’ll think about rayman legends.

  • Supersonic 128

    Don’t sell ZombiU to short just yet, who knows it might turn out to be an original top-notch 3rd party title.

    • Draco Breach

      I’ll certainly try it.

      I’ll admit; I find the horror genre stale – movies, games, whatever. Still, the action-survival aspect of ZombiU combined with immersion might make it something I can’t resist. I still think it should have an engaging story or something.

      I want my successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem!

  • The Beeshnu

    Ubisoft have more games than nintendo?
    ON a Nintendo Console
    WOW that’s really weird

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    Are you listening Strauss Zelnick. -> Grand Theft Auto V

  • Marmor

    25,000 copies sold won’t net you a profit of 1 mio.$.

  • Ultimate Cheez

    Awe man this game is going to be so awesome You people just don’t know because call of duty is just getting old I’m mean black ops is going to be cool and all but zombiU is something more fresh and a better gameplay experience I’m I’ve seen the trailers were these zombies jump out of ever coner and I keeps your hairs on your arms up . . . I can’t wait I feel like cart man when he couldn’t wait for the wii to come out

    • Lord Carlisle

      I can’t tell you how annoying my Xbox/COD brother can be when we get in debates over Nintendo or Microsoft being better. All he ever supports his side with is better graphics. But he seemed impressed by ZombiU.

      • Ultimate Cheez

        You should tell him graphics isn’t everything, game console are made for gaming experince not graphics. If he like good graphics tell him to watch a movie like avatar because those kind of movies focus on graphics 😀

        • Pie :3

          Or the real world xD

          • Ultimate Cheez

            I know right

  • jman4102

    i think if they changed the name of zombiu to something less casual it would do better

  • hunter santana

    i think wii u could be successful if they make things more exiting look at this skip to 4:00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thn-KLhZbeo&feature=relmfu (probably the biggest applause at e3 ever) to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e3qaPg_keg it explains the fetures but it doesnt make me wanna put my head through a wall its not the same the ssbm trailer was the first apperance of the game cube in acctual use it was a tech demo including real game play! i crap my pants like another ssmb! holy s***!