Jul 22nd, 2012

Ubisoft Wii UUbisoft is working on no less than seven Wii U games the company will have available for launch. Five of the biggest of those titles are ports. And according to a Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot during the company’s latest investors meeting, the Wii U ports are not that expensive compared to making original games. He said,

“Out of the 7 games we have for launch, five are ports, so those are games for which there is a quite small re-investment to make. The two original games are ZombiU and Rayman, so those are more expensive.”

Guillemot added that it costs less than $1 million to port games to the Wii U, which is a lot less than making a title for the console from ground up. The ported games include Assassin’s Creed 3, Just Dance 4, Rabbids Land, and others. Because of the relatively cheap cost of porting games to the Wii U, Guillemot told investors that Ubisoft “doesn’t have a huge investment in the Wii U”.

Despite this, Ubisoft is still the biggest third party supporter of the Wii U in terms of the amount games in development. So far the company will be bringing seven Wii U titles to the console this year, and two more titles sometime in 2013. Knowing that it’s cheap to port games to the Wii U, it could pave way for plenty of third party franchises to find their way to the new console.

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  • Ledreppe

    While this is undoubtedly good news, it saddens me that there are so many ports on the Wii U launch games list. I just don’t want the Wii U to be a platform for ports, it needs fresh games made from the ground up to be really successful (even if they’re more expensive).

    • Buzzeh

      Well the fresh games should come a little later when the devs fully understand the platform, so im guessing since they havent had much time the ports are the easiest to go by, but having alot of ports isnt all that bad, but yes clearly we need fresh games

      • LordiMcKill

        And let’s not forget that last time when the Xbox 360 was the first to launch in the current gen that half the launch games were ports of the previous gen & PC games such as: Call of Duty 2, Tony Hawks: AW, King Kong and a bunch of sports titles.Then the first true next gen games started coming.

        The whole porting business isn’t new and soon enough developers will start making proper games for the Wii U when they realise that this gen is starting to die out.

    • mac

      But you also have to understand that the Wii U is coming out when third party developers were already making the game for PS3 and Xbox 360. Ubisoft wanted to get their games on the Wii U because they thought they could do more with it than on the PS3 and Xbox 360 which they can. The Wii U will only have ported games probably until a little after those launch titles are launched.

      • mac

        “…third party developers were already making the game for PS3 and Xbox 360.”
        I for got the “s” in “game” :P.

    • AcesHigh

      As the article says, it’s low risk to the 3rd party publisher. So it’s a great opportunity for them to give the WiiU a shot to test the waters. Put it this way, if it WEREN’T easy to port games (like for the Wii), very few 3rd party publishers would take the risk on original IP because they wouldn’t know if the return would be worth the greater investment (to make an original game).

      Unfortunately, you can’t have one without the other. 3rd parties need to feel comfortable with the platform in order to invest in it. If they can easily port and it does well, then you will get fresh games. If they can’t port then they may not risk new ideas on the platform and you get no new ideas from them (which is what happened with the Wii). It’s that simple.

    • eugoreez

      right now.. might be ports.. but later we’ll have better games..

      but then again, if the game was multiplatform, we’ll nver know if it’s a port or not.. unless they told us.. or they didn’t do a good job of porting…

    • Lord Carlisle

      Well, the first party games and ZombiU I know aren’t ports. But yeah, they need more originals.

  • Ricardo

    Uhhm…. Wii U sucks?

    Bad trolling is bad.

    • mac

      Why are you even….get out of here. You are right bad trolling is bad -_-

    • AwayToHit

      that wasn’t funny….like at all :\

    • Wii Uoops!

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      • trainerblk

        its all ready a classic keep up the good work

    • Grodus

      If by Wii U you mean you, then yes U suck.
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      • Wii Uoops!

        The staff said later today.

        • Wii Uoops!

          Ooh! Maybe its soon. The staff is online!

      • Wii Uoops!

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        • Grodus

          Sorry, i didnt see your comment until afterwards…

    • deSSy2724

      You are so dumb, i always say this: “even if the Wii U hardver is the same as PS3-xbox360 (but it isnt), the game will look 95% the same” so when u say “Wii U SUCKS” it meas that PS3 and Xbox 360 sucks too…..

      Awesome thinking….. haha

      • Ricardo

        WOW, are you guys serious right now?? Do you REALLY THINK Wii U Daily Staff would let this comment go through if it was not bad?

        At least Wii U Daily Staff knows what sarcasm is.

        You are all probably little children anyway that take things too seriously and do not understand what sarcasm is. :/ Chillax, people! And btw, you’re “Oh yes, U suck” are the worst comebacks I l’ve ever seen. You just cannot reason with children these days.

        • deSSy2724

          Well… these days i see alot of fanboys, but not normal ones, they all are like: “Wii U sucks, PS3 owns”…. Wii U is in the worst scenario 95% the same hardware anyway.

          Yeah, children….. oh wow, so sorry i didnt notice/read the “trolling” part and other comments. What to do now? kill myself :S

          Anyway, i couldnt edit the post once posted….

  • Elcaras1

    Thats all good im sure they are working on original games coming soon. They just porting some games to get it going and have games at launch. Smart move just setting the pave. I see ubisoft like rare back in the day. But also I heard nintendo trying to buy back rare. This is getting interesting. Imagine all those good shooters and platformers from ubisoft in the future. Maybe killer instinct back if they buy back rare!!!!

    • Gamer

      Please say it ain’t so. If Nintendo buys back rare by September, or Christmas. I will be waiting in line two days for the Wii U. Launch baby launch. Spread the word, operation Wii U.

      • The White Falcon

        There’s really not a whole lot of talent left at Rare, I’m afraid. The Stamper brothers are gone…they just wouldn’t be the same.

        • Draco Breach

          There’s more than talent at Rareware. You have to remember the IPs that go with it. Kameo. Perfect Dark. Banjo. Jet Force Gemini.

          There is some benefit to getting Rare back; though, I think the rumors are unsubstantiated. Microsoft has every right to be afraid of what Nintendo direction can do with Rareware IPs.

        • Gamer

          Ah! but we get back the franchises that Retro can make wonderful. KILLER instinct, Banjo Kazooie, Konkers yeah! Things are getting sweeter everyday.

  • markw1982

    maybe there are ports but least nintendo are finally getting them the wii didnt get many as developers preferred xbox and playstation so least its nice to know when a game does come out its highly probable it will come on the wii u which to me is better than nothing

  • Chupa Chup

    Perfect. This is what I like to hear. I am glad that companies can easily port over games in order to increase their profit margins. I cannot wait to see other 3rd parties jump on board, which would increase the Wii U library and finally stop the naysayers from bitching about how Nin is for kids.

  • The White Falcon

    This kind of worries me. It’s great to see this kind of launch line-up, but the last thing the Wii U needs to be is Dreamcast 2.0, which had a ton of ports from the prior gen with slightly better graphics. With the Wii U launching a year early…I’m nervous. I’ll still buy it, but it’s something that’ll have to be watched. Thankfully, Nintendo isn’t in bad shape like Sega was.

    • joe

      Growing up I was all about Sega. I can tell you the Nintendo is already and ahead of the curve on this one because Nintendo will sell the unit and make a profit, as they did with every Wii sold. Sega lost $50 per unit sold after the price cut that came not even a year later. Sega was in the red so deep thanks to Saturn. And speaking of Saturn, software, and units…Sega of Japan and Sega of America were just not agreeing on anything. Nintendo on the other hand works as a team, a tight unit. SO…there is none of this internal crap that brought Sega down. If only Sega of Japan listened to Sega of America, the Saturn would not have been built the way it was……
      anyway, With the massive franchises Nintendo has, I wouldn’t worry.

    • Gamer

      Exbox 360 launched a year before and the Wii handed it it’s behind. Chill this is great news for us all, except for Sony and Microsoft. Game on my friend.

  • the truth

    Explain why anyone would want to play a ¨port¨ which will look just like the PS3 or Xbox360 game (except probably play crappier on that huge controller).

    • joe

      It’s that “crappy controller” that allows us to not look at your mug while we enjoy ourselves playing the WiiU…so go scratch.

    • James

      The dislikes explain it all.

    • Roedburn

      Except we’ve already seen proof that they will look better on the WiiU than on other systems. And if the controller was so crappy then why would Microsoft and Sony come up with their own crappy knock offs of it? Want some advice? Make sure you know what you’re talking about before you comment. Ignorance makes you look stupid.

      • Roedburn

        and also change your name because it’s the biggest lie I’ve seen.

    • SanPharaoh

      The people who drool over XBOX or PS usually have substantially lower I.Q.’s than fans of Nintendo.

      Funny thing is they’re not even smart enough to know how stupid they really are.

      Some free advice: Don’t hate for the sake of hating, or troll for the sake of trolling. Be your own person and stand for a purpose.

      • fedster

        thank u. finally somebody get it

  • Nick

    People complain when Wii had no ports of the biggest and best multi platform games, and now they complain Wii U will have to many ports. Nintendo can’t win, they are trying to market the Wii U as a more core gamer console than Wii with this move, they know people are pissed that Wii was home to so many casual games, and they are trying to market Wii U as a bit more hardcore by moving away from motion controls and bringing in more third part developers. This is good news, anyone saying otherwise doesn’t have a clue.

  • brandon

    I can do ports as long as they r not perfect copy…even just moving his to controller is better then nothing

  • xino

    even thought this is for Ubisoft’s budget and games.
    It wouldn’t surprise me for Tecmo Koei’s standard.

    Given an exclusive deal to make Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge on Wii U, the PS3/Xbox 360 version of Ninja Gaiden 3 was then rushed so not much time, resources, money and production would go to the game. Their goal was to sell as much copies as possible regardless knowing it would piss fans off and annoy a lot of people.

    Porting the game on Wii U would be less expensive, so all the contents that should have been on the original game were now added to Razor’s Edge to make it the better version.
    Less money to make the port, if the game could sell a lot of copies then revenue would be gained for Tecmo Koei.

    If Tecmo Koei think they can get away with their “I pulled a Crapcom” on our fans, they can think again because a LOT of people are not happy about this move.

    • trainerblk

      I agree…but i will still. Be geting it ryu to bada$$

    • SanPharaoh

      It pleases me to see that they pulled this fast one…mainly because of all the B.S. that Sony and MS fans talk/talked about Nintendo.

      If they were humble in the fact that their system of choice had more horsepower and thus could play more graphically superior titles and whatnot, then all would be good. But most of them dudes were arrogant beyond repair and something about that just rubs me the wrong way.

      I say it serves ’em right and hope to see more Wii U superior versions of games.

    • Gamer

      Imagine how mad they ones that got it on the weaker consoles shall feel when every port we are getting has better visuals and all DLC for free lol. Poor xbox live and psn pro subscribers lol.

      • Draco Breach

        The DLC won’t be free. Companies put time and effort into them, so they’ll be the same price as they are on any other console.

        Otherwise. Yes, the Wii U has some strong features to run on.

        • EvanescentHero

          Some games, such as Mass Effect 3, have all the DLC contained in the Wii U launch. I believe that’s what Gamer means.

          • Draco Breach

            Of the five (so far), four are free anyway. I was thinking “in general DLC…” rather than the specific case of the team member/mission DLC. I could have interpreted the statement incorrectly.

  • Shankovich

    Well, looks like we’ll be getting all those games that I got on my 360 that didn’t get on the Wii…plus all the Nintendo greats under one system. Ahhhhhhheeeeeee yeeeeeaaaa

  • trainerblk

    I see the snes all over again in this system it truly will be remember

  • markw1982

    i hope re6 comes out on wii u

  • Gamer

    This is great News, PS3 and Xbox360 fans must be now shaking in their little boots lol. This means even I can make a Wii U ware indie game. Confirmation that borderlands 2, GTA V and other third parties shall show up when we the Nintendo fans and gamers alike buy these games in droves. This is wonderful news even haters now will buy the Wii U starting with Michael Pachter and his offspring at Game Informer.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Thank god lots of ports means I’ll be able to catch up on all the games I missed which is great news because I didn’t get a crap box or a phony simply because they suck and instead of going on and on about how they suck, I’ll end my post by saying woooooo I get to see everything I missed out on in better graphics 😛

    • Gamer

      Patience truly is a great virtue. Am going to read the bible now, then kill great Jaggis, Lagaricrus and then Mechons in XENOBLADE chronicles. ” rushes of to pop some corn.”

  • Tizastatico

    If you dont want ports, vote with your money.

    I will try to get Legends and Zombi U(what a kiddie name), and i will try to do it via download so they generate even more money.

  • fedster

    i want the wii U to succeed as much as the next guy. but even i kno that it isnt attracting alot of people. i ask all of my gamer/geek friends about the wii U and none of em want it. i ask fellow mh3 tri players (whom u expect to b hardcore gamers), and even the majority feel iffy about the wii U. nintendo is doing a fenominal job with the wii U but truth is that theyve dug themselves down for too long with the wii that nothing is gonna fix the issue at hand

    • EvanescentHero

      Some people will not buy a Nintendo console anymore simply because it’s a Nintendo console. I’ll admit I used to be that way about Sony, and truth be told I’m unlikely to buy a PS3 at any point (unless Kingdom Hearts III comes out on it), but I bought a PS2 last week because it’s an awesome console. The Wii U is going to be an awesome console, and I hope people realize that soon enough to support Nintendo.

    • AcesHigh

      fedster, the funny thing about people is that they very seldom feel the same way about things for very long. Even looking at some of these posts just for this article, there are a few “I used to be a die hard {x} fan…” People change their minds. ESPECIALLY in the world of technology and gadgets!

      Your friends will see that the WiiU looks as good, if not better, than the consoles they have now AND that it has this cool touch screen controller that adds a new level of gameplay (just look at ZombiU) and they will want one. Maybe not all of them. But just watch. I bet you anything, this time next year, some of those friends you’re talking about will have a Wii U too. Keep track. Will be interesting to see!

  • Elendil

    Hey, Guys. Where’s is the new site?

  • AcesHigh

    Friends, there is no bad news in this. Nintendo has finally made a platform that 3rd party publishers can port current games to at very low cost. That is the one piece missing from the Wii that held most 3rd parties back. This only serves to make the WiiU platform attractive to more consumers than just the die-hard Nintendo fans. More consoles in homes means more original games from 3rd party publishers landing on WiiU at the same time as other platforms. It also means that Nintendo will have greater ability to take more risks and explore new ideas and new IP with a solid platform under them.

    And you add the biggest cherry on top, being that WiiU ALSO gets 1st party Nintendo games exclusively, and it’s a win win. Nintendo fans finally can have their cake and eat it too!

    • DonnyKD

      “That is the one piece missing from the Wii that held most 3rd parties back”

      That and it’s power.

      • EvanescentHero

        The power’s the main reason games couldn’t be ported though. Now that Nintendo has a console that is at the very least on par with the PS3 and 360, ports are possible without dumbing down or making worse-quality games, which is nothing but good.

  • Nintenfail

    The wii u is going to blow ass chunks! I’ll wait
    for the ps4. What happened to Nintendo they
    Used to have the best tec before the wii, which
    Set in my closet collecting dust.