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Wii U controllerIf you’re not aware of it yet, the guys over at Ubisoft are big fans of the Wii U. The company has been praising the new console and its technology from Nintendo for a while now, and they got some more good words for it.

Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel, who is heading the development of Rayman Legends on the Wii U, shared a few words about the GamePad and its latency. Overall, he seems to be very impressed with the technology in the controller, saying that “it’s more advanced than people think”, adding:

“It’s crazy because the game is running in full HD [on the television], we are streaming another picture on the GamePad screen, and it’s still 60 frames per second. And the latency on the controller is just 1/60 of a second, so it’s one frame late. It’s crazy, it’s so fast. It’s almost instant.”

We’ve previously seen videos of the GamePad showing that the controller actually updates faster than the television screen. Latency has been a worry for many gamers, especially when it comes to fast paced action games like multiplayer first person shooters. But Nintendo has done a great job of designing the controller, focusing on latency — and almost eliminating it.

Ubisoft is bringing 9 games to the Wii U during the launch window. Rayman Legends was recently confirmed to be released in the beginning of 2013.


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  • Nintenlord

    Even ubisoft is surprise a company that is always improving that is realy good news

    • Gamechemist8

      I love seeing this kind of news at the top of WiiUdaily when I check in. Daily.

    • XBox 360

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      • ThisGuy

        Why would you come on a wiiu site if your a Microsoft fan? Go away troll

      • Nintenlord

        Uh since wen the original had a screen….o wait you are confused the original xbox had a x on the controller not a screen, can blame you for thinking that i too was amaized by how huge it was just for having plastic

        • relo999

          I love nintendo, but dreamcast had a SMALL screen in the controller you could also use as a mini handheld. And I hope you are aware that the original Xbox controllers were heavily based on the dreamcast controller.

          • Nintenlord

            Boy we are gaming history nerds here ,nice way of ading something unrelated to the conversation lol ,by the way dreamcast is a sega console whit a windows base operating system

        • Mass Effect fan

          Nintendo beasts

      • AKA-Link77

        But the X-Box 360 doesnt have a Game-Pad, unless u count that complete gimmick, rip-off:
        “Stupid Glass” as one. . . .
        Stop being in denial that Nin is ahead! It makes U look dumb. . .

      • Cubits

        Yeah, the screen in the original xbox controller had low latency too! Nintendo will do anything for a bit of news these days…

        • argentina fanboy

          screen go away you prize plub

          • Nintenlord

            Thats sarcasm guys

      • Wildman

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        That is all.

      • Alex

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      • Chris

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        Wii U is far better than Xbox 360

        You mad bro?

      • FireRed

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      • Andrew Sheehan

        I’ve found out recently that xbox fanboys are really moronic. xbox fanboy says, “wii’s only sold so much because they are the cheapest” he also says “who cares that i pay 60$ a year for live, it comes with an internet browser”… lmfao, what a friggan moron..

      • jay

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      • Name

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    • revolution5268

      yeah unlike fucking EA, where the support EA you promise in e3 2011.

    • loko

      It’s crazy….. -____- LOL!!!!

  • Jason

    Well, duh. It’s next gen!

    • Nintedward .

      According to loads of ass hurt clowns , it’s current gen .

      Even though it does everything.

      • Lord Carlisle

        Watch your back, Nintendward…

        Judging by your dislikes, the ass-hurt clowns are after you!

      • revolution5268

        wait he is here?!??!?!?

      • Wildman

        But will it blend?


      I am just glad that 98% of the people and developers that have already made games for the WiiU are impressed with it and know that it is the 1st next gen console. Also, that means that if the WiiU sells half as good as the Wii did all those developers will be bringing their games to the WiiU.

      That is why I am buying not only the Nintendo classic games but most 3rd party games like Assassin’s Creed 3, Mass Effect 3, Batman AC, ZombiU, Darksider’s 2, Madden 13, Rayman Legends right off the bat and more after that. I played some on other consoles but it means so much to get those great games on a Nintendo console. I can’t wait for the WiiU, only a too long 33 days left people!

  • Doopliss

    Now that’s something nice

    • Lord Carlisle

      Love the name and avatar.

  • FireEmblemDude

    1st Comment! Wow! Can’t wait to see what else the wii u can get ass on!

    • NoPUNintendo

      I think Wii U Daily needs to have some sort of rule thing near the comment section. Most, or some who didn’t read it, no longer follow the rules posted, what was it, weeks maybe months ago.

      • El CaRaS1

        It really dont bother me all the time they never firs and look dimb. Buy its npt ofencive. Why does it bother people so much, may I ask!?

        • SteampunkJedi

          Learm tu spel please. But from what I might have understood, you’re wondering why people are bothered by the idiots that state they are first but are not. I don’t know either. Most of them add nothing to the discussion or are rude, I guess.

    • FireRed


  • jman4102

    not surprised one bit

  • Morley94

    I’m very glad to hear this because that was one of my only concerns. I have nothing but strong hopes for the Wii U now!

    • Nintedward .

      Did you know the gamepad refreshes faster than the TV ???
      There is no latencey wiiu daily!!! the gamepad is faster than the TV lMAO.
      You proved it yourself with all those videos .

      Wiiu daily’s video showed rayman legends was faster on the gamepad than on the tv .

      Someone explain to me why that is.

      • Crapcake

        because youre controlling using the gamepad so it takes a tiny fraction of a second for the tv and console to respond

        • Nintedward .

          Okay . So the tv is the one with latencey not the gamepad ??

          • theBALLANCEDopinion

            The TV has MORE latency than the gamepad.

          • LaLlamaqueLlama

            Current TV´s are almost like computers, and all the processing of the image and sound gives them lag. On most TVs you have to turn off almost all features (black levels, contrast, etc) to have a low latency and even then you can notice it. On my Wii if i had some things on i could hear sounds on the controller before the TV and it was HELL for old school games

      • Nugget

        The latency that you’re referring to is derived from the Tv itself. The latency that ubisoft is talking about is the the time the signal is sent to the tv from the time it is sent to the gamepad. The gamepad updates 1/60 of a second after the console sends the signal to the tv. However with most modern tvs the latency on the TV will cause it so the tv image refreshes after the gamepad. However even if the tv refreshed as soon as it got the signal, the gamepad’s utter lack of latency is very impressive.

  • BananaPwnz

    Ubisoft, I respect U!

    • Nintedward .


    • revolution5268

      hey what happen to EA and there so call support?

      • Nintenlord

        They got greedy nintendo say no and now they are giving a tantrum but i dont care for ea they got what they deserved whit the coupon glitch,bwahahahah

        • darkmanext

          ea has 9 games coming to the WiiU by March 2013

          • Nintenlord

            None is ea big hitters like battlefield,need for speed or medal of honor,mass effect is just published by ea

          • darkmanext

            Sorry my mistake, it’s activision and ubisoft that have 9. EA only have 4.

      • paperchao

        ea’s all butthurt over nintendo saying no to origin being integrated to the nintendo network

  • ps3&xbox360Sindulger

    nice cant wait to get me paws on this Nov 18th.
    please provide more news to these fanboys, its the only way to justify their existence these days

    • Laud

      Your comment has absolutely no point and it questions it’s own existence, this is how useless your comment is.

      What does that even mean, “please provide more news to these fanboys, its the only way to justify their existence these days” what are you getting at? You’re going to get the console but oh boy these fanboys it’s like they’ve got nothing going on in their lives!

      I don’t mean to be rude but it’s the only way I can act when someone speaks about an entire community as if it’s an individual entity and not thousands of people. I’d ask you to apologize but that’s going too far so just play nice next time kk bay bay?


  • Nintendo is da best

    Nintendo has always had very advanced tech but no-one really realized it

    • Nintenlord

      True even those fake console that plays old nes are way lame

  • SuperNFan

    Wii U Is Cool.

  • NintendoMan :D

    Wow. This is surprising in a good and bad way. Bad because I saw a video showing the gamepad was actually faster than the TV but good that it’s only 1 frame off. Impressive Nintendo.

    • QTF

      The gamepad being faster than the TV isn’t necessarily a bad thing

      • Grodus

        Well, you could say the TV has latency, so I guess it’s neutral.

  • Herox95


  • brain

    lol… latency is not the problem in fps… it´s the control pad 😉

    • CoD Hater

      The problem with fps, is that it’s fps.

  • link 5

    Sounds cool cant wait only 1 month away

  • Shankovich

    Awesome engineering. The bandwidth channel must be huge lol

  • srpg2ishere

    I Don’t know what 1/60 of a second latency means when it comes to gaming because im 14 but I’m sure It has to be something good i guess

    • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

      that means that the lag on the gamepad is near none. It processes very quickly unlike my friends John’s Xbox controllers which are laggy and slower than molasses

    • CaptainIcy

      Well if a game runs at 60 frames per second (60fps, you hear about a lot of people boasting on that), there are 60 frames of the game rendered for every real-life second. Right? So he’s saying the “latency” of the gamepad is only ONE frame behind.

    • nintendofreak

      divide a second by sixty n dats it basically……cuz dere is 60 frames per second so just take one away n there u have it

      • sergiosms

        So this means the gamepad runs 59 frames per second?

        • Nintenlord

          No it means by the time the image from the pad shows on the tv 1 frame have have already pass pad

          • ssb43dsFC3007 8585 6950

            Guys know thus. Considering that the Wii U can use a Pro Controller and a 3Ds as WELL as a gamepad at the same time and run at 60 frames is already fantastic. With two gamepads that drops to 30 frames per second but a Xbox 360 drops to 30 frames per second with two controllers and those things only have control sticks, triggers and no screen! Considering that the gamepad adds on innovation, style, and a touch screen as well as everything else that a Xbox Controller has and can still run at near 60 frames with 2 other different types of controllers is truly astounding. 😀

    • argentina fanboy

      it means exactly what it says 1/60 of a second split a second into 60 bits thats how long it takes or 1 frame on a 60 frames game = no lag to the human eye

      unlike move unlike kinect unlike phone and tablet screens and unlike psvita screen

      clearly nintendo is a CORE videogame company

  • Maxlazy10

    Nope. Not quick enough…. kidding, but it is cool that it updates so fast.

  • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

    I know this sounds weird, but if the lag is 1/60th of a second, does that mean after 1 minute (60 seconds) the gamepad will be running a second behind, and after 5 minutes it will be 5 seconds behind? Is it certain that the gamepad is faster than the TV? Or is this supposed lag somehow getting balanced out during gameplay?

    Kinda like how the chance for getting a shiny pokemon is 1 to 8192, all the time. After 8191 battles, it isn’t 1 to 1, its still 1 to 8192. Will it just always be (according to this, not saying there is) a 1/60th second delay?

    I just hope nintendo has gotten around this somehow…

    • RoboticLink

      I think it means that it’s balanced. It starts 1/60 of a second faster and ends 1/60 of a second faster than the TV. Not a dumb question, though.

      • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

        Oh, that makes sense. So its constantly streaming at the same speed, but not the same time. I know we can’t confirm it, but that’s what I’ll be going with. Thanks!

    • Doogie

      Not even a little. What it means is that whatever happens on the screen will happen on the gamepad 1 frame later. It’s just one frame behind, that’s all.

      • Alienfish

        Actually, it will be one frame behind what the GPU is cranking out. The TV screen could be even slower than 1/60 of a second latency because of processing in the TV and also how many connections there are between the console and the actual TV set.

    • Gamechemist8

      No, it just means it’s gonna be one frame behind or ahead all the time; it won’t accumulate to 5 seconds or anything

    • NoPUNintendo

      I think you put a little to much thought into it.

      • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

        Yeah I tend to do that…

    • Shane

      This is actually a smart question, and makes sense the way you put it, but even if the “sync” is put to the test, and was a second late, that would just mean “slow-down” or lag from the proccessor, and would result in a lag that would put it back on track anyway. I seriously doubt that anything like this would ever happen though, especially with load times to “zero” everything out again, and there will probably be times when the game requires you to think at least that long to recalibrate it.

      This is just going off of what you said, and making sense of it. Just reminding you that computers aren’t perfect! Honestly that idea is what makes me think how glitches happen…

      • Shane

        Plus, there is more lag between the tv vs. the gamepad, so I’m guessing as long as it’s synced correctly, it won’t ever fall behind, or be ahead of what’s being proccessed in the console to both monitors simultaneously.

        Alot of the gameply mechanics in the controller will be stationary anyways, like maps, inventory, etc. It has less lag than anything out there I think, so it will be better no matter what. Just imagine your Wii remote(s) going at 1/30 of a frame, and then being proccessed just as fast for the image on the tv. It’s faster, even with all of that being on 2 seperate screens, and still having all the same conrols. It’s an advancement to say the least, especially from what we expect now adays…

        • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

          Yeah I was thinking about the loading times, but your replies and the first reply to my comment seem to be the best way to go for know for now.

          What would be the penalty if you were a nintendo employee with all this info and you gave it out? Maybe its a loyalty based or something…

    • argentina fanboy

      i hope your joking for the sake of your sanity

  • FishFan03

    More great news…can’t wait to see Sony and Microsoft trying to rip off Nintendo in some way like they always do.

    • Joesatmoes

      actually its more likely sony than microsoft. microsoft doesnt really ripoff- its that it has NO first party titles other than Halo. but they rely on their great third party support and xbl to make money. i think ms, since it has the most money, has the potential to make a REALLY powerful console, but they r gonna go for the casual gamers this upcoming generation. its the biggest demographic, and M$ wants to make the most profit from the vg industry that it can.

      • argentina fanboy

        every single thing on a xbox 1 or 2 controller has been ripped off from nintendo

        there wouldnt be pads as we know them if nintendo hadnt done them in the first darn place

        lol at sony and ms fans everything by those companys lag yet they tried to point the finger at wii controls THE SCUM

    • theBALLANCEDonion

      Do you like fish sticks? lol

  • Hypnotic Alligator

    Imagine a movie frame’s that plays 60 separate pictures in 1 second. Now imagine 1 of those pictures are missing in that 1 second time period. Bottom line: you wont notice a damn thing with the naked eye. You would have to be a machine to notice that 1 picture is missing.

    Did this help your 14 year old mind????

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      Are you referring to my post 2 above yours? If not, then I apologize for replying here, and invite you to ignore the rest of this comment.

      If so, what’s wrong with using the reply button? And what’s wrong with my 14 year old mind? I get what you’re saying, but your last sentence was kinda offensive to me. It makes me feel small, and like I’m expected to know what nobody can really confirm.

      • Hypnotic Alligator

        Frank, relax, this was for srpg2ishere. I should of used the reply button. I’m on your side. You will give all gamer’s an idea to strive for. They will stand behind you. They might stumble? They might fall? But in time, they will join you in the fun. In time, you will help them, accomplish wonders……

        You’re just not anyone. One day you’re gonna have to make a choice? You have to decide what kind of gamer you want to grow up to be? What ever gamer that is? Good character or bad? Is gonna change the world……

        • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

          Okay man, I’m sorry, but you lost me with the second paragraph

  • IVIatrix+


  • Evilqnievil

    On Saturday my friend said that Nintendo isn’t known for good graphics or revolutionary gaming. I felt like beating him up. I told him everything about the wii u and he still wasn’t convinced. Well that goes to show u how retarded some ppl can get

    • Allon

      Theres nothing wrong with a little violence!This country was created off of violence!Starting with the Boston Massacre…….No I am not joking!Your dude sucks!People who don’t give stuff a chance and is one track minded are types that miss out on stuff in life!All this stuff is created to entertain us while we are alive!It is not that deep to be a stick in the mud!

    • argentina fanboy

      nintendo was first in the industry with 99% of the graphics we see and the first with true 3d hardware and the first with a moving and movable camera (mario 64) the first with d-pad the first with analog stick

      n64 was the first gpu on earth with built in AA the above and to the side are all FACT

  • Wii u Fan Central

    Ok. You don’t have to be an idiot to him.

  • Grodus

    What!? Nintendo, you’re the worst company ever! You better lower that to 1/120 of a second before launch, or I’m gonna go on message boards and youtube and tell people not to buy it and lie about to make them not buy it! Ungh! Just joking! That’s FAAAAAAAANTAAAAAAAASTIIIIC NEEEEEEEWS!

  • srpg2ishere

    Good can’t wait to play!

  • 30yearsofnintendogaming

    the latency depends on the tv your using. if your using a 1080p tv, ths gamepad will be faster, like at the events

  • Alienfish

    So let me get something else straight: if the latency is 1/60/s, does that mean that it only takes 1/120/s from the pad to the system and vice versa?

    • Nintenlord

      Lol no,see it like a race in which 2 cars started at the same time did the same thing at the same speed but 1 got to the finish line 1 sec late

      • Alienfish

        Sorry, I think my comment flew over your head a little. I was trying to be kind of funny in an overthinking kind of way. Actually now that I look at it my comment is kind of stupid. I’m going to go into isolation now and regret this for the rest of my life. See ya!

  • eyesac

    Most movies, even them fancy ublu-rays are on average 24 frames per second. Give or take a flick or two. So being 1/60 of a second behind, is almost impersivible to the human eye.

    • argentina fanboy

      almost sorry as a person with official 20/10 vision if i cannot see it NOONE CAN the human eye is not the eye of a eagle the human eye cannot see that NO FREAKING WAY OPTICAL FACT and i have above 20/20 vision confirmed by a doctor when i had a join the army medical and again confirmed in a new job medical by another doctor

      i have super vision (not showing of its genetic fact im lucky) if i cannot detect these things then sorry no one can with out recording and slowing it down

  • WiiUhyper

    Thats amazing news! thats one of the things i was looking at, and was woundering about

  • D2K

    The system has 2GB of overall RAM The processor is a CPU/GPU (which is designed to reduce latency) with it’s own memory as well.

    Latency-shmatency. The Wii U is a beast.

  • srpg2ishere

    yawn im going to bed. -dreams about wii u touch controller-

  • WiiUlover

    This is my first post on wiiUdaily. Put differently not my first visit: I can’t wait to play super smash bros brawl 4. I heard tht there r more 3rd party characters. Is this true?

  • TheUNation

    Now THAT is split second fast!!!!!! One month away from NintenDOMINATION with the launch of the Wii U.

    • Nintenlord

      is faster than that,1sec=60fps,split 1 sec is 30,wii u is 1 frame out of the 60….
      Feel free ppl to fix this cause my cell dont have some icons

  • Elite

    They wont be praising it once it gets hacked. X^0 But i praise it either way.

  • benatard9

    1/60th of a second is noticeable in smash bros. melee. This is not good news.

    • Cugno the Swiss

      Yeah, i’m a Jedi and that might be a problem.

      • benatard9

        you could’ve just said “i don’t play competitive fighting games.”

        if you haven’t played melee competitively, you can’t understand how bad 1/60th of a second lag is.

  • SteampunkJedi

    1/60th is so unnoticeable my mind has been blown. But still I expected such operation, as this IS Nintendo we’re talking about here.

  • TwilitShaymin

    People have terrible spelling these days. (I was talking about a lot of the comments)
    Anyways, 1/60 of a second is really good. No one would even notice it.

  • Allon

    Why do you Ass Clowns even take your time out to even visit a Nintendo website?I do not go on PS sites or Xbox!(Even tho I have them!)Fucking Losers!70% of you all don’t even pay for your systems!Nobody gives 2 flying fucks about your opinions!It pisses me off for you to even think we do!The power the Wii u putting out is between 360-720!No matter if it is 20% or 50% weaker than the 720!It is stronger than the PS3 and 360!Meaning Nintendo’s next-gen console!Dumb ass Mitt Romney follower type of dudes you all be!Smack yourselves for not being able think better than what you all do!Bad Human!!!

    • Shane

      Dude, you visited just like everyone else here. haha. Nintendo just gets alot more fanfare than MS and Sony, because they always have better games to look forward to. MS and Sony always have the same games as each other, have mainly the same graphics, have the same controller as their past gens(XBOX not so much I guess), they say stuff sucks, and than copy it, their systems are huge which means it cost more money to power them, and the fan breaks, they’re loud, they make slim consoles out of no where which add nothing except more people to realize that they just bought a worse console than something that’s coming out, they don’t have Nintendo games(DUH).

      MS and Sony just don’t have as exciting news. I honestly hope they make a CRAZY powerful next system and price it right, because if they don’t, we’re gonna be stuck playing XBOX 361, and PS3.2. That’s just not gonna cut it from me. They gotta stick to their powerful graphics is better motto, otherwise they fail in my book.

      I think this gen was great on all fronts, but now Nintendo is ready to fight, so MS and Sony are gonna retreat? I hope not…

    • Nintenlord

      Yea boy have it at them

    • mojojojo888

      I really must ask…why do people like yourself bring politics into video gaming sites? Your comment irritates me even more than the trolls, because you are not only nearly retarded for talking about something completely unrelated, but I can nearly guarantee that you are a mindless imbecile when it comes to the topic of politics…

      • Allon

        How about No douchebag!I brung up Romney Punk Ass cause I did!I read about politics everyday cause I have no choice during this time of the year!Theres they so-called information everywhere!Yahoo,Cleveland’s Plain Dealer,Fox 8 News!S***!Even the Xbox had a little stuff going!I am not one of the ignorant monkeys you talk about bum!The ignorant one is you and I you are the ones I am talking about!Smack yourself!I am not just a guy that if I don’t know stuff I go find out about it (Not being ignorant fucker like yourself assuming ASS) and for 2!A real man knows name calling on-line is the softest s*** ever!3!I know you are not that type just like the rest of you telephone tough guy’s!Balls do shrink in real life!GOOD DAY SIR!;)

      • Allon

        It was a METAPHOR ASS CLOWN!

      • Allon

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        • Shane

          YOur… yOUr right Allon. What have I been doing all this time?… ugh…. my head… was it all a dream?……….. Xbox? P-P-PS3? Where am I?


          • Allon

            You should be open minded to all things!Baka!!!

        • mojojojo888

          I don’t need to name call to have the upperhand on a mindless fool like you…your grammar and sentence structure are enough to tell me just how educated you are…the fact that I can’t understand what you’re even talking about or what point you are trying to make is enough to convince me to end this conversation before it even began…

          • Allon

            Exactly!Smartest thing you have done!

  • Lazara The Last

    I dreamed that I got the Wii U… I had just plugged it in the wall and picked up the gamepad. Then I pressed the power button and BAM! my alarm rings…

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      it sucks…I had a dream about SSBB when it was NOT release XD

      • Shane

        I have dreams like that yoo. haha. I literally used to have dreams about seeing really rare games in my sleep, and I would think, ‘Oh no, I have all these rare games, and I need to find a way to get them to real life!’ I was aware I was in a dream, but I still hoped.

        It’s weird. I had dreams a few months ago that i was getting bit by spiders, and when I would wake up, I had spider bites, but I was aware of the incident happening before it actually happened in my dream. So my brain must have felt the pain of the bite, and then made up a secenario of how it happened while I was asleep instantly, so I would understand why before actually waking up and seeing the bite. It seems like a pointless part of my dream, but I saw the spider GOING to bite me in my dream, and the bite was on cue to what I actually felt in real life if that make sense. *sigh* WHAT A LIFE!

  • ocarinaoftime

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  • NinFINLAND-do

    I would pay 50 €/$ more to be able to play with 2 gpads and still get 60 fps :/

    • Dan

      Sadly u can keep ur 50, framerate drops in half with 2 gamepads 🙁 ,, still gud though,, as long as its smooth and not choppy

  • Mass Effect fan

    Nintendo beasts he had post one comment and you all on him LET’S KILL HIM cos he talking against WII U

  • HappyCamper

    I’ve just read about multiplayer in zombiu and it sounds awesome.

    One player plays with pro controler controling the survivor and the other one plays as zombie commander on gamepad controling different types of zombies.

    It sounds great to me.

  • WiiUlover

    Wow tht sucks lazara the last. When u just pick up the gamepad Nd your alarm rings

  • Johny

    well that should show them trolls saying wiiu cant do 60 fps at FULL hd… all they say its either 720p at 60fps or 1080p at like.. 20-30 fps.. HERE HATERS its FRIGGIN full hd @60 fps geeeze

  • Daveyboy

    Most televisions have a source feed of 1/60 to 3/60. So if the gamepad is 1/60 it will generally be faster than the TV display. So this is pretty awesome.

  • Volcano

    When i first heard of wii u gamepad the thought of latency never occured to me. this is one of the reasons that prove wii u is next gen. cheers to ninty and wii u! long live NINTENDO!!!

  • millz

    no game will be at 20 frames a second it will be too jumpy. the human eye can only see 24 frames a second, fact no more and no less, no matter what vision you have. that’s what speed the brain processes moving image. extra frame rate is only there incase it drosps out a bit but no game or other medium will drop 37 frames to 23 (which will cause screen jumping) so 60fps is well over rated they are better off setting it at like 45 and use the extra processing power on graphics rather than fps.

  • 271911

    This is epic. Lots of games and fast speed you cant get better

  • docthespot

    Glad to hear good news on WiiU gamepad latency! Could go for some good news on WiiU Daily Moderation latency though!

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