Aug 3rd, 2012

Ubisoft is betting big with the Wii U — the company has already 9 games in development for the new console, 7 of which will be launch titles. One of those titles is ZombiU, a Wii U exclusive. ZombiU producer Guillaume Brunier believes that the Wii U is unique enough to become even more popular than the original Wii, which has sold almost 100 million units to date Brunier said in an interview with Fast Company:

“When they released the Wii a few years ago, I don’t think developers anticipated how big it would become. I think this is going to be the case with the Wii U too. Touchscreen interfaces are so common to everyone right now, that having this as part of a gaming platform is really going to get Wii U further than Wii got.”

Wii UDespite Ubisoft’s optimism, it’s hard to imagine any console selling more units than the Wii in today’s marketplace, with the increased competition from social and mobile gaming. Nintendo themselves are expecting to sell around 8 million Wii U consoles by March 2013. Others have much less faith in the new console, with a recent analyst predicting that Nintendo will only sell 4 million Wii U consoles by March 2013.

The Wii U price and launch date will be revealed in September.

Via Fast Company (Thanks for the tip, Brandon!)

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  • XDLugia

    I highly doubt this because of the increasing number of super-casual gamers who plays games on tablets and smartphones.

    Anyway, Wii U can become a wild success or a simple failure… I won’t be surprised either way.

    • LegendOfMe

      I agree with you. I don’t think Wii U will get the same succsess as Wii. Some people don’t even know Wii U is a new console. They think it’s just a new controller to the Wii. But that’s ignorance for you…And the name: Wii U can make people confused.

      But nobody will know for sure until the console has been out for some time. Personally I can’t wait.

      • Matthewmc685

        Well I think the opposite. I know that’s a bit harsh to say but even know people think with the dying economy the Wii U will never get to be as big as the Wii but I think it will have the same success. It’s a very hard came to say it will do better than the Wii but look at it this way: It can very easily improve gameplay, everyone that liked the Wii shod like the Wii U so they can get lots of there old gamers plus lots of core gamers (including the core gamers on Wii), it may have around two years before there is 8 gen competition and even when there is competition it looks like the Wii U will just win in terms of power. (I will note there is a possible CPU that will be in the PS4 that will kill the Wii U but that’s ok because this CPU costs a DARN LOT!)

        • kirbymon123

          the only problem is 9 out of 10 hardcore gamers i´ve asked say they aren´t buying the wii u because they refuse to get passed there prejudice towards nintendo.. ;(

    • XDLugia

      Seriously guys… Why all the dislikes? Is it because I am just a Hardcore Nintendo fanboy and not a blind Nintendo fanboy?

      • Grodus

        It was probobly becuase you said you wouldn’t be suprised if it was a failur, and this is a Wii U site. Personally I gave it a like, but…

        • Grodus

          failure. oops.

      • eugoreez

        trying to balance the likes and dislikes I guess 😀

      • Draco Breach

        I gave it a like 😉

        You’re absolutely right. As much as we want it to succeed, we have to remember there are other reasons for failure. Setting aside some short-sighted media-types idiotically bashing, Nintendo has a hit-or-miss record on marketing. As much as we fondly remember ‘Get N or get out!’ from late-N64 to early-NGC, it was a rather failed slogan.

        Got me into Club Nintendo though :p

        However, I’d love to be on a development team working with the GamePad. I just think there are some great things to be done, and my head is already cranking out ideas like mad.

      • SanPharaoh

        I hit the dislike button as a result of a coin toss…I could have really went either way, but the 27+ and the 27- was a little ominous to me. I find your opinion somewhat pessimistic. But your pessimism comes from a good place. No one will know for sure what the Wii U will do until it makes its debut, but one thing is for sure, I’m getting one and I hope everyone else does too as this would make the world of gaming greater for us all. Seriously.

        Mainly because this will create a point of competion that MS, and Sony can’t ignore which will in turn make them step their games up and bring us a much needed center of balance. Plus with Apple and Ouya on the horizon I see only great things coming to the world of gaming. And I think that Nintendo is the catalyst that sparked it.

        I may have gotten off topic, but my point is, the Wii U is going to have better success than the Wii (so long as their is no red ring wormhole of death or whatever that shit was called type of shenanigans *fingers crossed), The Wii U will surpass the Wii by a country mile. Even if it doesn’t sell more or as many units as the Wii…the games alone will make those who buy a Wii U happy for years to come. I don’t see how this system could fail.

      • LazerK

        Its because you put “Wii U” and “failure” in the same sentence.Diehard Nintendo fanboys can’t stand that
        I’m dissapointed actually.I’d expect something like that from a Playstaion/360 fanboy.Don’t go that low guys…

  • Mac

    im starting to like ubisoft more and more. they seem to be the only people who actually think this console is one of the best things that has happened to the gaming industry. all these analysts are putting down the Wii U because they hate innovation but like it when microsoft and sony innotake.

    i cant wait till september so i can have a final set price goal for me to raise so i can get this console.

    • Enigmatic

      Hahaha. No one hates innovation. There is a fine line between gimicks, and innovations, good sir.

      • ninjabake

        Honestly EVERY company creates gimmicks its a big part of marketing. One common misconception is that all gimmicks are bad. Some gimmicks work, they are only created to get more people to buy something and fact is: most of the time it works.

        People hate on the new controller variations Nintendo comes up with but rarely see that all it is is a new way to play the game. For instance, in a game where ur character has to pull an object towards him, on 360 n PS3 u may have to rapidly tap the A/X button and on the Wii U you may just simply pull the gamepad towards you. Same method but different input options whether or not that’s innovative is a matter of opinion as is which method is better but one thing that is undeniable is that its different.

      • gearchin

        i guess, motion gimmick is pretty damn good, if it will be a standard addition to the next xbox.

        • gearchin

          im speaking, in the context of motion controls, pertaining to what enigmatic said.

      • SanPharaoh

        The word “gimmick” has taken on the role of a two-bit, foul mouthed, slander ridden slur over the past few decades, hasn’t it? Here’s how the word gimmick is defined in the dictionary:

        An innovative or unusual mechanical contrivance; a gadget; An innovative stratagem or scheme employed especially to promote a project; A significant feature that is obscured, misrepresented, or not readily evident; a catch.

        Based on these definitions: gimmick used to mean, cool, new, different, but because things have changed apparently it now means something else.

        Say what you will about Nintendo and the Wii U, but it’s “gimmick” is it’s contribution to the world of gaming and everyone will benefit, and the competition will copy and you my dear Enigmatic will own at least one Wii U and you will love it.

        But just as a last thought on this subject… violence in games is a major gimmick…and so is sex, drugs, stealing cars, music, plot twists (or just a plain old plot period), story-line, commentary, hidden levels, cheat codes, color, HD graphics, player made level creation, character modification, leveling-up, 3D platforming, 2D side scrolling, cell shading, upgrading, just about everything that occurs in the world of gaming is a gimmick, but when we are praising these things we use synonyms like, innovation, creativity, cutting-edge, state of the art, ground breaking, revolutionary, etc., but when we are bashing these things we say “gimmick” because aesthetically this word comes off more like a con instead of a pro though they mean pretty much the same thing.

        Whatever…educating trolls is like trying to teach a bimbo to do calculus…it’s “fun” at first, but in the end your just wasting your time.

  • ck1x

    I just think that people aen’t giving Nintendo enough credit that this could be even more popular than the Wii! Many people, analyst included are writing this thing off that it will fail (in selling less than the Wii did) but it could do the exact opposite and make people flock to stores for it… There’s just always that possibility and I’m no fool to think otherwise against Nintendo

  • verymetal

    Great games sell many systems. It is that simple. Now, ask yourself what game announced so far for the Wii U do you consider great? I’m even having a hard time answering that one.

    • Britton

      Using your logic, you would have to agree that Nintendo has better games than both Sony and Microsoft (which I beleive they do). As the Wii sold more systems than both. You think whether the system succeeds or fails is entirely dependant on just the launch line up? Nintendo has MANY games still in store. There are many game still not even announced yet. Dont be ignorant and run around half-cocked.

    • 999 rupees


    • Quad

      I think theres only 2 or 3 good wii u games so far my favorite is rayman legends so far but no games of a bundle of good games at the start.

      • Quad

        *games systems have a bundle of goood games at the start.

        • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

          seeing the 3DS lauching game -_- only SSF IV interested me…(I have a 3DS ambassador!) In Japan, they were having a Proffesor Layton D=

    • mtx123456

      Battlefield 4, Avengers: Battle for Earth, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, FIFA 13, ZombiU, Assassin’s Creed 3, Batman Arkham City, Madden NFL 13 and so on.

  • Ledreppe

    “When they released the Wii a few years ago, I don’t think developers anticipated how big it would become.”

    Then why were there so few companies developing for it in its twilight years? I’m just hoping this wont repeat with the Wii U.

    • Alienfish

      That actually seems to be the problem is that developers didn’t pay any attention to it right away and before they felt like they wanted to do something worthwhile it had already started to wane because those developers weren’t there in the first place. Hopefully, this time developers will be watching closely and push their support in full force when this thing takes off in a few months. There are also a lot of lazy developers out there that want to simply make a cheap shooter instead of trying to innovate with new technology.

  • AKA-Link77

    it just might be more popular but over time of course, cuz its more powerful therefore it has a stronger life for sales.

    • Alienfish

      Oh shut up you tart.

  • A Wii U 4 U

    Somehow I doubt it, as the economy of the world today is not like that in 2005-07.
    Plus, with the influx of tablets, smart phones, and the app store, Nintendo and other console companies will have to start fighting Apple and co. for a share in the casual market.

    Hope Nintendo comes out on top.

    Cause, nothing beats sitting down on a sofa, playing a ninty game, whipping up a console controller and not worrying that your stubby fingers won’t hit the wrong button on a touch screen.

    • Enigmatic

      Very true. Down with mobile games, the bane of the video game industry.

    • Rasta

      Im sorry but i just dont see apple or any other company that makes tablets and/or mobile games stoping Ninty or sony or Mic. Cause angry birds seasons cant bring a family togeather like a 4 player co-op of mario or nintendo land. They are there but there not a brick wall

    • Man

      Personally I think it will sell to high 80’s or mid to low 90’s. I know the economy isnt what it use to be but i stiil know people who got crappy cars or houses wit 200 doller rims or T.Vs

  • Wii Uoops!

    As much as I love the Wii U, I doubt this. The economy is not what it was 6 years ago, and a few people doubt Nintendo ever since the WII. But I am confident it can come close and will probably outsell the Xbox 720 and PS4 again. 🙂

  • Mr.device

    I don’t think that the wiiU surpassing the wii in sales is out of the question, I just think it is unlikely. However I think that the wiiU will likely outsell the the competion in the up upcoming gaming generation. 😮

  • Alias

    Due to Nintendo’s new relationship with Ubisoft, The “U” in Wii U is dedicated to Ubisoft. just kidding of course.

  • Mida

    I really wish that was true

  • trainerblk

    Thats something we got to wait & see. It has the potential, it all depends on how nintendo market. It & show why everone needs a wii u. But for people as myself were following this till its here, so at leat the grab some buyers eye so far.anything possible when it comes to ninteno

  • RonaldCoLtd

    Could be? It WILL be! (In my opinion)

  • FennexFox

    I want to be as successful as the Wii but I doubt that would happen. I do think they will be successful at the launch of the Wii U.

  • PKUltima

    As I highly doubt the Wii-U will sell as many units as its predecessor, I do believe it will be very popular with so called “core” CoD gamers, and of course actual hardcore gamers that enjoy diversity in their games.

  • donicx

    who knows if that’s gonna happen it probably will later in the wii u life cycle.

  • OceanJ

    Wii U will be very, very successful. But chances are it won’t sell as many units as the Wii over the long-term. Why? 1) Whereas the Wii’s motion-control technology was completely new, Wii U simply takes current technology and puts it together (putting a tablet into a controller, with motion and gyroscope control). It doesn’t grab people’s attention like the Wii did. 2) Unfortunately there will be casual gamers who are happy with cheap or free Smart-Phone & Tablet games, and their old consoles – that won’t be compelled to buy the Wii U. 3) Too much risk of future competition…who knows what Microsoft, Sony, Apple…and others will introduce to compete with Wii U. Chances are we will see more “tablet controllers” like the GamePad hit the market. Still, I think the Wii U will sell around 70 – 80 Million units, whereas the Wii sold over 100 million.

  • no way

    In other breaking news: Ubisoft says that monkeys is going to fly out of my butt.

    • Shankovich

      Monkeys are* if you’re going to say something stupid, don’t let your poor grammar get in the way 🙂

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Mobile games are lame trust me I know I have an iPad

    Mobile games are like potatoe chips where you can eat as many as you want and never get full while nintendo games is like a classy dessert where the quality in game play and story is good that it leaves you wanting more which is why you savor and flavor it 🙂

    • TTimer

      egoraptor…..but i agree

  • metroidfusion2

    The wii u will obviously sell more then the ps4 and 720 now will it sell more then the wii it could becaause it all depends on how many parents want a wii u and how many kids and will it be sold in more places then the wii and more 3rd party people are coming later so that will definitely mean more success

  • The Beeshnu

    Ubisoft have more games coming to the Wii U than Nintendo does

  • AwayToHit

    It wont outsell the Wii but it will outsell the next Xbox and PS

  • Grodus

    As awesome as that would be, I doubt it. I would love if it did! Ethier way, I’ll have a launch day Wii U, so I’m fine.

  • ninjabake

    Using the economy as a cop out isn’t as realistic as everyone gives it credit for, YES the economy is horrid and isnt what it was in 06 but keep this in mind, there were no innovative handheld apple products on the market when the economy was in better shape and now that its floundering Apple couldn’t be any more successful.

    The bad economy isn’t stopping consumers from shelling out $600 on an iPad or $80 on an iPod or $500 for a Mac or thousands on an Apple TV. Not to mention ALL of those products (sans the TV) can essentially do the same things so if it isn’t stopping them from dropping more on Apple products why would it stop them from getting a Wii U? Simply not wanting it seems like a more logical excuse if you compare it to apple (the supposed competition for the Wii J’s casual market)

    One last point I wanna make is that the Wii U, much like the Wii,
    incorporates ways for the entire family to play videogames. Casual games on phones and tablets utilize a more solitary experience so that comparison isn’t the greatest one either in terms of competing against Nintendo’s casual market.

    I personally don’t think the Wii U will sell as many units as Wii, afterall no 2 successive consoles have sold 90+ million units consecutively, but I do believe it will be a success.

  • JC

    I bet that there will be people that go to GameStop and ask for a wii u tablet thinking that is just a controller for the wii -___-. I just dont get it, Sony makes ps1,2,3 and Microsoft Xbox,360, but people don’t like the fact that the next Nintendo console is the second wii generation….. I think that I answered my own question 😛

    • 7Down

      To be fair, when I saw the E3 where Wii U was shwn for the first time I did think it was just a tablet, but then someone said that the console is there in some corner, I did feel stupid, but then again, they really didn’t show the console itself, it was more about the controller and some people just don’t follow the news related to gaming

  • gameflow

    I hope the wii u will sell good, but I am afraid it wont. Its strange because thats after many years the first console I am totally interested in buying it at day one. The concept of the controller is really interesting and alot of my non-gamer or casual gamer friends are all like “wow, thats actually cool…”. That reminded me about the reactions when the wii came out. But on the other side my so called hardcore gamer friends are very sceptical. The reason could be, that some “hardcore” gamer are conservative when it comes to innovative things. They judge a console about tech spechs that aren’t released yet and a controller that they havent tested yet. The thing I cant understand about nintendos marketing strategy is, that they -till today- couldn’t sell the consoles concept to a wide audience and that they didnt try to stop this “low tech…old hardware” discussions. If you look at this android console “ouya”. The processing power of this console doesnt seem to be a problem for most gamers…even if it is not much better than my toaster (just kidding) ;). What I mean is, that good promotion and a positive internet vibe(or hype) can actually hide downsides of a product. People are happy about it, despite all its flaws. And I really hope this will change for the wii u as well…because this great product desevers it!

  • Megaman

    Ubisoft will say ANYTHING to gain fans and boost sales. They are PATHETIC!

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    I think the Wii U will succeed but not as much as the Wii did’ cuz the economy was better back then but now it’s not the same and im predicting the Wii U will sell at least 90 million units and will be successful.

  • console fan

    The price and nintendo going back to making a proper console will make me get it soon after relese unlike last gen where i had to wait a year to aford xbox and ps3 sorry but i didnt like wii but the new wii has me exited about nintendo again

    p.s. Sorry for bad english i left school at 13

    • ninjabake

      To say the wii wasn’t a “proper” console sounds a bit biased and uneducated I think a better fit would be “traditional” in that sense, no the wii was not a traditional console but did that make it a bad system? Absolutely not. It depends on what games your into as is the case with any console. Unless the system is completely lacking in game library and overall content then there is no factual evidence the system was bad. If you prefer it or not is completely such subjective its like saying one rock band is great and another sucks, it’d be an endless debate LOL

      I myself am completely open minded when it comes to videogames so I always keep my options open however I know that not every other gamer will feel the same way. But if you look up some of the good core titles for the wii you’ll see some decent variety.

  • Gamer

    As much as some of you guys are sympathetic to Microsoft and xbox, the Wii U might even be bigger than the Wii, due to it’s great gaming and entertainment refinement. Also support for it is increasing tremendously.

  • LyingTuna

    I don’t care how many units it sells, as long as it makes a big prophet and outsells the competition. Seriously, as much as I play my 360, it and PS3 have the absolute worst fanboys…

  • TTimer

    am i going to have to be there at the Store when they restock just so i can get a WII U…..cause that was the case when the Wii came out……literally impossible to see a Wii just standing there in the game section with anyone going for it. 😀 KH ._.
    but that is good for nintendo 😀

  • TTimer

    wont be long until we see PS3/PS4 or even Xbox360/720 with a controller that happens to have a touch screen on it. 😀
    I dont really stay with one company of gaming cause i like to see other game consoles and explore and what not……..but i am more on Nintendo’s Side…..i grew up with Nintendo (super nintendo, nintendo 64) and i have more memories and more family time with a nintendo console than any other (ive never had an Xbox, but i have had a PS1, 2, & 3), that is why i am more on Nintendo’s side. 😀 KH ._.

  • Gamer Lover

    Will people think it will be selling so much since the Wii got ALOT but really nobody knows it might not it might will but i would feel sorry (not in the mean way) for the developers like ubisoft and such if it fails since they wasted some good money but i will still get it TRY to get it at launch and wow i was amazed it’s just the controller i mean a screen… i mean i love the Mic and all the stuff it comes with i just wasn’t impress with the screen don’t get me wrong i love the idea just hope u don’t thumbs down for a opinion