Dec 13th, 2012

zombiuWhen the original Wii launched in 2006, one of the most hyped lunch games was Ubisoft’s Red Steel. However, that game turned out to be quite a disappointment, and was subsequently panned by game critics.

With the Wii U, Ubisoft once again delivered a much talked about launch game: ZombiU. And while that game is much better than Red Steel ever was, some critics still didn’t like it. ZombiU producer Guillaume Brunier has admitted that they were “really disappointed” with how the game was received, saying:

“We were really disappointed with the early US reviews. We are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the experience we created but we did not expect so harsh a feedback”

However, he added that Ubisoft was eventually pleased once more gamers and journalists got their hands on the game. Brunier said:

“As more and more journalists and gamers played the game, these opinions proved to be a minority. So right now we’re rather pleased with the overall reception of the game.”

Despite some negative early reviews, ZombiU has a 76 rating on Metacritic, which is considered quite good. For our own thoughts on the game, check out our in-depth ZombiU review. And be sure to join the ZombiU forums for more discussion on the game.


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  • well, it does look like shit.

    • nigeriangamer

      that for you to say…it might not be the best looking but it not that bad.the lightening effects are actually very good,and again  it was a rushed work,and yet still looks okay .

    • Pearson

      Your comment proved ignorant. With that hair and a smile the looks of your face, well, it does look like shit.

      • Rachel Cahill

        Insulting someone for having an opinion is pretty idiotic…and learn what “ignorant” means, would you?

  • Nintendude

    I love Zombi U. I see it’s flaws, but I think some of the good stuff in in make up for it.

  • This game is sick.  Perfect?  Nope.  But absolutely unreal.  Anyone who can’t see that is an idiot.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    the games graphics set the tone…its not meant to be bright and beautiful…duh

    • Captain Falcon

      That my friend is the art style. Though, the textures in ZombiU were noticeably blocky at times…

  • Those negative reviews came from people who shitted their pants. I know I was quite annoyed when I had to buy new pairs of pants.

    Seriously though, the game is amazing. It’s common knowledge that you don’t go into a game just for the graphics. You go for the experience. And ZombiU has a hell of an experience. 

  • Master

    I love survival horror, but come on how many survival horror games are actually scary? Slender was kind of a joke, all there was were noises. ZombiU actually looks scary, so I’m really hyped to be getting it this holiday season.

    • Michael Bayruns

      I’d recommend playing amnesia the dark descent. Its a real survival horror game. Slender is laughable in comparison.

      • Master

         Well I’ve had a Steam for Linux beta key, I guess it’s time to put it to work.

        • Ryan Vincenzetti

          gah youre not using steam?! youre not a pc gamer are you?

          • Master RD

            I do use Steam, but I do like exclusives, so I also own 360, and Wii U…

        • Wait, you have a Steam for Linux key and aren’t using it!?! Not cool

        • RoadyMike

           I’m not a PC gamer(at least not yet)but even I can see not using Steam is kind of…wrong.Go for it.Like,NOW

  • yeah but launch titles never look great besides wait until aliens colonial marines comes out that will be impressive

    • Smashninja22

      Rayman Legends is the best looking game I’ve seen coming out next year. A MUST buy!!!

  • SoulSilverZero

    one of the negative reviews came from a PS3 fanboy from ign…

    • MujuraNoKamen

       I thought the same thing, whenever a new game comes out a few fanboys are going to be completley unfair to it just because they’re a******s – look at when Skyward Sword came out, GameSpot gave it a 7.5 (????) – I suppose the same can be said about fanboys giving a game a rating that’s too high. back on topic, ZombiU looks awesome, I haven’t got it yet but most gamers give it high ratings and that means more than what a handful of critics think.

  • Christopher Caiazzo

    the game is awesome Ubisoft..dont worry about the reviews 

  • definately this most frightening game if have ever played and my fravourite by ubisoft. the frights in this are really good.. i already wanna sequel.  online 2 player career mode. 

    graphics are alright in places, some other places not. but in those places that do look good, they look by far better anything the xbox and ps3 can pull off. make a sequel!!

  • bloodace45

    I give ZombiU a 6/10 cause for me the game is UNPLAYABLE. Good story, good look to it, good controlls but there is to many game breaking glitches in the game. Not once but twice I broke the objectives so I couldnt progress. 1 time my guy falls through the game world into abyss and I cant get my mission items back so I had to restart. 2nd time it says objective KILL DOC…I DID!!! I have taken his eye 3 freaking times. I even did a few objectives that come AFTER you kill the Doc…I returned ZombiU cause I wasnt going to do the whole game over a 3rd time. And I disagree about Redsteel. I loved it. Redsteel 1 was fun doing the gun parts. Sword parts sucked. Redsteel 2 they fixed the sword parts. Wanted a Redsteel 3 on Wii U…lol.

    • Mauricio Guaura

      Eh? I’ve never read anyone complaining about ‘GAME BREAKING glitches’, and specially not those. You are either lying or have the shittiest luck ever.

    • Nintendofreak

      happened to me in morrowind dude its not d game its ur luck…cuz i remember playing other morrowind games were my stupid dude could go out of the water without having through swim on land

    • Elem187

      You are supposed to let the game download the latest update before playing.

    • Way to to spew out EOG spoilers all over the place without any consideration for other players.

      And yes, you had bad luck. Great games can have bugs. If you saw the WALL of code that goes into making games work you wouldn’t be surprised. Yes it sucks as the consumer, but stuff happens. Mario 64 had bugs where you could jump through some walls. Golden Eye 64 had a bug where you could teleport into a vent. Tales of the Abyss had a bug where you could travel over sea and mountain by walking. Skyrim had backwards flying dragons. Arcana for SNES froze on me once when i was like 4 hours into the final dungeon. In ZombiU I hit one bug where I fell into the ground and couldn’t move. Big deal though, I restarted and it was fine.

      The fact of the matter is the experience offered by ZombiU is great. The bug doesn’t make the game, and it certainly doesn’t break the game.

  • Johny

    yea.. game doesnt deserve those low reviews…the game is different.. and people not liking it either.. just dont like it, or dont get it.

    • Elem187

      I’d give it at least an 83 out of 100… it isn’t perfect like a Zelda game, but definitely isn’t terrible.

  • this game just and simply puts the once-good resident evil franchise to rest. zombi u is survival horror redefined. compare resi6 to zombi u.. zombi u is the game that resi gamers have been craving for. it is just as simple as that. where is the benefit from a better graphics engine (resi6) when the game is an utterly boring action shooter. yawn.

    • Petri

      Resident Evil series took a bad direction with RE4, though 4 was still worthwhile, one of the best games I had on gamecube, but not the resident evil I love.
      I just hope they would have kept the series the way it was good, and if they wanted to make a 3rd person shooter with b.o.w’s, it would have been fine, as long as they kept the original gameplay intact.

      I guess I’m just getting too old for games, when I think that success of C.O.D has ruined good games while companies tries to compete with it.

  • EmoryM

    Who considers a 76 on metacritic ‘quite good’?

    Based on what I read about Fallout: New Vegas it appears other companies (Bethesda and Obsidian, at least) feel ‘quite good’ is 85 or above.

    I’m making no claims about the quality of ZombiU, it just seems like you’re presenting your opinion as fact.

    • Mauricio Guaura

      Well, 75+ is GOOD, actually.
      85+ is great
      90+ is universal acclaim

      Go figure

      • Elem187

        And Zelda games constantly hit 100.

  • Christopher Coonan

    I’m not the only one who actually liked Red Steel, right?

  • Jeffrey Debris

    Hmmmmm, lunch games. 😛

  • Arthur Jarret

    Many of the negative remarks actually work to immerse me more in this game. The extra step to ready a weapon is brilliant, and just as effective as when used in Resident evil… you are preparing your character to attack… when under a surprise attack you forget it and die; I think this is very realistic – reviewers blamed the controls for their own incompetence.

    Some blockiness is there, some bad animations are there – but this is without a doubt the most amazing launch game I have ever played since mario 64

    • Elem187

      As much as I agree that Zombi-u is pretty intense, but come on Mario 64 was without a doubt as one of the best, almost as good as Super Mario Brothers that was bundled with the original NES.

      Remember Wii Sports also was a great launch title, even though it was a tech demo the games popularity reached pretty much every home.

  • Hououin Kyouma

    ZombiU sucks, just as all of Ubisoft’s other “games.”

    • Elem187

      uh huh… go back to your sony forums

  • gamer

    Zombiu is an incredible game, and those early reviews, especially from gamespot, were just that…early with no substance. In my opinion they were just trying to undermine the game, maybe Ubisoft didn’t throw enough money at them to motivate their reviews (who knows, this is something we feel occasionally about gamespot reviews). 

    This game delivers a new experience from an old school perspective. It has the right amount of balance and let’s you adapt slowly to its intricacies. This is definitely the direction future horror games ought to follow. Deserves much higher than 7.6 too. Graphics were a bit rushed and could have been improved a great deal. The Wii u can surely deal with a lot more depth. The experience is what counts in this case though.

    • Elem187

      I think you hit the nail on the head here… You have to remember these “reveiwers” are fan bois of different systems… I think there is an effort to undermine the system early on hoping to keep people from purchasing them because the next sony/xbox is around the corner…. If they can’t hurt sales it gives the otehr two systems to have a larger install base… Whatever system has the largest install base can drag more exclusives, so the Sony fanboi wants to make sure his biased system of choice gets the most exclusives down the road.

      I’ve had my wii-u for all of 3 weeks and am in love with the system. I haven’t touched my ps3 or my 360, in fact I think I’m going to trade it on more wii-u games as they come out.

      • Same here, all I’ve been touching is my PC, Mac and Wii U, my poor 3DS and PS3 haven’t been touched in days … Wii U is like a pringles, once ye pop, ye canny stop

      • $39063977

        Exactly. I have been taken over by this console, and it feels a bit strange to be honest. I had put Skyrim and a couple of other games on hold for a few days to try out the new console, but now it’s all about the Wii u. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest, especially after reading and listening to all the fanboy stuff going around (stupid me), but the console delivers, Big Time. Amazing controls, fluent integration, the gamepad is super cool, graphics are sharp and no less than hoped for, Nintendo land is full of surprises, memories, amazing games to have a bit of stress release. The whole bundle is just cool with lots of potential. I sure hope this will bring a bright future to Nintendo. They need to fix the OS issues, speed up things a bit (too much loading) and add more features, but these things are probably on the way. I’ve noticed how it says everywhere “v 1.1.0” which is freaking amazing. “v 1.1.0” to me reads “we’ve only got started”.

  • yamiryuu_zero

    Those negative reviews come from people who didn’t understand yet that this is a survival horror game, not a full action Resident Evil 6. The game is supposed to make you fear what you might find or not in every dark corner; to create that atmosphere of suspense and tension; to make you save ammunition, not to spend it all killing every zombie in your way. You’re supposed to run away from them and survive at all costs, not to face them fearlessly!

    It’s incredible how the survival horror genre died to so many people. They forgot how it is supposed to feel like, and want every game where there’s a  zombie in it to be like RE4/5/6. They forgot how the first ones feel like, and that (as I see), they’re much better than the action ones.

  • Nintendofreak

    me think that the ones who didnt like them buyed it expecting a left for dead or cod zombie mode kind of think…like u know im mister badass got hit by five bullets so ill just hide behind this crate for 4 seconds and have all my health back…they were expecting to loot every dam body n find bullets…problaly never have played a survival game until now n were used to the feeling of power and undestructability that most fps offer not the feeling of dread that survival games cause on u d feeling of holy shit i have a pocket knife n i must survive….for my part i havent played it cuz d only demo i could find on my gamestop was raymand legends…but im happy that after all this time somebody had the guts to take a genre that for me and for most of us was dead n reviving it……..sorry for the spelling but im not a good speller so w/e

  • I don’t care what early reviews say about ZombiU, I just can hardly wait to buy my ZombiU bundle next week or really early next year (depends on the wiiu stock in the Netherlands).

  • ye i dont really like this game 2

  • ScrillaScar

    It’s one of the best games of the year-i completed it on Survivor-Mode two days ago…hella of an experience!!! Nr.51 on leaderboards 🙂

  • Well in a way to make Ubisoft feel better, even though they’ll probably never read this comment I still want to post it up, a Dutch Magazine (Actually BeNeLux mag) has written a review of the above title. ZombiU. Here is what they say:

    “ZombiU is the BEST survival Horror game ever, it truly redefines the Survival Horror Genre. This game will get the very first Gold Award  for a WiiU title. The survival horror in this game is so well made, you litteraly sh*t your pants playing this game. Every owner of a WiiU who is looking for a hardcore game must buy this title if you haven’t done so yet, get your Premium ZombiU package asap, you may not miss out on this title. We rate this game 92/100 and give it a truly deserved gold award” (PU).

    That’s what the mag wrote in a nutshell.

    On a side note for the WiiU the future looks even better now, there was a statement said by the president of Ubisoft, he said that the WiiU will be the engine in the gaming industry next year, and he is positive they made the right call to fully support the WiiU, they call upon other third party developers to do the same. Not sure if this has been posted allready, but if not it has been posted now 😉 It seems like Ubisoft has overcome the dissapointment on the “early” reviews of ZombiU.

    Sylux out and on his way to the Hobbit.

  • red.shadow_88

    I think the problem is, that the difficulty of the game is a bit to high for some of the reviewers. That might have frustrated some of the reviewers. I played through the game and I love it with all it’s weaknesses.

  • ScrillaScar

    It’s one of the best games of the year-i completed it on Survivor-Mode two days ago…hella of an experience!!! Nr.51 on leaderboards 🙂

  • Most reviewers reviews should be taken with a grain of salt now days.  If the company in question sends them extra free stuff they give them a better score.  Most of the reviews only play faced paced games, like COD, Dead Island, etc.  Give them an old school survival game and they rate it bad.  The way I look at reviews is from Gamefly, Amazon, or sites that have actual user reviews.  If you look at Gamefly for example ZombiU has a better score than COD BO2.

  • Hoypaloy

    Had I not already pre-ordered the Premium ZombiU pack I would undoubtedly have taken note of those IGN and GS reviews and decided not to purchase. Once I played I absolutely could not believe that such innacurrate and unprofessional reviews got through the editorial team to the point of post. It still baffles me now. The IGN guy said that the melee combat is boring?!? I’ve never played a game that does melee combat better. Your attacks feel weighted, there’s some timing needed to pull off the hits successfully. It works brilliantly. Compare this to the melee combat in previous games – let’s use Skyrim as an example: your enemy floats around unconvincingly in front of you while you contunually mash one button. There’s no comparison. (I do love Skyrim by the way). Even more annoying, both GS and IGN absolutely raved over the game in previews and the finished product is a perfectly fleshed out expansion of what was displayed in those previews. Unbelievable. My biggest worry is that these nonsensical reviews will now uncourage UbiSoft to dumb down the sequel – and that would be a terrible shame. Dark, scary and rock hard are what make this game great. Perhaps that was the problem – some reviewers can’t handle games that hand them their ass over and over again. 

  • yienwae

    I *almost* did not purchase this game due to some of the negative reviews.  But I watched some of the walkthru’s created on YouTube and changed my mine.  I have no regrets with my purchase.  ZombiU is a ‘must have’ for the first launch games on the Wii U.