Feb 8th, 2013

Since Rayman Legends has been delayed by Ubisoft in order to be released as a multi-platform game, many Wii U owners are understandably upset. Ubisoft had confirmed that the Wii U version of the game is finished, but it’s being held back by the other console versions. The publisher appears to have taken many people’s complaints to heart and plans to offer a new exclusive demo that will be available on the eShop soon.

Ubisoft updated their Facebook page with the following post, after it was flooded by angry fans:

Thanks for all your feedback regarding Rayman Legends in all of its forms. We have heard you and we will continue to listen. We understand your frustration and that you want to get your hands on the game. We are working with the development team to provide you with a new, exclusive demo for the Wii U soon. Stay tuned for more.

Of course a demo is a great thing, but it’s certainly not the full game that Ubisoft has confirmed that is finished. What do you think of this offering? Is it enough or is Ubisoft just trying to buy their way out of bad PR? Let us know in the comments.

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  • LolWatTurtles

    This doesn’t fix anything. The sales are still fucked now. Lol, Foreal.

  • I wont budge for it

  • MadCrain

    Woooow, A demo!? Nooo waaay, and exclusive!? wooow, We Wii U users should feel SO special ūüôā

    • Johny

      yea! i mean… with that they TOTALY compensated the damage they have done with like.. delaying it to death and… oh HURTING the system and feeding nintendo/wii u haters and irritating us.it more than makes up for it huh…

      • MadCrain

        Makes up for it? They made up for it and SO much more, I feel SO special that I’m just GLOWING :D, Ubisoft, I can’t believe I was EVER mad at you, here, have my balls on a plate, I trust you!

        • TaintedXGamer

          Note that the first 1 was already multi-plat across Wii/3DS/XBOX360/PS3 and pc?, Don’t boycott ubisoft, coz they want to make more profit, it would be more of a dick move IF they Cancelled it, like what capcom LIKES TO DO. (I still feel the Butthurt from MegamanL 3DS getting Axed)

          • ludist210

            “Note that the first 1 was already multi-plat across Wii/3DS/XBOX360/PS3 and pc?”

            The majority of those sales didn’t come until they cut the price a couple of months after launch. ¬†It didn’t sell well at all the first two months it was on store shelves.

          • CharmanderRulz

            You do know the game was finished, right? Even the people making the game said that they:”spent 6 months barely seeing our wives, kids, and friends for nothing because, after all, such a haste wasn’t needed [as there now going multyplat and have more time]. Believe it, it was a hell to swallow these news.”

          • MadCrain

            No shit I knew that, I’m not living under a rock, but how does that little trivia affect my comment, am I bashing Ubisoft? if anything, I’m licking there balls, in all seriousness, people like you don’t really seem to get the point that I couldn’t give less of a shit that it’s coming to the PS3 and 360, it’s a shame since it would boost Wii U sales, but oh well, what pisses me off is that I have to wait 6 more months, and by that time, GTA V, A way more anticipated game (in my list) is coming out, so truth be told, I lost interest, so I’m just joking about the matter, since the matter is a joke, I find it really pathetic that they would do this, and sure, fuck the fans to make more munnies, that’s a super¬†excellent¬†idea.¬†

  • David Rampa

     desperate. perfect word to describe that.

  • Wayne Beck

    Not good enough..

    How many weeks til they announce this is delayed for multi-platform release?

    What a disgrace..

    • LaVonte Ima Boss Grigsby

      hahahaha i was thinking the same thing

  • Len Johnson

    Ubisoft fell in the trap where they worried about selling games instead of doing the right thing by putting the game out on Wii U. People are not going to buy the game now in September not for 60.00. Ubisoft just drop the ball big time

    • Kuzon

      When this game fails to sell like it was supposed to, I bet they’ll blame it on these things:

      1. People don’t want Rayman
      2. Nintendo device owners don’t care about these games
      3. Nintendo device owners don’t buy 3rd party
      4. Pirates

      I can’t wait for their delusional decision on this.

      • Nintedward

        The Nintendo fans would of appreciated some exclusive Rayman. Do you think we want to wait all excited so some douche without a wiiu can play on the same day as us ? no.

      • Johny

        we have to show them that they have brought it on themselfs!

    • ¬†If you are in the BUSINESS of making games, would you not be worried about selling games as opposed to doing the right thing by Wii U owners, whatever that means?

      • Adam Porter

        so by holding onto the game and not releasing it now is a good way of selling units is it, you’re alot smarter than you look donaald you don’t give yourself enough credit. i don’t know how nobody else has come up with this idea, imagine, making money by not selling your product, cash coming in and no stock going out it’s genius.

        • ¬†Well you are dumber than I thought, but I won’t hold that against you!¬† UBIsoft like others, realized that there is no benefit to having a Wii U exclusive since the system sold poorly.¬† If the system sold well, then they could expect a certain amount of revenue.¬† Instead, they will wait and release it on all systems to insure maximum revenue.¬†

          You guys still may not want to admit it, but the Wii U has flopped.  If it had not flopped, they would have still had their exclusives.  The ship is sinking and everyone but the captain is jumping overboard!  Pretty soon, the captain will join them!

          I just went to see the Wii U’s current lineup and I see why no one wanted to buy it.¬† Nintendo messed up big time.

          • sexigarro collective

            Donaald, admit it, you love NINTENDO ūüėÄ

          • Wayne Beck

            I swear man, you are the most ignorant person I have ever seen in my life. 

            The Wii U is the second fastest selling console of all time. Behind only the Wii. Anyone who thinks that is bad is to stupid to live.

          • ¬†You must be pulling crap out of your ass!

          • Wayne Beck

            While it is¬†incredibly¬†hard to find the 3 month totals for video game consoles, here’s some¬†perspective.¬†

            In the first 18 months…Wii consoles sold: 9.5 million¬†PS2 consoles: 8.5 million¬†Xbox360: 5.4 million¬†Xbox: 5.2 millionPS3: 4.2 millionThe Wii U has sold 3 million consoles in 2 and a half months.¬†

            That crushes Both Xboxes and PS3 and puts it well on track to do the same to PS2 which, prior to the release of the Wii, was the fastest selling console of all time. 

            Meeting Nintendo’s revised goal of selling 4 million by the end of March will mean that in Four Months, Wii U has sold half of what the second fastest selling console of all time sold in a year and a half.

          • ¬†What is it selling NOW?¬† Now what if the other two sold 10 million in two months, what will you say?¬† Liars/publicists like to pull all types of shit out of the air to manufacture your lies.¬† I know you game and lying will only expose you for who you are.¬† You politician explanations don’t impress me.¬† Stick to the facts – the Wii U DID NOT sell out, it’s software did not crack the top ten and it has sold poorly overall.¬† Stop lying.¬† If you people did not lie so much I would not be riding the Wii U half as hard.

          • Wayne Beck

            Are you habitually stupid? The only reason consoles sell out is lack of Supply. It is not a factor in how well something  is actually selling.

            Just because Nintendo was able to produce more consoles than people bought doesn’t reflect the viability of the console at all. It means, unlike consoles before it, Nintendo opted to make enough for everyone.

            Also, those numbers are literal sales numbers from the companies themselves. Not some kind of spin machine. It is a crime to give your investors false sales numbers.

          • ¬†You must be habitually stupid if you believe what you wrote!

            Sales is the only factor in how well something is selling.  Are you stupid?  When you make X amount of items and do not sell them out, you are less inclined to want to make more because you will lose money.

            When recording artists used to ship 1 million CD’s, they expected that or most of it to sell through.¬† When they only sell half, the album flopped.¬† The remaining CD’s must be put in the bargain bin and then the album is no longer promoted.¬† If it sold the 1 million, then they will ship another 500,000 or maybe 1 million.¬† After that, they made more than what they expected.

            You know this or should so please don’t play stupid.¬† If you are not playing, then I apologize!

          • Wayne Beck

            Are you seriously comparing a CD to high end electronics? CDs sell for a month and people move on. Video Game consoles sell for years.

            There are two options. You can artificial reduce supply to give the appearance of there not being enough for everyone or you can make enough so anyone can go pick one up at any time.

            Yes, Nintendo sold less than they anticipated, but it was very clear very early on that Nintendo was making no attempt to limit access. A large number of stores were selling out for weeks and Nintendo was having them restocked in Three Days. That is an unprecedented level of access from a video game console manufacturer. 

            I guarantee you, when the next Xbox and Playstation come out, they will sell half as many and claim it is due to manufacturing limitations, just like they did last time.

          • Silent

            You ARE pulling crap out of your mouth!

          • Adam Porter

            did i say anything about exclusives, most people are upset to have to wait for months to get a game that is already ready, just so other console versions can be finished.
            i said they should sell a game that is already ready, you said that was bad business sense somehow??? 

          • ¬†Maybe they looked at the sales of Wii U games and of the type that Rayman fits and realized that they won’t get much out of it.

          • Adam Porter

            so now you think they should abandon a wiiU version, lose all the money they spent developing it specially for that console??
            this is the genius i’m talking about donaald, you love microsoft so much i think you should become head of their gaming division, you’re the kind of brain they need.

          • Silent

             Lol even an idiot can see sarcasm. This girl is retarded

          • TrueWiiMaster

             If the Wii U has flopped with better launch sales than either the 360 or PS3, than they both flopped more than 6 years ago.  Weird how failed systems sold about 70 million each, huh?

          • ¬†Did the Wii U sell 70 million units?¬† The PS3 and 360 had the benefit of being HD and ready for the future while the Wii U is already outdated as soon as the new systems hit.¬† Nintendo knew this and still decided do what they wanted to.

          • Adam Porter

            come on donaald lets get back to your magical marketing scheme of making money as a games company by not selling anything. couple that genius idea with planting a few money tree forests and we are on to a multi-billion dollar business idea!!! we’ll call it “thin air inc.”
            you’re so smart donaald i’m so glad to have met you, i can’t wait for the next golden nugget of business and marketing knowledge you come out with. where can i invest in your knowledge so we can scale up production from our dream factory.

          • Silent

            Yay, I love not selling and making money. Can i have a golden seed to i can become multi-billionare too? ūüėÄ

          • TrueWiiMaster

            Not yet, no.¬† But when the PS3 and 360 were the Wii U’s age, they were doing worse.¬† If the Wii U is flopping as you say it is, that standard has to apply across the board, which means you’re saying the PS3 and 360 flopped years ago.

          • ¬†No, I am saying that the Wii U has flopped today.¬† What happened almost a decade ago does not count towards what has happened now.¬† HD was new to many people in 2005/06.¬† Prices for those systems were a lot more than people were used to paying.¬† Now, the Wii U offers nothing radically different from the two present systems.¬† No, that controller does not count which is why no one is buying the Wii U.

          • Silent

            Oh now it is time. Screw you. Go away before we laugh at you some more.

          • TrueWiiMaster

            First, it wasn’t almost a decade ago that the PS3 came out, it was just over 6 years.¬† Second, though your “prices were higher back then” point is valid, so is the fact that the world’s economy has changed since then, and that¬† consoles now compete more than ever with PC’s, and smartphones and tablets have come into existence.¬† If anything, the current market is harder than it used to be.¬† In other words, your point fails.¬† If your standards are so high that the Wii U is failing as we speak, then by those same standards the PS3 and 360 failed years ago.¬† I personally wouldn’t consider the PS3 and 360 failures, but hey, feel free.

          • ¬†The 360 came out in 2005, that is 8 years ago – almost a decade. As I wrote, the PS3/360 offered new technology.

          • TrueWiiMaster

            The 360 came out at the end 0f 2005, just over 7 years ago.  And I was talking about both the PS3 and 360.

            They offered HD (and blu-ray on the PS3).¬† All they really did was crank up the power of the previous gen.¬† Either way, my point still stands.¬† If the Wii U’s launch sales are a failure, that standard has to apply across the board, including to the PS3 and 360.

          • Silent

            Seriously, there is no point in arguing with you. 

          • ¬†That’s right – there IS no point!¬† When your goal is to lie, my goal is to uncover and expose the lies, you can’t win with lies!¬† So either stop arguing or start telling the truth.

          • Silent

            Truth Hurts: Nintendo is doing better than Sony or Crappysoft right now

          • ¬†OK.¬† I guess Nintendo is doing so well that publishers on the Wii U who once had exclusives decided to take those games and put them on competitor’s systems that are doing worse?¬† Makes sense – to publicists in training!

          • TrueWiiMaster

            ¬†And I’m sure the huge install bases that took upwards of 6 years to create has nothing to do with that, right?

            Also, keep in mind that 3rd party exclusives have been ported from the 360 to the PS3 on various occasions too, including high profile games like Bioshock and Mass Effect 1 and 2.¬† By your logic they were ported because the 360 was doing poorly.¬† There was also a time when Assassin’s Creed and GTAIV were both going to be PS3 exclusives, but they both went multiplat before coming out.¬† 3rd Party exclusives are dying off.¬† They aren’t really indicators of a system’s success.

          • It’s barely been out a year and it’s a flop in just a few months after release? Dude, no offense, but you’re talking out your ass and most here make good points. The 3DS was considered a flop and look how well it’s doing now. The DS had a slow start and now it’s sold even more than the ps2 in units sold. So, really, how is the Wii U a flop already? Wanna know what a flop is? Vita is the perfect example. Now that’s a flop. Instead of judging the Wi U with a small sample of three months, why not wait until next November and see where it stands? Makes sense to me.

          • ¬†Well, the Wii U already had a holiday season to see what it could do and no one was concerned.¬† I remember going to Walmart on Black Friday and no one asked, talked about or was concerned about a Wii U.¬† I saw one lady holding onto a Wii U and no one looked at her or asked where they could find one at.¬† They had them in stock.

            Again, the DS and portables I don’t care about.¬† This is about consoles, not Nintendo’s successes in other areas of gaming.¬† Clearly they have and have had the portable market on lock ever since they started it.¬† Vita is not their concern, cell phones and iPads are/

          • Portables are just as important as consoles and it’s no different. You’re basing your own experiences of the holiday season and thats fine, but it’s still early to say that it’s a flop. These are interesting stories, but it remains to be seen if anyone can take your word for it as you just seem to bash the console quite a bit. I agree that theres not much to pick game wise but it’s called patience and let the console pick up a bit. Three months isn’t enough time for any console to really gain an install base. Wii was a bit slow as well and it’s still in the lead. Wii is a console, are you going to say it doesn’t count too? If you do then you’re very contradicting. My two cents. I’m not defending Nintendo nor the Wii U as it needs work and so does Nintendo with their software lineup, but I wouldn’t call it a flop until about a year has passed.

          • ¬†Portables are only important from a company point of view, but not from a gaming point of view.¬† The consoles are the power and tell you where you stand in this thing.¬† If you make portables only, you are viewed as only good for those.¬† Anyway, we are talking console, not fudging numbers.

            People don’t have, want or have to have patience.¬† Either Nintendo has it together or they don’t.

          • Richard Yates

            Did u wait in walmart all day and vet everyone? tool…..Your facts are biased and ill sourced and you really are no champion for truth when you are too ignorant to admit facts we throw at ya…..You remind me of the Kevin Bacon stubborn mule sketch in family guy¬† eeeeEEE ooooOOOR you sap ya!

          • Zorbo85

            hey donaald you are so pathetic its hillarious!!!you keep dribbling on about the music industry you silly turd this is the video game business!!!
            please tell me how the wii u has flopped you gimp?it has sold 3 million in 2months,your pathetic ps vita has only sold 4 million in 16 months now that is a flop u freak!!
            funny how you keep saying the wii was a flop oh really is that why it has sold 100 million units 35 million more than xbox and ps3?LMFAO!!!
            the wii had inferior graphics to both ps3 and 360 yet it has destroyed them both in sales for 6 years!!!
            i understand that you are a butt hurt sony rim licker who’s company is in hell after the biggest flop in video game history the terrible crap ps vita!!!4 million in 16 months….3ds 30 million in 2 years!!!
            now go and cry u virgin!!!

          • Richard Yates

            You know i have never met a bigger fanny on any site than donaald…..he talks out his arse and shits out his mouth i swear! No console has had a smooth lauch ever yet this fukwit knows best. When the wii u is doing well and all this same shit comes out bout nextbox and ps4 i really really hope he sticks around so we can troll him and his fukked up dillusional world he lives in aaaargghgggghh spaz

          • ¬†The NES, SNES, Genesis, PS1, PS2, Dreamcast all had smooth launches.

      • Well yeah, because now Ubisoft lost almost all of their core purchases. They’ll be stuck with only PS3 and 360 buyers, which I imagine wouldn’t be as big of a blast as a full army of excited Wii U owners buying this amazing game on its proper release day.

        • ¬†That’s a gamble they will have to take.¬† I have not bee tracking Rayman sales, but I would imagine that it would be a big seller if released on the Wii U now simply because there is hardly anything else out.¬† However, I supposed out of the 3 million Wii U’s sold, they may not expect 1/3 of the owners to buy the game.¬† I know this will come as a shock to many, but I think that at least 1/3 of Wii U owners would buy the game because there is nothing else out.¬† I bought it for that reason when it was on the Sega Saturn (one of the WORST systems ever made!).¬† From there, I like Rayman.

          • NintendoNoob

            Jesus Christ why are you so retarded!? It still technically in the launch window. What? You think developers can make a game in a month? Hell no! It takes over a year (Excluding CoD) To make games!! When Ps360 came out no good games came out until 3 years later!!! They sold 1,000,000 units when the Wii U sold 3,000,000 units. Your just fucking angry Wii U is better than anything you can throw in almost every way.

          • ¬†Why are you mad?¬† You must not have read what I wrote.

          • I can agree with that at least. There isn’t many good games out this month and not too many next month though I’m not too sure about the release dates cause those are subject to change. They should release it on the 26th, and if they don’t, I see it as a huge mistake. GTA V and I believe a few good titles are out on September so I have a feeling Rayman sales aren’t going to be that great. I’ll be the one who will probably laugh at Ubisoft for making that error. I don’t hate them, just feel that their reason for not releasing Rayman Legends was poor.

      • TrueWiiMaster

        ¬†There are two problems with your logic.¬† 1) Rayman Legends was originally planned as a launch game.¬† Ubisoft originally planned on selling the game when the Wii U had literally no install base.¬† 2) Even as a business, they should keep their word.¬† They made promises, and they broke them.¬† As one of the people who was essentially lied to, I couldn’t care less about their profits.¬† I care about the garbage they’re spewing, and the game I was supposed to get in a couple weeks, but now have to wait 7 months for without good reason.

        • ¬†In the world of business, there are no such thing as promises.¬† Contracts are the promises.¬† Speaking of lies, how do you think I feel about Nintendo claiming the Wii U would specifically be marketed to hard-core gamers and then they go right back to baby world with it?

          • Gearchin

             Last time i checked ,Nintendo has always been about EVERYONE, not just hardcore gamers

          • ¬†THAT is the problem, from a marketing point of view.

          • Silent

            Who says hardcore gamers make up most of the purchases of a Nintendo console. This is why the Xbox And PS3 sold less than the wii. The wii appealed to every age group.

          • ¬†Oh boy.¬† Are the casual gamers buying the Wii U?¬† Of course not.¬† Who bought the other two systems?¬† Yes, hard-core gamers and people who wanted a Blu-Ray player!¬† You Nintendo nuts jump from one topic to the next thinking that you mixed bag of lies is making your point.¬† The Wii was for the casual (people not really into vidoegames) player and they bought it, played it, and disregarded it.¬† The find no need for a Wii U.¬† People are waiting for the real deal later this year.

          • NintendoNoob

             Nintendo consoles are supossed to be gaming only. Not like the Ps and xbox counterparts that use Blue Ray players and music players to earn extra cash. Wii U has a lot of hardcore and core games so GTFO

          • ¬†There was no selling point to the 360 other than games.

          • Silent

            He’s right. GTFO

          • Richard Yates

            Dude the xbox dashboard is jus one big fucking billboard! Suprised they dont charge you for the air it takes to cool that fukkin 1990’s stripped down pc wannabe……any wonder why it was so easy 2 develop 4 early on? And over the years they have pushed it as a media centre! and the ps3 is still one of the best blu ray players u can buy….all gimmicks that take consoles¬†away from gaming and could be considered selling points eh?

          • THe Wii U has only been out 3 months dude, get a grip. More games are on the horizon and thats a fact. I don’t know if you’re a disgruntled Nintendo fan or just prefer third party games on 360 and ps3 but it’s quite absurd to say no one has use for the Wii U cause I’m sure you’re wrong. Only thing that’s stopping people from getting it is lack of quality games which will change in the upcoming months. So it’s pretty dumb to call something a flop based on 3 month sales.

          • ¬†Are we supposed to wait 2 years to see how much it sells?¬† If it does not sell enough for publishers to make money out of the gate, then it is likely it won’t sell which is why publishers are backing away.¬† The top publishers can afford to publish for Wii U, but 2nd tier and below cannot afford to as much.

            If there are no games, it cannot be supported.

          • As said before Donald, too early to say whether it’ll be a success or not, but stopping support in just a matter of a few months won’t help any console. Ps3 was quite slow picking up and no one stopped supporting it. You still never answered what games you consider baby games?

          • TrueWiiMaster

            Maybe not between businesses, but there are promises between companies and consumers.¬† That’s what Ubisoft broke.

            That’s 100% a matter of opinion, and I tend to think yours is pretty much baseless.¬† The Wii U already has various “hardcore” games like AC3, BO2, ME3, NG3:RE, Tekken, and Darksiders 2, with games like Aliens, Monster Hunter, Injustice, and that sniper game on the way, so it’s definitely appealing to “hardcore” gamers.¬† How exactly did Nintendo go back on supporting the “hardcore” gamer with the Wii U?

          • ¬†The Wii U was not marketed as a machine for hard-core gamers, it was once again marketed for babies.¬† Asides from the common ports, Nintendo has offered nothing to separate itself from the pack.¬† A tablet controller is not doing it.¬† If they truly wanted to market to the hard-core as they claimed, the baby games would have been pushed to the said or not even made upon launch in favor of something more hard-core.¬† Either way you cut it, Nintendo had poor marketing on this system.

          • Silent

            the wii u is a home console designed for hardcore gaming AND family/group playing. The goal of the wii u is to enhance communication in the living room so that guys like you dont no-life by themselves while others in the same room are texting or doing something else. Since when do you have a say in which video games are for babies? You can play any game you want. Playing Nintendo Land with family feels better than no-lifing Gay Theft Auto by yourself. Nintendo is doing well with the Wii U

          • ¬†Are you the official spokesman for Nintendo, or the $10 an hour publicist in training?¬† They claimed it was going to be for the hard-core, not the little babies.¬† Their ads and marketing tells me they want to promote it to babies and they cannot seem to leave that demographic alone.

            The PS and PS2 sold to babies Рbut they did not design or advertise if for babies!  Nintendo like the Romper Room crowd and I trusted them (like you trusted UBISoft) to deliver on their promise.  If they had, they would brought me back, even though I still would have waited because the software lineup is not good.

          • Wayne Beck

            Actually they said it would be more well suited to hardcore gamers than the Wii was. They never said it was going to be exclusively marketed toward Hardcore gamers. 

            Please tell us, which Hardcore series are you missing from the Wii U? As far as I have seen, pretty close to half of the games released for Wii U fall in to the Hardcore Gamer category. That’s a whole lot higher than most consoles.

          • ¬†There you go throwing a new word into this.¬† I never said anything about it being exclusively marketed to hard-core gamers, but they did say they would be the focus.

          • “They claimed it was going to be for the hard-core, not the little babies.¬† Their ads and marketing tells me they want to promote it to babies and they cannot seem to leave that demographic alone.”

            Yeah, you did say it was exclusive by those words. Perhaps choosing your words carefully would’ve saved you from that comment.

          • You’re one to talk about being a spokes person. Are you Michael Patcher? Cause you seem like his intern or something. Again what in the world is for babies? Ps2 was marketed to more to teens and adults and the world knows that with a handful of games targeted at the younger crowd. It’s been three months and Nintendo hasn’t stuck to their promise? Are you 10 years old or something dude? Three months has passed since the release of the Wii U, learn patience.

          • ¬†I did not use the rod exclusive did I?¬† I did not use the word only did I?¬† I just stated who they were going to market the system to, which they lied.

            3 months is enough to let us know that the Wii U has flopped and cannot come back.  New systems and GTA V are on the horizon, so it is over.

          • You didn’t have to , you implied it in that previous comment. Which is why you should be more specific. Dude, you’re worse than Michael Patcher lol. Any analyst knows that three months isn’t much time to call anything a flop. You’re just basing that on your own opinion which has no bearing on the video game market. I’m being realistic and you’re pretty much being stubborn about the issue. Ask any real analyst and they’re probably going to think you’re nuts. I would give you some credit if this was maybe 6 months later, but I think and I’m sure most agree, that you’re just a very disgruntled gamer who criticises Nintendo no matter what they do. If you don’t like what it offers, then don’t buy it. Ubisoft is the one who lied about Rayman Legends being exclusive to Wii U, not Nintendo. Wii U has yet been able to spread its wings. If you can’t wait for it to, then there’s the door. Go find a console that suits your needs. That simple really.

          • ¬†Financial analysts analyze the facts, then use the facts and history to come up with the likely end.¬† That is what I have done, just not on paper.¬† If Nintendo had yet another REAL Mario game with Wii U graphics, then they could possibly pick up sales.¬† Based on their lackluster software offering and no releases for a while, Nintendo is done.¬† Nintendo just failed to get it done, now they will be done.

            Since some people did not like my album analogy, let’s use movies!¬† As a matter of fact, let’s use Sly Stone’s new film “Bullet to the Head.”¬† That film came in at #6 last week and is now #10.¬† Would you call that a hit?¬† Can it gain momentum and get in the top five?¬† In the film world, the top five is where it’s at.¬† The top three preferred and of course #1 is most desired, even if only $100K separates to #1 and #2 films.¬† Perception is everything.

            Nintendo is like BTTH.  People knew it was coming out, they knew the who the star was, but no one wanted to see it.  Did BTTH sells tickets?  Yes it did, but did it sell enough to be #1?  Of course not.  It did not crack the top 5 so it is a commercial flop.  It (surprisingly) cost $55 million but has only made $8 million in two weeks.  The film flopped.

            The Wii U has done the same.¬† With no real games on the horizon, it won’t be enough time to get people talking about a Wii U by the time GTA V and the new systems arrive.¬† They will get all of the press.¬† When people find out that they cannot get it on Wii U, they will further dismiss that system.

            See, I am not just talking out of my ass, I am going by actual facts and data.¬† Normally, if a system has a must-have game on the horizon, people will either buy the system now, or wait until that game comes out.¬† There is no must-have game on the horizon and Zelda is an X factor in graphics.¬† Nintendo should have had it ready out of the gate or at least a month later.¬† It’s over.¬† You must face the facts.

          • Silent

            No, Im a person who is 
            stating facts and not vomiting shit all around the article. Like, obviously, YOU

          • ¬†The only facts that you have go along with your paycheck from the publicists!

          • Silent

            Lol at least with my money i hire people like you who clean my *ss for me

          • NintendoNoob

             Thank You!!! YOU UNDERSTAND!!!

          • NintendoNoob

            Shut up and leave this site. WII U DAILY!!! BAN THIS MAN

          • ¬†You are a noob – you need to be banned.¬† I don’t say what you want me to say, I state facts!¬† The only way you can shut me up is with facts.

          • NintendoNoob

             Fine, Wii U sold 2 times as more consoles in 3 months than both Xbox 360 and Ps3
            There, fact now GTFO and look at my name ‘NintendoNoob’ OF COURSE I AM A NOOB NOW SHUT UP

          • TrueWiiMaster

             Where did you ever state any facts?  Almost everything you post is subjective, biased, and/or wrong.

          • TrueWiiMaster

            What does marketing have to do with gamers?¬† The Wii U has the “hardcore” games.¬† Nintendo promised to support “hardcore” gamers, not to only advertise “hardcore” games.

            Also, I have to ask, what “baby” games are you even talking about?

            Oh, and I agree that Nintendo’s marketing has been poor overall.¬† They really need to crank it up, and I expect they intend to do just that once they have more games and apps.

          • ¬†They never advertised to hard-core gamers.¬† All of the ads I saw were like Wii ads.¬† Hell, many Wii ads were better!¬† Nintendo did not have a big advertising budget for the Wii U for some reason.¬† Maybe they assumed it would sell because of the Wii?

          • TrueWiiMaster

            ¬†I’m not sure I’ve even seen a commercial for the Wii U on TV, but as a gamer, it really doesn’t affect me.¬† I know what’s coming and what I want to get.

          • That’s a possibility. It’s not unheard of that companies like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft might be too confident and think people will just buy it. I’ll admit that Nintendo has billions saved, but yeah, they can be cheap or ways to save money. That’s always been Nintendo. So don’t expect to change anytime soon.

          • You don’t seem to answer one question. What games to you are considered for babies? Right now you sound like a 360 or ps3 fanboy, no offense.

          • ¬†I don’t answer some questions because there is not always a reply link.

            Nintendoland, Mario, 101, Super Smash Brothers, Zelda (yep) and anything else with bright, primary colors.¬† Yes, I do love the 360 and it is good enough for them to not release a system for another year.¬† However, I don’t mind them releasing so it will put an end to Nintendo.

          • Not sure if you meant those games will end Nintendo cause Smash Bros sells like crazy as well as Zelda. Are you expecting Nintendo to develop mature rated games? Cause if so then you’re in for disappointment. They make games for everyone, not just one age group. If there is going to be hardcore games, then it’s going to come from third parties. Plus, it’s not Nintendo’s fault that third parties in the past haven’t released games on their consoles. Smash Bros, Zelda, 101, Mario platformers aren’t baby games my friend, they’re games that everyone can play. I don’t see how thats a baby game. You’re a bit much to be honest. A ¬†game based on Barney or Sesame Street is certainly for babies, but not really what you list above. Did you grow up on Nintendo? Cause it doesn’t seem you have to me. I’ve been there since the beginning and I will tell you, don’t expect Nintendo to create mature titles. Not sure that’s what you meant, but if you been around long enough Nintendo won’t create any mature rated games from their first party stuidios. Maybe second party as it’s happened. All in all, I feel you’re expecting a bit much.¬†

          • ¬†You wrote: “Are you expecting Nintendo to develop mature rated games? Cause if so
            then you’re in for disappointment. They make games for everyone, not
            just one age group.”

            A big contradiction right there. You claim that they make games for everyone, but that we should not expect mature games, yet they do not make games for people over 12, only baby games!  Everyone is EVERYONE, not just babies. 

            Nintendo dug themselves into this image.  They had the chance to get out of it with the Wii U (I knew they would not calling it the Wii again) but failed to do that.  Now they are stuck with being kind of the baby games!

            I grew up on Nintendo and I loved them!  This was when I was 12!  I loved them with the SNES and I defended that as being better than the Genesis.  Once times started changing and Nintendo failed to change with them, I had to move on.  I guess as I got older, a colorful N64 with kiddie cartridges just did not appeal to me.  Then the Romper Room looking Gamecube was something that a now grown man could not be caught having in his place. 

            The Wii?  Come on.  Nintendo messed up big time and they are arrogant as they keep thinking that they make the best games when they do not any longer.  If they did, then they would have kept developing new IP like they used to instead of endless rehashes of those tired and old characters.  How many times has Mario rescued the princess?  How come Link never gets any new clothes?  You know Pokemon is most certainly a baby game.

          • TrueWiiMaster

            ¬†“yet they do not make games for people over 12”
            Yet critics, all of whom are over 12, say Nintendo makes some of the best games available.¬† Likewise, I highly doubt the people who run this site are 12 or under, and they clearly like Nintendo.¬† I’m over 20, and I like Nintendo’s games too.¬† I could go on and on about how wrong you are, but I won’t, mainly because this narrow text box makes my post very long as it is.

            It’s also worth noting, however, that M games aren’t just for adults, hence the many, many kids playing CoD online.¬† The M rating doesn’t even mean a game’s better for adults.¬† It’s a child warning for parents, pointing out that the game has content the parents might not want their kids to see.¬† To put so much weight on what amounts to a child warning is really just sad.

          • TrueWiiMaster

            “anything else with bright, primary colors”
            Huh.¬† I didn’t realize Borderlands, Street Fighter, Team Fortress, Bioshock Infinite, Ni no Kuni, Okami, and Valkyria Chronicles were all “baby games”…

          • ¬†I guess you are too dumb to know what primary colors are.¬† Sometimes it’s better to write nothing…

          • TrueWiiMaster

            ¬†The primary colors are red, blue, and yellow.¬† You said, “Nintendoland, Mario, 101, Super Smash Brothers, Zelda (yep) and anything else with bright, primary colors.”¬† Since none of those games have any particular focus on red, blue, or yellow, other than Mario’s hat, I was assuming you meant colorful.¬† So either I was right, and you meant colorful, or my assumption was wrong, and you don’t have any idea what a primary color is, or at least, didn’t before now.¬† If I was right, my previous point stands, and you’re attacking games like Street Fighter and Team Fortress along with Mario and Zelda when you attack colorful games.

          • Richard Yates

            Dude your xbox controller may rattle but my wii u aint no baby toy!

      • Richard Yates

        It aint rocket science mate u would make a killing releasing it on wii u now and then port it over a few months later every1 is happy…..besides its big buisness and i have no doubt lil back handed deals have been recently struck with ubi and ¬†ms and sony………..time will tell!

  • Jeffrey Debris

    Too little, too late… i guess that saying isn’t in their book…

  • Jeffrey Harden

    Who the heck wants to play¬†a¬†freakin¬†demo..Ubisoft you’ve lost¬†some respect from me. If this game is being held by other consoles, than it sounds like they don’t want the wii u to get the sells.

    • ¬†Ubisoft is just as bad as EA and Activison. It’s just people’s love for the crappy Assassin’s Creed cash cows that blinds them by Ubi’s terrible business practices.

      • Captain Falcon

        Where did the sudden hate on AC come from? I can understand the hate (or disappointment) being on AC3, but on the whole franchise?

        • LUNDTOPA

          only ac2 was great the rest have been horrible

      • RoadyMike

        I agree this was a stupid move in every way from Ubisoft,but saying they’re as bad as EA and Activision is a bit much…

        And wtf?AC is awesome

  • ConCity Soldier


  • mchelski

    giving another demo is a move ubisoft choose for make mends, but, as I always teach my students, saying sorry won’t undo your mistakes and there’s no way to erase our bad actions. Since rayman won’t come again, I believe it won’t have great sales, not because of any negative feelings, but, with all the titles we will have in our hands, I doubt it will be a priority.¬†
    but if ubisoft change its mind, i believe it’s still welcome an early release for wii u

    • Nintendofreak

      finally a decent teacher god bless u mister or misses teacher

    • ¬†O was taught that saying sorry was supposed to make thing go away.¬† Too bad the court don’t practice what they preach.

      • Silent

        No one likes you

        • ¬†You mean, no one who is paid by Nintendo to lie likes me.

          • Silent

            I mean what i said. You dont have to tell me what i mean, youre retarded

          • TaintedXGamer

            Donaald VS Silent….. FFFFFFFIGGHHTTT!!!!

          • Richard Yates

            omg are u still here???? your like an eggy fart donaald u troll!

    • Johny

      yup.. the damage is done… and its too late to try to compensate with pretty words and shiny demos… we’re not stupid … and we’re mad. no way around it

  • Oh wow a new demo‚Ķ Go f@#% yourself Ubisoft, obviously they think we’re idiots.

    • Zelly Jeffers


      So, you WON’T be downloading it then?

      • Adam Porter


        • Zelly Jeffers

          Well then, no cookies for both of you!

          • Mauricio Cordero

            wont buy it either maybe a friend will pirate it for other systems then put it on dvd then burn it and cut it like an al qaida video.

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            hahaha XD

          • Adam Porter


      • NO!!!

    • Talk about adding insult to injury. Ubisoft…we are not idiots. The world knows the game is ready. Release it our continue to bend over for Microsoft without lube.¬†

      • MujuraNoKamen

        ¬†They’re the idiots, the Wii U game is finished and with no other big Wii U games releasing this month RL would have had free reign over the market. But now, Wii U owners aren’t going to get Rayman legends because by the time it releases we’ll be spending our money on GTA 5 and/or new consoles. Not only am I annoyed about delaying a finished game but I’m annoyed that Ubisoft are stupid enough to make this mistake, didn’t they learn anything from origins – early sales figures were a bit disappointing because they released it to compete with titans like Skyrim, MW3 and Zelda: Skyward Sword.
        I’m gonna E-Mail Ubisoft, not out just out of anger at the delay but because it’s painful to watch them do something this stupid to themselves.

    • im with u. ubisoft can kiss my butt. i will not be buying this game now. they know ninty is hurting for content. this is just a middle finger to those of us invested in ths system.

  • funny thing is that we already have an exclusive wii u demo. we have been able to download it on the eshop for over two months now…

    what in the hell do we need two rayman eshop demos for? how does this make anything right?

    • Ahferom Abraham

      I dont think you understand this is new. and this is meant to some how hold us over to september.

  • Laud

    It’s no use Ubi, the damage has been done and now thou shalt taste the wrath of the angry consumers.

    • Silent

      Its funny that they think Rayman can compete with GTA V and the next mario games. I have to admit, they made a terrible choice.

      • Agree 100% on that comment. I feel they’re going to regret not releasing the Wii U version and get some early profit on it while they have a chance.

  • Mickey Mouse


  • andrewjcole

    At least they’re doing that! Most companies would just ignore the complaints.

    • Wayne Beck

      Do you really wanna play three more levels of Rayman so you can wait 6 months for the last 6?

      Another demo just means they will have release half the game with nothing to show for it.

  • Ultranist

    lol @ nintendo fans

    • Gearchin

      lol @ “hardcore” gamer

  • Laud

    Post a comment on that link and voice your frustrations, it’s the only way to get them to stop being idiots.

    • ¬†Most of the people complaining would not have bought the game anyway, they just know it’s not a good sign when developers are pulling out of exclusives for the Wii U.

      • Wayne Beck

        Actually, Rayman was one of the most anticipated games for Wii U. A Large number of people bought the system just for this game.

      • Gearchin

         All you do is grasp at straws man.

  • Nintendofreak

    u lost my respect ubisoft….so when i go to gamestop im gonna be like cant touch dis ( dis refers to ur game)…d goood old times back in d day before i was born…goood times

  • andrewjcole

    First THQ and Junction Point… next Ubisoft… I know it.

    • Letha1Rage

      Oh yah because they do not have assassins creed and far cry and all the other games selling millions and millions of copies. They may lose some money with this move but they are not going away any time soon.

      • Gearchin

         really?, thq had WWE, warhammer,darksiders,saints row,metro and a bunch others, they could still be afloat today if it wasnt for BAD management and the UDRAW flop.

  • Mauricio Cordero

    go fuck yourself ubisoft, what the hell is a ”exclusive” demo. Maybe the first demo you probably trashed and now you take it forth to solve the issue. Release the game on intended date or screw it. I can only talk for myself when i say that i wont touch that fucking demo id rather buy big rigs for full retail price

    • Johny

      exactly. they’re just trying to compensate with pretty words and promises… oohh shiny ! oh ok.. its delayed to death and its not exclusive anymore and you are REALLY feeding the wii u haters with it.. but HEY atleast we get EXCLUSIVE demo.. omg.. yea that sounds special….¬†

      NO ubisoft… we’re NOT stupid.. and will NOT put up with this.¬†
      we are not satisfied… not at all >:[ ¬†the damage is done. and its too late now

  • Adam Porter

    still not buying it, tbh if they released it tomorrow i still might just take spite and not buy it

  • Junior Donalds

    Here’s the problem:¬† I played the demo and was ready to buy the game.¬† Now, with me waiting until basically Summer is done, I won’t be in the mood for this game because I will be sick of the game mechanics from playing the same damned levels over and over again!¬† Further, there will be lots of competition for our $$.¬† There will be some big releases by then *AND* the e-shop will probably be picking up steam with some great, cheaper, games that might even be similar.

    There is no need to delay the game and using this time to make/release an exclusive ‘demo’ is a shameful insult to those who would otherwise be supporting you. We are starving for new games on this system and here’s something fresh and ready… and you are HOLDING IT BACK?!?!¬† No sense whatsoever.

  • JuleyJules

    why do we need another bloody demo??? the game is what we want and not in september! thats bs waiting on a completed game.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Let the angry masses follow closely

  • Bonez Grenz

    OK UBISOFT if you claim to be “listening” then give us the truth, don’t half heartedly make up some BS, and now you are admitting you’ve done wrong by the consumers, not to mention the developers who sacrificed their personal time to cater to your (im assuming) rigorous schedule. ¬†the only way to fix this is to release the game on schedule, and you may have a chance to save face, but like the coments have been showing, quite a few are jaded enough to not buy the game anymore, i have no doubt it’s a great game, shame your company is ruining its own product, I have a question, who do you think is gonna buy this game when the PS4 and 720 are gearing up to launch? have your suits thought of this in at all? if you can manage to release it march 1st I’ll buy it, if not, I wont, plain and simple

  • armando perez

    i really wanted to buy this game to make up time waiting for other games such as zelda, pikmin, need for speed most wanted. but now that they delayed it. i think i will not buy it since i will have other games which will not compare to rayman legends. i would still buy it if it came this month.

  • Savion Tucker

    Well at least they acknowledging you guys and want to make it up to you someway somehow. I think that they may have a big demo for everyone on Wii U. I still think that this was a bad move. They should have told Microsoft well I guess you won’t be getting this multiplat due to your stuck up contract…

    • andrewjcole

      A lot of games, developers released on other consoles before Wii U but Ubisoft can’t¬†release¬†the 360 and PS3 later. They know where the money is…

      • Silent


  • Scott Duperree

    They should have kept the part about the Wii U version being ready to launch all to themselves.  Really feels like they turned their backs on the fans.

  • YoG99

    The only fix is this one: february release date for Wii U Owner. ¬†I don’t care about a new demo, a poster, a discount, a week-end in vegas with Kate Upton … oh no wait, that last one might be ok for me ūüôā

    • ¬†A discount would be good!

      • This is actually the first comment fromyou that was not trollish, I would also like to point out something. If this game is still marketed towards “kids” then why would a “kid’s” game get postponed, by your logic it would have sold.

        • ¬†It’s not my first ‘non-trollish’ comment, if you mean trolling to be not kissing Nintendo’s ass.¬† Elsewhere in this thread, I talked about how in this case it could be somewhat beneficial to release it now while the Wii U has nothing else worthwhile to buy.

  • sup3rnoah

    I was going to get this, but with all the other titles that will be out by next fall. Probably will not get it now.

  • “Here’s a lollipop after your doctors visit.” -Jontron

  • MetroidZero

    Good thing I never had an interest for this game, honestly. (Yao Ming Face)

  • Captinn2

    Ugh….a way to end this madness: Release on Wii U first, then release to other consoles >:P!

  • sdmac200600

    i like how ubisoft was the best developer when legends was a wii u exclusive. now they are “as bad as EA and Activision.” which is completely false. as i have said in a previous comment, us nintendo fans are jokes because we show blatant¬†hypocrisy time and time again the you guys wonder why we are always talked down upon. they are making an effort but of course that isn’t enough. they have to come over and kiss every single one of you guys feet and give you guys rayman legends. you guys apparently can’t stomach the fact that you guys will have the game in 7 months. just reading this comment section just makes me a shame to be a fan of nintendo

    • Letha1Rage

      Well honestly they are pretty shitty I mean it isn’t the fact that it isn’t a exclusive or that we have to wait the seven months in general it is the fact that we are waiting seven months for a completed game only because they don’t want this game to be old news when it comes to the other consoles,but just wait and see in seven months a lot of wii u owners and probably other console owners will see this game as old news anyway.

    • wait what? so what what about that bayonetta 2 melt down? before saying something stupid think from both of the sides. don’t just think closed minded, so you say Sony MS fans can rage on Nintendo and we the fans of nintendo can’t do that? hypocrite much?

      • sdmac200600

        ok first off, i never said we cant rage. i said we are raging for a retarded reason. second, microsoft and sony are raging about exclusivity. you guys are raging about a game that is delayed. RETARDED. i know what i said. don’t try to put bullshit into my mouth and if you are gonna put bullshit in my mouth, make sure said bullshit is correct first.

        • Nintendo fans are raging because the game is being delayed, a obviously bad business move, the game was already finished so whats the point of staying in the closet for the rest of the 7 month? People bought the Wii U for Rayman Legends can you blame them for being angry that ubi has been hyping the game for nothing?

          • sdmac200600

            they can be angry. but to go from ubisoft is the best to they can rot in hell and how they will now pirate it just because of one game is hypocrisy at it’s finest. then they deny any and everything that ubisoft is doing to make it up for them just makes them seem like they are just bitching and complaining

          • i say the demo is an injury to the insult, but it’s better than nothing, i don’t know about you but i understand from the 3 sides (ubi, dev team, and fans). i heard that the Wii U version can’t come out early because of the Microsoft policy, is that the software can’t come at different time period it has to come at the same time.

          • sdmac200600

            the dev team is pretty pissed also but for a different reason than the fans. the fans to me just seem like they are bitching and complaining and ubi is in some aspects making a good business decision. rayman origins sold terribly on all 3 consoles so selling legends on just one would be a bad idea. that microsoft policy is more than likely the reason why but most people don’t know ¬†about that policy.

          • That policy alone is idiotic and selfish of Microsoft and if that is the case Ubi should just pass up a 360 port. I don’t like microsoft’s policies especially with indie developers. Plus, if it didn’t sell well on all 3 with Origins, then perhaps they shouldn’t release one at all? The game was developed for Wii U in mind and it shows. In my opinion, it should’ve stayed exclusive and ported later on. That would’ve been the better decision.

  • Sidney Majurie

    You’re just trolling us at this point Ubisoft. Another demo for a game that’s not coming out for 7 months. I mean… really?

  • Srpg2ishere

    I am disappointed that this game isn’t coming on february like it was supposed to. September is too long to wait! Of course I’m still going to buy it though. ūüėõ You guys should, too! Maybe if a bunch of us Wii U owners buy the game maybe they’ll learn from their mistakes and in the future make us nice Wii U games… ūüôĀ

    • JuleyJules

      it’ll sell less than xbox and ps3 which is no surprise and they’ve pissed off too many wii u owners so it will probably sell less than it would now.¬† then they’ll likely turn around and blame nintendo or wii u sales for the weak reception it gets.¬† it’ll serve them right. i just hope they do make more wii u games but with this who knows?

  • I’m 18 and I will be going to school for programming. I one day want to be a programmer/ game developer. Here in Canada, the biggest know developer is Ubisoft, and I’ve always looked to them as a very genuine developer. Safe to say, I was excited by the thought of one day working there. But man, to know that even there, there’ll be stupid ties pulling stupid shit like this to all of their workers. It’s sickening…

  • Srpg2ishere

    Ashley king is doing EXTREMELY well with gathering the news for this site. I wish we could’ve discovered her earlier because she is always giving us the best news articles ever. Even if it is DISAPPOINTING news. It always puts a smile on my face to see her name on the article! ^-^¬† Btw I’m still angry with you Ubisoft.. T-T

  • Does not change anything …ubisoft failed us and now there trying to distract us with a demo..im not buying it…shame on you ubisoft

    • Johny

      its TOO late to compensate. the damage is done. now ubisoft will feel the consequences

      • ¬†Yep and i now hope there company pays big time for this

  • Why hold it back for the Wii U if it is already finished.¬†

    • Johny

      i guess making it no longer Wii u exclusive isn’t enough for them. They want to fuck with us some more.. in the a**… this time without lube.

  • Aias23

    Hasn’t Ubisoft given us a WiiU exclusive called ZombiU? How much did this sell?

    • Jizz Beard thePirate

      It was ass alright? It played like ass, the story was pretty much ass, the difficulty was ass and everything else was ass. If anyone thinks ubisoft is a good company cause of ZombiU on the wiiU, they are sadly mistaking. And it probably sold a lot sadly too

      • Wayne Beck

        Sorry man, but Zombie U is pretty much the best Zombie game since Resident Evil(1). If you want a first person shooter, go play call of duty.

    • JuleyJules

      The point is not that it is not exclusive.¬† The point is that it was to come out at launch, then in 3 weeks and now bloody September?¬† Multiplatform is fine but the wii u version is done and should come out on schedule.¬† Now they’ve just pissed off too many people.

    • Gearchin

      it sold well enough, to get us a sequel.

  • bizarre_faith

    all i have to say is that ubisoft is a waste of time and a big disappointment. i was looking forward to this game. ¬†now not so much they can keep their game. ¬†there’s better games coming out by september like windwaker. i’ll be too busy with that than with rayman….ubisoft sucks¬†

  • Squirrel09

    What If this is a marketing strategy… Step¬†
    1) Remove rayman from wii u exclusive –> wii u owners irate and there for talk about the game
    2) Push back release date —> again wii u owners irate and therefor talk about the game
    3) Publicity spreads and everyone complains now
    4) Release “Exclusive Demo” Whatever the heck that means
    5) Apologize to wii u owners and offer Rayman in late march….

    It sounds crazy, but everyone is talking about the game now, its all negative but if they sell it at a cheaper price most people would forgive them and buy the game…. Its free marketing (bad marketing… but marketing none the lease)

    • RyuNoHadouken

      seems legit

    • Got to admit it does sound legit, I agree bad marketing, but seems the game is hyped even more now,where ever you look everything (atleast¬† lot of discussions) are about Rayman.

    • Gearchin

      ¬†Knowing UBIsoft, they’ll come up with anything to sell rayman, before it flops in september. GTA5 and many other games, will be out by then, dont think it bodes well for the game overall.

  • Cloud W Omega

    Sorry guys, the demo has been delayed until November so it can be ported to the other consoles.

    • Haha. I wouldn’t put it against them.

    • Genesect4ssb4


      • Srpg2ishere

        I don’t get it..

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Ubisoft sucks gorilla schnutz

  • Johny

    NO UBISOFT … its too late now… the damage is done.

  • Warren Huff

    I’m sorry UBISOFT but you can take your demo and shove it¬†up your french ass!!!¬†

  • GTMacc

    Was going to buy on launch but not too fussed now, by the time its released there will be so many games out i want to play i wont have time to play it so will probably wait and buy it in the bargain bucket! think ubisoft are missing a trick in not releasing it now whilst there’s nothing going on release wise.

  • I was happy with Ubisoft’s support of the WiiU at launch, a lot of games in the launch window of which I bought three.¬† ZombieU which was great, Assasins Creed 3 (the first of the series that I have played) and Just Dance 4.¬† The delays in DLC on just dance 4 ticked me off.¬† Making this not an exclusive is not a problem for me, why not make games multiplatform?¬† However I am very upset about the 7 month delay for a finished game.¬† At that time if it comes to a choice between this game and another… this one will likely loose out.

  • Cap9

    I can’t believe Ubisoft has done this! I can understand giving the game to Microsoft and Sony as a port, but how could they promise us something and hold it back for a multi platform release at the last minute! They totally screwed Nintendo! Xbox is getting all these cool games and all we wanted was the games we were promised and they want to screw us like that.
    I don’t care about a demo! I don’t play demos unless it’s just to check a games quality! Screw the demo! Give us the game!!!


  • Cap9

    We got to complain! This is unbelievable! What an insult to Nintendo and WiiU owners!

  • Evan, you’re completely right! They think they can toy with Wii U’s’ and use excuses like “for the sake of the others” and “we mean it good”…. UBISOFT is a piece of SH..T

  • hahahahha oh man this is funny. RIP Wii U

    • JuleyJules

      this won’t kill the wii u and most people are not pissed it’s going multiplatform.¬† it’s the waiting 7 months for a finished game that was to come out this month that sucks!¬† then we get a bloody ‘exclusive’ demo to go with the demo we already have had for 2 months.¬† Makes no sense to me or lots of other people.¬† Going multiplatform is fine.¬† I get they have to make money and sell as much as they can.

    • Gearchin

       so going by numbers, both xbox and PS3, should have died along time ago.The outright stupidity of gamers and numbers is mind-boggling. It sad in our day and age, gamers cant let each other enjoy their games, without being bullied.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    Unless the demo is the whole game, this doesn’t make up for anything.¬† And what does “exclusive” even mean coming from the company that just announced its Wii U exclusive was going multiplat before it even came out?¬† This demo will probably come to the other systems a week or two before the game does.¬† So yeah, our compensation is likely a timed exclusivity demo (and in the end, demo’s are basically advertisements of sorts, so…).

  • AlienFanatic

    So how long until this “exclusive” demo appears on the PS3 and XBOX 360?

  • Fred

    Not acceptable. They promised us the game, their developers worked their butts off and finished the game now they need to take my money and give us the game at least let us download it in the eShop

  • SirDjss

    release the game u cun..,.,,x,.x,x.x,.x  sss if the game is already finnisht :/

  • Gearchin

     the ps3 and xbox sold 70mil over 6-7 years, the wii u sold 3mil in 2 months, i hardly call that a flop. Nintendo can do whatever they please anyways, you know why?Because they still make some of the best exclusives on the market, and they polish their games to a T.

  • I don’t accept THE FACT THAT MICROSOFT went behind Nintendo’s back and straight up PAID UBISOFT TO DELAY Rayman Legends, THE GAME which was supposed to be a WII U exclusive, only SO THAT THEY COULD line their pockets with money, screw their potential future customers, screw Nintendo, and GUARANTEE THEMSELVES a TOP tier third/second party DEVELOPER position FOR MICROSOFT’S NEXT XBOX…since Ubisoft already sees the Wii U as a failure! ¬†How could Ubi have fallen so low…when all they had to do was say F.U. to Microsoft, release it on time for Wii U, release it in September for Playstation, and reap in the rewards knowing that their “leap of faith” with the Wii U would pay off in spades! ¬†Their loss…



  • ¬†As long as you buy it, they will think you about as idiots. SO anyone who buy it proclaim himself¬† a puppet, a piece of …., they can toy with. It’s time to stand up and show them what consumers are worth!

  • Inzanoflex

    way to go microsoft i knew this mess is your doing because your afraid about wii u sales eh? not even close, when its montser hunter 3 ultimate comes out the wii u sales their gonna kick your shitbox ass all over the industries so i dont care about all consoles realease, but delayed? ubisoft you are a cock sucker , i hope with all my hate and world fans combinated in september nobody buy the rayman legends for gaystation and shitbox 360 because wii u its still have all exclusive features and nobody cares about play on traditional control= you lose a lot of money making us wait much longer and lose money for those worthless versions.

  • Leathersoup

    I might pick it up, but only at a reduced price. ¬†I mean by the time it’s released it’s already going to be an old game.

  • cole bailes

    you want 360 and ps3 owners to be left out tell december wii u owners sure it may boost sales but at least have a heart guys 

  • tronic307

    My excitement has become indignation. The game is¬†finished, yet they’re keeping it locked away just so it won’t be ‘old’ when it releases on the other platforms? Absolutely self-serving and spiteful. This beats Capcom’s DLC shennanigans¬†and¬†Mega Man murder by a mile.

  • tronic307
  • Inzanoflex

    god bless you ubisoft for this atrocity mistake you make in gaming history 

  • Stephen Palmer

    why can’t they release the wii u version now and then the ps3 and xbox game in Sept?¬† It helps WiiU and they also get the ps3 and xbox fans

  • Stephen Palmer

    ubisoft is upset because zombi u got such bad reviews and not getting the sales they expected

  • Takarashi282

    You know, it’s good that they’re being faithful to their fanbase, but they’re being too faithful. ¬†I didn’t see Ubisoft delay Assassin’s Creed 3 so that they can have a¬†simultaneous release for all three major platforms. ¬†So why do it to Rayman? ¬†They haven’t put any logical thought into this, that they don’t have to kneel before their fanbase. ¬†But what’s done is done.

  • what’s next? zombi360? nah f*ck you ubisoft!

  • David M Lopez

      Wii U version of the game is finished, but it’s being held back by the other console versions.

    WTF!! is that crap? I don’t even like Rayman and that sounds BS.
    I knew that game was done by now, Ubisoft holding it back just so it releases on the same day is bull. I bet that if WiiU people boycott the game they will blame it on the WiiU instead of their dick head tactics to make more money.

  • Some dude

    Eh. As long as it’s still being released on the Wii U, I won’t have a f@#% to give. Oh and Ubisoft is releasing more games to the Wii U (Also, we should not forget about AC III and ZombiU which got okay-good reviews). We really shouldn’t curse at them if they’re still making games that will be playable in the Wii U

    • Fred

      Holy Crap over 8000 signatures, that’s a lot for one petition of a video game

  • Fred

    If they offered it eShop only for $70 until September when they release all 3 versions on disc for $60 that would be the bare minimum we would accept!

  • Alright, I just want to leave a message for all you “super nintendo fans”.¬† Note, I’m not like Donaald, spewing out Nintendo Doomsday like an idiot with pretty much no basis or no information.¬† Nor am I a Nintendo Enthusiast who thinks if it’s from Nintendo that means it’s awesome.¬† I do love Nintendo, but like an old friend.¬† Back when I first beat FF3 (6) at the age of 7, I made my first connection with nintendo through my SNES.

    But anyways, enough nostalgia.¬† What I want to say is that if you really are die hard nintendo fans, then at least you need to realize that specifically not buying Ubisoft games because they made a business decision to delay (what looks like a mediocre game) Rayman’s Wii U version hurts Nintendo right?¬† I don’t get why you are all being such babies about it.¬† If you want the game, buy it when it comes out.¬† Don’t start campaigns of game-company politics and crap.¬†

    • NintendoNoob

      ¬†Wow…. You speak the truth!!!

  • Levibuscus

    There was already a demo for this game available when the Wii U first got its booth at stores, a lot of people have already played the demo, and besides, this game was originally a Wii U exclusive, so i don’t see why the other console releases should delay this version¬†

  • Gabe Brady

    “Promises” should be in quotes!!! Ubisoft “promised” Rayman at launch but were understandably not ready in time then they “promised” a Feb. 28th release which is now not happening cuz they’re greedy, picky f@#ks!! Cant wait for this “promised” demo to come out (sarcasm)

  • I was going to buy this, always was interested in getting a Rayman game. ¬†But seeing this huge slap in the face only makes me want to say “fuck you ubisoft”.