Jun 4th, 2012

Ubisoft Wii U

Ubisoft today showed that they’re the biggest Wii U supporter out there, revealing 8 Wii U games that are in development for the system. We’ve previously known that the company was betting big on the new console, and during today’s E3 press conference, they revealed their support with these games:

Ubisoft Wii U games

The company also confirmed that all of these titles will utilize the new Wii U GamePad controller in some way. Of those 8 titles, there aren’t many  Wii U exclusives — ZombiU and Rayman Legends are the on game that will be exclusive to the new Nintendo console. Another thing that Ubisoft revealed was that all games will only support one Wii U GamePad controller. The company also plans to integrate the new Miiverse network into their games.

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  • 3rd.Disciple

    Can U say, “A GAME”??? It just gets better…

  • Swic11

    Why not watchdogs? I would love to be able to buy all 3rd party games on one system. Make it happen Nintendo!

    • Ravyu

      Watch dogs isn’t until next year i think

  • david6

    Im confused because ubisoft showed a neat assasins going after target, then ps3 showed a dumb version in a boat. Sony is coming up empty. Nintendo has this.

    • david6

      When you see nintendos games full screen compared to ps3 you can see the real difference in graphics NINTENDOS GRAPHICS ARE WAY BETTER!!!! Sony doesnt offer good online, and are looking very gimmicky trying to save their drowning boat. Nintendo will win.

  • Wildman

    ACIII looked great!! I hope that was in-game footage.
    Can’t wait till tomorrow.

    • david6

      The nintendo one looks good, but sony has a whole different version that looks stupid and down graded, (sony confrence almost done, sony ruined e3 hype.

  • david6

    The avengers looks good better than what people think. Theres story and bad guys and amazing graphics. Its hard to explain but graphics and overall game look looks better on wii u then ps3 or xbox. Its proven to me that nintendo is nex gen and probly take all the bussiness. And also the rayman looks fun. I guess its ok to love nintendo again.

  • Captain N

    I would like to trade You Shape and Just Dance 4 for Watch Dogs and Splinter cell…thank you :p

  • Eddy120876

    After watching Ubisoft line up i decided that ZombiU is going to be my first pick up. The game looks great I can’t wait to play it.