Jun 18th, 2013


Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has finally spoken directly about Rayman Legends and the reason the title went multi-platform earlier this year. According to Guillemot, low Wii U install base is to blame. The company felt if the title was exclusive, it wouldn’t sell enough, despite being a stellar title. For this reason, the game was ported to PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. Guillemot believes this move was the best decision for both the development team and gamers.

“What happened was that we saw the Wii U was not going to sell enough of those games. The game is going to be fantastic, and we didn’t want those creators to wind up in a position where even after making a fantastic game, they didn’t sell well enough.”

Guillemot also mentions that the development team has taken the extra time to improve the game both on the Wii U and the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, so gamers no matter their platform will receive a fantastic entry into the Rayman series.

This is understandable, as Ubisoft is a third-party developer and they’ve already supported the Wii U with one launch exclusive. Until Nintendo can create compelling first-party titles to sell systems, third party developers will likely continue to release multi-platform games.

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  • bizzy gie

    Ashley, I gave you a tip several weeks ago that this game was also being ported to Vita. You emailed me back saying you were making an opinions video that was going up in like day or two.

    Where is it?

  • Justin Carlson

    I understand this from a business perspective… but it sure is no fun to be lied to.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Well, Nintendo admits that the fault is theirs alone. From a business perspective it would have been best for Nintendo if 3rd parties could develope games for the console in the beginning, and then after sales took up Nintendo could bring out their own stuff. They actually did the same with Pikmin 3 and W101 as Ubi did with Rayman. So the worst liars here is Nintendo…

      Lets see if I get 63 up votes on this one. πŸ™‚

    • discuss

      Well it’s not like they have any obligation towards you.

      • Zorlac79

        As a consumer of their products,…… nope, your right. O_o

        • discuss

          Did you pay money for it with the promise it would be delived to you on X-date?

  • Bob Charlie

    Releasing Legends on time for the Wii U would have increased sales.

    • atl hawks

      I know right? I’m getting sick of these devs complaining of the lack user-base on the wii-u when all they do is release old ports of year-old games that should of been there first thing at launch and expect to make a profit. You can’t say that the game is going to be at launch and delay it, delay again a week before its debut, and then blame it on the install base. I would of bought then but I rather buy splinter cell and pikmin 3 for my U and wait until GTA V for my PS3. You only have yourself to blame ubi.

      • Bob Charlie

        I traded my 360 for a Wii U almost 1 month before the delay was announced. Legends was supposed to be the game that held me over until G&W, 101, Pikmin, X, Mario World/Kart, Smash, Donkey, Zelda WW…

        • atl hawks

          I suggest the challenges app, i played it and it’s fun if you’re competitive and i’m buying the hard copy of super luigi u in july. There’s still other good games like RE:Revelations and Wario-ware, and tons of indie content to hold you over. It’s just pisses me off for ubi to be so ignorant of the whole situation when it was simple, release the game in a month where it has no competition (GTA V) and if failed release ports for other consoles.

        • Metroid33slayer

          What do you mean held you over? held you over what? Your not the only person to use that phrase, it sounds ridiculous.

          • Zorlac79

            Held us over until the next game. It is pretty clear and simple.

            It would have been nice to have had a new game that we were expecting at that time, and it would have sufficed until revelations or others that didn’t come out until later.

            Now, it clearly won’t represent the potential of sales it could have achieved then due to way too much competition.

            An easy way to understand the “held me over” phrase:

            I will date this ugly chick to “hold me over” until I get with the next one that I am wanting to be with.

            Let me eat a sandwich to “hold me over” until dinner, as I am hungry and do not want to wait three hours til I eat.

            I hope those examples helped you understand what is known as a common phrase many human languages, meaning that it is used quite often. Maybe then it won’t seem so ridiculous to you.

          • Bob Charlie

            Love it, ha!

          • Metroid33slayer

            You clearly don’t know what the word “hold” means look it up. Hold means grab or clench so he is saying rayman is grabbing/clenching him over something lol. He could have said rayman will keep me entertained untill pikmin 3 comes out, now that is proper english not the BS you are using.

          • David Tims

            It’s not a literal phrase. Like many many phrases in the english language. E.g I dropped what I was doing (you halt progression on your current task), you don’t literally drop anything. Languages are forever changing and words constantly get new meanings or change meaning. “Hold me over” is a very common phrase. Stop trying to say it’s stupid. So many phrases in the english language are literally stupid then. In that sense, it’s genuis.

          • Metroid33slayer

            Well i have never heard the phrase “hold me over” where i come from i think it must be an american/canadian thing.

          • David Tims

            I’m from Ireland

          • Metroid33slayer

            Are you? well good for you.

          • David Tims


          • Zorlac79

            Obvious troll……

            All messages ignored from here on out.

          • Metroid33slayer

            Wow you ignoring my messages i think i may just commit suicide.

          • Zorlac79

            Well said!!

          • Zorlac79

            It is a statement, or saying ya Rtard! If you are going to look up everything that everyone says and go running off with definitions, you will be wasting a lot of your time. And in a game forum, really?! You are going to come here and start telling people to talk properly and intelligently?? Try doing that in an educational forum or something!
            1, you would probably be made to look stupid, and
            2, I am sure no one here wants to hear it, as it is a place to be laxed and not have to worry about proper grammar.

          • discuss

            I lost you at dating ugly chicks.

          • Personwhoisaguy

            I love when people dissect other’s use of language and grammar whilst completely butchering the language themselves. Were you so hasty to criticize that you couldn’t take the time to proofread three sentences? Believe it or not, the auto-correct on this forum doesn’t underline things to congratulate you for being right.

          • Bob Charlie

            Thank you, sir.

          • Metroid33slayer

            So you think the phrase “hold me over” doesn’t sound stupid in the context he was using it? You have no room to talk if you’re agreeing with him. I never said anything about his grammar dick i said the phrase he was using sounded ridiculous.

          • Bob Charlie

            It only sounds ridiculous if you have less than an elementary education. I bought the U believing that Rayman Legends would be the only game I would need to play until more games were released; as of now I only have a few VC games and that’s it. Not all of us spend half our waking hours playing video games. So yes, Legends definitely was supposed to hold me over.
            Translation for you: Ya Boi! Legends ‘possed 2 be the game i b playin’ all the tyme untilllll tha big N drops mor games, then i get dem games 2 cause eye bee bored without them.
            Is that any less ridiculous for you?

          • Metroid33slayer

            It only sounds ridiculous if you try to speak proper english.

          • Zorlac79


            Thank you for leaving now.
            Good riddance.

          • Bob Charlie

            I enjoy his absurd comments. I guess you could say that they really… hold me over…

          • Metroid33slayer

            nothing absurd about them. Your use of english is absurd.

          • Personwhoisaguy

            I’m glad we’ve established that there’s only room to talk if we’re agreeing with you. Grammar is an overarching rule system that governs many components of a sentence, including proper contextual use of a phrase. I’d like you to show me an example of how in any other context the phrase “hold me over” would not seem ridiculous to you. Figures of speech are common in the English language. They help us to illustrate ideas in a more tangible and artistic fashion. If you continue to read everything in the most absolutely literal sense (as it seems you do) English will continue to confuse and upset you.

          • Metroid33slayer

            Well done for that essay. There is no way ” hold me over” can ever make sense unless you are being held above something below you. Also there are certain type’s of people that think wearing shades makes them look cool these people are known as c**ts.

      • tech7

        at least Ubisoft is releasing new titles with ZombiU, Rayman, Watch Dogs.

      • Lethal_Doze

        Its not up to 3rd party to increase sales, Nintendo is lazy

        • Johny

          kinda agree. it shouldnt be up to 3rd party to create an install base on a platform. its on the 1st party.
          but dont say nintendo is lazy… they’re just not perfect. but they work hard for their vision of better gaming industry. and we gotta respect and love them for that

          • ancientgamer

            i agree, if you ask me nintendo is the least lazy, they put more effort into their games and if its not done on time tobad your waiting till its up to their expectations, they wont just throw a half ass game out there and fill it out with dlc

          • jay

            “its on 1st party”

            Nintendo is the only company with a 1st party.

          • Some do not realize how true this is… Some of the greatest games from Nintendo are from the big execs that run the company today and are still involved directly with the development of current games.

          • val berger

            then say exclusive developers. in this case it’s kinda common.

          • disqus_sgtob6da3X

            I really can’t say Nintendo was ever lazy to begin with. This console was called the Wii U for a reason. TO hopefully attract the “Core” gamers and third party support to their console. it actually does matter a lot. it gives nintendo the time it needs to fully develop the games it needs, it keeps the fans and owners of wii u patient for the next big nintendo or third party game in general, it also makes nintendo additional in dollars for every third party game that is sold due to shares. the support is crucial especially for an HD home console. the less support it has, the worst it is going to be. And after hearing the news about KH3 being on xbox as well but not Wii U, is fruasting and sad for us that support and love this console.

          • Johny

            yup. very true indeed. its sad to see how most of 3rd party games dont come on wii u. like destiny… or division. and its not because wii u would be weak in performance. its mainly because the current relatively low install base. Im hopefull (really hopefull for the sake of us as gamers, nintendo and wii u) that things will turn around, and that these great games nintendo is releasing (hopefully soon ENOUGH) will sell consoles.
            Hope this scheme works, just like it did with 3ds , which is a massive success. (even tho i STILL think that releasing a “proper” 3d mario game would be better. i still think that this Mario Land style works well for the handheld, but not for a console…. we’ll see)

          • disqus_sgtob6da3X

            Exactly. πŸ™‚ Hopfully Nintendo can do something about it and hopfully help the system grow into another great console that keeps being misjude by people.
            I’m guessing what you mean by “proper” 3d Mario game, Your talking about Super Mario 3D World right? I see where people were expecting a just “Mario” 3d game like SMG or SMS. To me, that game is just as proper as any 3D mario, or any Mario game and deserse it praise. Cause as many people were complaining about not really wanted a SMG 3, but more SMS 2, but now that Nintendo decided to do something different now ppl want the SMG 3 or SMS. I and my friends who don’t even own a wii U loved that game, and because they played that they are getting a Wii U. I for one didn’t care which they were making but I was getting it regradless, but after seeing 3D World I really excited to get this game this holiday season after playing it. So I am for one am really excited and happy for this title. It was something different and not what people were expecting.
            And the Wii U is in it’s early years. Nintendo has pently of time to make other franchise or squeals to games that they want. You’ll just have to wait and see.

          • Johny

            yeah yeah dude πŸ˜€ dont get me wrong.. Super mario 3d world is without doubt gonna be an AMAZING game. im VERY excited for it. but for nintendo’s console 3d mario game, people expected something with a similar concept as smg. that means more freedom, more overview, an actual 3d environment with 360 degree camera, wacky awesome and really clever level designs and mechanics. i personally wouldn’t want a smg3 lol. just that kind of a 3d mario game that would make people go .. WOW.. even those who dont like nintendo. because yeah. smg was one of the most impressive games on wii. visually, and by gameplay. it was just a masterpiece.
            then we have super mario land, which is more of a 2d mario platformer with more depth as it was in a 3d environment. and it was AMAZING and it worked REALLY well with a 3ds handheld.
            what im saying is, that that style of overworld is more suited for a handheld. for a home console, it would , in my honest opinion, be much more impressive to have something in the manner of what i said earlyer πŸ™‚ im sure you get it.
            I agree that kind of overworld is SOO MUCH more suited and easyer if they wanted to make a 4 player multiplayer. it would hardly work in a “smg” environment. but seriously. some games just shouldnt have multiplayer and just be what they are. and if they just HAD to have multiplayer, they COULD make a 2 player co-op, with one person playing on a gamepad and 1 on tv, and it would be great.
            but yeah sure World is gonna be amazing πŸ˜€ i dont doubt it will.

          • val berger

            thanks. that’s what I’ve been preachin all the time but some people just need anyone but nintendo to blame. Nintendo just wasn’t ready. launching the system 6 months later would have really help the system in many ways.

          • Alexander Hofstetter

            That would be true, if it wasn’t for the fact that Sony and MS build their install base off of Third Party.

            This is very much third party’s fault for continuing with the disbelief in nintendo despite history showing the contrary.

        • atl hawks

          And 3rd parties are lazy too. Nintendo had been promoting everywhere from Disney Land to Best Buy even though they can put more effort into advertisement still they’re not lazy. Like Reggie said, ”Less bitching and more effort”.

        • Jon

          Nintendo is Lazy? Have you seen the titles that are coming? Pikmin 3, DK, Zelda WW HD, Luigi U, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Wario, Mario 3D world, Project X, Yoshi Yard,Wii Fit U, Wii U party, Bayonetta 2 and the Wonderful 101….14 first party titles coming to the Wii U, most of which are coming before the end of the year and it won’t stop there. I’d hardly call that lazy, I’d more call is busy on their asses to push out games to get their system off the shelves.

          • Player1

            All so bayoneta 2 and wonderfull 101 would not exist because of nintendo

        • jay

          Yeah the company that invented the video game controller, analod input, Touchscreen gaming and motion control is a lazy one!

          • Alexander Hofstetter

            Uh, I’m pretty sure Atari developed the first analog inputs before the crash, but yes, nintendo has been putting out many ways to try way different ways of gaming.

        • Lazy is not the right word. It is true that 1st party titles are a primary reason consoles sell. While Nintendo dropped a couple balls and I think were a bit unprepared with this launch they are far from lazy. The are classified as a leader in innovation in the gaming world even from those analysts and critics that are quick to say Nintendo is doomed and should pull out of the console business. They are often mimicked and sometimes directly copied when it comes to their consoles and their software.

      • Denvy

        I believe the developers were/are just as pissed as the Wii U fan base. This was a publisher’s decision.

        • jay

          Didn’t Michael Ancel quit Ubisoft after the announcement?

          • Forbsz


    • Wayne Beck

      More importantly, this game is not likely to sell well on PS3 or 360 because of the AAA Blitz that is going to happen in that month.

    • incoherent1

      Why didn’t they release it on time in Feb as a Wii U exclusive, then if it didn’t sell enough go ahead and release it later ’13 or early ’14 on the other platforms? They would’ve sold more on the Wii U (who here wasn’t desperate for games in Feb?), and easily retained the option to release it on other consoles later…

      Either way, I’ve enjoyed the daily challenges freebies and am getting the game (my g/f and I LOVED playing co-op on Origins).

      • sdmac200600

        it’s because of Microsoft. A multiplat cannot be put on their system at different times. If developers want to make a game multiplat and wants it on the xbox brand, They have to release at the same time.

        • incoherent1

          Well……. fiddlesticks. Stupid Microsoft. πŸ˜‰

    • Joey Perez

      it is really not a system seller and they knew this thats why they opted out for the multiplatform option… great game just not a system seller…

      • disqus_sgtob6da3X

        It would have in feb if it was release on time and being annouce later going mulit-plat. Not trying to be mean, but do you know how maybe wii U owners wanted to buy this game on launch? Do you know have many non-Wii owners complained online and was willing to by this console for the game and for Bayonetta 2? Do you know how many ppl were very happy to see this going muil-plat and have been pre-ordering it? No? I guess you don’t?

        • Joey Perez

          do you always reply so condescending. sorry if i ruffled your feathers. i simply stated its not a system seller its a great game i even stated this in my response… dont wear your heart on your sleeve.
          zelda, metroid, star fox, galaxy, mario kart, zombie u is even a big reason many people got a wii u… rayman is a great game fun but not system seller just about as good as super bros u… great game and due to low sells you can see its not a system seller…. of course other people are glad to have it multi plat thats a given a good game is appreciated everywhere .. if mario went multi plat people would love it too …

    • ItzameyaToad

      Exactly, release it when there supposed to February then if sales could be better release it for other systems later on down the road. Really it could have been a win win for Ubisoft.

    • Inviable Gaming

      Yeah but it just wouldn’t have been enough

    • val berger

      I don’t really think it would have. Sure there would’ve been people who might have bought the system to play the game, but not nearly enough to sell enough. As long as Nintendo isn’t putting money into a game’s development like they did with bayonetta 2, all riscs are on the developers side and with sales that bad, it’s just no wonder, developers get cold feet. sure it sucks for gamers but Iwata already told people shouldn’t blame the devs so maybe we can get over this issue. If this summer’s lineup woul’ve made it on the system earlier, everything might’ve looked different.

  • Linskarmo

    I hope it’s a truly awesome game. I didn’t appreciate the delay, but hopefully they take full advantage of it.

  • Mochlum

    Funny thing is, it probably would’ve given the Wii U more sales. Just, why not have released it in the week it was originally gonna release in, then port it to PS3 and Xbox later? They did that with Assassin’s Creed 3. Nonetheless, I’m still really excited for this game, and I’m still buying it Day 1.

  • I have to say if it was released on time it would have helped Wii U sales but I do understand not locking this to one platform from business perspective. I do have to say though after playing the Rayman Challenges app I still think the Gamepad will offer something better in terms of game play that other consoles simply cannot match.

  • slade6alpha

    What will piss me off is if they blame Nintendo fans for not buying the game come September. They did piss off a lot of fans with this, even though I’m okay with it now, it was a slap in the face. Promised as a launch exclusive, pushed back, 19 days before release delayed for months and it losses it’s exclusivity. I still don’t think it will sell as well as they want because of the sheer amount of games coming around that time, plus next gen hysteria. Prove me wrong Ubisoft, and I hope Wii U sells the best, just to prove them wrong.

  • kinghenroc187

    fuck you ubisoft and we better not get waterd down port watchdogs from xbox 360 and ps3 i want the next gen version that i saw on nintendo direct stop being lazy zombie could of had next gen graphics but thats the truth it shows how much effort you put in to wii u ubisoft…. im not liking what you doing i wont support you on any console if you keep doing things like this and so will others

  • Would be fun when it’s released multiplatform and it sells twice or three times as much on WiiU then on PS360 combined πŸ˜› Not talking about the Vita version, because who has a Vita these days? OK that last bit was uncalled for, sorry.

  • Nintendo4life

    Well than Ubi. I quess i will be buying your game used due to you doing what you did to us Wii U fans…Sorry but you don’t deserve my money and it’s also due to Very low service.

  • Adrian

    I usually try not to spread negativity in general, but I highly doubt Rayman would have been a system seller (to all those thinking it would be).

    • Fred

      I don’t know if you’re right or not, but regardless us Wii U owners were desperate for new games and it would have sold over a million quickly and who knows how many long term, now we’re not desperate anymore so I don’t have a clue how many it’ll sale.

    • ranjeybaby

      I totally agree, I would never be swayed into buying a system purely for a Rayman title. I would have bought it at the time due to the lack of games, but honestly, I probably won’t now because there are so many good games heading to the wii u.

  • Thanks for lying.

  • Fred

    But nobody complained about it going multi-plat they only complained because they had been promised a game and they had pre-ordered that game and there was nothing else new to play and with less than 3 weeks to go they were told to wait 7 more months. They would have been fine if Ubisoft would have said you can still buy it on the Wii U in February, but we’re also porting it to the PS360 in September

    • Fred

      On that note, as furious as I was I still think it’s a very fun game and I’ll probably still buy it, but back then I was desperate and was 200% sure I was going to download it day 1 now I’m just pretty sure I’ll buy it at some point, but I’m not desperate anymore since there are so many other fun games coming out now.

  • Clel

    Skip to 5:30 for my (and his) thoughts on this:

    • Ahferom Abraham

      I watch him too, I also think other people around here watch him as well.

    • Why so many do not get that simple concept is beyond me. I can honestly say that I already had games that fit exactly what he says here. For example I already had Batman Arkham City and NFS Most Wanted for my 360 since I got them on the 360 since they came out before the Wii U was released.

      Now fast forward to today. Batman Arkham Origins is coming out this fall and I will get it for the Wii U since it is coming out at the same time as other consoles. Same goes for Watch Dogs and if EA was not being such a butthurt bratty jerk I would probably pick up NFS Rivals if they made it for the Wii U and released it at the same time as the other consoles.

      It is a pretty simple concept that so many devs and pubs do not seem to get.

  • Wanderlei

    Complete bullshit, they could of released the Wii U version on schedule and the other versions later.

  • Kenshin0011

    I don’t blame them. The only thing they should have done differently is made it multi-plat in the first place.

    Why do you people not want them to make as much money as possible? Wii U owners will still get this great game, it doesn’t affect you one bit. And those who say it should’ve been released originally and the ports come later are wrong because then we wouldn’t have gotten the fully polished version!

  • david daniel wharton camacho

    i understand and honestly i dont really care about exclusives, as long as we have them too

  • lonewolf88

    i see a grammar flaw! Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has finally
    u said yves instead of yes

  • John Andalora

    So, they finally admitted what everyone knew Ubisoft did.

  • Nintedward

    Shut up, Yves…..

    You’re releasing the game around the same time GTA V , Pokemon X and Y , Wonderfull 101 , Windwaker HD and much more. There’s that and the fact that 36- and PS3 owners will be saving their money for their next gen consoles.

    I think Rayman Legends will be lucky to sell more than 60-100 K on both Ps3 and 360 and over 200k on Wiiu…

    I think If it would of met its original Launch on Wiiu , you had the same amount of people, if not more than bought ZombiU in the west (400K+) all waiting and ready for an exclusive platformer utilizing the gamepad controller.

    You should of released the Wiiu version first (400K sales roughly) and then released PS3 , 360 , Vita and even PS4 and ONE versions and sold another 400K+ there. Simple.

    (Those figures would just be initial as well. They would keep selling for months after.. and reach the same 1.5 Mill Rayman Origins did.)


    • Agent721

      Well said…I wont be touching this game much if GTAV comes out at the same time!

    • Johny

      yup. thats very well summed up.
      they made a VERY bad decision releasing the game later so it could go with other ports.
      wii u owners didnt have much games in the last months. they should have released it on wii u a few months earlyer.. not at the time when all the awesome games come out and people will have to CHOOSE between them.
      We gotta think how we spend our money. and when we’ll choose between Rayman and Windwaker, 3d mario, and all the other coming at that time…. we’ll choose the obvious.
      Too bad really.. i was looking forward to this game. i was certanly gonna get it. but now yeah.. either i’ll get it some time later (MUCH LATER) or just… skip this one

  • johndoe

    its always comes down to money and how much more you can make they shoulda left on just wii u but said no

  • DingoWalley

    At least they admit it. I applaud their honesty. Still makes me mad, they could have released this game and it would have sold really well. Instead, they hold onto that copy, and make PS3/360 copies.

  • Cerus98

    And here they said it was delayed because Sony/MS fans were screaming for the game. We all knew that was bullshit and this “new” explanation is bullshit too. Wii U still sold more in its launch window than the PS360. I guess Ubi expected 100 million sold in three months. Whatever. They can join the likes of EA – I won’t even buy it used to wipe my ass with it.

  • Grulnork

    Only one question remains: Why not release on the Wii U first and port the game to PS3/XB360 after Wii U release?

    • Nothing5555

      I think it is due to Microsoft’s policy of cross platform games. Supposedly in order to release a cross platform game on the XBOX the game needs to come out the same time as the other platforms…I could be wrong.

  • tronic307

    I’m shocked!

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    I can’t believe they lied to us! I’m never getting this game….oh wait I never was. Ahh well. No skin off my back.

  • Rolando Belber

    In my opinion I think they should have released this game in February to boast console sell instead of waiting for the Wii U to sell better.

  • Jon

    this was assumed back when they first announced. no surprise to me there. However I think they should have released it on the Wii U when they said they would and then just go multi-platform when the other systems arrive.

  • Lusunup

    I already knew it was because of the sells but now they admitted it. Ubisoft if you support the wiiu you must have faith in it.

  • David Tims

    It’s ridiculous because now they’ve put themselves in a position where they will potentially not make them wii U sales and then say “well look, we were right to make it multiplat”. I was going to buy the game back in February. No question about it. But now, with the slew of titles being released in this half of the year, starting with Pikmin 3, I just don’t know if I’ll bother. Not because I won’t enjoy the game, just because I’m more excited for other games now. They’ve really destroyed the buzz for me. There was so much hype back in February to be honest.

    • Chris Heskin

      I agree I think they shot themselves in the foot with the WiiU version. probably will do well on 360 though since that console is going to get supported well into the future.

  • Bomberman

    They technically didn’t lie. A lot of people wanted the game on 360 & PS3, but they weren’t telling the whole truth. Besides, I’m glad they made that decision though. Wii U is garbage and would have been a waste to put such an awesome game exclusively on garbage console.

    • Chris Heskin

      Well ya know that’s like your opinion, man.

    • sd

      Try and play one. Seriously have a go on one before you judge. Oh and look at all of the E3 game demos. This is a serious challenge, look at X, mario Kart, Donkey kong, 101, bayonetta. Go On do it and then say the wii U is crap. this is a serious challenge, find a fault with X. No other console has as many exclusives being made and the games are great. Sure the PS4 and X-one will be more powerful, but really you can choose which one to own to get the majority of third party games. You cant do that with the Wii U and all of its exclusives.
      I will buy a PS4, I have nothing against this, the graphics will be great and super realistic. But I will also have a Wii U so that I can play seriously fun and polished games. As my son said to Pikmin 3 demo, why am i watching a cartoon ( he also asked why those things look so cute, but hey he is 4). The graphics are good, it has power and it is fun.

      • Bomberman

        I have a Wii U so I have a right to judge… thank you very much. Nintendo may have good 1st party titles, but they lack in everything else. They are behind in times and just can’t seem to learn from their past mistakes. PS3 has some fun and polished games, have you played The Last of Us? It’s an amazing game.

        • sd

          That’s fair enough then. I stand corrected
          I havnt played the last of us, I sold my PS3 in preparation for getting a PS4. But yes i wish i had played this game. The new PS4 zombie game is what is tempting me to buy the pS4.

  • DereX

    “How to Sell out”….. by Ubisoft.

  • iceazeama

    gta 5 or rayman legends…… yeah thats not going to sell at all. if i were you, if you were going to buy this, still buy it and show the that 3rd party can sell on nintendo. if you just say fuck you it only ends up hurting you not ubisoft.

  • Chris Heskin

    i’m glad Sega sees the potential of WiiU exclusives at least.

    • Flip Macleod

      Indeed. I hope to see more and more Sega titles be exclusive to Nintendo. It’s like a dream come true.

  • Agent721

    He runs a business…hes totally correct.

  • willweinert

    In such a drought the game would have been bought by almost the entire install base, so it would have been safe to estimate 2-3 million copies. Now the game will be overshadowed by the onslaught of games both on Wii U, PS360 and next gen. It will probably sell less now, what a shame…

    • Metroid33slayer

      Not even mario U has sold 2-3 million yet. I think your completely overestimating the strength of rayman. It is only ever going to sell around 300k on wii u.

      • willweinert

        Ok, I’ll admit that was a bit of an exaggeration! XD
        But the point remains, it would have sold better on a smaller install base with no competition.

  • SeroReviews

    But why delay the Wii U version:!:!!!?

    • sd

      I think the delay is something to do with microsofts game policy. It has to be released on their system at the same time or something. I still think Rayman would have sold more releasing in Feb than on all systems in September. 3.5 million consoles, no games to buy…Rayman looks good, must have… September tons of nintendo games, new consoles, no spare money, no rayman.

  • Metroid33slayer

    Bollocks! They was always going to release it on other platforms no matter the sales of wii u. It was a timed exclusive at best, low wii u sales just gave them the excuse to release it simultaneously.

  • JuleyJules

    This game would have sold like crazy on wii u as there weren’t any games at the time – probably more than it will in September. Plus it would have sold more Wii U units too!

    • Metroid33slayer

      Lego city was out during the drought and it still sold modestly, Rayman would have been no different.

      • JuleyJules

        While that’s possible and its all speculation, people bought a Wii U for the launch title, Rayman Legends, that never was. It can’t be compared to Lego City as Rayman is a known IP whereas Lego City is a new, unknown one.

      • Guest

        It’s all speculation but lots of people bought the Wii U for the launch title, Rayman Legends, that wasn’t released. Rayman is a known IP whereas Lego City is a new and unknown IP.

        • Metroid33slayer

          The lego franchise is far bigger than rayman that’s for sure.

  • Virus6

    it still doesnt make sense why they couldnt release the game for the Wii U back in February and then release the other versions when they were ready. Best of both worlds right there.

  • Mochlum

    Oh great, everyone is gonna start complaining again. It’s been a few months, GET OVER IT!

  • Marcos Crill Colon

    He’s lying the release date for rayman was in February there was like 3 million wii u’s sold allready they could have sold a million easy but instead choose to delay it ….also by his logic what where other company’s thinking last gen when the ps3 and 360 launched being as there numbers were less then wii u …in the February after they came out where they delaying games or even taking like this about sales no they weren’t …all these company’s and the website like to do is come down on Nintendo for no reason …mean while Nintendo is giving them the devs and gamers everything that they said they needed or complained about from last gen…better built hardware then last gen that not only runs better and produces better graphics it also uses way less power… has multiple control options does not block used games or have online checks plus comes with a bad ass tablet controller that lets you do so many things not possible before on any console ….yet they still complain ? These devs that think like him need to wake up games sell consoles gears of war sold the Xbox till halo 3 came out the following year etc but all they wanna do is give us horrible ports and wonder why they don’t sell ….

  • sd

    It was a mistake. it would have helped lift the install base a little. Also I have said this before but so much negativity early on about low sales of the Wii U, it sold more than the ps3 or xbox 360 in their first 6 months so developers are idiots. Another point is that Wii U owners would have flocked to this and it would have sold at least half a million . When you consider origins was on xbox and ps3 it only sold 50k in the first month. Big mistake.

    When they announced this I vowed not get it, then i changed my mind as Ubisoft supported the wii u. But now I look at sonic, mario, zelda, donkey kong, 101 and all of these will go ahead of rayman for me and most other gamers. So I think big mistake. PS3 and xbox gamers don’t really care, its not a FPS.

    • oontz

      So the ONLY games on Ps3 are FPS games? You sir are an idiot. It’s fanboism like yours that makes the industry so shity. So I guess it’s okay to say there are only baby games on Nintendo systems right?

      • sd

        I didn’t say that they only have FPS. My favourite games include god of war and uncharted. But lets face it most games that people care about on these systems, that is the ones that are the most popular by sales, are FPS. The games people look at for ultra realism are mostly FPS, the games most people talk about on these systems are FPS. Most games being developed for the next gen Ps4 and x-one of FPS. I will buy a PS4 but what im saying is I can play most of the games released for either of those systems by buying either one of them. I cant buy most of the high quality nintendo games on any other system.

        So I rebut your remark and I say you sir are a fool.

  • HydePark1980

    The irony is that the Wii U version will probably sell the most copies.

  • NintendoNoob

    Well Ubi if you released Rayman Legends exclusively on the Wii U more people would want to play it thus making more people buy the Wii U. It’d be a lose-win for you. You may not get as many sales as you wanted but then the install base may be big enough for you to put more exclusives on the Wii U

  • I_I

    how low can you get so if they put this game on a console with no games and no competition back then it will not sill will and putting it in all systems including the failing vita will make it sell come on Ubisoft

  • oontz

    This just in…. the sky is blue!

    • Guest

      I said it before and I will say it again, you sir are a fool.

      • oontz

        Why? Just pointing out the obvious… just like this article. We already k
        knew this. All this article does is perpetuate the negative press towards the wiiu.

  • Petri

    I’m not saying, that I’m not buying.
    But if released when it was ready, I would have bought it.
    Because nothing interesting was released back then.

  • Ice Climbers

    Still don’t understand that logic. During February there was absolutely NOTHING to play. Rayman would have sold over a million easily. Now its being released on September 3rd. Its not going to sell very well on PS3/360 because the majority of people would choose GTA V over Rayman. On Wii U, people will be playing Pikmin 3 and waiting for Wonderful 101 later in September or for Zelda Wind Waker HD in October. Plus, the Wii U has 3 other platformers coming this year: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Sonic Lost World, and Super Mario 3D World. I have a feeling almost every Wii U owner and potential owners would choose DK, Sonic, and Mario over Rayman.

    Sorry Ubisoft, as much as I would like to get Rayman Legends, I will be getting Pikmin 3 this fall.

    • ItzameyaToad

      What they should have done is released it in February on the Wii U first then if they felt like they could make more release it later on on PS3/Xbox 360.

    • sd

      Totally agree, Here 101 comes out end of August. then zelda and donkey Kong and mario and the sonic games. I like the rayman demo, but have never bought a rayman game because there has always been something better. Guess the same will happen here.

  • Forbsz

    People need to show Nintendo more respect they are the reason gaming is even a market today!

    • oontz

      respect has nothing to do with business and a companies bottom line

  • HypocritesRROD

    Here we go again with the WiiU sales. I’m sure the new CableBox One will have very low sales. So, i’m expecting all of its games to go multi-platform.

  • Guest

    it could have sell a lot if they only release it on time because there is competition and still no games on wii u by that time. such a waste of opportunity.

  • uneek

    it could sell a lot if only they release it on time because there is no competition and there no big games to play yet on wii u by that time. such a waste of opportunity.

    • thedeciderU

      yes, i agree. now ubisoft will be competing this fall with: GTA V (9/17), sonic lost worlds, DKC: tropical freeze, super mario 3d world, and a slew of other highly anticipated titles for all platforms.

  • devmiles

    i think more publishers will do the same. luckily nintendo announced good own output but from the publishers perspective and exclusives the wii-u has pretty much failed. more people would have had a wii-u if nintendo wasn’t so slow with their own releases, i’m getting bored and my wii-u is collecting dust, instead i play my ps3 which has a shitload of good games. i mean, most of the nintendo games won’t be around till 2014.. who wants to fucking wait till then… i’m a fan and have a wii-u but i get fucking mad at nintendo with their marketing idea’s and fucking slow output, the wii-u has been around for some time now and the lesson was a good launch, not only for customers but for the publishers as well, they just failed big time. wii-u is nice, great potential but nintendo just fucked up on their titles, absolutely

    • thedeciderU

      i mostly agree, though i’ve enjoyed a few titles. luckily i was new to cod and have been surprised by how much i enjoyed the online multiplayer (i feel it’s wearing out its appeal now). otherwise, my wiiu would have collected lots more dust. lego city was fun but not mindblowing, NSMBU was amazing to have day one, same with zombiu. that game was tense and awesome, and the use of the gamepad was amazing. i’m waiting patiently with RE:revelations but i’m not blown away by that either. luckily i have other consoles. the e3 showing was mostly impressive, but where was the adult-only title? bayonetta 2 looks cool, but i’m hoping for a new darker ip – something to compete with sony’s first party games.

    • thedeciderU

      anyways, i bought a wiiu for this game and played rayman origins in october in anticipation for legends. i just wish they had released the damn game. it had ALREADY sold systems, and a fair amount of people probably would have bought a wiiu when this game released in feb. instead, we had the lowest month of wiiu sales (i believe).

  • iceazeama

    buy this game still. if you dont that will just prove their point that 3rd parties cant sell and they did the right thing. we all know gta5 is going to kick its ass and it wont sell well. so if you dont boycott it like a little nintenqueen we will get more 3rd party support by them in the future and maybe proving that 3rd parties can sell on nintendo.

  • Steven Penberthy

    I hope this game sells bad due to your greed.

  • DVE

    Last time I checked there were over 3.5 million Wiiu sales WTF is Ubisoft thinking?

  • Nintendofreak

    n bayoneta 2 goes multi plat

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Since Nintendo is funding the game, it’ll remain an exclusive.

  • Quicksilver88

    Just stupid…..WiiU only has a few hundred thousand more sales now than in FEB and people were excited for this game and their was nothing else to buy. They could have put it out in Feb sold well on WiiU and then came out with ps360 this fall. Now they will be going up against Pikman, W101, their own Splinter Cell, Ducktales, the new Smurf game all hitting the same time…..I want Rayman but to much other good content so it will likely end up a used or budget bin purchase….they can be happy they will be getting my money for Splinter Cell and Watchdogs if they both live up.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    How stupid of Ubi. People didn’t buy Wii U because it had few games, because of this you pulled games away from it, because of this fewer people bought Wii U, and because of this fewer people are making Wii U games, the cycle continues.
    How was delaying the game going to increase sales? what you should have done is release it on Wii U to build the install base for future game and attract attention when Rayman had the market all to itself, then later on port it to PS360 to make up the money or get extra depending on how well it went on Wii U.
    How well is the game going to do now, it’s going against GTA5, 2 new consoles, DKC, and many more. Let’s not forget a lot of people refused to buy the game after the delay was announced. I personally haven’t forgiven Ubi for this decision as it’s so effing stupid but they’ve won back all the respect with porting Blacklist, AC4 & Watch Dogs to Wii U. And one of the biggest problems Wii U has had is advertising, I know it should be Nintendo’s job but Ubisoft is big enough, they could have increased awareness of ZombiU, Rayman and other and they’re still not doing it now.
    – Thinking about it, look at all the flax XBone is getting, yet they still support that even though it’s going to have a crappy launch much worse than Wii U but do they port XBone game to Wii U? NO!

  • Adecentboy777

    No wonder and I’m quite sure, we’ll see similiar cases since the Wii U sales so damn GOOD! No problem, I will have my PS4 too πŸ™‚

  • FlyingBoat

    well duh that was the reason. It went from an exclusive to being on every platform under the sun (aside from 3ds)