May 16th, 2012

Ubisoft Wii U
We already know that Ubisoft is developing several titles for the Wii U, and that their support for the console is strong. Now Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot reveals just how strong their support for the Wii U is. Speaking to GamesIndustry, he revealed that the company is working on bringing 7 games for the Wii U launch. Five of those titles will be “casual titles” and two will be “core titles”. We assume that the “core” Wii U games from Ubisoft are Killer Freaks From Outer Space and Assassin’s Creed 3, while Rayman Legends, Rabbids Party Land, and Just Dance 4 could account for some of the casual games. Another recently announced Ubisoft Wii U game is Avengers: Battle For Earth, but it’s unknown whether this is a launch title.

Ubisoft was one of the biggest supporters at the original Wii launch in 2006, where they had about half a dozen games at varying quality. One of the big pitfalls last time was that the Wii was the recipient of a lot of “shovelware” titles — badly produced, low quality games that tried to capitalize on the then massive successive of the Wii. Hopefully the Wii U will avoid such future. The powerful hardware, and the ability to port Xbox 360 and PS3 games to the platform should help. So far, the Wii U games that have been announced and showcased are all quality titles. For more, check out our Wii U games list for all the confirmed titles.

  • Will_rkr

    Nice work on the picture,
    imagine if this was the box cover for the WiiU version

  • nathant16

    I want that new Ben 10 game, you can use his omnitrex to turn into different aliens, but i dont know where his two friends will come in. But killer freaks from outerspace seems fun too, but it looks like its just shooting anything that moves, games nowdays should have more depth. But besides the point, the picture of article, people who where hoodies dont hold white controllers(least I dont), and doesnt it look like he has woman hands? Lol. But I thought wii u daily was gonna show more controller and console concept design art?

    • alienfish

      That’s a lot of ‘buts’.

  • david6

    Hes got girl hands, the controller must have rubbed off on them.

    • swic11

      nice picture, but for all of you haters, I’m sure the picture (controller and girl hands) is that of a collection Nintendo released last year, and Whoever posted the article just cropped it in. I think its kinda cool.

    • john

      That huge controller its not built for girl hands, what are you talking about. maybe the ps3 controller could be perfect for girl hands.

  • david6

    nice picture, but for all you haters, I’m sure the picture (controller and girl hands) is that of a collection Nintendo released last year, and Whoever posted the article just cropped it in. I think its kinda cool.

    • david6

      Look i can be a puppet, got to becareful (wii u police). Yah, wii u day one purchase, im looking forward to all the new features the controller will bring to gaming. Reginal Fil-Aime is our Lord and Master.

      • david6

        I cant wait to get my hands on it, and cut. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • david6

    Ive got no strings to hold me up, sing song sing. im a real boy! Im glad im a pirate. Wait,(goin undercover, mean puppets.)

  • ducttaped vest

    glad they’re happy with the console thus far, just waiting on some some solid details at e3 (though we may not get much). hoping for farcry 3 on wii u; make it happen ubi!

  • Leon Fletcher

    Oh no, my Shovelware alarm is going off
    Ubisoft have brought a lot of Shovelware onto Nintendo consoles 🙁

  • Jman4101

    I officially love you ubisoft

  • Jane

    There are actually a lot that I can think of:Mario KartMario Party 8Guitar Hero (if you have the gear)My Sims PartyWii SportsRayman Raving RabbitsMario Sonic at the Olympic GamesCarnival GamesHope this helps!