Mar 6th, 2014


Earlier this morning, Ubisoft announced May 27 as the date when Watch Dogs will reach gamers in North America, unless you happen to be waiting for the Wii U version. Earlier this year the Wii U version of the game was delayed behind the rest of the releases and since then, not much has been said about it.

Polygon contacted Ubisoft to ask what’s up with the Wii U version and whether it is still in development and received an interesting reply from Dominic Guay, the senior producer for the game. When asked if the Wii U version was still in development, “it’s still alive” was the answer.

“Yeah it’s still alive. We still haven’t defined a ship date for it, though. So it’s on hold, to a certain extent for shipping. We don’t have a specific ship date for it yet so it’s considered within the year. So we’re going to look at that and we’re going to let people know as soon as we figure out an exact date for it.”

According to Guay, the reason for the delay is the Wii U version is not being handled by the rest of the team at Ubisoft Montreal, but was handed off to Ubisoft’s Bucharest studio in order to give the developers more time to work on the GamePad specific features of the game.

“We have our studio in Bucharest working on it, and we wanted that team to have the time to explore the GamePad and be able to have fun with it and see how far they could push it. It’s also an interesting platform, because it has its own strength, which we want to take advantage of, and we didn’t want to delay all the other platforms for that one. So we’re going to take the time we need to make sure the game is good (technically) when we ship it and that it also, game design-wise, makes good use of the specifics of the Wii U.”

Since there’s no release date set in stone for the game, Ubisoft is still listing the Wii U version as a 2014 release date, but what if the game slips into 2015? Will you still be interested then?

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  • Gabe Hoffman

    Well at least they are taking time to take advantage of the gamepad which is good as Watch Dogs is one of those games that could benefit really well from the gamepad

  • Dark-Link73

    If is true what Guay said about the reason for the delay of the Wii U version, it simply validates my argument as to why developers skipped (save EA, they are just sore) the Wii and now the U. IIt’s all about the architecture and features, they can’t simply just port their games to the U. They have to dedicate an entire separate team to make Nintendo games from the ground up.

    I hope this is true (their reason) because it means the game will kick ass! I’ll wait patiently.

    • Wooopigsooie

      I agree.

    • No different if the game developer or publisher wants to make a game to work with Microsoft’s Kinect, Playstation Move, or any unique feature of the other consoles or PCs. Yet they seem to have no issue doing that without making excuses and delays and stripping of features.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Truth is, a Wii U port would be the least return on investment in this case. That’s what it comes down to. Business comes first as much as Nintendo fans hate to hear or read that.

        • What I find funny though is Ubisoft delayed Rayman Legends so it could go to XBOX 360 and PS3 but yet that game sold more on the Wii U than it did on the XBOX 360 or PS3 despite the lower console install base. Where is that return on investment logic then? Seems like that excuse is only convenient when the delay or removal of a feature affects the game on Nintendo platform but when it is the other way around it makes complete business sense.

          I get what you are saying and sometimes it makes sense but it seems that excuse is being beat like a dead horse and is very contradictory or a double standard when the return on investment works the opposite.

    • D.M.T

      If it is true what Guay said, which is not, then it simply validates your argument as to why developers skip the Wii U: because they are lazy mothafuckers.

      Too damn lazy to develop for a different architecture and too damn lazy to use Wii U’s unique features.

      But it’s not true. Mario Kart 8 is the reason for the delay

      • Dark-Link73

        Is not that they’re “lazy”, it’s because they’re employing two studios to make the same game and that costs a lot of money, vs having one studio make three versions of a game if the U had been designed to run with the x86 architecture like the PS4 and X1. Making a Wii U version of a PS4/X1 game is not a simple port anymore as it was last year with the PS360. I’m sorry but this is Wii all over again, only with better graphics and power.

        On the other hand, you could be right also about MK8 being the real reason. I don’t blame them either. MK8 is going to be a beast! 🙂

        • D.M.T

          So….you’re saying Wii U would have had better 3rd party support if it had the x86 architecture? You really think so? Lol no, truth is 3rd party publishers always look for an excuse to ignore or screw over Nintendo consoles.

          • redmeansgo82

            Dude, what do you not get about this pattern? People don’t buy third party games on Nintendo consoles. Companies offer up 1:1 same day releases on Nintendo consoles, and people don’t buy them. Companies are draining money on a platform that doesn’t net them any profits. There’s no laziness involved. It’s just business. There’s absolutely no reason a company would abandon something that nets them a huge profit, but third party games on Nintendo consoles don’t. It’s just that simple. They hardly make any money, if any at all.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Indeed. Plus the fact that there has been many quality third party games for even the Wii, yet, they didn’t generate enough profit. Same thing happened with the Gamecube. Wii U is basically going to have the same issues. Fans just don’t care for third party so I don’t know why people complain about this so much when most of their fellow gamers don’t even purchase them. He’s either a blind fanboy, or just upset that Nintendo can’t get it right and needs someone to blame.

          • Mithiragi

            Indeed… The gaming industry is a business, not a charity.

          • Dark-Link73

            “So… you’re saying Wii U would have had better 3rd party support if it had the x86 architecture? You really think so?”

            Yep! I really do. So YOU are saying that there is a conspiracy against Nintendo and that developers are out to get Nintendo. You really think so? LMAO! Besides EA, with whom Nintendo canceled the Origin server deal (thank God) after EA wanted to be the solely provider of the entire Wii U infrastructure, nobody really has a personal vendetta against Nintendo. Even SONY (whom Nintendo left hanging with the prototype CD add-on for the SNES back in the 90’s) went on record stating that they (SONY and the gaming industry as a whole) need Nintendo to thrive. That they all need each other for the industry to survive. Whether this was SONY’s best PR move of this generation or really professional admiration, only time will tell.

            There’s no conspiracy against Nintendo. Is just basic economics. Make the maximum return with the smallest investment possible. The Wii U’s different architecture prevents developers from achieving maximum returns with the smallest return possible.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Exactly. What company wants to drain more money porting a game with a different architecture that will more than likely give them the least return on investment? That’s how companies shut down prematurely. Fans are quite demanding considering they aren’t the ones running a large company. It’s easier said than done.

          • D.M.T

            If you really believe that the gaming industry is not against Nintendo then I feel sorry for you. I’ve learned a long ass time ago that not everything is what it seems and that things aren’t just black and white. There’s more to this than just basic economics but you can choose to stay naive/ignorant if you want I couldn’t care less.

          • Dark-Link73

            Of course things are not black and white, there are many variables to consider when dealing with any socioeconomic situation. In the case of the Wii U, for example, there are many variables to consider when viewing and analyzing its current status. The emphasis I was placing on the possible negative ramifications of Nintendo’s decision to use the Power PC architecture instead of the x86, was an oversimplification (tip of the iceberg if you will) of a series of different decisions and events that have ultimately culminated with poor third party support for the Wii U. Allow me to further explain.
            Nintendo’s problems with third party developers can be traced back to the fifth generation of gaming. More accurately, the Nintendo 64 (N64). Nintendo’s decision to use cartridge medium instead of CD caused some developers to reduce the number of games developed for the console due to higher cost of production. This alienated some developers when they decided to bring most of their titles to the PlayStation (PSX) instead of the N64. When the sixth generation gaming began, Nintendo tried to bring back third party support with the Game Cube (GCN); however, lack of key features on the GCN (namely mini DVD medium and lack of online infrastructure), kept key third party away from the GCN. By the seventh generation of gaming, Nintendo tapped on the “blue ocean” market and capitalized on the “casual” gamer (debatable term). This move caused developers to create an exorbitant amount of “shovelware” due to the main demographic Nintendo sought as its main target. This, along with the different architecture of the Wii, deplorable online infrastructure, and the beginning of motion controls; caused many key titles to, once again, miss a Nintendo console.
            During this generation, Nintendo attempted (yet again) to bring back third party support, along with the “hardcore” demographic (another rather debatable term) which in turn alienated the Nintendo Wii for lack of key titles and embracing of the “casual” or family demographic (this rejection of the “hardcore” demographic due to the embracing of the family demographic is a social phenomena that I find rather interesting but it is subject for another topic). Now, by the latter half of the seventh generation of gaming, the world in general was ravaged by an economic depression only equaled by Grand Depression of the early 20th century. This caused gaming studios to evaluate their economic stance and put an emphasis on profit margins over investment. This serious change on their business model, combined with yet, another ill decision by Nintendo of using a different programing architecture, input controls (the Gamepad) in an attempt to bring an affordable gaming experience for the consumer, AND the severed business venture with Electronic Arts (EA); caused even further separation (possibly irreparable) in the relationships between Nintendo and most third party publishers.
            As you can tell, there are indeed many reasons for the rift between Nintendo and third party developers which is why I attempted to simplify by bringing attention to the main presenting problem. However, it is obvious that that sometimes it is necessary to bring attention to the underlying issues in order to have a better understating of the multiple causes behind any issue in today’s business world. Now, I am not going to deny there are certain animosities between certain companies, after all, it is human nature to fear, resent, and even hate that which we do not have the capacity to comprehend. After all, it is widely known and publicized the resentment of EA toward Nintendo. The same can be said of Microsoft toward Sony, which ultimately spawned the creation of the original XBOX in an attempt by Microsoft to drive Sony off the market. Let us not forget also, that resentment from Sony toward Nintendo, led to creation of the PSX. But believing that the entire gaming industry is confabulating against Nintendo in order to bring the company to its knees (for lack of a better term) and cause its ultimate demise, it is simply ludicrous. Any individual who persistently believe in such hysterical hypothesis, not only lacks an overall understanding of the social and economic interactions of the world around him, but also lacks knowledge to realize that certain business models, the survival of all its members is integral for the continuous success of its ecosystem as a whole. Nintendo knows this, Sony finally knows this, Microsoft… they will learn in due time.
            As for you, I hope that one day you choose to widen your view, not only of the gaming industry, but on the world as whole. On the other hand, you could choose to stay (as you stated in such a brute manner) “naïve/ignorant”. I hope sincerely you do not.

          • Nathan DeFalco

            Too long didn’t read.

            Just kidding. You need to throw in bizzare and underwhelming marketing strategy. Gamers and developers CAN be forgiving If there are enough units out in the wild to justify investment.

            Reading this post makes me think that the lack of support really is nintendo’s fault with a little bit of economic bad luck thrown in. Talk about coming full circle. I’ve gone from “wii u may be my only console this gen like wii was last gen” to “time to buy a gaming PC”.

          • Dark-Link73

            It was long on purpose 😉 I do think Nintendo its to blame for the lack of third party support, but not because they snubbed on such support; but because the industry as a whole revolves in the idea of profit over investment. Innovation is not as easily embraced today as it was during the N64 era. You can’t tell me that adding 8GB of DRAM is innovation. Innovation was the D-pad the control sick, rumble, wireless controllers, shoulder buttons, motion controls, camera and voice controls, a second screen.

            I don’t think the industry is against Nintendo, they’re just not willing to invest in Nintendo’s level of innovation.

          • BIG Franky

            dude… honestly, you embarrass yourself… are you like 10 or 11 years old? seriously…. damn….

          • D.M.T

            Embarrassing myself? Last time I checked a lot of people agree with what i say. My age is none of your business. Maybe I’m younger than you who know but what I do know is that I make a lot more sense than you do.

      • darkcreap

        Man, I am seeing your posts and you sound a bit sore. Relax. Everything is gonna be OK with the WiiU. Of course it has to do with MK8 and the low install base, but I think it is still coming.

        It is not good, I give you that, but I think we shouldn’t let ourselves be affected by so much negativity.

      • oontz

        There is a huge difference between being lazy and not being given the resources (money, Infrastructure, wages, etc) to make a game for a specific platform. Huge difference. The better statement would be to say the people who are in change of making the business decisions are cheap. Not that developers are lazy, nothing to do with is laziness, just a business decision.

  • 2014 Possible? Just how long do they need to port it to the Wii U? Heck it better be out by August at the latest or people will lose interest more than they already have from the first delay.

    Of course when it does come out it will sell poorly because it was delayed ONLY on the Wii U and Ubisoft will make the same old excuses that their games do not sell well on Nintendo neglecting the fact that they treated Nintendo and their fans like 3rd class pieces of crap once again with a delay of a game.

  • cardmeister

    Hmm… I guess a coordinated launch isn’t as important as they said it was when justifying the push of Rayman for the Wii U.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to see attention being given to the game pad… and I understand the business ramifications of holding back several systems for one as opposed to the inverse…. I just find the public contradictions annoying.

    • redmeansgo82

      It’s a little different when there’s 5 million units compared to over 200. The fact is, even cancelling the Wii U version would barely put a dent in their sales of the game. Delaying Rayman wasn’t about a unified release, it was about disappointing Wii U sales forcing the game onto other platforms so they could actually make money on it. ZombiU apparently cost them a ton of money because of its exclusivity.

  • D.M.T

    Let’s be honest: the Gamepad is not the reason why the Wii U version was delayed. The real reason is because the Wii U version won’t sell if they release it 3 days before Mario Kart 8.

    And he said h didn’t want to delay the other versions because of the Wii U version. Oh Really? Why didn’t you people think of that when you delayed the Wii U version Rayman Legends because of the other versions? Assholes.

    • Dark-Link73

      Guay didn’t just say it was because the Gamepad, if you read carefully you’ll see that he meant the entire console over all.

    • incoherent1

      Also, Ubi Bucharest is the shop that did AC4 (as with Watch_Dogs, they had Bucharest handle the Wii U version and no others), and they managed to put out the Wii U version of AC4 in time with no problem, so it sounds fishy.

      • abe

        i agree, i think there is more going on

    • That guy who hates Spike

      First of all. The team behind Watch Dogs and the Team behind Rayman Legends are two different teams, than are only affiliatd by the name “Ubisoft” in this case. One works in France, the other works in Canada.
      And let’s face it, why would you screw over 4 different systems, almost all of them having a bigger user base than the Wii U, just to make the Wii U version complete? That seems crazy. Especially when as the months go by, the PS3 and 360 user base is dwindling.
      And it’s not like they delayed the final product of Rayman Legends U, they added more levels and features to explore as those 7 months went by.

      • D.M.T

        Yeah 2 different teams but they work under the same umbrella. The CEO or whatever of Ubisoft was ok with delaying the Wii U version for no reason whatsoever but not ok with delaying other versions (PS4 and Xbone versions) who have almost the same user base as Wii U. Stop defending these anti-Nintendo practices!!!

        Of course they added levels and features to Rayman Legends on Wii U because that’s the least they could do after delaying it FOR NO REASON. Am I supposed to forgive them because they added some new levels? Fuck no. I’ll buy Rayman Legends one day but when it’s really cheap.

        • abe

          you can tell what they added to reyman, levels from origins and that beach ball game thats it. maybe the invasion levels but all that delay was for the other versions

        • RyuNoHadouken

          the core Nintendo audience will not buy this game…stop getting butt hurt…everyone knows this game will sell the LEAST on Wii U

          • abe

            will sell least on a console with a fraction of a user base?

          • RyuNoHadouken

            Wii U has 6 million owners, PS4 is the only new system that has more owners..Xbox One is still 2 million or more behind Wii U and i guarantee it will sell better on that platform

          • Capt. Smoker

            6 million is kind, I’ll bet most have since sold or traded the Wii U for store credit

          • D.M.T

            Selling or trading your Wii U just to buy it again later on is retarded. Gamers love throwing away money don’t they? Anyway I don’t think most Wii U owners have sold or traded in their Wii U.

          • Capt. Smoker

            Gamers are fickle and impatient, quantity over quality, most people won’t buy a Wii U again once they’ve sold it, unless Nintendo produce more content and fast, I wouldn’t blame them, it’s very much a Nintendo only platform as it stands.

          • RyuNoHadouken



            i never get another console than nintendo ones… AND I will get this game…

          • RyuNoHadouken

            seems legit

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            You’re the minority who will get this game on Wii U. That was the point of selling the least.

          • Capt. Smoker

            I’ll probably buy it, but with all these delays, my interest just isn’t there anymore.

          • Andrew Clear

            Everyone knows that it will now, since it is delayed.

          • D.M.T

            The core Nintendo audience won’t buy this game? Oh really? I’m buying it and i’m a “core” audience. Next time speak for yourself. And just because it will sell least on Wii U doesn’t mean it will have poor sales.

          • RyuNoHadouken


          • blindtiger

            it certainly will sell the least being months late… sell even less if its missing features. if nintendo consoles got the same game at the same time from third parties, fewer people would have multiple systems and it would sell great.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            Nintenkids as a whole dont buy games like this…i bet it doesnt even break 30,000

          • Ryan F

            There’s 25,000 preorders already!

          • RyuNoHadouken

            compared to over 200,000 on PS4…see what im saying?

          • DragonSilths

            Doesn’t matter, Ubisoft has more then enough money to cover their asses from the other systems, and if devs don’t want to take the damn risk of possibly being surprised by a game selling well on Wii U then they will never know. Life is about taking risks, if you don’t take risks, go die in a hole and quit wasting oxygen.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            “taking risks” in an already volatile market can lead to unemployment

          • DragonSilths

            Look at Nintendo, they constantly take risks with their consoles, yet they don’t fire people. And unemployment…BOO HOO get another job.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            Japanese culture isnt a “firing”culture, moron…as long as you dont do anything crazy at work, you have a job for life…(provided the business doesnt go under)

          • DragonSilths

            That’s a lie and you know it. Sony a JAPANESE COMPANY FIRED 15,000 people. Please learn your crap, its not that hard.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            the AMERICAN side of things fired 15,000 people

        • John Andalora

          Here’s the differences between the PS4 user base and and Wii U one.

          1) Clearly PS4 base wants Ubisoft.
          Let’s face facts and say that every single game Ubisoft has put on the Wii U has sold terribly. Best example of this would be Assassin’s Creed IV. That came out when the install base for PS4 was just growing.

          How many sales to date?
          PS4: 1.41 million.
          Wii U: 150,000.

          And there’s no reason for this. Nothing was changed in gameplay and the GamePad even had options built in it. So why is the PS4 sales of this game 9 times higher than Wii U?
          Because the people buying PS4’s want these kinds of action games. Wii U people want the comfortable things like Mario Kart and Smash Bros. So they aren’t going out and buying them.

          2) Similar market from previous gen consoles.
          It can be assumed that most of the people who bought a PS4 had purchased a similar console last gen. People buy what they’re familiar with (for the most part), and generally people go for something new yet familiar.
          Also, you gotta remember that audience these games are made for.

          Xbox is very fast-paced action and shooting, Playstation is story-telling and blend of American and Japanese, and Nintendo is family-friendly multiplayer everyone can get in on.
          But, also important, is that Xbox and Playstation are generally single-player consoles.

          Watch Dogs easily appeals to both Xbox or Playstation because that’s what they’d want. Good actiony fun for one, and a (hopefully) well paced and enjoyable story for another.

          But remember that Nintendo sells multiplayer games best, especially family-friendly ones. Smash Bros, NSMBU, DKCR, and MK sell well because it caters to the audience. Single-player shooters for a mature audience clearly don’t sell well on the Wii U.

          3) PS4 base is going up a lot quicker

          Yeah. I’m gonna say it. Because it is. It might change in the future, I have no idea. But as of now, the facts are thus.

          Wii U’s been out for a year and sold 5.8 million units. PS4 sold 6 million in 4 months.

          And with games coming out like inFamous, Metal Gear Solid 5, OctoDad, Final Fantasy IV, DriveClub, Wolfenstein, and other scattered indies coming out around that time, it’s expected to go up.

          Wii U, unfortunately, has been somewhat stagnant. DKCR possibly has doubled the sales, but only to 44,000 consoles.
          And this matters to developers. It really does.

          So, they’re going to cater to those who actually will buy the games they’re making, the audience that is expected to want those kinds of games, and the quickly growing install base.

    • Ace

      I am with you on that. I was saying a while ago that the other versions of the game would come out in May except the Wii U version because of MK8. Here is the proof.

      The game was almost done in November so why would it be delayed for “GamePad” functionality? I am sick of the lies that devs today are spewing.

    • redmeansgo82

      Delaying a former-exclusive that was going to ship on a console with a 3
      million install base is entirely different than delaying five other
      versions with over 200 million possible consumers for a platform that
      will struggle to push a million copies.

      This is not an anti-Nintendo practice, this is a business practice. It was Nintendo’s job to push the Wii U to a decent install base, which they have failed to do. If the Wii U had 9 million units out in the world, like they assumed it would, game delays and cancellations would not be as prevalent.

      • Andrew Clear

        They could’ve still released Rayman on Wii U and then released it on the other systems, the install base really wouldn’t have caused much of a difference. It’s not like releasing it on the wii U would’ve really impacted the PS3 and 360 sales.

        All in all, it is a crappy decision. And, releasing watchdogs later on the wii U (which has a larger install base than the xbox one) is garbage. Guess, they really want the Wii U version to fail, and it will honeslty be their own damn fault.

        Also, they could’ve had a team working on the gamepad shit during the whole development process, and it would’ve been complete for launch.

        This is just a company that lacks proper management.

        • DragonSilths

          Some people are finally waking up and seeing the truth that Ubisoft aren’t that great of a company. If a Red Steel 3 is made, then they have my attention, until then Ubifail can take all their games and put them elsewhere.

      • DragonSilths

        Wii U has a bigger userbase then Xbox One…And 3 million isn’t that big a deal.

        • Mj78

          For goodness sake. Wii u is full of potential but has no mass appeal. Stop arguing, enjoy it while you can.

          • DragonSilths

            Xbox One has no mass appeal. It seems the PS4 is the only one that does. Course once Smash and Zelda HD and MK8 and Metroid are all out, the appeal for the Wii U will be there.

      • MerryBlind .

        What people fail to realize, and Ubisoft too, is that, as much as I like Ubisoft for supporting the Wii U, they pretty much back-stabbed Nintendo in the back by not releasing Rayman Legends on time.

        Why? Because everybody complained no games was coming out on Wii U, and that there was a big drought of games in the first half of 2013. When was Rayman supposed to come out? First half of 2013.

        Rayman Legends was supposed to be the big release before Pikmin 3. Little things like that change everything sometimes.

        • jackie

          Nintendo backatabbed themselves by rushing the wii u out a year ahead of the competition and leaving most developers not ready. Nintendo should have waited til they new everything would go smoother

          • MerryBlind .

            I’m not saying Nintendo has done nothing wrong with the Wii U. I know there are a LOT of things they could have done better and could still do but don’t. I was just addressing the repercussions Rayman Legends’ delay has had on the console itself.

          • redmeansgo82

            It’s not Ubisoft’s job to sell the Wii U. It’s Nintendo’s, and they were doing such a poor job that Ubisoft realized they weren’t going to make any money. There’s no backstabbing going on, it’s a business decision. ZombiU was a money-sink for Ubisoft, and they were doing their best to make sure that didn’t happen again with Rayman.

          • MerryBlind .

            First off, you seem to have missed my point. All I was saying, was that Nintendo was probably counting on the release of Rayman to fill the empty whole until Pikmin 3, but when it got delayed, it screwed them up since they didn’t have any other big game for that time period.

            Also, Ubisoft didn’t have to keep it exclusive concerning what I’m talking about, they could have released it on time easily, and then release it on other consoles later on.

            But they didn’t. That’s why I’m talking about ‘back-stabbing’ here.

    • Nintedward

      I’m back guys! I forgot my password and it was impossible to sign in! I just got it after like 20 tries 😀

      • Step number 1

        take two phrases THAT YOU LOVE:

        1. it’s me, Mario!

        2. War… War never changes

        STEP 2 take the first letters


        STEP 3 take a date and a special character:


        and that’s all for a password that you don’t know how it is, but you know that is the first letters of your tow favorites phrases and the year you end the college with a special character… STRONG PASSWORD MY FRIEND… GEEEEEK


      • Arthur Jarret

        I haven’t seen you post on miiverse much either… did you lose your NNID password as well?

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Welcome back. 🙂

      • The Clockwork Being

        Nice to have you Nintedward. It’s been a long time since I have seen you in the comment section.

      • jjbredesen
      • Carlos Webster

        I’m glad you’re here, fellow Wii U and PS4 fan.

      • Capt. Smoker

        Nice to see you back old friend 🙂

      • Sam

        We missed you!

      • Mithiragi

        Welcome back! Haven’t seen you much on mynintendonews either but everyone left that shithole except for Nintendo Commander.

    • nin-10-doughfan

      exactly! on the money! *#@%$!

    • rafael

      I doubt…I think the reason is, if this game doesnt sell well on other platforms, it will be cancelled on Wii U.

  • zajac1661

    very important that this comes to the WiiU, if you ask me.

  • Wooopigsooie

    It appears Ubisoft will once again be the developer that takes the most time making sure the gamepad works it’s magic on a game that seems tailor-made for it. I applaud them for that.

  • Yen

    “It’s also an interesting platform, because it has its own strength, which we want to take advantage of, and we didn’t want to delay all the other platforms for that one.”

    Yet you delayed Rayman Legends to make ports for last gen systems that you already know the strengths of…

  • Cyberus

    How hard is to put the Watch_Dogs logo on the gamepad screen? Hurry up

  • I suppose that’s a reasonable excuse, but I agree with D.M.T’s response more

    • Zorpix you know more than me this things…

      if you see a politic interview or another type of interview the interviewer ask objective questions to pull the “truth”

      in this case, i don’t see some one asking:

      You know that a delay will represent low sales, and later you will blame the Nintendo install base because a bad move of you? (sorry for my English)

      how you wait for a good sales, when the others consoles have complete games?

      or lots of logical question that no one ask…

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Even games on time, sell poorly.

        • i know that, but i KNOW TOO that out of date will sell less than “on time”… it is just logic man…

      • oh i agree that its not fair at all that we have to wait, and it’s going to hurt sales. And they’re going to blame the Wii U itself, not their delay.

        However, if they do actually make the game better, good for them

        • well they have to work hard to motivate the public, i will buy the game for my Wii u, but that’s me, lot of gamers will buy it for other consoles, and when they do they will need a good reason to buy it again.

          • yeah… I’m gonna get it for Wii U, but I know a lot of others wont be as patient…

  • BIG Franky

    here is my prediction…. I think it ships for Wii U sooner than many believe. from what I have read… the game has been in development for Wii U for a looooong time…. well before anyone knew the Wii U would sell as poorly as it has, so there was too much sunk into it to just abandon it… so my guess is that it isn’t as behind in development as maybe the initial delay might have had some believe… Ubi is one of the few developers that at least tries to implement unique and interesting usage of the gamepad, so I think they will do right by the release….
    if anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if the MK8 release date of May 30 didn’t have a hand to play in the Wii U release date…why would they ever want to go up against that? it would serve Ubi well to release this in the middle of summer when there is not a big release planned for Wii U.

    • darkcreap

      Exactly. Actually, Rayman Legends has been one of the few titles so far that really uses greatly the gamepad, even more than most Nintendo’s games, which is strange as hell. Actually, the Rayman Legends touch functionalities do not feel shoehorned or forced. I invite people here to try them. The Murphy levels are great.

      Actually, it is even more fun having someone controlling Murphy and the other player controlled by another person (instead of the CPU). It is a great challenge to do the run-for-your-life levels like that :D. It requires a lot of coordination.

      • BIG Franky

        Rayman Legends is epic and in my opinion every bit as good as SM3DW…. awesome game…..

      • Herman Jacob

        Rayman is tons of fun, however Ubisoft’s creativity really shows in Zombi U. Unfortunately, shouldn’t Nintendo have though up the most creative ways to use Gamepad?? Bad Nintendo!!!!

        • darkcreap

          Yes, very surprising that Ubisoft has managed to use the gamepad better than some of the best Nintendo exclusives, like Mario, Donkey Kong or even Mario Kart.

          Oh, I have ZombiU too. I am taking my time, though. Problem is that I don’t like terror games (I thought ZombiU might be something different, but I was wrong). I mean, the stress, hiding, having to run in desperation, etc. It is a great game, absolutely, but not my cup of tea.

          What I noticed, though, is that a lot of gamepad functionalities that Ubisoft showed in previous trailers of ZombiU weren’t there in release. Also, some more melee weapons would have helped.

  • elbrody

    I’m starting to lose interest now

  • Guest

    Hey Ubisoft, we’ve supported most of your games and surely the hype means you’ll at least break even by releasing the Wii U port, right?

  • Umjereni

    Sorry, but calling the guys at Ubisoft as assholes is way over the edge. So far, they are almost the only big player that still has wii u games in development.

  • Mario

    Wait a sec!? Doesn’t the PS4 and Xbox One have touchscreens as well?

    • Deadpool U

      Not really not as good as the gamepad’s anyway the PS4’s touchscreen is really a big button anyway.

      • D.M.T

        It’s not a touchscreen, it’s a touchpad. What is wrong with you people? Haven’t you seen a PS4 controller?

        • Deadpool U

          Seen it, held it, used it but that’s what he was talking about.

        • Mario

          Sorry. Minor mistake.

        • I haven’t, not in real life

    • D.M.T

      Seems like you’ve never seen a PS4 or Xbone controller in your life! Google is your friend, go there and search “DualShock 4” and “Xbox One controller”

      DS4 has a freakin laptop touchpad on it lol.

      • matthew garcia

        Hey that controller feels really comfortable in the hands and works pretty well with the camera

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Don’t mind him, he’s just being his bitter self. ;P

        • oontz

          Feels great, best controller available in my opinion.

    • no they dont , ps4 touchscreen is just crap basically works as a button nothing as indepth as wii u.

      • D.M.T

        It’s a laptop touchpad, not a screen

      • oontz

        Yes the touch pad on the dual shock 4 is not a screen. It allows swipes and acts as a button, however nothing is displayed on it. But they could offer a ps4 controller option that includes the gamepad features for people who also have a psvita.

  • Deadpool U

    So it’s delayed to advantage of the Wii U’s strengths and the gamepad abilities? Alright Ubisoft I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt right now.

    • Wren Justin Umlauf

      I really wonder if there are a lot preorders for the Wii U version of this game and they are feeling confident that it will sell enough with the combination of preorders and sales after launch to make the port worth while. I know I preordered it. Im curious as to how many other people have.

      • Dark-Link73

        It is a bad business move to base a game success on the pre orders. I never pre order a game until a date is announced and see what other goodies are offered for pre ordering. Just because I don’t pre prefer right away, it doesn’t mean I won’t buy the game. Oh well.

    • nin-10-doughfan

      yeah! the best alibi they can give.

  • AlienFanatic

    With the current poor track record of Ubisoft titles on Wii-U it’d be a miracle for this game to actually see the light of day. I wish Ubi would just be honest and say they’ve canceled it. (Remember how long it took Sega to announce that Aliens: Colonial Marines was dead?)

    While I like the Wii-U, these types of games aren’t in its wheelhouse. In fact, I’m not sure anything Ubi makes would sell well on the system. The Wii-U feels, increasingly, like a Nintendo-only platform.

    • darkcreap

      Alien Colonial marines was a very different situation. The studio that did the development did a mismanagement of the development budget. The console version for WiiU was probably not advanced and, since the game flopped horribly, it didn’t make any sense to release on the WiiU. I mean, they were going to spend more time in a game which had been a ruin.

      I don’t think this is happening with Ubisoft, so I doubt it will be the same case. I think we can be optimistic about this one.

      • oontz

        Well there is always a chance this game won’t be well received and as a result not sell… which would make it easier for Ubi to just cancel the wiiu version. We have seen it happen before so it is possible.

        • Rinslowe

          This game won’t sell bad enough for that to happen. It’s unlikely. That and Ubisoft has direct control on their own product, not mention a pretty good track record…

          • oontz

            I don’t think it will sell poorly… but anything is possible.

  • Nintenjoe82

    “we didn’t want to delay all the other platforms for that one”

    That’s why I love Ubisoft, they would needlessly delay a game just for the sake of releasing at the same time as on other systems.

  • JB

    Well if his reasoning is true, then it completely echos what I was hoping for my comment on the other Watch Dogs post. Then again when they initially said that they were delaying the U version, it was because they wanted to polish the the other platforms for release… So there’s that.

  • Kinhas

    Well if so i will be getin it for the 360, but the game will be in verbatim DL for LT3.0!

  • steveb944

    I question prior delays of Rayman as others have noted. At the end of the day we better get some amazing use of the pad, better not be just a map on there or I’ll never look at Ubi games ever again

  • Zuxs13

    So if they delay it and do it to make a good version of it and its released later in the year no one will buy it. If its delayed due to Mario Kart 8, then they ride the wave of Wii U sales and time it right, it could be pretty successful. The problem is if its too much after the other consoles release date, no one will buy it.

    If its only a port of the game then Ubisoft has said it only cost them around $1 million to port games to the Wii U so if they sell 40-100k copies they will have made their investment back.

    Im excited for this game and if it comes out 2-3 weeks after Mario Kart 8, that would be awesome (a week or two prior would be better).

    • darkcreap

      “If its only a port of the game then Ubisoft has said it only cost them around $1 million to port games to the Wii U so if they sell 40-100k copies they will have made their investment back.”

      Interesting thing you say. I thought it required much more copies to be profitable. Can you provide some source? I hear the word “port” a lot, but I don’t know (exactly) the implications it has in game design. I have heard that early WiiU 3rd party launch games are ports from X360 games. Is that right? I heard that the Assassin’s Creed games are ports too, but not sure.

      Maybe it is asking too much but, do you know if it is a port from X360/PS3 or X1/PS4 versions? If someone around here could provide the answer (or a pointer to find it for myself) it would be great.

      • Zuxs13

        Ubisoft said the cost for a Wii U port here:

        if you figure they sell their games for less than the retail price of $60, say $30 is what they sell it to a distributor for, it would only take 43,000+ copies to make their money back.

        Now there are a lot of factors involved in this they haven’t shared if this is a port or not, though it likely is. They also haven’t shared how much added cost is going into this version. We also do not know exactly what they sell the game for to a distributor, or retailer, my guess is between $30-$40 for a $60 retail game.

        This is why i think if they sell 100 copies they are doing fine. A game like Rayman Legends and ZombiU on the other hand cost them a lot more money could have cost them between $8-15 million to make so they were not as profitable for them.

        • darkcreap


          And is it possible a PS4/X1 port or the WiiU has to always receive PS3/X360 ports?

        • darkcreap

          This could be good news. As long as the WiiU is not too expensive, then we can receive at least ports. It is not optimal, but I am OK with Assassin’s Creed 3/4 being a port. I mean, I didn’t notice them to be bad or anything. I hope we continue to get AC games from Ubisoft.

        • Petri

          If Zombi U cost more than 10 million to make, someone must have fucked up.
          Though they changed concept mid development, that might have been expensive.

        • oontz

          You’re not taking into account general operating costs (wages, property, infrastructure, etc) used during production, nor are you taking into account their marketing costs.

          • Zuxs13

            I don’t have too. Those numbers are directly from ubisoft. It doesn’t specify what hose numbers include but I would assume it is the cost to port the game over, so wages property, infrastructure. Etc.
            I doubt it includes marketing because that would be grouped as a whole since its a multiplat game so the marketing cost can be recovered by all revenues. (Exception if they did singular wii udaily marketing, but most companies house their marketing budgets seperate from their production budgets) .

          • oontz

            Fair enough, I wonder if that amount also includes manufacturing costs as well.

  • NyallJodhan

    From the trailers I’ve seen, this game will have a lot of action happening at once. From Digital Foundry’s head-to-head of most games ported to Wii U that were processor intensive coded, Wii U’s frame rate of the games suffered because of this.
    If they’re delaying to refine the code of the game for this reason, and also to make better use of the gamepad, then I’m fine with that. For it means my experience when it does come out, and when I get it, will be a better one.

  • MerryBlind .

    Gotta love Ubisoft for the support they provide to the Wii U. Sure they could do better with DLC and stuff, but at least they’re doing something and trying to make use of the GamePad.

  • Snake Eater

    I will still get it, on sale, if it comes out in 2015 but release day if it is in 2014

  • Brandon Gardner

    I was honestly excited about this game coming to the Wii U… Angry we have to wait for it but hopefully the wait will be worth it…. I want a system with great 1st party and 3rd party support… Tired of Nintendo getting the short end of the stick all the time

  • great deku tree

    hmm on the one hand it’s good that they’ll be properly implementing good gamepad features. on the other hand however I think the sales will be poor, perhaps terribly so since, first of all, not many people buy third party games for Nintendo consoles. second of all almost everyone that’s interested in the game will have already bought the ps3/4 xbox etc etc versions since almost everyone already has a ps3/4 or xbox 360/one.
    personally I’m going to wait for the wii u version but I doubt many others will do so…

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Look on the bright side…at least it’s not cancelled…that what counts.

    • oontz

      What if it doesn’t sell well on the other platforms first? You think they’ll still give it a chance on wiiu?

  • Gameonfool

    At least they taking their time to use the wii u strengths rather than a quick/crap port.

  • ActivesiN

    If they are taking full advantage of the gamepad then I have no issue waiting a few months, got mario kart around the same time anyway so watchdogs would be taking a backseat regardless

  • Depends on whether or not I have a PS4 by then and also how well Ubi implements the game pad on it, I truly think in this game the gamepad can add an extra dimension for sure, even more so then in ZombiU.

  • palomino blue

    Oh well. The Wii U version will surely come out before the cost of a PS4 drops low enough for me to care to pick one up with its version of Watch Dogs. I’ll be buying the Wii U version.

  • Petri

    “We have our studio in Bucharest working on it, and we wanted that team to have the time to explore the GamePad and be able to have fun with it and see how far they could push it.”

    That better be true, or I might re-evaluate my support of Ubisoft games again.
    But in any case, I hope they realize this will cannibalize sales on Wii U.

  • Lophs

    “we wanted that team to have the time to explore the GamePad and be able to have fun with it and see how far they could push it”

    Dang, they are further behind than thought, “exploring” the gamepad at this stage

  • uPadWatcher

    It’s better late than never at all. I’m still looking forward to Watch_Dogs on the U this year.

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    As long as it’s still coming to the WiiU I’m good

  • Goku123

    It better come for the Wii U I am already mad because of Arkham Knight

  • Antar Rodríguez

    Ok i just dont know if im gonna get this for my wii u or my ps3, in really curious about the gamepad functions and i wanna still support 3rd parties on the wii u but in the other hand im risking not getting the online part of the game (if there is one and if they plan to remove it for wii u) also dlc might as well be removed for the wii u version, so watchdogs for wii u or for ps3 ?

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    The same studio that developed Assassin’s Creed IV… oh by the way i’m off to play it o/

  • Stephen Davis

    Ubisoft you just find new ways to dissapoint – “Possibly” everyone else gets at regular launch but somehow we always find a delay with the WiiU :

  • mark kaser

    Ain’t nobody got time for that. It’ll be on the sale racks for all of the other systems by the time we get it.

  • bakedapplepie

    I think they can’t decide on an exact release date yet mainly because they don’t want to directly compete with the Mario Kart 8 release and get completely overshadowed.

  • nin-10-doughfan

    this is the reason why wii u is not that successful, it will look like it is only a port due to the delay.Lots of alibi and they complain that it did not sell well.( it feels like a conspiracy against nintendo!).

  • Heaven on Earth

    In all honesty as a wii u owner I still will purchase this game whenever they decide to release it.In terms of third party support ubisoft makes the best games for the wii u and they clearly put forth great effort to utilize the gamepads features in full potential raymans legend, blacklist,and zombie u.

  • ETeach

    This game isn’t gonna sell well. You can’t push a release back a half a year and expect it to compete with the other versions. Most people were saying they wanted the Wii U version when it was first announced because of the gamepad features, but I’m sure now they’ll just get the earlier releases.

    Come on, Ubisoft, you should understand this…

    • jrob23

      exactly. This will be no different than Deus Ex. Probably great games, but the buzz will have died, most likely if you are interested you’ll get it for PS360 or a current gen console. There can’t be that many Wii U owners that DON’T have another console AND are willing to wait to play it on the Wii U instead of playing it at launch. Of course, it’s not really an appealing game to imho..most Wii U owners anyway. Either way, here is another built in excuse why a 3rd party doesn’t do well. They really should just scrap it all together and save us all the trolling from the Sony fanboys on this site.

  • Blue Hernandez

    As someone who already has an X1 and a Wii U, I will wait for the Wii U version. Mainly, I feel this game will benefit much more from the Wii U’s gamepad, also, I will have many more games to play on the Xbox.

  • Spike Ashford

    I don’t think the Wii U release will slip into 2015. I’m gonna take a stab in the dark and say that the Wii U version will be released around June. One thing I hope Ubisoft will do is possibly release the game at a lower price for making us wait. It would be both a nice gesture for us, and possibly attract more sales.

  • blindtiger

    i hate to be pessimistic but a 2014 release being only a “possibility” when other versions release in Q2 is kind of a scary thought… 6 months should be plenty of time, right?

  • Gamer78

    I have this pre ordered for wiiu so I guess i am also in the minority. The gamepad features makes this game a purchase for me.

  • Leo

    “It’s also an interesting platform, because it has its own strength, which we want to take advantage of, and we didn’t want to delay all the other platforms for that one.”

    Funny that they had no problem delaying Rayman Legends for the WiiU because they wanted release it simultaneously for the other platforms.

  • starwars360

    Mario Kart 8 will keep me so much busy once it is released.

    I will getting Watch Dogs for achievements on XB1 and getting Wii U to enjoy game with GamePad uses. 🙂

  • gtosheex

    so this game has basically been delayed a whole year for the Wii U… that is an epic fail

    • oontz

      Agreed, a month or two at most is acceptable for the additional gamepad development but a calendar year?!? Anyone who owns more than one console is not going to wait.

      • Petri

        I will, but might not get it if they do not improve it at all.
        By the time this game hits Wii U, it will be a lot cheaper on PC,
        and most probably will have 50% off sale before that

        • oontz

          Yeah most people that really want to play this game (that have two systems), they’re going to play the game. Well before it hits the wiiu.

          • Petri

            Most probably, but there are lots of other games, and this is not that high on my list anymore.

  • GuardiansFan

    gamepad specific features of the game…thats all i wanted to know. I will wait for the Wii U version even though i own an xbox one…i just hope i dont have to wait long.

    Thank god Mario Kart will be out around that time anyways

  • ben

    F Ubi. Terrible company doing more PR damage to Nintendo than good.

    • oontz

      Ha ha, they’re the only real 3rd party supporters of the wiiu.

  • Nintendofreak

    ubisoft just have the balls to say your canceling the game so i can change my pre order for mario kart8 in peace

  • Rinslowe

    I think Ubisoft should come out with the Wii U specific gamepad features and implementations ASAP. I’d like to know if worth holding off on getting it for PC.
    It’s likely that they were also more than a little inspired by Deus Ex DC which absolutely nailed it on the gamepad – and was spectacular in that respect.
    Well here’s hoping…

    Otherwise, it’s the eyecandy version and that’s probably fine anyway.

    • oontz

      Like the zombieu demo video showing how the gamepad is used. Would be perfect in this situation.

  • Gary Ryckewaert

    I am sad about this whole situation. I reserved a copy for my Wii U because this game looks (to me anyway) like it will really benefit from the gamepad. This looks like a near perfect fit on the Wii U. I cancelled my reserve though….and I will not purchase it on another console. I have a strong feeling it will be cancelled for Wii U and this delay is just Ubi trying to break it to Wii U owners gradually. Hopefully the Wii U sales really pick up as 2014 moves along and third parties hop back on because I really like the Wii U, ALOT. I am very curious to see how Xbox one does in 2014 because its sales are plummeting huge, just like Wii U did. Will third parties drop XB1 development if it ends up selling poorly? Wii U is capable of awesome graphics and unique gameplay with the gamepad and I am a hopin’ and a prayin’ that it pulls a 3ds.

  • Patrick Skollerud

    “I don’t understand why my six month old game won’t sell… It must be because of the Wii u!” – Ubisoft

  • SkullScience

    To be fair, with all the press this game has received today with the obvious downgrade of the graphics on the PS4 version (and hence all versions). It is looking increasingly likely that it is another bullet dodged for Wii U! Visually the game looks mediocre at best now. The game in the final stages of development just appeared to become a fragmented mess. Something went horribly wrong last year, that much is obvious. UBI should have been up-front and honest to everyone who put a pre-order down. The Wii U pad could be the trick up the sleeve for the Wii U version as it certainly doesn’t have to worry on the visual side.

  • Cyberus

    I don’t even want it anymore, this game is so November 2013 to me

  • Sam

    Because of the GamePad, huh? Right…

  • J_Joestar

    Kinda sad that they can justify delaying only the WU version this time because it isn’t ready, but when the WU version of a game is ready and they others aren’t it still gets delayed to wait for it’s competition.

  • Suraj Alexander

    The upcoming game by ubisoft ,watchdogs, is probably the last chance we will have with ubisoft. They will decide wether to put more games on the wii u after these sales. Considering the lack of sales for other ubifot titles with sales coming upto 5% from the wii u we really need more peope to buy it. I am sitting here with the dedsec edition preorder so have done the max i can. doesn’t matter if the game is pushed back. plz buy the game guys

  • InterTreble

    Dear Ubisoft, do you know WD delayed on Wii U will be a commercial fail, and you and only you will be guilty for its low sales? Who can pay 60-70$ for a game released mounths before, which will be half the price for other formats then? I think who decided this is the same genius who decided to make Rayman Legends multiplatform. And we know how it ended up.

  • Mj78

    Wii u is deader than a dodo.

  • Mikhael Kunkel

    Ill definately get the WiiU game no matter how long it takes! Yes it sucks its delayed even further but if they’re actually catering to the hardware itll be worth it!! I have a 360 and plan on getting an XONE sometime by the end of the year, depending on the games but ill always buy The WiiU versions over any other console just to support Nintendo. They are the least corrupt videogame company out there and they give quality for their price imo. Its the 360 that i wait for games to be really cheap to buy! I have 14 WiiU retail games……… well 15 MH3U Digital! Plus about 10 indie games. So we do buy games for our wii u’s! Just sayin.

  • Joseph

    Hey, as long if it’s the definitive version, just like Eurogamer said about Rayman legends, then I’m going to buy it. That is if I have a Wii U.

  • RedChu

    I probably will wait because I just don’t want to concede and buy another console just yet, but I’m sure it won’t be a day one purchase as I’ll probably have lost interest in it after months of waiting and reading what other people are saying about it.

  • Volgana

    Its a good game. Hell yeah im waiting for it!

  • Brandon

    The wii u verison is probably not going to have the multiplayer part.

  • So, i really hope, they dont take their time just for the gamepad. If we get another pisspoormans version, i will stop supporting ubisoft on wiiu, since it would not matter anyway. If its “considered this year”, which could also mean it could come to nintendos in dezember, i hope they optimize the game for the wiiu.

  • Dtab78

    Let’s be fortunate that they are going to make a Wii U version in the first place. Although Ubisoft gets annoying with all the delays, they make the best use of the gamepad by far. I’m pretty confident that the Wii U version will be the superior one. I’m willing to wait.

  • Sam Beddoes

    People won’t want to wait, so they’ll buy it for whatever other console they have, then Ubi will say “Wii U games don’t sell!” and give up. same as everybody else gimping their Wii U version then blaming Nintendo when people don’t buy that version.

  • Anthony Ank Mudshark Owdienko



    WII U


    MARCH 9, 2014 ALBA 66 COMMENTS

    Ubisoft has, once again, reconfirmed that Watch Dogs is still in development for Wii U. A Twitter user recently requested the publisher to clearly state that the Wii U version of the upcoming open-world title hasn’t been canceled to counter skeptics. Ubisoft acknowledged the user’s plea and assured him that the game is coming to Nintendo’s console. The release date for the Wii U version of Watch Dogs hasn’t been announced yet.