Mar 11th, 2014

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Watch Dogs was supposed to be a launch title for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, but after being pushed back to this year it’s finally coming. Hopefully Wii U players will be able to get their hands on the game this year, as well. One of the many things people have been asking is what caused the delay. We’ve heard from Dominic Guay, the senior producer for the game, that Ubisoft Bucharest has the Wii U version and is working hard to make sure it’s an amazing experience. But what caused the initial delay?

According to a recent interview with Edge Magazine, creative director Jonathan Morin says perfecting the AI to react to the untold amount of situations that can happen in the game was the primary reason. Here’s a quote from the interview:

“There were some areas or missions where the wires connected in the wrong way and it’s not really the mission itself, it’s the emergence it can create. So once you have cops showing up in a certain situation with this and with that on top of it, and it starts getting out of control in a good way, it kind of collapsed. In certain combinations, the AI didn’t react at the level of quality we wanted.”

According to Morin, making sure the game is as seamless as possible when the tagline “everything is connected” was the primary goal for the team. He goes on further to mention that the Internet will likely pick apart the game and find instances in which this behavior is broken, but the team did want to take the extra time to make sure there were as few of these moments in the game as possible.

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  • Sanoku

    *sigh* well back to wind waker HD

  • BarbieOnWeed

    Strange what the Wii U is the only one with this problem…

    • WT Herrod Jr.

      No, this article is going back to the initial delay for all consoles back in 2013. All versions of the game had the issues mentioned in this article, the Wii U specific delay is from Ubisoft pulling Wii U version team members to address this (and other issues) leaving development behind schedule on the Wii U version, especially development of gamepad specific features.

    • Ducked

      Nice username

  • Jack5221

    Off topic, but oh well…

    I still don’t understand why people are making such a big deal about Wii U not getting 3rd party support. EA games are almost always incomplete and require DLC to fully enjoy. Warner Brother games are pretty much the same. They even refused to work on a patch that would fix a game breaking bug to focus on DLC for one of the Batman games. Both of those developers are crap. I no longer buy their games.

    Ubisoft and Activison have been huge supporters of the Wii U. Even if Watch Dogs is getting delayed, its still coming to Wii U. In the mean time, there is still Sega, Capcom and Platinum. Other than EA / Warner Brothers what other good, and I mean GOOD, developers are not making / bringing multi platform games for the Wii U? When it comes to games, those developers I listed are the ones who make the best of the best.

    Forget about EA, forget about Warner Brothers. Forget about all the other 3rd party devs.I don’t know about you guys, but I bought a Wii U for the amazing first party games and exclusives that you can’t get anywhere else. I didn’t buy a Wii U to play Call of Duty…

    • D.M.T

      Why buy a Nintendo console just to play Nintendo games? Why are you limiting yourself? I didn’t buy a Wii U for COD either but if the Wii U version is good then i’ll buy it. Do you understand what i’m trying to say here? My point is that i bought a Wii U to play all kinds of games, not just Nintendo games. Stop with this weird mentality.

      The Wii U doesn’t need 3rd party support to survive but it needs 3rd party support to be the number 1.

      • Ducked


      • SeroReviews

        I really don’t agree with that.

        It isn’t an “weird mentality” to buy a Nintendo console to play Nintendo games. It’s realistic. Buying a Wii U while expecting to play all kinds of games is why so many people got disappointed and started to blaming the console, in the first place. You just can’t buy a Nintendo console expecting to play “all kinds of games”. It’s delusional.

        • Kevin James McAllister

          It’s not delusional when that’s what they promised. Quit making excuses for Nintendo. As a software developer, they’re #1 in my book, but as a hardware manufacturer that should care about its relationship with other developers, it’s easily the worst of the big 3. Why don’t we just be honest and stop making excuses? Nintendo is known for not helping 3rd party developers and for making it difficult for them. They need to do something above and beyond what Microsoft and Sony do with developers to turn that image around, and they haven’t yet.

          • andrewjcole

            I have to disagree with part of that. From what I’ve heard from developers, Nintendo was open to helping them.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            What you heard, doesn’t make it true. That’s what they claim. Even if it were a fact that they did, apparently, they failed hardcore.

          • Kevin James McAllister

            Indie developers were helped by Nintendo because Nintendo decided to try and court them, but not the ones that will help sell consoles like EA, Activision, etc.

          • Inkeyis

            True, where was metro last light or crysis 3 or all the other good third party games that were supposed to come

          • Dark-Link73

            Idk about Metro, but Crysis 3 was “fully up and running” on Wii U but EA canceled the game on Cryteck because of the Origin debacle. So any EA publish game that never made it to U was because of EA’s lack of professionalism in broken business negotiations.

          • Diablo130356

            All the best new games are on the 3DS, while Wii U gets retreads of OLD console games!
            I just don’t understand that, way to undervalue your flagship maschine or what?

          • Inkeyis

            3ds gets great games, but the wiiu also gets great games. As long as its good, i don’t care about originality. pikmin 3, zombiu, mario kart 8, X, smash bros,… etc. it would be nice to have more third parties, but at least i can count on games to have quality and not shovelware

        • Stephen Macneil

          That’s why I’ve always had another condole to compliment by nintendo console.

        • Wighead

          Yes I can buy a Nintendo console and expect to play all kinds of games and I expect Nintendo to think that way to. The problem is that Nintendo forgot that THEY need to bring back developpers on their platform and those developpers should be at the core of their business strategies. For people to buy the console, it has to have all kinds of games. I bought many Nintendo console over time and I never bought it just for Nintendo games, there was always quite a few third party games that I wanted for it. But for the wii U, we see next to no third party support for the next 2 years and I am not blaming the console but Nintendo itself. Why am I blaming Nintendo? Because they were so blind see the shift in gaming that now there are lots of people thinking like you => Nintendo is just for Nintendo games, it wasn’t like that in the past and it doesn’t needs to.

        • Dark-Link73

          Expecting to play a variety of games on a Nintendo console IS NOT delusional. Specially after all the promises made by Nintendo AND the ENTIRE industry as a whole (Nintendo wasn’t the only developer/publisher promising games for the Wii U during that infamous e3 in 2012) . Also, you don’t see/hear 3DS owners darting they bought their Nintendo device”only to play Nintendo games”. Why? Because the 3DS has support from most of the industry; why? Because it is a best selling console.

          As a consumer I expect to have fulfilled the pretenses which lured me onto buying a particular product. To adopt a settled mentality, in this case buying a Nintendo console only to play Nintendo games, in other to avoid emotional disappointment only perpetuates the downward spiral in which Nintendo is caught AND it is in itself truly delusional. If you only buy Nintendo games on Wii U, how do you expect other developers to fully support the U, thus they make subpar versions or skip DLC, thus consumers only buy Nintendo games because the third party games are subpar, thus third party developers stop making games for Wii U, ergo consumers only “buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games.”

          As long as the PS and XBOX exist, it won’t make a difference nor an impact on developers that Nintendo gamers stop buying their products as a form of protest. Our demographic is simply not large enough. We need to support the Wii U by buying the games and show that we want the games. We need to stop the downward spiral because, as long as developers make money of PS and XBOX, they won’t bother to stop it.

      • NyallJodhan

        +1000. As a single console owner, I would love more 3rd party games on the Wii U.

      • Broku78

        Your half right. I also got Wii u just for Nintendo games but I also have a ps3 and gaming PC. I don’t by 3rd party games on Nintendo cause there always done half ass there’s no support and mostly they don’t look as good. I got ps3 just cause of some of the exclusives and few other jrpg that’s all. And my PC I built few yes ago is for high end gaming. If a game gets ported to the ps4, Xbox one, Wii u, and PC I’ll the get the PC version cause it way run and look better on my pc. Now u said Nintendo needed 3rd party support to be come number one … not true. Look at the Wii very lil 3rd party plus when they did start support the Wii 4 years past and they or should say ea mainly missed the money train the ea CEO say it himself that they should’ve support the Wii sooner. Now the games get from 3rd parties come done half ass some with no dlc and lil or no support for example look at cod ghost first no free fall map thenno patch for months even ps3 got two patches before the Wii u. No dlc for ghost on the Wii u they said there is not enough fan base to put dlc on the Wii u they will loss money there understandable but what 3rd party delevopers need to understand is Nintendo is fans r not going buy there games if done half show no support and having missing content. Hell right Nintendo is doing really good stay making a profit unlike Sony and Microsoft. Why say that will Sony selling parts of there company to stay in the game and Microsoft is really doing the best overall but there Xbox division been losing since the 360. Lol sorry went on a rant sum it all up jack5221 is right all Nintendo needs is there team delevopers Sega and UniSoft

      • Ghost8484

        do u think the wii u should do an paper mario? i do. i think that would be awesome.

        • Arthur Jarret

          Paper Luigi should happen – fighting against Paper King Boo – which turns out to be a robot controlled by Paper Waluigi – sent by Paper Wario to kidnap Paper Princess Daisy to extort Sarassaland for paper money.

          However, Paper Waluigi leaves Paper Sarassaland to bring Paper Wario Paper Princess Daisy, but it turns out he has taken Paper Birdo by accident instead. When Paper Luigi arrives to beat both Paper Waluigi and Paper Wario – he knocks them back into Paper Birdo causing Paper Birdo to anger and attack Paper Luigi.

          Now Paper Luigi must solve the mystery between the lands of Sarassaland, Mushroom Kingdom and Diamond city where Princess Daisy has gone.

          It turns out at the end she just kinda… wandered off. When Paper luigi finds her, she tells him “Hi, I’m Daisy”.

          You can choose to talk to her again, but that’s all she says.

      • Stephen Macneil

        The sad reality is most people do buy a Wii U just for Nintendo games. I have some third party games, but I could have just as easily bought them on my 360 or PS4. I want third party on Nintendo do the system will sell better and the people with a second condole get more enjoyment.

      • Nathanmg

        My main reason for buying Nintendo consoles is the multiplayer, as no console does couch co-op like a Nintendo console. Unfortunately the majority of decent games that fit this description are first party, there are a couple third party ones (Rayman Legends for example), in most situations wherein there’s a “best” version of a mainly single player game (or online being the main multiplayer focus) I’ll go with the Playstation version.

        But at the end of the day, the sheer amount of hours that gets pumped into games like Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Nintendo Land (this was awesome as a 4-5 player experience) and taking into account the purer sense of fun that comes with playing with your friends I don’t see going for mostly first party titles being much of a limitation.

        Personally I’m not a fan of the “one machine for everything” philosophy, even on a games level (certain controllers / control systems work better for certain games).

    • Ducked

      No support from Bethesda and Square Enix either. Capcom isn’t supporting the Wii U right now, they have no upcoming games for the system, Street Fighter is skipping it. And more could be joining. Nintendo has to work with 3rd parties. They just can’t go hey, here’s a Wii U. Please develop for it.

      Nintendo has to

      1: Work stronger with 3rd party developers
      2: Release and announce more 1st party games
      3: Advertise

      I see PS4 dominating both Wii U and Xbox One. Wii U should come in 2nd, but unless they release those outstanding first party games, and grab more 3rd party games. Then it’s sitting at 2nd place, or last.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Second place or last, is more likely.

        • Ducked

          Yeah, I’d prefer Wii U to outsell that greasy Xbox One device, but outselling PS4 is a bit day dreaming.

      • greengecko007

        We don’t really know what Bethesda is doing now beyond Wolfenstein. They’re supposed to be working on Fallout 4, but I don’t think we know much beyond that. I looked up the Fallout 4 webpage for Bethesdasoft, and the only consoles listed were Xbox 360 and PS3. Taking into consideration that Bethesda usually focuses on large open world games, I find it hard to believe that they would only be working on last gen consoles. My point is, it’s very unlikely, but we could see Fallout 4 on the Wii U. It just depends on how they want to work with the game.

        • Ducked

          Depends if Nintendo makes a HUGE effort. I don’t really seeing Fallout 4 on Wii U, Fallout has never been with Nintendo systems.

          • greengecko007

            The original Fallout games weren’t on any consoles, but Bethesda made Fallout 3 and New Vegas for the PS3 and 360 because it was possible. I think, depending on how Bethesda develops the game, that it’s at least possible it will come to the Wii U, although mostly unlikely. Bethesda originally was considering porting Skyrim to the Wii U. They probably only backed out because they saw how bad old ports did on the Wii U.

          • Petri

            That “has never been with [insert system]” argument is just stupid, and that kind of mentality should be dropped.
            I do not think Bethesda would develop for Nintendo system without some lubing, not sure if I care with their track record. Pipboy would be epic on Wii U gamepad though.

          • Ducked

            “that kind of mentality” should be dropped.

        • Inkeyis

          They won’t unfortunately, they discussed their problems with Nintendo in the wiiu hardware development and dropped support

      • HydePark1980

        I’m not really sure that Nintendo should worry too much about 3rd party support, with this newest generation of systems the cost of producing a solid title will go up. The way things are going with a lot of sub-par titles released I suspect that a number of 3rd parties won’t survive this new generation.

      • SanDan

        Nintendo has the cash to buy the likes of Bethesda.
        Now that would turn the industry upside down!

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          They can’t just outright buy Bethesda just because they have the money. Lol. Investors would have to agree on that. Look at the EA/Take 2 situation 6 years ago. Nintendo needs to buy out companies that are willing to work for them. Perhaps Platinum Games or Next Level Games would be a decent start.

          • Ghost8484

            do u like nintendo?

          • jrob23


          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Wouldn’t be on here at all if I didn’t. I’m more harder on them. ;P

          • Ghost8484

            i see. so wat can nintendo do overall to be a better company?

          • SP-937-215

            Fire Satoru Iwata and put Reggie in charge of the whole corporation. Seriously, his body is ready. He seems to be the only one at Nintendo who actually understands what we want.

          • SanDan

            Hmm… Notice how I said “has the cash to”?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Notice how I said “can’t”?

          • URFTBOUND4LIFE .

            Beyonetta being forever exclusive to Nintendo…..???
            I don’t think the fanboys would be willing to accept that

        • Ryan F

          Pretty sure Bethesda wouldn’t comply with that. Nintendo would have to offer them the freedom to still put games on the PC.

          • SanDan

            Everyone has a price. Especially investors who have a huge say in companies like Bethesda. Anyway my point was that Nintendo CAN do things like this and swing a large portion of the industry their way. Will they? No. I’m not talking about individuals and whether they like the idea or not but for western companies cash is king.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Most have a price. Not everyone. Take 2 was a good example when they declined EA’s offer. With Nintendo’s rep, they wouldn’t get far in negotiations. Only way Bethesda would be remotely interested and investors, is if they were close to bankruptcy. Even then, they’ll most likely sell to someone who shares their vision. Nintendo wouldn’t be a fit. With how cheap Nintendo is, I doubt they’d even make an attempt.


        Well to be fair, Streetfighter is skipping both PS4 and XBOX ONE too.
        Capcom and SE are still recovering after years of lost revenue.
        I think when and if they become more stable they’ll be able to take another shot at Wii U games
        EA…? Only if the console gets a HUGE spike in sales this year.
        I do agree with what you said about them rebuilding relations with 3rd parties and advertising because their marketing plain sucks

        • Ducked

          Exactly, the Wii U is in it’s 2nd year. And most people still think its a tablet controller to the Wii. It be nice if Capcom gave us a new Okami game for the Wii U exclusively.

          • URFTBOUND4LIFE .

            They have a huge back-log of games they can bring over to Wii U like their arcade games. Hell,if they can just make a HD collection of their popular arcade games like the Street fighter Alpha Series,Strider, Marvel versus series Darkstalkers series,Powerstone ect. Don’t tell me Wii U owners wouldn’t be all over those. I’ve been dying to play the Alpha series again.

    • andrewjcole

      WB games isn’t all bad. Pretty much just when it comes to their Batman games. They did make the Scribblenauts games Wii U and 3DS exclusive.

    • Umjereni

      I’m enjoying first party games too, but buying a console for one or two titles in a year is really way over the edge. I’ll buy a PS or Xb if needed, but I’d rather to play third party games on the wii u. Why investing money in two consoles?

      • Michael Legault

        The best part of having every console is being able to walk into a used game store and being able to pick games from any pile, it helps if you’re looking for a particular game or see something you always wanted to play but forgot about.

        • Arthur Jarret

          Well, or knowing you get the best experience from each game: Picking up PC version if one is available – and looking to Digital foundry to make a comparisson of other multiplats.

          The biggest advantage is each of the consoles exclusives, of course

    • Dylan Clark

      IMHO: i’m really not a fan on nintendo i own a wii u but its my least played console however. i will say this i would rather play BF4 on wii u than XB1 one reason the Gamepad. its like having smartglass on a controller i would love to use the commander functions on the gamepad screen while controlling my soldier that would be a dream come true for tactical BF4 players like me and seeing a full map along with being able to change your fire mode with a tap of the screen wouldnt hurt along with a scanner for your sniper. i believe BF4 or 5 should come to wii u!

    • Brandon

      The reason why is because some wii u owner actually like some 3rd party games, and dont wont to buy another console to play them. Theres nothing wrong with EA or Warner brother games, there actually really good.

    • Donaald

      Third parties alleviate the drought of first party games and to attract other audiences to the console and the brand itself, that’s why it’s imperative that the Wii U gets as much third party support as they can. And BTW WB will still release games for it, just not “mature” rated games.

    • Usaamah

      I bought a Wii U to play Smash Bros, and X. I will probably get Mario Kart and a few others (SMT X FE, Yoshi? New Zelda? Maybe Wind Waker, probably Nintendoland) and I expect those games to be worth it. Especially the first 4, but it would be a ton nicer if I could play NHL 15, or Star Wars Battlefront 3 or something else on Wii U too. Wii U DOES have Call of Duty btw, so that last point is completely irrelevant. As it stands, I will probably just end up buying the great games on Wii U and completely skipping everything else, which I’ll only get to play when I go to a cousin/friends house. I don’t really mind, personally just Smash with my brother would be enough to keep me satisfied for years 😛 But it would be nice to have more options without being forced to buy another console.

    • Inkeyis

      Bethesda (skyrim), rockstar (GTA), Konami (metal gear), cd projekt red (witcher), square Enix (final fantasy and kingdom hearts, they stopped after deus ex), ea (solely, and solely because of Titanfall their other games suck), losing warner bros (no arkham knight, but maybe scribblenauts stays), losing ubisoft (except for small stuff like child of light), bit of activision (no destiny), 2k (their sports), capcom (no exclusive like dead rising or deep down), valve (half life and left for dead), no irrational games (bioshock), pretty much no blizzard (Diablo), the list definitely goes on.

      You said u didn’t buy a wiiu for call of duty, but that, AC IV and arkham origins were all the major third party support we got last year. One is gone for the future, by not buying cod, you are basically further incentivizing third parties not to put games on the wiiu

      Don’t get me wrong, Nintendo is one, if not my favorite developer and publisher, but that doesn’t mean I want to miss out on the rest


      Maybe it’s because more 3rd party means more options for gamers who can’t afford more than one console. Some of us like the convenience of getting the games we want for the console we’ve chosen. Gotta tell ya,Gen 6 had it right.
      Most 3rd Party games were equally available on all platforms. Didn’t matter if you had a PS2 XBOX or GameCube. Chances are you had a say in which version to get without feeling cheated. In fact that was the only gen I had two consoles. Both games and consoles are getting pricey and I can’t afford to get a PS4 (TBH wouldn’t buy one anyway because of the price) and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    • Sydney Ultrasyd

      I’m more a retrogamer and buy plenty of consoles, but when it comes to the current gen, I only buy one console. I just don’t wanna play only Nintendo games, that’s a bit limited. So 3rd party is important to me, and many other people too. Also, a system with only Nintendo and a few 3rd party can’t sell as well as a system with a lot of variety

  • Ony

    At this point, my Wii U could be renamed as “Online Monster Hunter machine” :/
    I guess I’ll have to wait reeeeaaaaly longer before I can put my hands on something exciting.


  • That guy who hates Spike

    Polish it as much as you can Ubisoft. The last thing I want to buy is an incomplete game.

  • Mr Ninty

    i still predict that this game will not be as good as promised. first i was excited but after the delay my hopes staidly declined

    • Ducked

      What will end up happening is the game will came out WAY later, and people won’t care as much about the game. All the big first party games will be out, and people who own multiple systems will already have played it. So sales will be low, and ubisoft will lose interest in Wii U.

      A shame really, Wii U version of Watch Dogs will probably be the best with the gamepad mode.

      • Kevin James McAllister

        the Wii U version COULD be the best version, but we haven’t actually seen how it’ll work with the Gamepad yet. It could end up being overly cumbersome, which is my biggest worry.

      • Shadao

        Or Watch Dogs could end up as the next Aliens: Colonial Marines for all of the systems. I don’t know why, but I’m getting a similar vibe here.

        • Ducked

          That would only happen if the game ended up as a failure.

  • BIG Franky

    really looking forward to this game…. picking it up on PS4. I actually have a Wii U preorder on it as well… I might keep that one too for no other reason than to support Ubi for at least trying… plus I like to see the differences between the two platforms… something tells me there will be quite a bigger difference between the 2 versions than there was for Black Flag, LOL…

    • Dunno if you’re sarcastic but from what I saw on Black Flag Wii U was cleary better then PS360 and clearly a lot worse compared to PS4. Wii U was a lot closer to PS360 the trailer on the deck on PS4 with the rain flooding the ships deck actually made me drool, that was so well done as was the rain and the thunderstorms.

      On WiiU there was far less rain, and no flooding on the deck, where there was no rain at all on PS360 and every now and then a few drops. PS4 was superior in pretty much every aspect (Wii U was cool too but miles behind PS4) I think the difference will be even bigger then in Black Flag, still I would buy this title on Wii U though as I probably won’t have a PS4 this year.

      • Ryan F

        WiiU can do rain/flood effects like that. NFSMWU did them.

        • I believe you, but Ubi didn’t do it on ACIV, can’t say I have seen it either on NFSMWU though as I haven’t played the game and won’t play it either, I have nothing with racing games in general except Rock ‘n Roll Racing back then on the Snes (and later part 2 on PS) before that Match Rider on the Nes are the only 3 racing games I enjoyed.

          Honestly I’m not very fond on racers like Mario Kart either, only played 3 MK games as it doesn’t really interest me much, very few racers do. I can only believe you on your word as I won’t play it myself. Probably Ubi didn’t want to put to much effort in the different architecture Wii U uses.

  • gamer4life

    As long as i have DKCTF, MK8, Bayonetta 2, Yarn Yoshi, X, SSB4, Hyrule Warriors, and hopefully Zelda U this year, I will more than happy. I’ll get Watch Dogs on X1. But I might pick it up on Wii U as well to see the new features. Future is bright!

  • LemuelColon

    I’ll wait to the WiiU Version, it has my support no matter what.

  • Pucker

    Nintendo needs to stop making consoles with unusual controllers. This is what scares away 3rd party developers. How to do make a multi platform game and have to recode it for a no standard controller. A straight port will not work. It will take more resources to make it work. Improving the hardware specs would not hurt either.

    • Diablo130356

      Not strictly true.
      Although the Wii U has a second screen, it can also use a classic controller, with many games, especially Wii games using that alone. The backbone of Wii U’s games are either Wii or ported older console games sold as a cheap download anyway. That’s one of the biggest problem for the U, and while I’m all for backwards compatibility for games, Wii U is relying on it almost entirely to sell it. While the best new games are appearing on the 3DS. Games like Bravely Default are jrpg’s which deserve to be on the big screens through the Wii U!

  • yienwae

    I will wait for the Wii U version. We have a 360, but my money is going to the U version.

  • FutureFox

    Good for them. Shows they actually understand the more you make a game feel believable the more care you need to take in ironing out the details. Otherwise if there’s too many experiences that take you out of the game world’s fantasy it ruins the sense of immersion.

  • Reiko Sheppard

    You know I dont see 3rd party developers leaving Xbox 1 cause of sucky sales so all systems should get fair treatment across the board.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      It’s Nintendo’s rep that is hurting them. Despite Xbox One’s poor start, its target audience meets third party requirements. Nintendo’s however, doesn’t and it has shown for many years. While it would be nice for every console to get third party games, it’s also unrealistic. Though, we’re all entitled to dream.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker


  • jufhjfhf

    wii u is a awesome system ….xbone is done, the sales are so poor I am surprised that anyone is making games for them….Wii u and the ps4 are the systems to have…..for me like many its the Wii u….

  • jufhjfhf

    Wii u is a strong system…..just to add , I don’t need a blue ray player anymore ,I got that on my ps3…….so why pay a lot of money for the ps4 ? or pay anything for the xbone box…..more news is coming out at how actually powerful the Wii u is and 3rd party game makers are looking to make games for the Wii u….so the haters should stop hating ,just because your in fear that you paid a lot of money for crap and that xbone is in major trouble and Sony is talking bankruptcy ….

  • David Horowitz

    Watch Dogs’s release date is May 27. At least, according to their commercial and website.