Mar 6th, 2013


Ubisoft has been the source of turmoil for Wii U owners as of late, after delaying Rayman Legends to release later this year. Nevertheless, the publisher has shown remarkable support for the platform, with both Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 4 announced for the Wii U. In an interview with Edge Online, Ubisoft’s executive director Alain Corre spoke about how he feels Nintendo should proceed with the Wii U and his thoughts on a price cut for the system:

We always want the hardware to be at a low price because we want as many fans as possible to afford to buy our games, so that’s for sure. We think that Wii U will find its public at some point. Some were expecting sales to be quicker but we are optimistic. I think Nintendo has said that the Wii U sales in general were below expectations originally and the software tie-in ratio is also stable, so I think that when less machines sell, less games sell.

Aside from wanting a price cut for the system, Corre re-iterated that early support for the Wii U has been beneficial for Ubisoft in the long run:

It’s part of the Ubsoft DNA to be first on new technology and to innovate – and also release some games that have created some good momentum that we can use for the future. If we globalise all that we did and consider all of that then what we did on Wii U for launch was productive.

Despite the decision to delay Rayman Legends, no one can deny that Ubisoft has been a strong supporter of the Wii U. Launch titles such as ZombiU and Assassin’s Creed III built a strong library for the Wii U and as Ubisoft continues to bring its titles to the system, we’ll likely see more positive reaction from the French publisher.

[via Edge Online]

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  • Laud

    A price cut?

    You get so much value for the price already.

    Gee, I can’t wait to see how much the PS4 is. Let’s see what they say about that price.

    • jcnba28

      IKR, I’m sick of fanboys saying the Wii U is too expensive when they don’t even realize how much the system has to offer. I can’t wait for Sony to reveal the PS4 price!

      • David Noble

        I thought they already said it was $400, but that’s at least the expected price. I wouldn’t worry about the Wii U being too expensive for the new generation (Nintendo generation 6; Sony generation 4; Microsoft generation 3).

        • mikes1025

          400 dollars? very unlikely. you can buy a ps3 right now for 300 and it’s a 7 year old console.

          • Erik Lind

            Wii U basic is today only 374$ and Premium 442$ in Sweden

      • Mickey Mouse

        In the UK is charging £399.85, about $600!

        • Krzysztof Bobkowski

          In Asda it cost £199 for basic pack. That’s about $300.

      • They’ve already announced on that the PS4 should go for around 400 and maybe even 500 (that’s a high guess from me). which is pretty cool considering that it should use high end computer parts, which go for 900 and up.

      • Some people just dont have the extra money to spend on 300-360 but if ubi soft is so concerned about getting the games to the fans then maybe they should loose a little profit? but that will never happen and by the way no matter how pricey the ps4 people will buy it or the next xbox and I will be one of them. I mainly bought wii u because it was nintendo and for the tablet controller figuared if nothing I can wait and hope someone makes it work for the pc. Actually when i get extra money I’ll be getting mh3 hopeing that will be awesome but one thing im hateing is that small hard drive version which i dont have and all these updates they are doing for every game and the system and I know its a good thing but just saying nintendo should have thought of it before putting out a small hard drive version, get what im saying hope so I just woke up so my brains not all awake ty

      • Ibi Salmon

        Still, cutting the price back around $50 wouldn’t hurt.

    • Donaalld

      “We always want the hardware to be at a low price point” (does not equal) “Wii U needs a price cut.”

      I need to defend Ubisoft here, only because it seems the author is putting words in Ubisoft’s mouth. I know Ubisoft is unpopular now because of the Rayman situation. But we do not need to pretend that it is worse than it is. Ubisoft is a friend to Nintendo.

      • Robknoxious1

        I was just thinking the same thing as Danaalld. According to the source article Wii U Daily used for their report the person was asked “would he welcome a price cut”. He was not asked “does Wii U need a price cut”. One does not equal the other.

        I had wondered myself lately if Nintendo should drop the 8 GB model and just start selling the 32 GB version at $299. Since then I’ve been persuaded that there’s no need. Wait and let the other consoles tip their hands and decide then. If PS4 launches at the Kotaku rumored $424-$529 price then I’d say Wii U is fine as is.

        • Kirzan

          I wouldn’t mind… maybe after Nintendo releases anything mind-blowing. It’s kinda extremely shafting early buyers (more like supporters) when you price cut the platform before anything truly awesome was released on it.

          • Fred

            But if they do another ambassador program we don’t mind

          • Kirzan

            Hah! That’s cool. I didn’t even know what it was. My last Nintendo console was a N64… But yeah, that’s a sweet compromise. It looks like they got some alright games too. Were they new games at the time? Cause if most hardcore buyers owned the games, they kinda got double shafted lol.

          • mikes1025

            yea. i was pissed when sony cut the price of ps3 in the first few months of its release. that’s part of the reason i don’t plan on buying anything else from them. nintendo’s got a long history of putting value in their products.

        • I believer with all the updates planned ahead dont rob the consumer of hard drive space to fix their mistake and drop the 8 gig version and drop the price like you said of the 32g one and add a higher gig version at the $350 price maybe? Idk but I know a bigger hard drive will only help the system what you and donaalld think?

          • Robknoxious1

            I’m torn on the hard drive thing. On the one hand I think Nintendo did the right thing by freeing people to choose their own external hard drive. It makes things more flexible and this gen you will need more memory than ever before with the increase interest in full size game downloads. On the other hand having just 32 GB (never mind the 8 GB option) just seems wrong with the other consoles having 250, 320 and now 500 GB.

            Everything considered I don’t think it’s really hurting them though. Hopefully people realize they can just get the system and add memory as they need.

            Once more 1st party games (and 3rd party games worth buying) come out Wii U’s fortunes should, I believe, improve.

          • mikes1025

            they’re using faster, safer, and more expensive memory chips(ssd). ps3 and 360 have the inexpensive hard disks for memory.

          • Robknoxious1

            Yes I’m aware of this though I dare say many people are not. Those people just see 32 GB vs. 250-500 GB. Did Sony talk about hard drives for the PS4 yet?

          • Rinslowe

            I have a 32GB Wii U and it’s fine… Admittedly I have had a couple of 500GB hard drives not being used for last couple of years so, that’s the main reason 32GB is no issue.
            I think because the memory situation is such that you can go out a pick up a variety of different sizes for external hard drive these days, Nintendo’s strategy was/ is quite thoughtful…

      • SoulSilverZero

        WOW, did you get a mindset transplant?

        • Clem

          This “Donaalld” is not the same person who was once this site’s resident troll. The real Donaald (who only had one “L” in his user name) changed his user name to Knowledgeiswhatsup and also changed his profile picture. This new Donaalld doesn’t even talk to same way as the old one. But hey! Good riddance to the old one!

      • Kirzan

        This site seems to focus a lot of “negative type” articles with Ubisoft. Fact to the matter is, Ubisoft is the only third party truly innovating using the Wii U’s strong point, the gamepad. ZombiU might not be perfect, but it has the gameplay I expect to be playing when I have a big touchscreen like that.

        5$ Watch Dogs is the next game properly making use of the gamepad. Nintendo, you need to step up, this is YOUR platform after all!

        • Robknoxious1

          “This site seems to focus a lot of “negative type” articles with Ubisoft” Yes since Legends got pushed back and went multi-plat you can see Wii U Daily is really trying to play up anything they can think of with Ubisoft in order to get hits. Yes they do mention that Ubisoft is the most prolific Wii U supporter but they always find a way to put something negative in the title to draw hits. What is even worse they do the negative / doom and gloom stuff with Nintendo as well. I naively expected less of that kind of stuff on a site dedicated to the Wii U.

          I don’t expect them to not point out areas where Nintendo/Wii U has problems, but the way they do it sometimes is in a manner I would expect from… idk… IGN maybe. Not from a site that mainly Nintendo fans would be frequenting.

          • Kirzan

            Hey I wasn’t trying to defend Ubisoft in any capacity. Just pointing out no one’s trying hard enough. Ubisoft really has nothing to say concerning Wii U’s price. An interesting point would have been more like: “Nintendo needs to show the world what Wii U really is capable of, and how the gamepad can be used in innovative ways.”.

            Third parties need a lot of time (and budget) to explore a new platform’s true potential. The manufacturer, however, should have good knowledge of the machine’s capacity and should have a totally awesome game to showcase. Nintendoland and New SMB U aren’t what the Wii U is capable of. I refuse to believe I bought a Wii with a touchscreen that will only get multi-platform ports.

            Furthermore, what I think the true culprit is, is the lack of any major release and the time it’ll take to get one. I know other consoles have released with crap for months as well. But they’ve had 6(?) generations to adapt and blow minds. Saying “it’s ok, our fanboys will support us anyway” shouldn’t be acceptable.

      • Cerus98

        He also said “when less machines sell, less games sell” – its a response to what his thoughts were on a WiiU price cut. It’s subtle but he essentially said he thinks it should be cheaper. Otherwise he would have simply said something like “We think the WiiU is a great value at a great price point” but he didn’t.

      • good to see a bright mind on here instead of nothing but negative criticism

      • RoyCar69

        If Ubisoft was Nintendo’s friend then they would do what they said they would do and suck it up like Insomniac did when they released Resistance with a very small launch base.

      • Rinslowe

        Good point. I’m sure come PS4’s release a marginally cheaper Wii U than current price point will still be a more attractive proposition to those looking for new hardware than Sony or MS’s next consoles. Just depends on if Nintendo can get enough of those highly anticipated titles out soon enough…

    • Only a few are true gamers

      I agree the price is just fine..wait till they show the price of ps4 and then they won’t complain anymore

      • the ps4 will sell so nintendo needs to drop the price and do something that will boost sales on a gigantic scale if plausible. The wii u needs to do as much as it can before the ps4 is launched not just say we have alot of stuff happening in the future you know

        • mikes1025

          who’s buying it? they didn’t buy ps3 when it launched at 500 buks. i know this well cause i was one of the suckers who did. i waited years to hear my friends finally say they own a ps3.

        • Only a few are true gamers

          It will sell but not the numbers there wanting and if it is 500 or even 400 is too steep for a console i would go buy a pc computer before i pay that much for a gaming console

    • RoyCar69

      Sony is pretty intimidating when it comes to talking about their systems. No devs can talk about how shitty it is to code for the Playstation… or if they did notice how they retracted later..?

    • MadCrain

      Wii U price rumor/announced, $350
      Nintendo Fans: “Reasonable price, A bit expensive, but it’s next gen, what do we expect.”
      Sony Fans: “Most expensive shit in the world, it’s not even next gen.”

      PS4 price rumor/announced, $600
      Sony fans: “Holy shit, this is just the price I was looking for, it’s not $700 like the PS3 was, Sony really does think of there fan base”

      I’m not even joking, I’ve seen this so much I’m sick, I feel like the Sony fanbase is head to head with the Apple fanbase, how blind can you get.

      • Gamefreak361

        Yea, a lot of Sony fanboys say that often. Not all, but a good amount do. Logic apparently left them long ago.

    • WiiUltra

      I can’t wait to see/hear that as well. Instead of wishing for another company to lower their prices, why don’t you just lower the price of your games Ubisoft!? Damn hipocrytes.

    • Potemkin

      It needs a price cut, simple and plain as that. PS4 can be at much 450.00 bucks and even with that price it’s expensive.

    • Rinslowe

      Sony can’t afford another PS3 fiasco in any case… So not likely they’ll sell it cheap. I still enjoy my PS3 immensely, but it was a financial disaster for many years…

      Even a company as large as Sony cannot sustain a deferred profit strategy in this economy while drawing revenue from other unrelated business units to compensate…

      I think, come this Dec, Wii U will be in a pretty sweet position with pricing, bundles and available games, compared to Sony and MS.

      We just need to see 2-3 of those promising titles by or before then to ensure the momentum is enough…

      Bring on the wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, X…. Not likely to see Zelda this year or a true Mario game but how about Watch Dogs, AC4 with same time release as other consoles this time around, can only help the cause…

    • He is right i saw Wii u in stock ever were the day before Xmas i dont know one person who owns one Target even had on sale for 275.00 base unit sell the base for 200.00 the other at 259.99 sells should go up

  • Paul Brown

    It’s pretty early for a price cut. It’s only been out a few months, and were in a recession. I think a better option would be more bundles. The zombiu bundle is a great deal. I think if they did a mario bundle that would help with younger gamers.

    • Nintedward

      Agreed. Maybe drop the price a bit around the holiday season when the competition shows up.

      • mikes1025

        i think they’ll cut the software prices instead. they’ve been doing that recently on the eshop.

  • mchelski

    350 dollars ain’t that expensive, a nice computer is at least 3x more. I believe the main reason why it hasn’t sold a lot yet is that ps4 and nextbox aren’t out yet, when all 3 major consoles of next generation are on the market we will actually know for sure about sales, not before

    • It’s all about the games. People want those Nintendo First Party titles that sell every Nintendo system. I find that many households have at least two consoles and some of the games released for the Wii U people already have on their other console and do not want to repurchase.

      The game delays are not helping either but lets hope they have a good E3 presentation and game library to discuss because that is what will sell the console.

      • The E3 presentation will blow Sony and Microsoft’s asses 😀
        Smash Bros., Mario Kart, new 3D Mario and maybe something on the new Zelda!? Just those four are more than worth traveling to LA for their pretation and I they will just show that few games 😉

        I hope Microsofts’ console’s flopping and that the PS4 will be like I’m (and almost everyone else is) expecting. I want to see how Deep Down will be, because it looks amazing (and I’m not talking about the graphics. They’re really amazing but the gameplay seems to be a really cool idea and that is what matters 😉 )

        • What we saw for Deep Down wasn’t even gameplay.

          • It wasn’t !?
            That Trailer definitely looked like gameplay with that HUD on the side…

        • Fred

          I’d love it if Nintendo pulled an Apple in that they had one of the games ready to release at E3 and after everyone played it and ranted and raved about it they could say oh yea and it’ll be on sale in 5 days. I’m sick of getting told so much about the games so much in advance. I used to be incredibly excited about Pikmin 3 and I was certain I was going to buy it. We still don’t know when it’s coming out and the launch window is only open for 2 more weeks I don’t really look forward to it anymore. I was stoked for Rayman Legends, but it’s wearing out now. Just tell us the game a week or two before you release it! After a period of time that would feel empty the frequency of info would be about the same again.

      • Metal_Man_v2

        Yes. Games, especially exclusives, are what sells systems. Hopefully Nintendo will show out at E3, and give people a reason to buy this well priced console.

  • dr scoobie

    perhaps i shall pick up assasins creed 3.
    but only on wiiU, because im not really a big fan of assasins creed 3
    and i want to support the ubisoft to ensure they continue to support the wiiU.

  • Johny

    “ I think that when less machines sell, less games sell.”
    well said ubisoft… very observative.
    but yeah.. thanks for the awesome support ubisoft… + i LOVED ZombiU… i have over 50 hours of gameplay on it, and is easily my most played and most enjoyed wii u game for now (until mh3u comes out of course). really… ZombiU is a VERY good game,… too bad the market wasnt ready for such a game… a shame really :/

  • DragonSilths

    What they dont get is the price is fine its not the reason for lack of sales. The reason is lack of games and Ubisoft says their supporting the Wii U well the lack of consoles sold is your fault ubisoft. Devs put out your games and do your part. Then sales go up.

  • Squid

    You cereal? Ps4 is about 500 bucks, and you want Wii U to have a price cut?

  • Ubisoft seems to be good at speaking for people beside themselves

  • guest

    zombie u is fantastic and of course games that can be had for lower prices on other systems are going to sell more on those systems. how about this ubisoft, lower your games prices. i bet u sell more games.

  • Donaalld

    Ubisoft is a friend to Nintendo – the author is misrepresenting Ubisoft’s words.

  • audi lover

    I drop 290 pound on petrol a month driving my car for work so spending 320 on a games console with 3 games is a no brainer it has to be done, pretty cheap when you compare to some of the top end tablets out there. And if you look at a decent graphics card with 4g of gddr5 mem it cost you 400-900 pound hear in uk, so playstaion 4 is gona cost a bomb

    • Adam Porter

      on the flip side for most people filling their car with petrol would be the no-brainer option, it’s not everyone that can do both these days.

      • audi lover

        if you fill your car its less economic, adds weight so best to go only half way, saved me an extra 50 a month enough to buy a game, took me 3 month after wii u release to get money together to buy one, so theres always away round these things

        • Huh, are you sure about that? My car gets noticeably better mileage at 3/4-full.

          • audi lover

            yeah drive s3 and rs4 both do better with half tank or under, simple physics less weight better fuel consumption

          • Maybe it’s just the design. There’s like a 8 mpg change between a full tank and less then half for me. Then again Blazers do have some heavy engines, that might cause the back to rise (like a truck) and cause crappy mileage

  • SirDjss

    if they released rayman legends NOW over 3 million ppl will buy it becouse wii u owners are “hungry” for games and will buy it .. so how is 3 million a bad sale for one game ? the morons at ubisoft needs to get their head out of their as and see that. when they will release it later there will be way more games for the wii u and ppl will have more games to pick from and could pick other games instead of rayman legens and maby sell 1,5 million instead of 3 … soo easy.

    • David Noble

      In terms of immediate sales, yes, an earlier release would sell more copies.
      In terms of quality, a later release would be more fine-tuned.
      In terms of long-term sales, an earlier release would be slopier and be less highly recommended.
      Therefore, the only reason an earlier release would be better is if they need more funding for a larger project and they do not plan to sell this game much after release, and I seriously doubt their last Rayman game is anything short of a major project.

      • SirDjss

        Rayman is finnisht man , you dont seriusly go for that crap they say about “fine-tune” the game do u ? .. come on man – its not really that “advanced” game. Its not a expensive AAA title that costs million upon millions to develop like crysis 3 as an example !!. lets be honest here,! its quite simple game mecanics ,its a sidescrolling game with fairly nice settings. 😛 i mean how much is there to “fine-tune” really !!!. they made that shit up to calm ppl that are upset about them not releasing the game as planned. so basiclly they are lying !!..

      • John Andalora

        Time a good game doesn’t make.
        You’d think with 6 years that Aliens would be good.

        • SirDjss

          hehe ye you are correct , i actually bought that game and its HORRRRRIBBBLEEEE lol

    • Perkoff

      I wouldn’t buy it, the demo I played didn’t really impress me.

      • Fred

        Really? I loved the demo! Especially the 1st and 3rd levels

        • mikes1025

          me too. i never had that much fun gaming with my little cousin.

  • John Andalora

    Why is Ubisoft suddenly the Jafar of the Wii U?
    No, Ubisoft, a price cut isn’t what’s going to help the Wii U. MORE EXCLUSIVE GAMES is. Making an exclusive game cross platform and announcing that you’re giving us more cross platform games isn’t going to save the Wii U. People need a reason to buy it, and without more exclusive content form third party supporters, it’s not going to do that well to begin with.
    Make more games for just the Wii U besides ZombiU. Then we’ll talk.

    • RoyCar69

      Exclusive games are good. But I don’t think that will be the reason consumers would choose the Wii U. I think access to all third party games would be a bigger incentive. Last gen I bought all the consoles but quickly found out that I just don’t have the time to play on all systems. I’d rather pick one and have access to most games released. For those that I would like to play that are exclusive, I’ll just have to borrow one to play it. For example the only PS games I wanted to play were Uncharted,Killzone,GOW, and Resistance.

      • John Andalora

        With every single individual that I have talked to about the Wii U, all of them have stated that they would wait to get a Wii U until there are games that are worth getting for it. Now, considering that most people looking at the Wii U has something like an Xbox 360 or PS3 already, if they can get these amazing games cross platform, then there’s no need to get a Wii U. People aren’t going to spend $410 to buy the console and the game when they could just pay $60 for the game on the console they have. Nintendo needs a reason for people to buy a Wii U, and the best reason has to be good exclusive games (a role which is typically brought by first party development, but they don’t have enough of those coming until very late this year.)

    • dylanbob121

      Think,what do gamers want that will sell consoles?Maybe like a new aliens game.Maybe a new resident evil?Thats what you want to think!

  • Metal_Man_v2

    It’s good to have a 3rd party company showing good support, but I don’t think that price cuts are the answer. It’s all about games, specifically exclusive titles. If a system has good games, people will be more inclined to buy that system.

    • mikes1025


  • Ian Rahn

    Why does this site blow ubisoft lol. Im sure 95 percent of wii owners think that rayman game sucks.

    • Perkoff

      The demo I downloaded didn’t impress me. I think it’s shitty that they delayed the game for the people that wanted it but it doesn’t bother me because I was never intending to purchase it. Can’t wait till March 18th, Lego City Undercover the one game I’ve been anticipating is coming out. Hopefully there is no last minute “The game is being delayed half a year” announcements in the next few weeks.

      • mikes1025

        naw. i heard one of the developers say they’re actually done develloping it now. they’re packaging it now.

  • They better start saying that the next xbox and the PS4 need price cuts in their first 3½ months of its life span. this shit is ridiculous

  • NintendoNoob

    Wow, 360 and Ps3 were $600 when they launched, you didn’t complain. Wii U launches at $300 and $349, you ask for price cut….


  • Ubisoft is playing with credits again >_< I was pissed, really pissed about Rayman
    (-100 credibility) then some great announcements made them gain credibility again ACIV and Watch Dogs(+150 credibility) and now they come with a suggestion of a Price cut on a cheap ass console (probably compared to the others, and certainly compared tablets) I'm sorry Ubisoft here goes (-75 credibility). Will still buy ACIV and Watch Dogs I think though.

  • Joseph Parsons

    fuck ps4 noobs

  • RoyCar69

    Bottom line is that Ubisoft does not believe that the Wii U is worth it’s price. The sad thing is that most consumers and developers are just looking at the main unit. This to me is lack of proper vision. The gamepad is just as big a part of the Wii U as the main unit is. And it was expensive to make. Remember, Nintendo is already losing money on each console sold. Take a step back and look at the console as a whole. Then maybe you will realize it’s potential and make some really awesome games for it.

    • Cerus98

      They are only selling at a loss until one game is bought. A far cry from the PS3 when it launched.

      • RoyCar69

        It’s still at a loss. Which I believe is a first for them..

        • The 3ds was sold at a loss. I don’t think it is now, but it was at one point.

  • GTMacc

    All this demand for a price cut, i bet you don’t see them asking Sony or Microsoft when their overpriced console doesn’t sell so well! these company’s think because its Nintendo its OK to have a pop.

  • Sidney Majurie

    Ubisoft is optimistic about Rayman Legends but we all know it will be buried by bigger games and will need a price cut after a month…

    • RoyCar69

      This is true. They should have stuck with Nintendo exclusivity. XB and PS fans will have much bigger and better core games to monopolize their time. Ubi, you F’up! Now I believe they lost a lot of Nintendo fan’s support. I for one won’t be buying it until it’s cheap on eBay.

      • Sidney Majurie

        Yeah, ebay for me. Too bad because it was going to be a day one purchase for me since it would have had 0 competition from other games on Wii U. I bet it would have at least sold a million copies in a couple of months. Just go to Miiverse. Most Nintendo fans could care less now…

        • RoyCar69

          The sad thing is that Ubisoft is going to blame Nintendo fans for it’s poor sales. Which will be even more bad press for the Wii U. Put the blame where is should be ~Ubisoft!

  • themariogeek

    The Wii U is a great price for a new console compared to other systems. I wonder how much the new Xbox and PS4 will cost, I know what Sony’s valuation is. $599!!!

    • dgallo911

      i wish it was only $599 lol ….here in Aus Ebgames(gamestop) have the pre order price at $899

      • dylanbob121


      • Gamefreak361

        Note to self: Never reside in Australia, gaming wise that is. Can’t imagine playing that much.

        • dgallo911

          residing in aus is great for gaming, provided u bring the consoles and games on the plane with u lol

    • SortableShelf19

      With all those features, Definitely.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    The wii u price is just fine …wait till the 500 or so price point is shown for the ps4 and people will stop dogging on wii u

    • No they won’t. SONY can do no wrong price wise.

      • Only a few are true gamers

        Yes they will and they have been wrong before…vita 249 dollars and still no price drop…so i don’t see them pricing it any lower than maybe 450 and that is still to much…people will go with the Wii U over that as most know we are in a resession

        • Dude, first I’d like to point out it was sarcasm. Second, nobody will rag on SONY for it’s high price, they never do. To get a Vita with one game and a decent amount of memory (like 16GB) cost almost as much as a Wii U. But everyone knows that the Wii U will fail when apparently the Vita won’t. Even though it’s outselling the Vita…

          • Only a few are true gamers

            sorry about that man there are so many trolls these days but why would anyone pay 250 dollars more when you get the tablet in the wii u for 350 and console …maybe the sony fanboys been play to much COD

  • dgallo911

    You all gotta remember, Ubisoft has probably invested alot of time and money into creating software for the wii u and due to the poor sales of the system are probably getting burned. Also, due to the original wii being severely underpowered (compared to the PS3 and xbox360) 3rd party developers dont have the option of making a next gen game that is capable of running on existing consoles.
    I understand its easy to bitch about ubisoft after their recent announcements but you cant expect them to “carry” the Wii U, that’s Nintendo’s responsibility and you know what, despite being a wii u owner, i would rather Ubisoft not develop anything for the Wii u instead of becoming the next THQ becuase they had quite a few successful releases and towards the end and even they were not enough to save the company from a few “bad decisions”

    • RoyCar69

      Not buying it. The Wii U already has more systems out in 4 months than Microsoft or Sony ever did with their console releases. Ubisoft is trying to justify a strategic move to release it to a broader market. IMO PS and XB owners will choose many other games to purchase over Rayman. Ubisoft should have stuck with the Wii U (and even the Wii) then later the other consoles after being received well on the Wii/ U. I believe this would have been a better move for everyone.

      • dgallo911

        Personally, i would have preferred Rayman to already be available for the wii u but this article (and my comment) isnt based on only the Rayman release ( i didnt even mention Rayman lol). From a developers perspective they will be able to release the same game for current and next gen consoles EXCEPT for nintendo’s and this is a pretty big problem. Imagine if you were a developer hoping to make a profit on a game in 2013/14. Would you go to Nintendo where the install base is about 1 million or would you go to Sony/MS where its 10mill + on current gens and you also have the option of releasing onto the next gen releases that are just around the corner?? As Wii U owners we have a right to be upset by the rayman delay etc but ubisoft have to make the decision on whats best for their company in the long term otherwise they might cease to exist.

        • RoyCar69

          Well that’s my point too, the proper decision. You mentioned “carry” the Wii U. Sounds to me like you were referring to the Rayman exclusive release. First off, to go back on their word is really bad. Never a proper decision in my book. Second, Ubisoft is now banking on the wrong market. They really should have went for the Wii/U market. Together they make up oh about 103 million units…

          • dgallo911

            Im guessing they would have if the original Wii didn’t completely drop off the face off the earth the loast couple of years lol. Im in Australia and we get ripped off here (Wii U bundle cost $428) and prior to its release you could pick up a Wii for under $40 second hand. You cant even find a PS2 for that price here lol. Im havnt looked but im guessing sales for basically anything on the Wii have been atrocious since Skyward Sword was released whereas the other consoles are still selling strong.

            By carry, i was referring to Zombie U, Assassins Creed, Rayman etc combined as they essentially matched Nintendo’s 1st party at launch which is a fair effort from a 3rd party developer

          • RoyCar69

            Actually people are still buying Wiis’. In fact it’s out selling the Wii U at the moment. I just figure that with such a large install base Rayman is bond to sell more than a few copies.Let’s see,, according to vgchartz the biggest selling Wii game last week was Just Dance 4 with 37 thousand copies. Damn that’s more than Deadspace 3 did on the PS3! What a pity….

          • dgallo911

            if thats true then its fuckin hilarious lol. id sales like that are accurate then maybe ubisoft could have offered the original wii some support. i can only assume that long term then they believe they have a better chance of making profit thru “current” and next gen consoles, i guess time will tell if they r right (sales figures for rayman will be an interesting read when they r released)

  • Orange Lada

    “but says it needs a price cut” is INNACURATE. In fact, I’d say I’d say it was a flagrantly misleading headline.

  • Srpg2ishere

    Why does it need a price cut? For 350$ you can get a deluxe set which includes EVERYTHING YOU NEED to get playing PLUS a game! What’s this world coming too…

    • RoyCar69

      Price cut? Nah. If anything an enticing bundle. I really like what Nintendo did with the ZombiU Bundle.

    • Genesect4ssb4

      Thrift Shopping comes into mind

      I wear ur grandads clothes, I look incredible, im in this big ass coat, from dat thrift shop down the road xD

    • Don’t forget the DDP

  • wii u should cut price to 300$ for deluxe and 250$ for basic or the regular price with bundles. & nintendo needs to do more marketing. can’t stress that enough

    • RoyCar69

      Bundles. Definitely. Image going to the store and comparing the three come Christmas. Customer: “I get all this for half the price of the others!?” SOLD!

  • Lusunup

    why is it that people complain that the wii u is to expensive im 17 and had to work hard for mine and they alread stated that they will NOT PRICE CUT AT ANY TIME I get what they mean; the gamepad is like how much? 180 just to repair leavin the console at 120 USD you guys ask for so much they already cut the price before they lauched the wii u. If they go any further they would be at a horrible weight of shame on the shoulders.

  • YOdelman64

    Don’t worry guys, Nintendo will cut the price soon. I bet that Nintendo is going to cut the price right before the holiday season this year. That would be the perfect time to do it

  • routerbad

    Misleading article heading. He never said it “needs” a price cut, he just said that it helps them for the hardware to be the lowest price possible so gamers can still afford their games. That isn’t rocket science, this is why most publishers want developers to pump out console titles with PC being the also-ran rather than the other way around, PC is a more expensive way to game,

    • RoyCar69

      Not in the long run. I buy my games off steam for $5 after only a few months. I can build a PC that can play the latest games for 6-7 hundred dollars that will last about 4-5 years. And I buy a lot of games. I’m pretty sure I end up ahead.

      • routerbad

        Yes in the long run. Initial cost for a PC capable of playing any current game at least at “high” settings (not ultra) with acceptable framerates is ~$1500-$2000. GPU series increment every 6mo to 1 year. You need to upgrade at least the gpu ever 2-3 years to continue to play games released on PC at acceptable framerates or with new features. $5 on steam after a couple of months is completely disingenuous, that doesn’t happen for years on steam for major releases. I agree games cost less on steam initially, but they also hold that price for a long time. There is a sort of collusion going on to make sure that dX and opengl are upgraded at a pace that forces users to spend money of GPU’s at a regular pace, in business it’s called maintaining a revenue stream. dX has incremented on PC 5 times (including the 11.x releases) and each times AMD and NVidia were there with new cards because the old ones didn’t support the new framework. So PC has a higher initial cost and costs more to maintain than a console, because there is a built in way to force users to upgrade if they want to keep playing AAA games. PC is a higher cost way to game, period.

        • $1500-2000, really? What, do buy alienware computers or something? You could get a MacBook for that and play games on high settings, and those are overpriced.

          • routerbad

            Case (Average mid tower) $75
            Mobo (mainstream grade ATX) $80-150
            CPU (decent but not enthusiast) AMD-$80-120 Intel-$150-240
            PSU (80Plus Gold Certified) ~$140
            GPU (Capable of all current games with “high” settings) $300
            RAM (DDR3 1600) $110
            CPU Cooler(it is necessary when gaming) $100
            Blu-Ray drive (not burner) $50
            1TB HDD $80
            Windows 8 x64 $140
            Gaming grade mouse $60
            Gaming Grade Keyboard$100
            23″ Class 1080p HD monitor $160
            Speakers ~20-120 (lets just say cheap here) $25

            This is just for basic, popular mainstream PC components, going high end on any one component would blow the price up considerably. $1425

            And now I know you are being disingenuous, game on a Macbook? hah! A:Only specific steam games are available B: A MacBook would not play any of them on “high” settings. Medium maybe, the GPU’s aren’t powerful enough to do it.

          • 23″ 1080p monitor? Not required. You could just use any standard tv to save money. And a gaming mouse and keyboard? Right, let’s spend $160 for controller input. Maybe down the line, but starting out? They don’t boost gameplay that much.

            Have you heard of Newegg? I could get a water cooling sytem for less then $100 there. A standard fan CUP cooler ranges from $20-80.

            How much RAM? I’m guessing you mean 16GB. That’s $90.

            You can literealy nitpick prices all day, but simply put, you can spend $600 on a pc and have it running at better then ps3 quality. Just buy an already made PC. You don’t save by building your own anymore.


            Just put a little bit of cash in and you’ll have 16GB of RAM and a better video card. Keep in mind, most pc gamers only count it as high with a great frame rate. Generally anything below 40 fps is low.

            Again, I’m not talking about making a PC that tries to get the best experience, I’m talking about one that displays slightly better then PS3 visuals at a higher framerate. Plus DirectX 11 helps a lot.

          • routerbad

            You are assuming everyone has a spare TV OR wants a PC in their living room. That isn’t the case for most people. Sure it’s possible, but saying you can skip on a monitor is not a valid argument because most people will not. Also, as I said, yes you can build a gaming rig for $600. However, if you do, you’ve cheaped out on something that will either cost in the form of performance up front, or upgrade costs in the near future. The easiest way to save money is to go with a GPU/CPU combo that is an iteration or two behind the current standard bearer. That’s fine, but when something gets added to dX (remember dX has iterated five times in this generation alone, each time requiring new graphics hardware to stay supported) you will be left behind and will need to upgrade to even be able to play games much less play games well. Also, a $600 gaming PC will not be able to play any of the more intensive games available now on high settings. As I said, you can play them on medium and still get a better experience than PS3, but you won’t get where most people who spend the money on a PC want to get to.

            16GB of DDR31600 runs $110, varying slightly based on brand.

            Slightly better visuals than PS3 isn’t hard today to pull of with anything, but now you are arguing a different standard than what I started with. Running modern games on “high” settings on PC will give you a much better visual experience than possible on PS3. So why are you even arguing? You are talking about something completely different than what I started with.

          • I have a $700 laptop that plays games like Portal 2, Skyrim, and Bioshock (yeah, I know it’s kinda old) at high settings with little to no lag. And that’s with an integrated chipset. You could buy a low end alien ware and run games on high settings. Still less then $1000. And again, alienwares are overpriced.

          • Gaming rigs that run around $1500-$2000 will last you through this next gen (with maybe a GPU upgrade in between) and still do better visuals. And if the nextbox/ps4 are in the $400-$500 range then you’re looking at saving assuming you’re an avid gamer (which you need to be if you’re putting that much cash on gaming). With lower game prices, better sales, and no xbox live/PS plus fee you’ll save quite a bit. Think about this, if you bought a 360 at launch, and always had a live sudscription, then 7 years later, the new one comes out. You’ve spent at least an additional $350 on your xbox. So that’s a minimum of $750 on a 360. That’s without taking into account new controllers, battery packs, overpriced and easily broken headsets and controller keyboards, and a very high chance of at least one xbox crapping out on you.

          • routerbad

            I agree. That’s why I stated originally that it’s a higher initial investment. A more expensive entry fee if you will. You do end up saving big time over the course of a gaming generation, especially on games (unless you are like me and find inconsequential reasons to upgrade various things randomy, lol), peripherals (why I put gaming peripherals in there, they last longer and provide a better gaming experience, and the typical person looking to build a PC strictly for gaming WILL buy them 9/10 times because of clever marketing), subscriptions, etc. That’s why spending that much money on a new gaming rig is almost necessary. If you get quality supporting hardware, the GPU will last you longer, and that is all you need to upgrade when that next version of dX or OpenGL comes out.

            EDIT: just reread my initial post, and I did not in fact, say that you save in the long run, and that’s where I was wrong.

          • Yeah, sorry if I came off as a bit of an ass. I guess I misunderstood you.There have been a lot of PS4 fanboys saying that it makes pc gaming obsolete. Seriously, one even told me that the PS4 rivals a top of the line gaming rig…Sigh, what a sad day for humanity.

            Anyway, yeah, they don’t have much of a overall price difference unless you are constantly tuning it. Of course you want to tune it up all the time though. I mean you can get a cheap car and get you buy, but if you put a lot of time and money into one it becomes your baby. Hardcore pc gamers love their machines, can’t say the same for the average console user.

          • routerbad

            PS4 specs aren’t that impressive anyway. Not anywhere near a decent gaming rig. People forget that the processor they use was built for tablets, and they just slapped two of them together, and the GPU is less powerful than one of my 6870’s just based on raw power alone. That doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful for a console, but comparing it to PC is an exercise in futility. It and the Wii U will be able to deliver jaw dropping visuals, but the real experience for multiplats is still going to be on the PC.

            That doesn’t mean I won’t be getting multiplats on Wii U to use the gamepad though. Definitely a game changer in my opinion.

          • Yeah,people don’t seem to get thay console cpus aren’t 64 bit

        • RoyCar69

          Your on PC costs make you look ignorant and completely out of touch with the industry. So I won’t even go there. On steam at this very moment is Max Payne 3 for $13 bucks and that’s only at 66% off. I usually buy at 75% off, which you will find for time to time. You can’t argue that this game is years old..

          • routerbad

            Perhaps. As far as hardware costs go, it’s accurate as far as how I would build a basic PC. The parts I referenced (I didn’t name them but I used the real prices of real parts) are what I would consider to be a mainstream gaming PC. It isn’t the greatest thing available, but it will play every game available today at acceptable resolutions or better with acceptable framerates. Trying to cut costs with a PC can hurt performance fairly dramatically. I’ve been building and selling PC’s for about 14 years so I feel fairly confident in what I said. That said, I’m well aware that no one in the IT industry knows everything about everything.

            Yes you can build a “gaming” PC for much cheaper, but it will not be as capable and would need to be upgraded much sooner, actually increasing the overall cost of the platform. That brings up maintenance costs. PC’s are fairly expensive to maintain performance wise. Because it is not a closed system, developers don’t have access to all of the hardware and cannot code at the same level possible on a console. It is still the best performer on a number of levels, though, it is just more expensive to get that performance. I could spend $600 on what I would consider a gaming PC, but it wouldn’t be long (~1.5 years) before I needed to spend another $300 to be able to play the games coming out later on. PC game developers tend to be very wasteful with hardware performance, though that can be attributed to the API’s they are forced to work with.

            Perhaps there are games that are discounted very early on Steam, hell they have some of the greatest sales ever. Though that still isn’t $5 and that is one example that wasn’t exactly successful on that platform seeing as it has only sold 250,000 copies on PC thus far. I don’t want to go down that road very far though, so I’ll concede that you’ve made a great counterpoint that I simply don’t have enough information to refute.

            Please tell me, how much did you spend on your rig? I’ve sunk nearly 3,000 since 2009 into mine and it isn’t super high spec, that money has been spent to keep it on pace for the mainstream market, and I alternate upgrades through each iteration of hardware. I skipped my CPU upgrade last time but upgraded the motherboard, RAM, GPU’s, PSU. Next time I’ll upgrade the CPU, and probably the GPU’s again seeing as they iterate every 6-12 months and mine are falling behind despite being not very old (6870CF). Hopefully I am out of touch and I’ve just been spending way too much money on this over the years and there is something I can do to cut costs while maintaining longer upgrade cycles and reliability of the hardware (cooling, prev. maintenance). Things I never really have to think about with a console.

  • dylanbob121

    Ubisoft is trying really hard to get there fans back after that rayman catastrophe,And people STILL don’t like them.Assassins creed 4,watch dogs,ZombiU,Rayman,These people are trying REALLY hard to get there fans back.And on my part,its working 🙂

    • RoyCar69

      REALLY? The only game on that list that’s an exclusive is ZombiU and I bet any day now they are going to announce Zombi360, ZombiPS, and ZombiPC..

      • ConCity Soldier

        I doubt that.

      • dylanbob121

        Thats not my point.Ubisoft has been supporting wii u since DAY ONE!Watch dogs on wii u?Who would of thought they would do that?Thats what i’m getting at.

        • RoyCar69

          My point is that they are really only supporting themselves. I don’t see any loyalty here. Nothing wrong with that but let’s be honest here…

  • SirDjss

    Well just think of it this way.. what if nintendo arent advertising becouse they are waiting for the other consoles to show their faces ,and then they will PANG advertise the shit out of ps4 and 720 😛 .. so basiclly they could just sit back (right now) and collect money and waiting for the right moment to advertise,.. hehe that would be cool to watch 😛 this could actually happen when we are beginning to see way more advertising from ps4/720 🙂

  • MujuraNoKamen

    I disagree, Wii U isn’t too expensive to be honest, still a lot of money but it’s good enough value to not warrant a price cut.
    If it was selling better they wouldn’t say this and I think most of the blame there lies with Nintendo’s [lack of] advertising. But Ubisoft is a big company and they have a number of games available on Wii U so if they were to advertise AC3, ZombiU etc and talk a bit about the Wii U then I’m sure they’d help themselves out a little. It’s not their responsibility to sell Nintendo’s hardware but they’d surely do a little for Wii U and definatley sell their own games. – And maybe things would look up for WiiU if you hadn’t delayed Rayman Legends.

  • disqus_wpR5ZhGWtu

    By price cut, they mean the console is not selling well. Nintendo need to pull their finger out and release an exclusive next-gen game with some form of online support and social integration. Aside from Nintendoland, nothing about their software lineup seperates it from the competition. Yet their games are more expensive? Not hating, I want to buy a WiiU at some stage, but I honestly cannot justify the price point while I still have a Wii & 360.

  • Joey Perez

    i agree with what people are saying no where in his response does he say they should.. in fact that is wrong what you guys posted.

  • Scott IsMe

    Ubi’s just trying to control Nintendo. The fact is, major publishers have a lot to gain from a system that they can boss around.

    Nintendo is too risky for the market, so the market is trying to tamp it down. Don’t buy into this; the major players never balked at Playstation’s cost, and the Wii U is seriously well priced for it’s value.

  • Everybody knows that the little wii u is garbage. RIP wii u

    • Guest

      Watch out for the new troll in town!!!

  • Nintendo fans don’t think there needs to be a price cut, but everybody else does especially if you already have a 360 or PS3. Just look at the Wii U metacritic scores, and you notice that all the games that above 80 rating, only 1 is a first party Nintendo title being Mario, and the others are all ports on other consoles, or indie egame titles.

    Then you look at the next upcoming releases that have confirmed release dates, it is more ports like Assassin Creed. The only noteworthy exclusive is Lego Undercover.

    If Nintendo launched with new Zelda or a proper 3D mario game, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    Frankly, Nintendo made some really bad decisions that prevent it making price cuts. One it stuck to it tradition of customized PowerPC cpus, instead of using cheaper over the shelf x86 cpus. The PowerPC make it backwards compatible with WII games, but it drives up the price and holds back developers b/c of its unfamiliar architecture.

    Secondly Nintendo obsession with compact form factor led it to pricey solid state storage, instead of cheaper mechanical hard drives. Adding to that the 32 gigs top of the line model, is still inadequate if you take Nintendo media hub aspirations at face value. Consumers wouldn’t mind at all a little bulkier console if it was cheaper and had better specs.

    I don’t want Nintendo to fail because I am tired of the current trend of ultra violent blockbuster interchangeable ports of the 360/ps3 generation. However, it is just one head scratcher after another of bad decisions.

    • dgallo911

      I dont think a price cut is required, but after hearing about these “New” bundles releasing 2-3 months after the Wii U launched i believe us current owners should get some sort of compensation as i for 1 am pretty pissed at nintendo for taking my $428 and then releasing a bundle thats $50 cheaper and has over $100 of additional value.

  • SirDjss

    To sign a petition for the game Tomb Raider on wii u go here , i have done it 😀 its importent for us WII U owners to do this so SIGN it here

    • dgallo911

      u know, if u really want it on wii u you should start a kickstarter page. Signing a bit of paper doesnt guarantee any sales but if enough ppl decide to pay for it, u might actually get the game

      • SirDjss

        i do what i can, and you have to start somewere by signing 😀

  • HydePark1980

    This isn’t rocket science cutting the price isn’t the answer,there’s no guarantee that with a price reduction systems will fly off the shelves. The answer is a lot more simple than that, developers need to start putting games on the system and stop making weekly excuses for why they can’t.

    I understand that working with the Wii U gamepad can be difficult but as a developer if you can’t figure out a creative use for it you simply don’t belong in an industry based on creative ideas.

  • Quicksilver88

    I think I read a zombie-U pro bundle is coming to the US which will have Nintendo land, Pro controller and Zobie U for 379…..that is a real value as you are getting a full price game and 50 controller…..I think more bundles would be great….they have a similar Monster Hunter bundle in Japan that would be great to see here. I am guessing we may see I price drop by xmas but bundles more likely and think by years end we will have many good titles and flush eShop going against more expensive launch systems…wanna bet who sells more units?