Feb 10th, 2015

When Ubisoft put a hold on the Wii U version of Watch Dogs, I speculated that it would be Ubisoft’s last Wii U game. It turns out I was right, but according to a recent report from Nintendo World Report, Ubisoft is currently sitting on a finished, but unreleased Wii U party game called Know Your Friends. According to the story, Ubisoft decided that slow sales on the Wii U meant it probably wouldn’t be cost-effective to release the finished game.

Know Your Friends features a papercraft style vibe and focuses on party and quiz games, but the presentation is sort of like the Newly Wed Game, in which friends arrange answers to questions about their friends according to who they believe is most likely to agree with what’s being asked. You can see a small portion of the game above. There’s no telling whether Ubisoft will release the game eventually, or if they’ll just shelf the work and consider it a loss, but no one can say Ubisoft wasn’t a big supporter of the Wii U when it first launched.

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