Apr 2nd, 2013


In a recent interview with Gamasutra, Jade Raymond, the head of Ubisoft Toronto said larger budgets and flashier content isn’t going to advance the world of gaming significantly. Instead, she said that user content and interaction is where its at to make sure your game is sustainable.

“It’s got to stop. To give you an overly-simplified answer, I do think games and franchises need to include more user content. And by user content, I don’t mean that all of a sudden, every game is going to have a level builder, because not everyone wants to sit down and build a level. That’s too complicated. But by user content, you can think of Dark Souls, and how your game is affected by other people who are playing. In what ways can the user impact the experience?”

“I think that’s what’s going to drive hits, but also at the extreme end, it’s going to enable us to continue to create interesting content without always having such huge costs associated with it. To me, that’s the key. What I think people want is their own custom experience, in anything.”

It’s interesting to note that Raymond makes special case of Team Fortress 2’s user-generated content, which sees maps, hats, and other custom items eventually making their way into the game with Valve paying the creator a percentage of all profits generated from the items. In regards to upcoming Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the game will contain user-generated content of some kind upon release.

“If we do it intelligently, we could have a lot more content with what other people are creating. They’re making [the game] more interesting for each other, and also gratifying themselves. It’s nice to hear a game developer’s idea of a grand vision, but I honestly don’t think it’s about our creative vision so much. It’s about the gamer’s vision. It has to be more about how I’m allowing this to become the player’s brand.”

Splinter Cell: Blacklist will arrive in August for Wii U.

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  • Chiwawa

    im so glad that ubisoft arent dicks like EA.. πŸ˜€

    • They love the Wii U, EA just like sucking on Microsoft

      • Joseph Parsons

        ea sucking on sony ea not like Microsoft that just put ther games on it that all

      • Squid

        Only if Rare could do the same as Ubi, I even heard the director from Banjo and Conker wants a game for Wii u.

        • mralloverit

          It would be cool to see them return to a Nintendo console. The only thing preventing that, is the fact that Rare is owned 100% by Microsoft. I’d love little more than to see them bring Banjo back or return to Donkey Kong Country. Those were some amazing games.

        • Cerus98

          Rare pussed out when they let MS buy them thus sealing the fate of ever seeing Conkers Bad Fur Day come to the virtual console. Oh, we’ll they did release it for Xbox but not until censoring the crap out of it.

          Well never see DK64 on the VC either thanks to MS.

        • Dominic Coradazzi

          My god, I’m foaming at the mouth

    • Mario

      Good to see that they haven’t lost hope for the WiiU.

    • RoadyMike

      Me too.At least,not yet…

  • Cloud W Omega

    Thefun thing is with the WiiU game pad, it would be totally possible to make level editors possible.

    • Chiwawa

      yes indeed. Amen bro. amen.

  • Mods… we need mods on consoles… Please Nintendo

    • Some gUy

      Project M is a great start I think

      • It’s better than vanilla Brawl, anyway. lol.
        But that isn’t supported by Nintendo. It’s just fixing SSBB, which is a great game, just very VERY unbalanced.

        • greengecko007

          I don’t really believe that Brawl is unbalanced. All characters have their strengths and weaknesses. The game is only unbalanced in that players of higher skill have a higher advantage (which is basically every competitive game).

          Yes, I know that they are tiered, and how people think Meta Knight is God, be he has his flaws just like every other character.

          • Chiwawa

            meta knight B attack is an ass kicker. especially when used repeatedly…..

          • greengecko007

            Maybe, but for a flying character, he has a major flaw… Poor aerial combat skills. All of his special moves, when executed in the air, leave him falling, immobile, and highly vulnerable until he lands. This means that any other flying or high jumping characters can actually make quick work of him.

            Meta Knight – Pros: Fast, Spammable Moves, Fly jumps

            Cons: Poor aerial combat for flying character, light = easy to KO, weaker final smash attack.

          • Chiwawa

            you have a point there.

          • But not as many flaws. It is unbalanced whether you think so or not. Check out Project M. It’s actually balancing the game.

          • greengecko007

            That fact that almost every website on competitive Super Smash Bros. has a completely different tier list proves that the game isn’t noticeably unbalanced. It just depends on how you play, how good you are, and with what characters you play as.




            Two tier lists. One places Meta Knight as the best character, one places him as one of the worst. Everyone is skilled with different characters, and they all have pros and cons.

          • No…. Both place him as the best, bro. Perhaps you should learn to read. That may help.

          • greengecko007

            So apparently the the wikias are the same now. I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you that wikias are updated often? Anyways, check out the Japanese versus North American tier lists. They don’t match up either. There’s nothing wrong with people modding Brawl to make it more fun for them, but the game is already balanced.

          • Haha… nope. It’s not. I mean, only ONE person balanced it. No input from anyone else, bro.

    • Revolution5268

      Mods? is in that hacking, correct me if im wrong.

      • Brett Bates

        Mods, in the sense that PC gamers are used to, are modifications to the game’s code in a way that does not necessarily mean hacking or cheating.

        This can range from simple usability fixes, like the ActionCam third-person mod for Unreal Tournament 3, or the rebalancing in ProMod for COD4, to entire total conversions that make a completely different game, just made on the same engine, the most ambitious examples being Team Fortress for the original Quake, Garry’s Mod for Half-Life 2/Source Engine, and of course, Project M for SSBB

      • No, Mods is NOT hacking, its creating your own content by modifying anything from a game and implementing it into the game. Take Skyrim, it has a huge mod base of modders who make new and interesting mods that help keeps the game alive which is why I believe console could benefit from allowing mods and giving players free Mod tools with the game.

        It would also stop the whole thing about PCs being better than consoles just because it can get mods for games, removing that means that Console gamers and PC gamers are on an even playing field.

        • Revolution5268

          oh ok, i wonder if Nintendo will allow that, i seen smash bros do that.

  • Chiwawa

    why is everyone wasting there time by bitching on that article below?! I bet you that somewhere, EA’s peter moore is laughing…

    • Only a few are true gamers

      I agree there peter moore is a moron and i won’t be buying any more ea games

    • Mario

      I bet he did not try the WiiU at all. He’s really dumb if he think it doesn’t have any potential at all if he hasn’t even tried it.

  • What he’s saying makes complete sense.

  • Nintedward

    Monster hunter Ultimate >>>>> everything on any other platform πŸ™‚ .

    I can’t stop playing MHU lol.

    • Only a few are true gamers

      Im thinking of getting MH3

      • Nintedward

        There is no other game on EARTH that is more worthy of your money.

        You can spend hundreds , if not over a thousand frikkin hours on this game , collecting and grinding and knocking the shit out of monsters with your buddy’s.

        • Only a few are true gamers

          Than MH3 it is and i think lego too

          • Nintedward

            I’m not saying it’s the best game on earth lol . It pretty much has the best lasting appeal or replayability in any game i’ve ever played.

            I would give it 9/10 . If it had modern graphics that took advantage of the wiiu it would be a masterpiece. Connecting my 3DS with this is just too good. me and by bro pla localy and I take my 3DS away from home with my save data on. Genius.

          • Only a few are true gamers

            That is cool and i love how haters say there no good games for the wii u and what do we have in march awesomeness

        • Chiwawa

          sounds awesome!!! if you dont have a headset, can you use the mic. on the gamepad as a substitute?

          • Gregory Edcius

            yeah thats the normal setup and a button on the gamepad to turn it on or off

          • Nintedward

            yup , you can use the gamepad mic! and USB keyboards or the gamepad touchscreen keyboard. All work great.

          • Chiwawa


        • stfu u fat mank twat the games a grindfest with clunky controls and no story.btw u drones all need to get a fucking life and try get laid for once in your sad pathetic lives!!!

          • Nintedward

            hahahahaha. The irony of you , a wierd nerdy troll on a site hating Nintendo is fucking pathetic.

            Stfu . No one cares what you have to say social reject.

          • Ben Kapferer

            Where do you think we are, Facebook?

    • NkoSekirei

      same and need for speed and lego city too

      • brian murphy

        lol lego city has me hooked lol its got me thinking 3ds now that i found out its game is different from the wii u

        • Chiwawa

          its a sequel. I wanted to play the 3ds version first, but couldnt help myself.

  • Joseph Parsons

    ea a ps3 fanny boy not a 360 on to Chris Bingham

  • routerbad

    Wait, when was this confirmed?

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      It wasn’t, it’s rumored. There’s a good chance since it’s Ubisoft, but nothing on the official website.

  • Vinicius

    Is this game really coming to Wii U? Maybe I’m wrong but there’s nothing at their website that confirms it..

  • Untrentide

    User content does help, but one of the games with the longest play time per game or per series has been monster hunter due to the fact that there is no story, You don’t feel pressured to advance or feel locked in due to the fact that the game dictates it.

  • Adrian

    Thanks to this article I just learned there is a Dark Souls II in the making! Freaking awesome, I loved Dark and Demon souls. I hope the next one is even harder.

  • Brett Bates

    Too true… The modding community of the PC games that allow it often bring the game and its ecosystem to new heights and longevity.
    Mods on console can be done, and have been before, whether there’s offical support a la Unreal Tournament 3 on the PS3, or unofficial examples like Project M.

  • Johny

    minecraft. nuff said

    • greengecko007

      We don’t need 2 year old games watered down and ported to the Wii U. Here’s an interesting idea, how about NEW games? I did NOT buy a Wii U to play old games rehashed.

      • Johny

        i never said anything about wii u ports. and neither did ubisoft -.-
        they were only talking about general “user content” in games and how it influences its lifespan. And so did i with a simple reply. nothing more. nothing less -.-

        • greengecko007

          It looked to me like you wanted Mineraft for the Wii U. Sorry if I misunderstood you, since all you put was “minecraft. nuff said.” Maybe explain what you mean in the future, so people can understand? –__–“

          • Johny

            sure no problem…
            but hey.. dude…the article was not at all about wii u either…
            with “minecraft..nuff said” i wanted to just state an obvious perfect example of such game, ubisoft was talking about in the article.

    • Chiwawa

      theres a rumor going on that minecraft is gonna be on the homebrew channel.

      • Johny

        well.. homebrew is homebrew πŸ™‚ im almoust certain some group of people will make the “minecraft application” for use with homebrew channel, since minecraft is so vastly popular

        • Chiwawa

          I dont know why people are trying to get minecraft the non legit way. its 20$ for peats sake. if someone goes to gamestop and buys a 60$ game, why cant they pay 20$ for minecraft? I wonder how the one on homebrew will look.

          • Ben Kapferer

            Now it’s $27!

          • Chiwawa

            its still less than 60$ so im ok with it.

          • Ben Kapferer

            So would you pay $59.99?

          • Chiwawa

            plus tax. thats past 60$……

          • Ben Kapferer

            I had that thought in my mind, but you didn’t mention the possibility of tax.

  • dgallo911

    U know, Dark souls would be awesome on the Wii U, especially if the gamepad user could be a 2nd player. imagine a 2 man team invading (or helping) or being invaded and actually having a slight advantage. Seriously, id take Dark Souls or every crappy port the wii u has recieved so far…

  • All a game needs to sustain itself is game play that keeps you coming back. Grand Theft Auto is a good example: there is hardly any user generated content in that game, but the things you can do and the places you can see all go well with solid game play, and is why people can sit and play the same title for well over five years. If a game has crap controls and game play, then it will not matter in the slightest how much user generated content you have. Those are just my thoughts at least.

  • Gregory Edcius

    off topic but
    I see watchdogs for ps4 priced at $99.99 i hope thats not true

    • mralloverit

      Unless it’s a special collector’s edition with a lot of extra crap thrown in, it’s likely just a place holder. Gamestop did the same for all their WiiU listings before the Nintendo press conference last September.

    • Revolution5268

      its false, and it happen to the vita as well.

    • Petri

      Pretty clearly states there:
      Please note that the current price on Watch Dogs for PlayStation 4 is a placeholder price until we receive more information from our first party and third party partners.

      And is pretty common practice with new and unknown, since they agree to sell for the price they put up, but you can always cancel the order.
      Our local retailer has ps4 for 999€ for preorder.

  • Wayne Beck

    “Jade Raymond, the head of Ubisoft Toronto said larger budgets and flashier content isn’t going to advance the world of gaming significantly. ”

    Finally, someone outside of Nintendo gets it..

  • InterTreble

    With all this support by Ubisoft, I don’t even remember what EA’s for… Lots of GREAT third party games coming to Wii U this fall, I’m so sorry for all the haters… πŸ˜‰