May 7th, 2014

Valiant Hearts – The Great War is the latest title from Ubisoft to use the UbiArt engine, first developed for the Rayman series. Since then, we’ve seen Child of Light released using the same engine, which is a spectacular game in terms of its presentation. It’s curious then that this new title announced by Ubisoft uses the UbiArt engine, but it is not targeting the Wii U at all.

Valiant Hearts is the story of several soldiers sent to the front lines in World War I. The trailer depicts several different scenes of war-torn agony, but perhaps the biggest question after watching it is, Why not the Wii U? The typical excuse companies use here is that the engine they’re using the develop the game doesn’t function well on the Wii U. We’ve seen that from developers using the Unreal Engine. But the UbiArt engine we know functions quite well on the Wii U. So what is Ubisoft’s excuse here? Why is this game releasing on every single platform except the Wii U?

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  • Rinslowe

    I don’t think I’ll be missing out on this game. It looks quietly superb.

  • matthew garcia

    cuz no one wants a Wii U besides die hard fans

  • Ultrasyd

    Why ? Because this is way too dark for the colorful world of Nintendo XD
    Not my kind of game anyway, but a game that skip the console is always a bad news.

  • Purple

    Man the Wii U grows more disappointing with each new game release skipping it while being available everywhere else.

    • TCar

      I would think that the devs look more disappointing than the Wii U. The devs are the ones choosing to not release the games for a system that can handle it.

  • Magnus Gonzalez

    Can we please all acknowledge that Ubi’s ‘support’ of the Wii U is lip service at best. Delays, gimped ports, taking away exclusivity, inferior versions or in this case and games going forward..simply not getting games. How much evidence is needed to finally prove that their ‘support’ was not stellar and they give nothing but lip service. This game looks good too. Oh well I guess.

    • Ultrasyd

      All I know is that no one gave more games than them to the Wii U. It’s still much better than what anyone else did. And I play those games a lot (i just have to check my Wii U games stats page).

      • Assassinated23

        Compared to everyone else though, it was stellar. It was like they were the only third party dev still trying.

        • Magnus Gonzalez

          I get that in comparison they were the strongest. But too many people made excuses for them and comparing a turd to a worse turd is still a turd. It’s a shame because that engine they use is perfect for the Wii U and seems to appeal to its fans as it creates games aesthetically beautiful and unique.

          • Assassinated23

            Yes, but of all the devs to be called out for not supporting WiiU, Ubisoft seems to get an inordinate amount of flack, considering it was pretty much the last to do so.

    • Capt. Smoker

      Perhaps they felt obliged after delaying Rayman and making it for the other systems rather than keeping it an exclusive, lip service is a good way of putting it, that’s what they’ve given us at best, certainly nothing noteworthy after Rayman.

    • AlienFanatic

      Obviously, it’s a conspiracy. These companies are clearly trying to turn out inferior games, knowing that nobody will buy them. Yes, that makes perfect business sense. It’s not that they might be trying to balance the cost of conversion with the likely sales, hoping to make a small profit when the track record for the Wii-U thus far says that almost nobody but Nintendo makes any money making games for it.

      Yep, conspiracy.

      • Magnus Gonzalez

        Ubi delayed Rayman in Feb 2013. But the Wii U actually had a decent launch so their decision to delay had zero to do with any perceived balance of input costs versus sales. So you are wrong. AC 3 I believe came out during launch but was around 3 weeks after the PS360 versions. So what? Ubi knew when they made that decision months before that the Wii U wouldn’t sell well in 2013? I can keep going? ME3 came out as a single game and was full price meanwhile the Trilogy was put out for the PS360 and at a discount.
        Their decisions to gimp/delay/cancel ports are obviously justified in your head and in theirs. Great, have fun with that. There has been one example of a game made by 3rd parties that the requisite effort was put into it and that was Rayman Legends. What do you know? It is the definitive version. Too bad they screwed that up by taking away exclusivity and delaying the Wii U version.
        I wonder what reality you live in where 3rd party treatment of the Wii U has been great and it’s Nintendo’s fault. I am betting you don’t even own a Wii U and are here to troll with your buddies based on your posts so this will be as much attention you get from me.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Exactly. Everything is a conspiracy if a game doesn’t come to a Nintendo console. Lol. Either way pay no mind to him. It’s obvious who is trolling who. You’re indeed, correct. No company is going to make poor games on purpose to hurt a console. That’s counterproductive to business.

    • Rinslowe

      I know they’re not all in. But I really don’t feel that way about the support they have given.
      I think it’s another case of credit where it’s due. And for sure, there’s room for improvement…

    • Potemkin

      it has been a good support they have given so far. People fail to see that other third party companies didn’t even consider the Wii U when it launched (like CAPCOM or Square-Enix) and even less now that the console is doing so well…

      Ubisoft did what it could, yet people complained. I guess you have what you deserve. Nintendo fans are so hard to please.

      If a game is ported over to the console: BAD
      If a game is delayed/launched on other systems: BAD
      If a game is a new IP: BAD
      If no game is released: BAD

      • Magnus Gonzalez

        I agree the support was the best. My gripe is don’t lie..and they have. Don’t delay games meant to be exclusive so you can put it on other systems and not return the favor (Watchdogs). Don’t give a 720p version when it can do the 1080p the other system has..for no apparent reason. Don’t give a new IP to every system but the Wii U. That isn’t asking for much is it?
        It doesn’t matter anyway. The Wii U will probably be paired down with an E3 announcement. Something along the lines of a $199 box without the gamepad with pro controller and wii mote and games. It’s comical that they even pretend to want to put the gamepad to use. I like it but it’s an albatross for them. It’ll save money, induce 3rd parties, maybe sell it as an accessory like most of America thinks it is already lol

    • Nintenjoe82

      I’ve been saying that since the Rayman delay. Even EA’s games have had more effort put in and have been superior ports to anything Ubi have slapped us in the face with. Rayman and ZombiU are good and Ubi might be Nintendo’s best supporter but they’re doing bare minimum and using double standards in their support. Rayman delay bit them in the arse. Watchdogs proved the Rayman delay was bollocks. Child of Light has probably sold well on Wii U so they’re skipping it for the next game.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Here we go again. If it’s not coming to the Wii U, it must be because they have something against it. Isn’t this the same situation when certain games come on the Wii U and we get “if you want to play it, get a Wii U”? Seems so to me. I get that people are upset because their Wii U seems to be singled out, but you can’t force developers to port it and it’s their decision. Poor marketing in the past year ruined Wii U’s image to consumers. Blame Nintendo for not treating the Wii U with the same respect as the Wii in terms of marketing. They reap what they sow.

    • It works both ways as there are a handful of Nintendo 3rd party exclusives that owners of the other consoles constantly cry about being ported over to their console. But what you say is true. If a person wants to play a game bad enough then they have to get the platform(s) that the game is available on. That is how it always has been.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I’m not talking about other fans of other consoles because well, this is WiiUDaily afterall. You are correct that it works both ways, and that was never an argument. That was the point.

        • Officer Raichu

          heres some examples
          xbox ps fans: PORT BYONETTA 2 NOW!
          nintendo fans: PORT KINGDOM HEARTS 3 NOW!
          see everyone does this
          so thats my explanation on how i agree with your post 😛

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Exactly. People do this with multiplat games too when it doesn’t come to their console of choice. It goes both ways. I find it funny that some are having a hard time grasping that.

          • Officer Raichu

            yeah it gets crazy

    • Magnus Gonzalez

      no not the same because those games like Bayonetta 2 were paid for by Nintendo and remain exclusive. This is not exclusive or paid for otherwise it wouldn’t be on every other platform except the Wii U. Nice try?

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Shovel Knight is basically Nintendo exclusive in terms of consoles/handhelds, but I don’t see it as a big deal and those who complained about that, oh well? Get a Wii U, 3DS or buy it on PC. It doesn’t have to be paid for. More importantly, why does it have to be paid for to matter? Lol. Sounds to me, you’re grasping at straws. Nice try, though?

        • Magnus Gonzalez

          Because if it is paid for like Nintendo did for Bayonetta 2 then there can’t be complaints from other systems’ owners because their system of choice failed to fund it. In that instance exclusivity was essentially bought. This game, exclusivity has not been purchased. It’s a multi plat game but for some unknown reason Ubisoft has chosen to forego Nintendo.
          There is a difference. The developer has chosen money as incentive to give exclusivity and in this instance has just plain chosen they don’t feel like bothering. Even for you this isn’t that difficult to grasp.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I think you miss the point here. What’s the difference of a fan complaining over a game they are not getting on their console vs a game that’s exclusive? Fans bitched when Bayonetta 2 became exclusive just as fans bitch when a Wii U port isn’t in the cards for multiplats. It’s the same no matter which why you look at it. Yes, fans can complain, and they did. That made no sense. Lol. Exclusivity was never the point of the argument, which I’m not even sure why you brought it up in the first place. It can’t be that hard to grasp that, or is it?

  • Zuxs13

    It probably has to do with the fact that, as of right no, no sale chart has a Child of Light Wii U in the top anything, but the PS3/$ versions are in the top 10 in Europe and Japan.

    Wii U owners complain about no 3rd party support but they dont buy 3rd party games, so why would they keep making games. So far I really love this game and for $15 its well worth it.

    Note: i don’t know if there were physical copies for the ps3 and 4 in those regions and no wii u copy and the sales numbers are early but im sure thats a factor for Ubisoft.

    • Yen

      Well one reason, Steam Sales.

    • abe

      Child of light only got retail versions for ps3/4

      This not coming to Wii u was announced way back when this, child of light and assassins creed liberation was announced

    • TrueWiiMaster

      As you mentioned, Child of Light didn’t have a hard copy version for the Wii U, and most sales charts only include hard copies. At this point it’s impossible to say how well the game is doing on the Wii U.

      Aside from that, though, Ubisoft announced Valiant Hearts a long time ago, and the Wii U was excluded from the start. CoL has nothing to do with it.

    • Ghasfarost

      I agree with you. Whenever possible I choose my WiiU, for an indie or multiplatform game instead of my PS3 or Xbox 360

    • kdog254

      Well myself personally, between retail, digital, and vc games, I have 85 Wii U games which the vast majority of those are 3rd party multiplatform games.

  • sd

    I only own a Wii U to play Nintendo games, so no big deal.

    • This attitude is why you’ll be buying a PlayStation 5 to continue to play Nintendo games in the future.

      • Shota

        IF there will be ps 5

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Of course there will be. Lol. Sony is losing money as a whole, but not in every division. If they would stop being stubborn and sell off the ones that don’t make profit, the company would be better off. The Playstation brand is profitable, and Sony has enough to fall back on if it came to that.

          • Shota

            yeah they better stop the things that people dont buy from sony and instead focusing on things that do sell.

      • Magnus Gonzalez

        ummm…no..and…no lol. Will NEVER happen and shockingly I am not surprised the people that run this site promote that view. Are you aiming to please the trolls with this statement? Do you honestly believe a day will ever come that Nintendo 1st party games will be played on their competitors consoles? Wow

        • darkcreap

          At this rate? Maybe. Nintendo has shown their forecast for year 2014. You know their estimate? 3.6 million.

          As some people comment in the thread when you forecast sales you can be:
          1) Over optimistic (say that you will sell more than you will actually sell).
          2) Be more conservative and give a more realistic forecast.

          But you never say “I’m gonna sell 2 million” if you know for sure you will sell at least 6 million. It seems to me that Nintendo is being now realistic and if they expect to sell 3.6 million that clearly puts the WiiU around 15 million, even worse than the GameCube.

          Nintendo are screwing it badly. It hurts me horribly to say so. I wish this were a nightmare.

          • Magnus Gonzalez

            I think they were shamed by their 9 million projections and then not even meeting their revised one. I think they are erring on the side of caution. If they only sell 2.6 million consoles with Mario Kart, Smash, and whatever other games they are going to surprise for Fall/Winter release than Iwata needs to be fired. No way he makes it past 2014 if that is the case. It will mean the Wii U is officially dead and one of the worst consoles by sales by any of the major players in history. There won’t be any coming back from entering year three with less than 10 million sold.

          • darkcreap

            What I read in the link I give in my previous post is that you normally do not intentionally lowball your estimates, that is, it is very likely those are the most realistic non-pesimistic numbers Nintendo expects. And that means their own expectations are bad despite Mario Kart and Smash. That most likely indicates they’ve lost hope in their own platform. And that is tough to swallow.

          • Magnus Gonzalez

            some companies underestimate on purpose quarter after quarter. Some try to be realistic as I feel Nintendo has been. But I think this Wii U launch has surprised them big time. They are too gun shy to be optimistic despite how massive a game Kart is. It’s a system seller and in my estimation they should have given 5 million as their guidance but I think they are scared. But really, if they honestly thought they’d only move so few consoles than they would have fired Iwata and not waste games on this console. I think they believe..quietly and in private…that they will have sold 12 million by years end. Kart, Smash and the the Holidays (price drop bundle?) should get them there. If not, well…the Wii U is done. It’ll still be worth a purchase but any chance of it seeing a 5+ year run will be over

          • sd

            I am pretty sure the Wii U is dead, but they wont stopp selling it for 2-3 years. They will release a few big games this year and each year until their next console. But they will minimse the number of games to reduce expenditure. This is a very smart move if they do this. The reason is that they will still swho support for the Wii U. In addition it frees them up to make a heap of games in time for their next console release, which prevents them from repeating this mistake.

            Also by keeping a low profile less people will be aware of its failure ( non core and casual gamers) making the next console look more appealing.

          • Magnus Gonzalez

            yeah.. best case scenario is GC numbers but that is after ALL the games have dropped and a couple of price drops.
            My question is…do you waster Metroid, Star Fox, Zelda, Galaxy 3 on a dying console? Or do you hold one or some of those back so you have games ready for the next console? Wouldn’t they put themselves in the same position of not having games for this new console if they release all of these games on the Wii U? I suppose how well Kart sells systems will go a long way in determining how much support they give the Wii U.

          • sd

            I would say that they will save most of their unannounced games for their next system (like metroid, starfox etc). If they have acknowledged the Wii U as a disaster then it makes sense for them to drip feed 4-5 games a year for the Wii U, while focusing on making other games for their next ( Virtual reality) console. Then in 2-3 years time they will have a lineup of games ready to release in the first 12 months of the new consoles life. Personally I think Zelda will be the last big game for the Wii U in Nov 2015.

            I do wonder what they just bought for $100million.

      • ben

        You are suppose to be a staff writer?I think you should do some research on the real state of the industry. Sony is in a huge mess, what is sony’s big game for the summer, by the way… The last of us remaster. That is terrible. Write something balanced.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Yep.It’s attitudes like that, is why that third parties over look the Wii U. Why would they port their games if Nintendo fans have this kind of attitude toward third parties and their games? It’s a waste of money if no one is going to purchase their games. Nintendo isn’t the only one with quality games out there. It’s a common misconception to think so, and Nintendo needs to figure out a way to set fans like that straight, or it’s just going to be the same result each generation. This wasn’t even a problem when I was growing up. It’s a shame that fans today, have this attitude.

        A little harsh with your comment Ash, but can’t fault you for making a good point.

        • sd

          Although if you read my reply to Ashley you will see I have bought heaps of third party games on the Wii U. In addition I have bought almost every major Nintendo game for this system. But right now I am giving up on the system. Third party publishers often miss features, have delayed launch dates ( just look at watchdogs), less DLC etc. Plus often the only game pad feature is off screen play. This means I now get to choose better graphics, frame rate and game play vs off screen play. (xbox one/ps4) So what incentive do companies give us to choose the Wii U version. Its Nintendos fault for not making deals to ensure these games are released on a system, that while great, lacks games and/or features of these games.

          Having said that I don’t mind Ashley making that comment as it is partly true, but I think the system is almost dead now so no use in being upset about a game that I can get on another system. Ultimately Nintendo are to blame as I have no confidence that companies will add or offer the same features on their platform compared to others.

      • WellWisher

        As long as it doesn’t affect the quality of the games I don’t really see the problem.

      • darkcreap

        Sad but true. At this rate the “only buy a Nintendo console for Nintendo games” is gonna kill Nintendo themselves.

        • sd

          This has only recently become my attitude. But the fact that most games lack features, have delayed release dates or don’t have DLC options means why would I buy it for the Wii U over my other next gen consoles. Its not the fans fault, its the developers and mostly Nintendo for not rectifying this issue.

      • sd

        No, this attitude has come about simply due to the poor performance from Nintendo with this console. As the Author of this site I am sure you will agree that Nintendo have done a terrible job with this console. Its their best console in years and they messed it up big time.

        Also just for clarity until the end of last year I was buying a huge amount of third party titles, particularly from ubisoft for the Wii U. The problem is that they always have some sort of missing feature, lack of DLC or delays with either the game release, updates etc. So it is the developers forcing my hand more than anything else. Nintendo should have done a better job to ensure this wasn’t happening.

  • Someone Cool

    So what? It’s just another cheap side scroller,
    Although It is disapointing that some devs dont have the balls to put their games on WiiU but skipping games like this one shouldn’t matter at all. Lifes to short to play games like this one.

  • Lil J Moore

    Why does it matter anymore? If anything it would have been delayed or gimped coming from Ubisoft.

    On a different subject CoL is brilliant.

  • steveb944

    Forget Ubi everyone, they left us in the dust last year.

  • Ducked



  • Ducked

    There’s always Watch Dogs

  • TrueWiiMaster

    This isn’t new. It was announced a long time ago (maybe the same time as Child of Light?) and at its announcement the Wii U was left out. Hopefully Ubisoft changes its mind. This game would probably be very easy and cheap to port to the Wii U, and it looks pretty great.

    • Ultrasyd

      If Child of Light does well on Wii U, maybe they can change their mind. It’s starting quite well

      • TrueWiiMaster

        That’s what I’m hoping. I haven’t bought it yet, simply because I have quite the backlog of eshop games to play, but I’m considering buying it early anyway just to support it.

  • matt

    Keep it Ubi and keep all your niche games wiiu gets them from indies that take more risks good day…….

  • Petri

    Did you decipher that from a trailer, or from an official announcement?

  • Ben English

    Honestly this looks like a bunch of tone-deaf bullshit, so… I can’t say I’m too disappointed.

  • Arthur Jarret

    We knew this a year ago, didn’t we? Back when Child of light and Valiant hearts were announced together?

  • darkcreap

    It is really strange, especially since I don’t think this game is too expensive to make. I mean, I don’t think making a WiiU version is that complicated, it is clearly not a very resource-demanding game and it should be easy and cheap to make a port.

    Furthermore, I think that most likely they expect so low sales that they don’t feel they can cover the costs of a port, which is quite depressing, if what I heard (that a port from PS3/X360 costs no more than $1 million ).

    Oh, and as some people point out, it is a shame that no WiiU version of Child of Light is in the top 10 in any platform. In general, no WiiU versions of third party are top ten in any list. I haven’t bought child of light yet, but not because I don’t buy third party, but because I already have too many games and too little time as of now. Actually, almost 50% of my WiiU library if not more is third party, a great deal of them including Assassin’s Creed 3 and 4, Rayman Legends and ZombiU. I also bought Toki Tori 2, The Cave, Call of Duty Ghosts and Trine 2 among others. Unfortunately, I think I am rather the exception than the rule

    I definitely think that a lot of Nintendo fans don’t buy third party games because they don’t like anything beyond that (I had this problem too in my early days as a Nintendo gamer, but having to abandon consoles due to having a PC helped me have a more varied taste). I think that, while lack of features is part of the equation, Nintendo gamers are very much focused on first party games, which in part is great, but it just leads to Nintendo being the only ones who can sell games in their own platform. As a Nintendo fan, I have gone through times of conservativeness in which I only played Nintendo games, but I realised that there is more to eat out there.

    Back in the SNES days there were a lot of non-Nintendo games that were awesome. Capcom made a lot of them. Street Fighter, Final Fight (I love those games), Goof Troop, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, Ranma 1/2 or Sunset Riders (although I have played more the MegaDrive version) and some others I do not remember. I mostly played Nintendo games, but I liked other games too. There are a lot of good games on the WiiU and no one buys them. And I am not talking about gimped ports. See Rayman, see ZombiU, see Child of light. What happens to the people???

    • thedeciderU

      yeah i’m with you there. i have at least 30 games total now, and many are nintendo, but i also have blops II, ghosts (which is awful), trine 2, mutant mudds deluxe, nfsmwU, zombiU, tekken tt, ac3, rayman legends, resident evil: revelations, w101, kung fu rabbit, art academy sketchpad, knytt underground, and the list goes on. i’d say at least half my games are third party/indie, and about 5 of them were early nintendo-published virtual console titles for .$30 so i had to get them.

      man, lots of good snes and mega drive games by third parties. incredible memories.

      • darkcreap

        I also have Unepic and Knytt, but forgot to count them. I haven’t had the time to play them despite thinking at first I would. Man, I need time for myself.

        • thedeciderU

          nice – i’m going to be having a castlevania marathon with some friends and will hopefully be beating at least one of the classics in the next month or so, so i’m holding off on unepic for a while. i have all the old carts and consoles, so i’m getting pretty pumped, but again, finding the time for everyone is tough.

  • ZeldaFan83

    Well you can’t expect UbiSoft to support a failing system forever. They have supported it remarkably.

    • Magnus Gonzalez


      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Hardly? Lol. Why do you think that?

        • Magnus Gonzalez

          c’mon bro. I’ll tell Mama you are tolling Wii U websites again. She’ll make you move out of the basement

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Not sure how you got an easy question to you as a troll response? Though, it easy enough to tell you are doing just that. Don’t be so mad because I don’t agree with your points.I suppose disagreeing with you is trolling? Or is it because you have no informative answer to it? Hmm…

          • Potemkin

            Ah don’t worry. In this place if you are not praising Nintendo for everything that just makes you a troll :/

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Oh, I don’t worry. I understand the demographic of this site. It’s sad that it hasn’t changed much since I visited a year ago. You have a different opinion of Nintendo, automatically, you’re a troll. Praise Nintendo, you’re forgiven. It’s amusing. Honesty is only appreciated as long as it’s not something that’s against Nintendo. Ahh well, people are very defensive for no reason. This place needs a lesson from the forums. ;P

          • Magnus Gonzalez

            but I have seen several of your posts and I have yet to see anything positive. To me, someone who says negative things about a product on forum of that product’s fans invites the moniker of troll. Maybe you are a fan and own a Wii U and are just dissatisfied, dunno, but if people see you constantly voicing negative opinions they will wonder what you are doing here and believe you are a troll. Like I said, I could be wrong, just in the few posts I have seen by you you don’t seem to like the Wii U and this IS Wii U forum is it not?

          • Magnus Gonzalez

            don’t be stupid. I think marketing has sucked. I think the pace of games has sucked. Iwata needs to fired. Does that make me a troll? I also think the console is amazing and that Ubi and other 3rd parties have failed the Wii U. Does that make me a fanboy? I have both praised and criticized the Wii U because it deserves both. Trolls like you two only offer criticism. That is how you know you are trolls. Think you are fooling anyone? You aren’t.

          • Potemkin

            Me? a troll? well I guess I am. Since day one I have been voicing my opinion giving credit to whom is due.

            Now, thinking that all that is happening to Nintendo hasn’t been because of their own doing is simply foolish. I loved the Nintendo of old, that was responsible for great and iconic games, but since Iwata started, things have been going downhill for some of us (I say SOME because OBVIOUSLY there are people that are being super happy with the current state of Nintendo).

            To inform yourself better, go and check every post either of us have made up until now, and tell me (citing the source) that all I have been doing is complain and not even bothering on discussing ideas.

            Third parties are not to blame, if anything, if Nintendo was a company that would bring profit instead of loss, I’m sure as hell all third party would jump into the Wii U train, but guess that’s not the case.

            Oh, and go back and check that according to Ubisoft, Nintendo has like 2 per cent of total sells of their software. So, knowing that you make so much money on that console, would you spend millions of dollars making games for it? Would you invest on a port knowing that it hardly would cover the development costs?

      • ZeldaFan83

        It is failing. Even Nintendo acknowledges that. For the last few financial yearly quarters they’ve had to dramatically reduce expected sales of Wii U units, they dropped their initial expectations of 9 million units down to 5 and didn’t even reach that. Don’t be arrogant and think that Nintendo will never fail, be realistic. Look the Wii U has been on the market for 18 months and only sold 6 million Wii U consoles while PS4 and Xbox One surpassed that in 6 months. Now while it is currently failing to meet the projected sales of Nintendo and keep up with the competition that doesn’t mean that it has failed. Nintendo is good at turning things around and maybe they will be able to do that but so far it’s not looking good: Lack of console sales, poor marketing, slow releases of quality games, very poor 3rd party support, lack of communicating to consumers why Wii U is unique and different from Wii, not very many games show what the GamePad can do and why it’s necessary and unique like the Wii Remote was.

        • Magnus Gonzalez

          get your facts straight. The Xbox One has SHIPPED 5 million units…NOT…SOLD…so it hasn’t surpassed the Wii U. And every retailer has several collecting dust on their shelves. It isn’t selling. Mario Kart will push the Wii U even further in the lead over Xbox One and may even overtake PS4…which is also now sitting on shelves collecting dust at every place I shop at. Yes the Wii U has been out longer, but if you compare the fact that Kart will be their first system seller and that Xbone and PS4 each have had one of their own (Titanfall and Infamous) than in that regard then all three (after Kart drops) will have come out with one system seller. Let’s see where the chips fall after that.
          Personally it’s a long shot and I don’t think they will even reach GC sales so in essence the Wii U is a failure as far as sales go. It’s a great console though.

          • ZeldaFan83

            Whoa…relax buddy. I never said it was a failure and I hope it’s not. I love my WIi U. All I said was that as of right now in time it is failing. I think you misunderstood what I was saying, in 6 months the Xbox One and PS4 out sold the Wii U in that same time period. Right now the Xbox One has sold 4.4 million units and the PS4 has sold 7.4 million while the Wii U sits at 6.1 million. It’s too early to tell what will happen, another year will make it more clear but regardless if the Wii U is a failure or not doesn’t even matter because like me and many others we enjoy our Wii U and the games that we play.

          • Magnus Gonzalez

            Gotcha! I did misunderstand. My bad. Glad you are one of the people who realize sales shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of the consoles. Unless of course the sales are so bad they pull support, which I suppose is a possibility but would be a real mistake. At earliest holiday 2016 for a new console. That will give them 4 holiday season and it might be a year or two early but I am not sure they want to keep going if the sales continue to be low. We’ll know in a month or so anyway based on Kart sales I think

          • ZeldaFan83

            I think Nintendo is a very arrogant company that they would never drop support for one of their consoles that is doing badly. They will continue to make great games and release them quicker to keep gamers happy and attract more consumers to their games. It’s like Iwata said in an interview one time: “When sales aren’t going as good as you were hoping most companies will layoff employees but that’s not the Nintendo way, we hire more employees to make better products which leads to an increase sales and more consumers”

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Yep. Though, most will tell you that Ubisoft hates Nintendo or they are out to destroy them. The usual story of course.

      • ZeldaFan83

        Yeah it’s unfortunate. Most will just get mad and rather be in denial of the truth and simply defend Nintendo to the end of days. Fan boys….step out of your fantasy world and be realistic. 3 things Nintendo fans or fan boys need to accept:

        1. Nintendo does make mistakes
        2. Nintendo needs to change and join the rest of us in the modern world
        3. Be realistic. Stop calling people trolls because they express their opinion that might not be the same as yours and just because it could be interpreted as being negative towards Nintendo. Nintendo is a company, they make mistakes, they fail, just like every other company in the world.

        I’m sure many will respond to this as saying I hate Nintendo or that I’m a troll but it’s the exact opposite. I love Nintendo and their products.

  • LordYukYuk

    It’s especially stupid consider the success of Rayman on the platform and the fact that Child of Light has been rocking the eShop charts since it’s release. I think this is a case of them just thinking the “Nintendo audience” may not dig the war aspect which is stupid because this is clearly going for a different vibe than COD and other war games that have failed on Wii U. Maybe we’ll see a Wii U port later.

  • WhataShame

    Because, $.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Can’t fault them for that.

  • Kaihaku

    I suspect that it has more to do with the subject matter than anything else.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    PC version, FTW!!!!

  • tlopuse

    Sorry people, but I think Watchdog is going be the last game from Ubisoft with Nintendo. Sad very sad. Nintendo do me a favor, kick out Iwata san from NoJ cuz he is ruining the business and put somebody who can deal with these third party companies cuz we need games. Don’t hold games and start release it. I didn’t paid $350 for a Wii u for download stupid super Nintendo games. I love this company, but they are going to make me quit video games.

    • thedeciderU

      yes, i also believe watch_dogs will be the last support we see from ubisoft. i agree with you on the vc point as well – which should be more than a trickle. i guess maybe they’ll sell more of one game and then people will look at the charts and go “oh, i need to buy super mario world” because it’s no. 4 on the bestseller charts, but really they’re hurting themselves more in the long run i think. i feel like i have to buy watch_dogs for wiiu regardless of what i want just to try to help keep the support coming.


  • Tetlee

    Dammit! Read the title as Vandal Hearts for a second there, if only!

  • thedeciderU

    money talks

  • ben

    I think this maybe more about Nintendo not wanting a game about the first world war on their system.

  • NintendoFan

    Ubisoft doesn’t want my money then. Fair enough, I’ll spend it elsewhere.

  • Dark-Link73

    That’s a shame. I would’ve bought this game in a heartbeat. The story looks promising.

  • AlienFanatic

    “Why is this game releasing on every single platform except the Wii U?”

    …because the Wii-U isn’t selling? Because only Nintendo games have sold over a million units so far? Most others sell 300,000 or less making conversion a losing proposition? Because the Wii-U is only expected to sell MAYBE 3.5M new systems for the next twelve months?

    Silly question. Companies exist to make money. The Wii-U isn’t making them any.

  • RedChu

    It’s just going to be first-party, second-party, and indie games from now on most likely. If Ubisoft can’t even bring this to Wii U, they’re done with it for sure.

  • Officer Raichu

    just so you guys know there is a special mk8 announcement from nintendo world coming tomorrow
    announced on twitter

  • Shota

    ubisoft approached nintendo not vice versa. iwata whaf the fuck are you doing with the wii u -_-

  • Jonathan George Anaya

    I know why!
    Ubisoft wants to make this game 1080i/40fps and release it on the Ps4 instead. What? It worked for Killzone… It sold millions and was a TERRIBLE game

  • RecheDiazrivarola

    Child of light is a best seller in the wiiu e-shop

  • Adam Fox

    why do they even post articles on here about games NOT coming to Wii U? That would be like ps3news advertising Mario games “but not coming to PS3/PS4″……Ubisoft can make their games on PS3/PS4/Xbox360/Xbox One but no need in advertising it here. If there are games that a Wii U gamer doesn’t know about, they can’t miss it….but by saying “oh this awesome game is coming out for the other consoles BUT not the Wii U” is making this site (and other Wii U released news sites) look like they are steering away from Wii U…..

    • 8ruc3

      It also helps to give the Wii U more bad press and we all know it doesn’t need that…

  • Jon Turner

    Probably because despite the fact that the game CAN function on WiiU, the game may not suit Nintendo’s target audience.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    where did they state its not coming?

    • palomino blue

      Wasn’t listed with every other platform at the end of the trailer.

  • gamingpalooza

    I have a serious problem with how developers are treating Nintendo gamers. There is absolutely no excuse why they can’t develop any game onto the Wii U… except for the fact that they are prejudice towards Nintendo and they are screwing over Nintendo gamers… over and over again. EA is the one that started this crap because Nintendo would not allow them to use origins on the Wii U. This pisses me off…

  • Mario’s Love Child

    Game looks great.

  • Wonder how well child of light sold on Wii U.

  • Nintenjoe82

    When I see that Ubi are porting and localising any old PS360 crap to ‘next-gen’ and watching it bomb and then completely ignoring Wii U versions, it makes me think that Ubi need different people in charge of green-lighting ports and projects.

    The general rule of thumb seems to be; ‘game x was on the last Sony and MS consoles but not Nintendo’s. Therefore PS4 and X1 need a GOTY edition port for £25-30 and Wii U owners will get a tester port of an older game in the series without online for £55.’ The only difference is that PS4 and X1 are selling the new games like AC4 in decent numbers and ensuring future support.

  • dcj91x

    … Didn’t Rayman sale best on the WiiU along with Child of Light going that rout as well? In fact hasn’t most multi-plat games sold better on the Wiiu so far (at least the ones actually put on the wiiu?) I know just about all the indie games have sold well beyond on the eshop than on other systems… It just seems that it’s not the WiiU that’s failing but it’s the companies that are failing the WiiU and I’m including Nintendo in that as well. The WiiU is a great system it just hasn’t recieved the support from anyone that it deserves.

  • kdog254

    This is disappointing. That said, I’d wait until after E3 to see if this game is really not coming to the system. I wouldn’t be surprised if the announcement is being held for Wii U to help generate more hype.

  • AM Real

    More ppl should have bought Rayman and Child of Light…stop bitching that you’re not getting any games for your system when you don’t get they games that do release…-_-‘

    • FreedomIncarnate

      I bought both but I guess I am not going to get to play this one.

      • AM Real

        Fair enough…I guess my comment wasn’t really directed at ppl who actually bought the 3 UbiArt Engine games, I have all 3 but I know there are a lot of users who like to complain about a lack of games but don’t actually support the games when they come out.

  • larz_1234

    This game looks simply amazing. If this came to wii u it would be a day one purchase. Comon ubisoft make this happen

  • BrotherDump

    Wow… Even Ubisofts given up! We’re doomed 🙁