Apr 18th, 2016


Game Reactor sat down with one of Two Tribes’ founders Collin van Ginkle to discuss Rive, which is releasing in September. The conversation also shifted to Two Tribes’ exist from the industry, which was announced earlier this year. Van Ginkel admitted that games aren’t something he’s sure he wants to do for the next fifteen years.

“We’ve been making games for 15 years, more actually. At some point you start feeling like it’s not something you want to do another 15 years. When we were making Rive it was supposed to be like 6-9 months and now we’re already working for two years on this game and it will not be out until September. And we just didn’t feel like starting a new big project and if you don’t feel like that I think you should not do it.”

Two Tribes did reiterate that it will continue to support its newest game Rive, but that it won’t be starting any big new projects in the future.

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