Jan 4th, 2013

Two Tribes is currently hard at working on finishing Toki Tori 2 for the Wii U eShop, but the indie developer’s Twitter account hints that they’re not planning on stopping there. In addition to PC/Mac/Smartphone releases, the company also mentions a new idea for a game containing “co-op centric puzzles in a 2D Toki Tori-like world”. Two Tribes goes into further detail to discuss how the control scheme for such a game would work on the Wii U, so it’s safe to say we’ll see more fresh content from these guys soon.

Aside from Toki Tori 2, Two Tribes has also been tweeting the idea of bringing two of their block-based puzzle games to the eShop. Both RUSH and EDGE have been available for some time on other platforms including PC and smartphones, but having them on the eShop could be a good way to bolster the game content available. RUSH has already made an appearance on WiiWare, so it’s likely that new puzzles and content could see its way into the game for an eShop re-release.

[via Twitter]

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  • Nintenjoe82

    I hope this triggers more companies to do the same.

  • Seems like 2 tribes is very satisfied on the WiiU. Which is a good thing. Let’s hope others will feel the same on WiiU and that they follow 2 tribes footsteps.

  • Guhtere

    Uh oh, there was no Wii U news yesterday. That means this website isn’t Wii U Daily anymore…But that probably happened some time in the past too before I started visiting this website. Who cares anyway, it’s just one day…

    • Lord Carlisle

      Actually, this website has fallen from grace a few months back… or rather, once the Wii U was actually released. Then the old newsteam vanished and this website feels so much more… amateur.

      • Laud

        There really is nothing else in the news though, nothing besides that console keeping the games bug. 

        • Lord Carlisle

          I understand that. But I’m an active member of Zelda Dungeon, and that site brings up much more interesting articles and MORE OFTEN than this one… I think a console-based site should be more informative than a site based on a single series.

          • Laud

            Interesting articles like what?

            I think this has to do with the fact that Wii U Daily has mediocre authors.

            You’re right, these articles should be more informative.

          • Lord Carlisle

            Look on the site yourself.

            Speculation on the transportation systems in Zelda games, why a certain ominous feeling surrounds the player in Majora’s Mask, fanart, etc. Or just news, such as when somebody releases a cover for a certain theme.

            Well, if you’ve been on this site since before the console was released, you would see that the quality of the articles used to be MUCH higher. I used to visit this site constantly, because they’d release several informative articles a day… now they haven’t released an article in two or three days!

      • RoadyMike

        We can’t really blame the site because there hasn’t been
        any(relevant)news recently.Or would you rather have them make articles on
        every little thing that happens with the Wii U and Nintendo regardless
        of its relevance?I hope not
        Besides,there are other Nintendo news sites out there that you can check out

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Man are we we in a slow news slump or what!? How many days without an update now, TOO MANY!!! Something happen, I don’t wanna be kept waiting till E3 for some news, just let me know when a Nintendo Direct is coming out, that should be good.

    • Kcasillas190

      Damn, I know we haven’t had some news for the Wii U in 2 days but WiiUDaily isn’t the only place you can find some Wii U updates/news/whatever you wanna call it. 

      •  But its WiiU DAILY

      • MujuraNoKamen

         I’m aware of that and I do look at other places for Wii U news, all I’m trying to say is there’s thousands of people who come to this site regularly who are left disappointed by slow news. And if other sites can find Wii U news, then how come Wii U Daily can’t? 🙂

        • Kcasillas190

          I agree with you though. Sorry if I sounded like an asshole in my other comment, I wasn’t trying to be. My bad. 

    • Nintenjoe82

      Nintendo direct incoming! 

      Just saw it on FB!

      This the worst Wii U news day so far. I hope someone makes something up so we have something interesting to read and discuss. Maybe ask Pachter for a soundbite

  • Joey Perez

    post something new its been two days with nothing!

  • Srpg2ishere

    What game is that in the picture? It looks like it uses… my brain. Interesting….

    • That’s EDGE. It’s one of the games they’re hoping to bring to the Wii U if Toki Tori 2 does well. 

      • Srpg2ishere

        Thanks. I’ve never played toki tori but I plan on getting it in the future though. This and toki tori look interesting to me. Btw if that is you in the picture you took an awesome picture. XD lol.