Aug 16th, 2012

If you thought that Rayman Legends was a pretty side-scrolling Wii U adventure game, just wait until you see the new Trine 2 trailer. Not only is the game coming to the Wii U, it will also include the new expansion pack called “Goblin’s Menace”. The expansion will be sold separately on other platforms this Fall, and will include 6 brand new levels. Judging by the new trailer, the game is a stunner, sporting some of the most beautiful level environments we’ve ever seen. But it’s hard to explain, just watch the trailer for yourself below:

Trine 2: The Director’s Cut will be a Wii U launch title later this Fall, and as mentioned above, will include the new expansion pack as well. Subscribe to Wii U Daily’s YouTube channel for more Wii U videos and trailers.

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  • Watch_Dog

    I wasn’t really interested in Rayman Legends [not my kind of game]. Though this on the other hand looks interesting.

    • deSSy2724

      I played it already on PC (both 1 and 2), this is really a good game…. but Rayman is a good game too.

    • BluChuChu

      I’ve never tried Rayman, but this looks amazing. Definitely picking this up as soon as it comes out. Along with Pikmin 2 of course.

      • BluChuChu

        Pikmin 3^^ woops.

  • Pachter Jr

    That looks badass.

  • ????????

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    • Lord Carlisle

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    • Mac

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      • snestendo

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        • Mac

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          • BluChuChu

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          • Bisma

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      • Sonusario

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    • Iceman404

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  • Nyan Guy

    This looks so awesome!!!! I can’t wait to get it!!!!!

  • Mac

    oh man did you see that water texture and the backgrounds? Though i may not get this, this looks great.

  • link

    dat graphics

  • Death

    One of the best looking side scrollers I have ever seen.

  • Ledreppe

    I wanted this the first I saw of it, but that video makes me want it more. Stunning!

  • lobo


  • RLThomaz

    Rayman Legends looks WAY BETTER! This game looks very good though, but it also looks too slow, I can’t feel the action that is possible to feel with rayman. Also, maybe it’s just the trailer music, but if this is the final sound and sound fx present on the game, well, it sucks. I think if they change it the game could feel better.

    • theaquacharger

      Rayman is an action platformer. Trine is a puzzle based platformer.

  • chowflap

    Added to my TOP10 WiiU games

  • mrk

    ¡Double screen!, I have this game in my PC running in a single screen at 1080p Max quality and runs a little slow. I have a HD6850 OC, now I have an idea of the power of this new console =)

  • jman4102

    this looks awesome

  • logan7699

    looks good i will get this..

  • Alienfish

    It’s so beautiful and organic. Amazing.

  • goginho

    Damn! The graphics look dope.

  • wii u fan

    I see this game is less attractive then rayman legends. I think rayman will be better than trine.

  • gPadWatcher

    The graphics in Trine 2 for the Wii U look incredibly gorgeous and stunning in detail. Truly, a must download at the eShop!

  • Shadriczo

    It’s official
    Nintendo has officially dominated Sony/Microsoft with hardcore graphics.

    Now let’s see if they can make a comeback, which they can’t soon…

  • AO1JMM

    I have this on Steam but these level do not look familiar (I never finished the pc version) Is this a slightly different version?

  • Frankensavior

    Love the first one. It’s very refreshing! I’ve been holding out for the second one on the Wii U. Can’t wait!

  • Nintyfan

    This is looking to be one of the best looking games for the Wii U eShop launch!

    I mean look at those visuals and actual gameplay features. Online looks quite promising too!

    • Princesslaghimenchari

      Marzena and I are beginning to think about a camtaarran as our next boat. Realizing that pointing ability is somewhat sacrificed, it seems that the speed, space, comfort, and age friendliness of these designs appeal to us. The real trick is finding a boat whose aesthetics are also appealing. Please reply with any positive or negative thoughts.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    There you go, wii u can produce graphics better than ps3/360 can we focus more on gameplay now? I want more action from the gamepad 🙂

  • Andyyy_

    Thumbs up who think Trine2’s Lights are just awesome!

  • nintendoododo

    I’m proud of being from Finland.

  • jcb411abuser

    think abe’s odyssey looked nearly as good

  • Indoctrination

    this look a pretty side-scrolling game

    • Indoctrination

      ops bad spelling error sorry for sorry for that, this is what i mean
      this is looking to be a pretty side-scrolling game can’t wait for it to come out for the Wii U

  • nintendo4thewin

    This game looks incredible. definite purchase for me. Wii u is shaping up to be a must have system.

  • Madmagican

    looks like a pretty good platformer with high quality backgrounds; if I get it, it won’t be an immediate purchase though