Sep 26th, 2012

According to Trine 2 developer Frozenbyte, Nintendo is taking online gaming “very seriously” this time around. Speaking to the Official Nintendo Magazine, Trine 2 producer Lauri Hyvärinen said that he is “optimistic” about the Wii U eShop and the way Nintendo is approaching Wii U online services.

Trine 2 for the Wii uHe said that as indie developers, they’re really interested in two things: inexpensive updating and easy certification process. “If the Wii U eShop can deliver either one of these, or even both, then we will be very happy!”, he concluded. Nintendo was heavily criticized for how they handled indie gamers on the original Wii, where games went through a costly and timely certification process, and where developers were not paid unless their games generated more than $7,000 in sales. All of this seems to have improved with the Wii U, but we’ll have to wait and see when the console launches.

Trine 2 will be a Wii U launch title, and we still believe it’s the best looking Wii U game we’ve seen to date. Just check out these Trine 2 screenshots.


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  • bob

    it looks like the pc version

    • NintendoGamer

      Isn’t that supposed to be a good thing?

      • Wildman

        Indeed. I heard it’s using the textures from the PC version.

      • Chris

        Yes it is

        • Nintedward.

          ”Speaking to the Official Nintendo Magazine” Do you guys have an ‘ONM’ like we do here in UK aswell ???

          • Nintendo is da best

            D; …we did but its stopping publishing in december its called nintendo power D:

          • Ledreppe

            No they don’t, they’ve just been able to source the UK one.

          • D00d

            We have one in Australia 😀

  • nintendoododo

    Lauri Hyvärinen is finnish name so that means……TRINE is from Finland!!1
    Yeah my country is the best!!!!

    • Nintedward.

      The rest of the world would like a word with you .

      • Lazyboy88

        If he thinks that his country is the best then just let him.. i’m proud of my country too..

        • Nintedward.

          Agreed . I think England is the best , shows how well traveled and uncultured I am.

    • crazy guy

      Finland is a nice country! My ancestry is from there and I have visited it a few times!

    • xdlugia

      Max Payne and Alan Wake is also from Finland BTW.

      • xdlugia


      • xdlugia

        Ok?… why the hell would I get dislikes for that?
        Is it because I mentioned a game not on a Nintendo platform?

    • JasperPaddlin

      claiming Finland is the best country, that’s a paddlin’

      • Nintedward.

        Hellsinki ??? more like Hell stinki …. (joke)

    • MEJM

      Oh man, already too few foreigners know that Frozenbyte is Finnish, and you didn’t know that either! 🙂 We gotta advertise more.
      Did you guys know that Nokia comes from Finland? LoL..

      • Nintenlord

        i think finland ppl are ashame of nokia being from finland

      • jat

        lol nokia sucks

  • The Detonator

    awe yeaa baby! take that stupid fanboys!!!!!!

    • Mac

      like this will even matter to fanboys. im gonna watch this one youtube channel closely (therealhard8times) and lets see if he reverse damage controls which im sure he is

      • MinowaEli

        I hate RealHard8Times… >_>
        Shokio ftw!

        • Nintenlord

          Drtre is the best he makes haters own themselfs

    • revolution5268

      which one the Nintendo ones or the drones?

  • Maverick-Hunter

    I for one have never really big indie fan but this game looks gorgeous and it looks like it supports 4 players and I’m always for the multiple characters creating chaos on the screen. I simply can’t wait to play this I mean it might even open my eyes to future indie games.

  • RSBzero

    I wonder if we’ll be surprised with Resident evil 6 or Dead Space 3, hope so

  • Jeffery02

    It’s great to hear another developer praising the Wii U. 🙂 I’m going to be cautious with the Wii U’s online play, store, and interface, but I am very optimistic as well. The Wii U has potential so if Nintendo plays this right, then they just might dominate the industry. All we can do is wait, see, and support!

  • Nintenlord

    Frozen bytes are great developers you can even talk to them on there youube chanell they have even told me that another wii u game is comming from them

  • 7upland

    i would never waste my money to trine.

    • Nintenlord

      Shut up Meg

  • Swic11

    I’m glad Nintendo is making things better/easier for indie developers, it’s needed. I’m also happy to know that Nintendo is taking its online as a whole seriously, we haven’t seen how multiplayer is going to work yet, but I’m hoping there is a HUGE improvement over the Wii’s.

    • JumpMan

      i hope it’s at least as good as PSN, which i bet it will be!


    I know a lot of Dev’s were mad about the Wii’s on-line and all of Nintendo’s rules for sure. It would be good if this changed. This game looks amazingly detailed and seems like it is a great theme. I want to see how it plays and see if it has a good story to back up the great look.

  • Ben

    Great great, i hope they also try to attract developers and give them big bonuses when they release a game that gets a certain score (to avoid buggy and crapy games like the ones that ruined Wiiware) and is exclusively for the or WiiU/3DS

  • Prince

    Any county that names their men Lauri is a bunch of pansies! God bless the USA!

    • Nintendude

      Please ignore him. He is part of the over-patriotic batch of our nation.

  • Prince

    Also, I do not believe Trine 2 is a launch title, but good wishing.

  • Alienfish

    Only godlike things can come from Nintendo getting serious. Get ready Sony and MS, you’re about to learn the best way to incorporate online into games.

    • Nintenlord

      Lol alienfish i know what you did on ign black ops zombie article

      • Alienfish

        Oh, yeah, I said I would have to buy it because WiiU is going to make it cool again. Something like that anyway. That’s right, I’m going to get the next Call of Duty game, so bite me. 😛

    • Drybones5

      For consoles. They could spice up console online gaming and more.

      But as far as Gaming online as a whole, the best online experience is on PC, specifically with Steam. Dedicated servers are a major pro.

      But I expect Nintendo’s to provide high quality online experience similar to Sony’s.

  • TheUNation

    Trine 2: Director’s Cut is the BEST looking downloadable title for the Wii U and it’s a definite MUST BUY!!!!

  • derty

    Is trine an actual game u can purchase upon release? Or is a wiiU eshop title that’s available on release?

    • Nintenlord

      Eshop title will be avalible day 1

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    man this game looks pretty epic 🙂

  • marioU

    i heard the N64 or Gamecube were the first idea to bring online, but they dropped it for some reason.

    • revolution5268

      possibly the cost.

    • Herz

      Probably for the best…. Goldeneye would’ve consumed even more of my life if it had online play.

  • SteampunkJedi

    I really hope the Wii U online structure is great and a lot of great games are made in the future for the eShop. And Trine 2 does look spectacular.


    its 2012 its about Nintendorks play catch up

  • Guymelef

    i’ve played Trine2 for PC, yet I’m still excited for this version