Oct 9th, 2012

Activision is bringing Transformers Prime: The Game to the Wii U in the beginning of 2013. The title is based on the popular animated series Transformers Prime, and will feature a similar story line. Transformers Prime: The Game is a third-person action game and will hit the stores on October 30 for Wii, DS and 3DS, while we’ll have to wait a few months for the Wii U version.

Activision and developer NowPro released some screenshots and a brand new trailer. The trailer is in 1080p, which could be a hint that the game will support the full HD resolution. The trailer introduces a new multiplayer mode called “Rivalries”, in addition to other modes such as “Brawl”, “Battle for Energon”, and others.

Transformers Prime Wii U screenshots

Transformers Prime Wii U trailer

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  • theBALLANCEDopinion

    ….meh. I want screenshots of SSB4. Or at least some concept art. It doesn’t need to be spoilers, c’mon Nintendo just some high res model stills like you did for brawl. show us Mario, Samus, and Pikachu so we know what to expect graphically. Is that really to much to ask?

    • Cugno the Swiss

      Apart from the high definition, graphics won’t be all that different in my opinion, because they have to find a “safe haven” among the artstyles of different games, and they already found it. It will look slightly better because of the higher amount of polygons and textures, but not all that better. At least, that’s my opinion, but it sure will look sweet in high definition, it’ll be less blurry.

      • theBALLANCEDopinion

        Sounds good to me………..but i want to SEE IT.

        • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

          Okay, here’s what you do. Take a picture in brawl and save it to an SD card. Then put that picture into photoshop or something and make it less blurry. If you want to see what the great and mighty Cugno the Swiss is saying, then you’ll have a somewhat decent depiction of a “less blurry brawl.”

    • Lord Carlisle

      Yeah, judging by the comments, not mANY of us are excited for this game.

      • RoboticLink

        So wii u daily said 007 legends looks bad but didn’t mention a bad thing about this pile of something I won’t say because their are probably lots of nerds uh… I mean really young kids (like 10 years or under) reading this.

    • kingtendo



      • Allah

        Dude quit it with this fearless bs and your alts dan xblade and whatever other ones u use

        • Allah

          Sorry xblade13 your not one of his alts. kenny and sam sung are 2 new alts of kingtendo.

          • Xblade13

            No offense taken.
            BTW, how do you get a picture? I’m going to personalize my posts. Anybody know?

          • Neonridr

            you have to sign up for something called Gravatar

        • KENNY

          lol @dan & xblade

          get use to it ho,we use the name fearless.

      • Allah

        And btw my wooden stool is fearless but i dont fear it

    • ssb4 FC3007 8585 6950

      ME TOO! its in the name!

      • ssb4FC 3007 8585 6950

        Brin g some ssb4 concept art. Or zelda concept. Ror mario kart srt!

    • Shankovich

      1). It’s Nintendo
      2). They started “working” on the game….2.5 months ago? They probably got the most of the full team formed by now lol, don’t even think they’ve got a roster yet.

      • Nintendo is da best

        they started working on it 11 months ago but only barely

    • God

      Game doesn’t look worth it I mean they could of done some much more because we have the sources and we have the technology.

    • Ravyu

      This my gentlemen, is the reason why we don’t get any third party support. All of you guys say that you want to see third party games, but what moan is the lack of first party when you see awesome game coming out.

      Your opinion is in no way “BALLANCED”

  • Jason

    Looks like crap..

    • Jetty

      I was thinking meh, but you nailed it. Let me know when some Beast Wars pops up.

  • Nintenlord

    The game came a long way since last time i saw it

    • Neonridr

      I know when they did an earlier reveal of this game they were showing the Wii trailer, so it’s possible you saw that version of the game and were extremely underwhelmed at the visuals.

  • xarret

    was not this a launch day title on wii u????

  • D2K

    Looks nice.

  • adriano

    The game will run in 1080p looking link that confirms this http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/wC6reCMSXUZ2_IMmcm3nK8P7aiaIBGwg

    • Sharlo Galmo

      but this video does’nt look like 1080p version, maybe it is the wii version

      • Nintenlord

        Not all videos are hd

        • Nintendude

          But this one is.

    • Nintedward

      Hats off to you Adriano , you just single handedly confirmed another 1080p wiiu game !! . The graphics definitely don’t do the wiiu justice , its just a game for kids . But who knows ?? maybe this thing will look quite nice in full HD on a tv!!!

      • Nintenlord

        You mean the art style

        • Nintedward

          No , I mean this game looks like utter dog poo XD !!!!!!! Its gunna be as bad as Transformers dark of the moon for 3ds.

          Its called Activision trying to remove money from parent’s wallets.
          They are pure evil . God knows why its in fullHD , so kids can see the muddy wii like textures even more clearly ???

          This game doesn’t even have a quarter of the graphics that 90% of the rest of the awesome wiiu games have .

          • Nintenlord

            Do you realy owned a ps3 and 360 ? Cause i see your commend kind of wierd has i see the game and it looks better than halo 3 graphicaly but the art style is a big weak

          • RoboticLink

            It looks terrible but I’ll see what critics are saying before saying no. (And definitely before saying yes).

          • Nintedward

            @ nintenlord . This is obviously the wii game , and its just been given a lick of 1080p paint . And yes I do own a ps3 and 360 . And I think this game looks graphically quite bad , like a retextured wii game at best .

            Obviously the wiiu is a powerhouse with amazing graphics , but this is just a blatent wii port in 1080p…..

          • Nintenlord

            @edward but the pics are not

  • makaresh

    lol… is this a title for gamecube virtual console? this looks so crappier than wii games…

    • SideScreamer

      What do you expect? It’s developed by Activision.
      Do you really expect a studio other than High Moon Studios to make a quality Transformers game?

  • Sharlo Galmo

    this more like the wii version not the wii u version!!

  • Master Awesomeness

    Pile of CRAP!

  • Johny

    honestly.. it looks like crap… the graphics HONESTLY look like they’re on wii… (i LOVE my wii by the way…not to bash on wii) and from my past experiences with transformers games … i HIGHLY doubt the game is NOT gonna suck… it will almoust certain be the worst game of the wii launch window.
    sorry developers.. but it looks REALLY cheap and unpolished

  • D2K

    The cartoon doesn’t look much better than this guys. It’s a very low-poly CGI cartoon. I watch it from time to time. It’s not bad. Better storyline than the Bayformers movies.

    • Nintenlord

      I ben telling the same graphicaly it looks good but the weak art style is cause of the cartoon not being that graphicaly intense

      • D2K

        Exactly. Kind of reminds of of Voltron: The Third Dimension back in the late 90’s only a little be better.

  • Duaplex

    Not really taken by this, looks like another poor transformers game. There are better titles to spend our hard earned cash on. This coming from a child of the 80’s.

  • Potato Salad

    I saw prime and was like =O

    Then I saw transformers and was like -_-

    • Neonridr

      a little Metroid on the brain?? XD

  • King of Red Lions

    Not be a douche, but I would’ve preferred Fall of Cybertron. This game is probably targeted for younger ages.

  • fnc73 fc: 4167-5780-8204

    I prefer fall of cybertron.

  • ceramicsaturn

    The textures are…. horrid.

  • Nintendo Power (Star Mission)

    Not going to buy this game. The games I want are Super Mario Bros U (Casual gaming are fun) and Call of Duty Black Ops 2. (Hardcores are fun too. Anybody watch the zombie trailer?)

    • tronic307

      This game looks like utter drap. I wanna see more Nintendo games!

    • Grodus

      World’s shortest rant, and this comment will get a 1000 dislikes, but I’ll say it anyway:
      How the heck is CoD Black Ops “hardcore”?

      • theBALLANCEDopinion

        Because of its high troll to age ratio. Its through the freakin roof.

      • Nintendo Power (Star Mission)

        Just to let you know Iam kind of a Call of Duty Fan, but not those kind of fans that scream when they get a high killstreak. Your with Nintendo, Grodus or your against it.

  • maxlazy10

    The graphics in the game are leaning more towards the Wii part of the Wii U

  • bob

    That trailer was underwhelming.


    if nintendo wants to be taken seriously, They have to reject games like this. low quality games that is not system seller. And get more hardcore games under their belt.

    • Neonridr

      lol, did the Xbox reject Kinect Adventures?

      • LyingTuna

        Hey, come on now! Thar was the best use Kinect ever got!

  • jacob

    AM I the only one that read prime, got exited and then realized it was transformers?

    • Bosmur

      No I did that as well, I am so looking forward to a new Metriod Prime game

  • nintendofreak

    will somebody buy it? cuz i aint

  • metroidfusion2

    Damn another native 1080p and 60fps games so that’s now 8 games ha

    • Neonridr

      it’s still up in the air. I don’t like how the word native isn’t present when they are talking about the visuals. However since the other two consoles can both display visuals in 1080p (upscaled), I don’t think they would even be using the words 1080p Full HD if it wasn’t doing it natively. I mean the PS3 and Xbox don’t even advertise 1080p Full HD.

      I just wish we could get to the bottom of this native 1080p…

  • totesawks

    Looks like a pile of shit

  • NintendGo

    Wii u y u no have more info on FIFA 13

    • Nintedward

      I can confirm to you now , That fifa developer Matt prior has confirmed that the wiiu version has the best graphics out of all the consoles . Saying and i quote from an interview with Nintendo magazine UK ”We were able to add ‘infinite’ detail to the pitch and players’ and were able to double the resoloution of the crowd” .

      Not only have the graphics been improved , but the wiiu version also has A TON of exclusive features !!!! Some of the features look quite amazing 🙂

      • Neonridr

        the corner kick feature, while tricky I am sure, looks pretty cool.

  • metroidfusion2

    For all the people bitching the game is most likely not done and this could be a wii trailer but who cares because the final product will be in native 1080p and run at 60fps

  • Andrew Sheehan

    This looks like a hot wheels game from 10 years ago…

  • Zhenya

    god people what happened to you talking about graphics? what happened to the gameplay!

    • mojojojo888

      Agreed…the problem, truly, is that not only will this be something in the range of ‘sub-par’ graphics, the gameplay will likely mirror that…a game that is fun for all of about 10 minutes, but lacks that ‘wow’ factor, and becomes insanely repetitive I bet…again, see my other post a few threads back on 007 Legends…we have put ourselves in the predicament of having lazy, dull, third party ports…

  • AO1JMM

    Not impressed with this game at all.



    • Grodus

      What the heck is with this “FEARLESS” stuff anyway? It’s getting on my nerves… Also, why is every fearless comment in ALL CAPS?

      • Allah

        Cause every fearless comment is by the same person

        • Xblade13

          I’ve commented using “fearless”, but only to troll. I don’t do it in ALL-CAPS, nor do I use it on a regular basis. Wii U is the name.

          Since Nintendo loves the Wii branding so much, do you think the next console after Wii U will have the name? Maybe they could drop the name, but if there’s a strong E sound it is replaced with ii. Like the name I used for Wii U before the name reveal: Nintendo Striim, on acount of the streaming to the gamepad’s screen.


    i like fearless better than wii u also.

    and this game look’s a lil funny blah blah blah blah

  • Patrol Troll.

    Hi guys. I’m the counter part to the Troll Patrol. He is my adoptive brother and we were fighting since we were kids.

    I have a daily troll route. cause this website is on the list for my troll patrol route i will leave comments in the next few months on different topics. I would be happy if you respect my way of life and leave some thumbsdown for me. thank you for your feedback. Bye.

    • Neonridr

      consider you thumbed down.. enjoy!

    • Troll patrol.

      I have no family , I was left outside an orphanage when I was 2 days old , why do you think I do what I do ??? because I want to ?? NOO!!!! because I was born to be the fukking troll patrol !!!!

  • Dmonkeyman

    I don’t know if this game will be any fun to play but I think you guys are giving it too much hate graphic wise. It doesn’t look great but its still decent also its 60 fps and 1080 p

    • Neonridr

      every launch has a few bad apples.. unfortunately this game may be one of those ones. When you compare a game like Fall of Cybertron, it almost looks like this game wasn’t even trying. I understand it’s going for a certain art style and I can appreciate that, however the lack of detail is a little too glaring. I mean everything looks like flat colors and outside of the actual transformers the rest of the game world has little to no detail whatsoever.

      It’s a little disappointing, because this is the sort of game you would expect on say a handheld or even the Wii. But to get the same game with a gloss over of 1080p doesn’t do enough to hide the apparent lack of polish.

  • zombieajoskasjkl

    i know this is off the topic of this topic but zombiu i wonder if they could add online later witch i bet they could do

  • SteampunkJedi

    For me, all that really matters is the gameplay and physics. The graphics look good enough to me as long as the gameplay is outstanding. I want to see a full gameplay trailer before I judge this game.

  • RockD79

    I highly doubt that’s the Wii U version. The trailer shown is an advertisement for all four versions. Unless the developer only did a minor upscale in resolution for the Wii U version which is possible and unfortunate.

  • Volcano

    Hah. the 3DS version of transformers a bit… dull. rather get fall of cybertron

  • Fernando Mattos

    It’s a Wii game adapted for WiiU. Don’t expect too much from the game.

  • NintendoYOU

    Awful……… maybe the game play will be alright…………..

  • grandlx2

    Looks outdated even by today’s current gen visuals. They look just about right for 3ds/vita though. For home console visuals, thats a fail.
    Put more effort in to the visuals/game if you want our money Activision.

    • Fernando Mattos

      Infinity Blade II looks better…

  • bob

    wont be buying this pile of poo

  • NinFINLAND-do

    I just want local multiplayer games up to 4 or more players like golden eye wii! And have fun at weekends with my friends.

  • NinFINLAND-do

    Also marioparty 10 would satisfye me until zelda hd &ssb4

  • Chris

    I like the cartoon series (mainly for the voice acting) and I think this game might be fun to play even if the graphics look more Skylander-ish than Fall of Cybertron graphics.

    • Xblade13

      The cartoon is great, probably my favorite series of TF since Beast Wars. The voicing is amazing, and the computer generated visuals look good. At least its not a blend anymore; It was awkward in TF Cybertron, having the humans hand-drawn and the robots CG. Now they compliment each other better.
      The story is well done too. You actually feel for the robots, unlike other forms of the series (cough-Michael-Bay-movies-cough).

      I still like TF War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron better though. And this game is weak because Activision made it, and didn’t want to put a lot of money into it. It may still be a fun game, but I know Retro, High Moon Studios, or pretty much ANY other publisher, could have made a better one.
      Besides WFC and FoC, almost all other Transformers games have been made by Activision. Let’s blame them for the quality of said games.

      • D2K

        Having Peter Cullen as Prime and Frank Welker as Megatron helps a lot. Even though Welker deliberately chose to change Megatron’s voice to make it sound like a darker and more sinister version of G1 Megatron, it still sounds like “Megatron.”

        Would have been perfect for the movies…….whoops, I forgot. That makes sense. :/

  • Prime

    It’s for kids, just like the cartoon is for kids and Activision think western/eastern kid’s like there games to look like sh*t so they give them that.

    They should give up the 007 license and give it to Crytek before they kill it off.

  • NightºƒCore

    Honestly, the trailer looks crappy, but the screenshots don’t look too bad (the tv and Wii U controller ones)

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