Jan 29th, 2013

For most of us the Transformers franchise has been a part of our lives for many years, whether it be in the newer Michael Bay movies or with the old 1980’s cartoon and Hasbro toys. No matter which Transformers you grew up with the storyline has stayed relatively the same. The Autobots vs. Decpticons and Optimus Prime vs. Megatron, with the humans in the way in a battle for energon. Transformers Prime is no different. Based on the newer cartoon shown on the Hub network, Transformers Prime does a few things right while falling short in many key areas.


Transformers Prime is clearly geared toward the cartoon’s current viewers. With updated HD graphics and colorfully animated characters, players will enjoy running around Earth as a giant robot. Switching from robot to vehicle and back again is as simple as pressing a button. Switching on the fly makes for great fun no matter if you are just learning the controls or racing through the levels at the end of the game.

The array of attacks that can be combined to disassemble the Decepticons makes the battling system fluid and entertaining. The addition of a boost mode–which adds a melee weapon and upgraded lasers–allows you to do more damage in robot mode. This means that pelting the enemy with lasers as a robot is just as fun as ramming them in vehicle mode. Sadly, that’s about all Transformers Prime does right.

With a story mode that can be finished in 7-8 hours and a rather boring selection of multiplayer options, Transformers Prime has a poor replay value. The levels are divided into three scenarios that end with a boss. Objectives are divided up between killing different waves of drones, racing to your goal, or battling the end boss. Because of this, Transformers Prime becomes very repetitive and the joy of the battling system loses its luster after about an hour.

After defeating the last few missions each of the bosses become playable characters in the multiplayer, so there is no real reason to replay the missions. Activision tried to increase the replayability by adding hidden items in each stage that unlock character bios, but these items aren’t very hard to find and the bios are not that impressive.


The controls in the game are responsive with the exception of the camera. If you want to look anywhere you have to do it quick, since the camera will snap back to its original place in a second. The ability to lock on helps, but you’ll find yourself running into objects in the world or running off a cliff. This can become aggravating when you are trying to find a hidden item, looking while driving, or searching for an enemy not on the screen.

Battling the bosses can be daunting until you find their pattern. All the bosses can break your shield and go into boost mode as well. This becomes frustrating when you get them low on health and they turn the tide with unstoppable attacks. Later in the game it can be so annoying you’ll want to chuck your controller at the screen in frustration.

Wii U Controls

 The HD graphics are great, but playing the game on the game pad is pointless. The game takes no advantage of the GamePad, other than showing your time, damage taken, and energon collected. You can activate boost mode by touching the screen, but it’s also on the L trigger so even touching the screen is pointless. I found myself able to enjoy the game better using the Pro Controller. Using the GamePad as a steering wheel in the racing and escape missions is very frustrating. The size of the GamePad could be frustrating for younger players as well, since they may not be able to reach the XYAB buttons.


Overall the game achieves the feel of Transformers as you go through the levels, which is all fans of the show really want. Kids can now control their favorite characters from the cartoon. The frustrating controls and poor replayability will likely deter any serious gamer, however.

The Good

  •  Battling system
  • Appeal for younger audience

The Bad

  • Camera controls
  • Frustrating bosses
  • Virtually no replayability

Score – 6/10


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  • Nintendofreak

    well its good to know transformers is still d same

  • tronic307

    Man, this looks like a Wii game with less jaggies. Wack!

  • Ultranist

    Dont buy this shit and just play transformers fall of cybertron on 360/PS3/PC

    • bizzy gie

      No. The Wii U has a better GPU than the Xbox 360. It also runs in native 1080p unlike the PS3 and Xbox 360 who’s native resolutions of 480p get scaled up to 1080p. I’m sure the GamePad, as usual, provides a superior game play experience. If you’re going to buy this average game, you might as well squeeze the most fun you can out of it.

      • RoadyMike

         wtf?All he said was go get a better Transformers game.Why so defensive?He didn’t even mention the Wii U now did he?
        This is exactly why PSdrones ans Xbots love to troll Nintendo fanboys folks!:They’re so damn sensitive…..and it gives us normal fans a bad name >:/

        • RoadyMike

          Plus,this game really is utter shit compared to Fall of Cybertron(heck,its shit on its own)And FoC isn’t on the Wii U anyway.I’m so glad I kept my 360 to play some really awesome games from the past and the ones coming that I can only hope and dream will make it to the Wii U as well

        • bizzy gie

          I’m not sensitive. Just a misreading error. Nothing more. I didn’t see “fall” so my basic interpretation was that he was saying “Don’t buy this game on Wii U. Get it for Xbox/PS3/PC.” It was a simple mistake. No need to get worked up.

  • I’ll most likely hold off and just by Fall of Cybertron on PC

  • audie bowler



    • Johnny Star

       Wii U = weakest Next Gen system, as the Wii fell behind the 360 and PS3, the Wii U will lay at the feet of the next system from Sony and Microsoft. And this is coming from an owner of the Atari 2600. NES, Super Nintendo, SEGA Genesis, Atari Jaguar, Nintendo 64, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, GameCube, Vita, Nintendo 3DS XL, Wii, and Wii U! So NO, I’m no fan boy, just someone who states the OBVIOUS!!

      • Jay

        oh geez Can we PROPERLY use the “Nex-Gen” phrase?

        I remember in 2010 PS fanboys still calling the PS3 “Next Gen”

        Wii U is CURRENT GEN. Its the LATEST Nintendo console out.

        WII U Will NOT lay at the feet of sony/ms Nintendo NEVER has. Even the Wii with the really old GPU capabilities conquered and led the last gen. With Wii U’s updated graphics engine it will only dominate further. It won’t be a full generation behind graphics-wise like the Wii was.

        • Johnny Star

           Sorry, but Wii U is NEXT GEN! The Wii was current Gen, along with the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. Wii U is the first next Gen system. As it’s been since the GameCube, Nintendo will fall behind Sony and Microsoft, like it or hate it, that’s how it is. Just stating things are they are, not favoring any direction. this is from a true gamer, not some little fan boy!

          • I don’t deny that the Wii U is next-gen, I just don’t feel as though any of the games are worth stating that for. Until all three (or at least two) consoles are out, devs won’t start making true next-gen games, therefore net-gen isn’t here on consoles. Pikmin 3 might change that though. Maybe Aliens too.

        • I don’t start calling it current gen until all three are out. 

      • fireheartis1

        Dude the specs for the PS4 and Durango have been leaked already, and guess what they are pretty much on par with the Wii U.  Sorry but the only thing better on the slightly more color palet.

        • But it has more RAM!!! That means that Nintendo sucks and is for little kids. I’m going to go pay $200-300 more for a system that won’t even utilize all it’s resources!

          • RoadyMike

             Not sure if sarcasm,
            or just another stupid hater :/

          • Sarcasm dude, why would anyone legibly state that they’ll spend $550-600 on a system that will fail?

          • RoadyMike

            I apologize.Its just that I’ve seen real haters with almost the EXACT logic and vocabulary as that comment.Plus I rush-read through it,hehe..
            I wish it were  easier to tell when someone is being sarcastic or not on the interwebs.Can’t tell when its just text :/

  • audie bowler

    xbox 360 cpu 3 execution units inline cpu no sound processor no co cpu

    wiiu out of order execution 15 execution units 3mb edram catch additional HD sound processor additional ARM co cpu dualcore

    weaker than x360 can the 11 year old fanboys grow up a little

    • RoadyMike

      Improve your grammar,please

    • PKUltima

      Is this even English?

  • Jay

    Terrible graphics for a Wii U game!!

  • fireheartis1

    Dudes don’t believe this article fully.  This is a very fun game to play.  I have played it at my friends house and it rocks hard.  The  multiplayer is what saves this game from being horrible to bein very cool.