Sep 25th, 2012

The Wii U is sold out all over the place — well, all over except one place, it seems. Toys R Us now appear to have some Wii U units in stock, which would make them the only major retailer to have Wii Us for pre-order. And they’re taking advantage of the situation, selling a special Wii U bundle.

The bundle retails for $419 and includes a Basic Wii U console (with 8 GB storage), a copy of Batman Arkham City and Scribblenauts Unlimited. Which means this isn’t that much of a deal: the price of a Wii U basic model is $299, plus two games at $60, equals exactly $419 bucks. But if you really need to pre-order a Wii U to make sure you got one on November 18, this appears to be your only shot. Of course, both Batman and Scribblenauts Unlimited are looking like great games that most players will probably pick up at some point or another.

This isn’t the first time retailers have tried to take advantage of the shortage of Wii U pre-orders. Both GameStop and Best Buy have had their special bundles for sale before running out of consoles. Walmart appears still be selling a custom Wii U bundle for $410, which includes a console, a game, and a Wiimote.

Toys R Us Wii U

You can check out the listing and pre-order the special bundle at Toys R Us here.

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  • Ninjafish

    I’m glad I went to EB games! I calculated that 2 games, 3 pro controllers and the deluxe system would cost all together 700$. I’m glad it’s my birthday soon. 🙂

    • AKA-Link77

      Dang! . . . some1z rolling in Doe!
      Lol ima wait till a normal Deluxe one comes to G-Stop & pre order it! 😀

      • TheWholeTruth

        They lost me when they said 8Gb model.
        What a rip off.

    • Bobsingh

      i wouldn’t get 3 pro controllers yet because they’ll be selling game pads in the future.

    • Novum Magus

      Sorry to bust your bubble but I don’t think you’ll need those 3 pro controllers Ninja. Perhaps you want to use a different one every day, in which case I admit I am wrong. My only question is… Why? I love Nintendo, not hating here, but that is a waste of money. I am sure one Pro controller will do, maybe two at the most. What game/s do you need 3 of them for?

    • NaX

      Thats not bad from what i calcualted it an estimate of $849.25. Now im not sure if taxes still the same last time i check it was .095% but bro told me .075% now even better i guess :P, but this includes 2 games 1 Wii U Pro, 2 wii motes, turtles and 1tb hard drive and ofcourse deluxe Wii U.

    • AwayToHit

      Geez at this point, buy a gaming PC. Dont get me wrong, i love nintendo products but $700 is nonsense for a console even with games and other stuff.

  • Firebro

    Thank god i got the deluxe one. This bundle isn’t great. Your paying 420 for 2 games that aren’t worth it. Don’t get me wrong they are good games but i would rather see NSMBU, and a Nintendo land for a bundle.

    • Noam

      You prefer Nintendo Land, a small casual game that it’s main purpose is to show the abilities of the system over Batman and Scribblenauts, two games which come from fantastic franchises that their purpose is to be a good and fun game?

      • Firebro12

        I just said Nintendo land because i thought they could call it the “nintendo bundle.” Batman came out last year for 360 and ps3 so i think not alot of gamers would buy it unless they don’t have it. And scribblenauts is not my cup of tea. Maybe a Ubisoft Rabbids pack like it comes with 2 games like rayman legends and the rabbids party game. Or maybe a Ubisoft hardcore pack with Zombi U and Assassins Creed. IDK i just think Batman and Scribllenauts are not hyped games that people want in a bundle.

    • Paul

      true but dont they retail wii u game sin the usa for $60 so sell them on ebay and the price goes down more for you

  • Nintendo Power of Canada/America

    Its a race people, Pre order it NOW!!!!! Its your only chance (Iam not forcing you to buy it)

  • Kahhhhyle

    Leave it to toys r us for this fantastic deal lol

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    I don’t care for Scribblenauts right now, but Batman Arkham City seems to be a good deal. Well, that said, I’m more interested on the Deluxe set, so I’ll pass this offer (I don’t even have money right now T^T), but if things work out for me, I’ll be buying my Kuro Wii U in Japan!

    • Lazyboy88

      if you buy a WiiU from Japan then you will have to buy only japanese games for it won’t you?

      • WaterDjinn

        Yes Wii U’s are region locked so if you buy a Japanese Wii U, you can only play Japan region Wii U games on it.

    • JumpMan

      scribblenauts is a super fun game, though i understand if it’s not your kind of style, and Batman… well, holy crap! that game is fricking AWESOME! i really wish i had extra muneez to buy it when the Wii U comes out, but my parents will be paying for most of it xD but really, anybody who likes Batman and has enough money to buy it, DO IT! it’s truly a stellar game.

  • Wii Uoops!


    • Wii Uoops!

      Make that ten dollars off.
      *ROLLS EYES*

    • DG

      The point of the bundle is if you want the game console that badly you HAVE to buy these games, it guarantees game sales for the store on software they think they might not move as quickly.
      Most people can only afford a couple game purchases and for the majority these two games would not be their first purchase.

  • td,y,i,.

    Batman Arkham City Unlimited edition

  • Ledreppe

    Here in the UK I haven’t come across any retailers (online or otherwise) reporting they’ve sold out like in the US. Seems console launches are a bigger deal in the US.

    I’m just glad I got my deluxe set pre-ordered, ’cause there’s gonna be a lot of little Jimmy’s that get the basic set rather than the deluxe set for Christmas.

    • Paul

      zavvi and thehut online stores have sold out of pre orders for the zombiu bundles which are retailing for £319.99

      ive ordered @ hmv instore for the basic bundle for £249.99 and already put £100 deposit down and will be paying it of in a matter of days

      stores like game and gamestation want £260 for the basic wii u console which could result in them closing down again

      other stores like simplygames are awaiting stock allocation before you can pre order from there website

      online stores like shopto and the gamecollection etc have them all still in even toysrus uk have them

  • Fenberry

    Wow. Been following and lurking around wiiudaily for the past month or so checking out the wonderful news. Been a Nintendo gamer since game and watch back when I was about 7 or so in the early 90s and have every other Nintendo console other than the SNES, NES and gameboy colour and advanced.

    Gamecube was my favourite console by far, then my beloved n64 and my 2 wii’s. Tremendously awaiting my wiiu console on 30th of November here in New Zealand ($549 for the deluxe set at ebgames).

    I salute you all for toluene comments and the great collection of articles here at wiiudaily.


    • Fenberry

      *salute you all for the interesting comments. Silly phone, not typing what I want.

      Wiiu Kirby and gotcha force 2 please!

    • retlaw

      We are proud!

  • Cryojin

    …… that sucks. At least offer a damn bundle that allows for the purchase of two games of your choice.

  • Shankovich

    If you live close to Canada come here to preorder, seems like we still have some. Wish we had bundles though, wouldn’t mind getting a pro controller and a game with the deluxe: p

  • Jetty

    Heh heh heh 420…

    • JumpMan


      • Jetty

        You never saw Half Baked?

        • Dereq

          I’m sorry, but if Half Baked is your only exposure to the 420 reference, you have been living under a rock most of your life.

          • Jetty

            It’s not, I’m a Pink Floyd fan.

  • Jesus

    A bit old, but still thanks for the info.

  • WaveRacer

    lol I may have to get this bundle.. im desperate :s


      Wanna meet up? Jk Jk 😉

  • Elite

    Got my basic set preordered already. Chose it over the deluxe. Didn’t find the deluxe worth the extra 50. At least the bundle has some descent games with it. Though it would be nice if you could choose the games you got lol.

  • frank

    Rip-off. They should at least allow you to choose games.

    • JumpMan

      they’re still really great games though!

  • Tehtriggerman

    I got a bundle too but the deluxe version with the console (duh) Super Mario Wii-u and a black pro controller for around $450.00. That’s $419. 😮

  • 16der

    I’ll wait till the Deluxe set becomes available again.

  • Nintenlord

    I think is great but ill be better if we could get the games we want ill be better

  • Bobsingh

    If you missed out, but don’t want those games, still buy it. You can trade them in at GameStop or so and and get the games you want 😉

    • Nintenlord

      After playing them or you will be scamed

  • somebody


  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Man it’s a good thing i already pre-Ordered my Wii U Deluxe from Gamestop on (Sep, 13) and man o man i can’t wait.

  • smallNdeadly

    Still I read in hddigest that Batman doesn’t look as good as ps3 version…really

    • Lazyboy88

      looks isn’t the most importent aspect imo, i can easily sacrifice some graphics over gameplay, i’m NOT saying that i don’t wan’t good graphics but i think that gameplay is more importent then graphics..

  • Micky II

    There’s still a chance!

  • Buckethead Jr.

    meh! not interested in Batman Arkham City and Scribblenauts Unlimited. Now if it was a Black Wii U (32GB) with ZombiU and New Super Mario Bros U i’ll preorder it inmediately! xD

  • LilLizard

    The basic console is only $299.00. They already said that they would have enough consoles and such. So why pay an extra $10.00 just to get the bundle, but it may also be a good deal depending on the game costs. I assume they would go for $40-60.00 a piece.

  • Drybones5

    If it was $50 more and a deluxe model instead I think I would have been sold on that deal so I could get in on a preorder.

  • Gamechemist8

    There’s gonna be alot of people buying it the first few months, so I think I’ll get the Deluxe in December or February. Plus those deals aren’t that good as you pointed out, it’s just filler stuff to make it an “exclusive” offer.

  • TheUNation

    I’ll stick to Walmart’s Wii U Bundle… let’s hope they redo the pre-ordering before this November’s final countdown of the U launch.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    well here I come Toys R Us seeing as flipping gamestop ran out of pre orders well I can’t complain I did want those two games 🙂 so horay for me

  • NintendGo

    Well good news for people who are looking to preorder the wii u and
    Want the batman game and scibblenauts but that’s not me I already preordered the deluxe

  • Dr. Device

    There was a “Big boy” bundle at GameStop for 504.99$ which came with the deluxe console, zombiU, mass effect 3, and a wireless headset. I wanted to get it but, SOOO much money.

  • ninty1

    nice deal, i like both scribblenauts and batman

    • Cubits

      It’s not really a deal, it’s a full priced bundle.

    • Joesatmoes

      meh theyr okay i suppose…

    • theBALLANCEDopinion

      Ya their cool. But i am just wondering if they also offer the normal white or black bundles.

  • Noteak

    Did Walmart run out?

    • Noteak

      I thought they were taking pre-orders?

      • Paul

        thought walmart wasnt taking preorders just like there sister company asda uk

  • SteampunkJedi

    I probably won’t get Batman, but I know I’ll get Scribblenauts. I’m waiting for a Deluxe model, and then I’ll get the games I want along with it.

  • BCphoton

    I sure hope Amazon starts carrying them.

  • Blake

    Scribblenauts looks to be fun, not sure if I’m gonna pick up batman as I already own it for ps3.

  • Duke

    Nice try toys r us but I’m not falling for your marketing trickery I’ll just buy my deluxe model on Christmas and get assassins creed 3 and zombiU. Now if the price was like 350$ or 300$ I’d definitely buy it. But alas, no.

  • WiiUPlayWithMe

    Oh Toys R Us. You and your subtle pot-humor.

  • Benjaminkno

    Well, I guess they can. It seems like they’re taking advantage of the limited amount of pre-orders left. Maybe I don’t want to buy these two. I’d rather have ZombiU and NSMBU…

  • D2K

    I’ll pass. I’d rather have the deluxe package and pick up an extra game for $410 which is $10 less.

  • rp17

    Cool but I don’t want the white one :/

  • WiiUDailyFan745

    I can pick the exact games and consoles separately for the same exact price….? Not THAT good of a deal. Here’s a deal that I would like to see:

    Hardcore Bundle:
    -Black Wii U, 32GB with Gamepad
    -Call of Duty Black Ops 2
    -Mass Effect 3
    -2 Pro Controllers
    -Gamepad Screen Protector
    -Call of Duty 2 designed headset

    All for $500.

    • Paul

      you never know there might be a call of duty wii u bundle coming soon

    • Nintedward.

      You in la la land ???? thats way over $500 worth of sh%t !

    • Paul

      buddy you only need one pro controller

      cod 2 headset is never gonna happen

  • Joesatmoes

    2 games that i could live without… im not gonna get the Wii U on launch day anyway- just cuz im gonna be on vacation from Nov 17 to i think the 28th? maybe? ill probably get it for christmas, or, since im gonna be on vacation w/ my grandparents when it comes out, after the vacation i will ask them 🙂

  • Coolkat18

    i wish it was like batman and zombieU, Awesome yo…

  • Rukiri

    Walmart is still selling their bundle, still think it was the better bundle. Glad I went with Walmarts.

    Looks like Walmart and Toys ‘R US still have the Basic Models.

  • Bacon

    Dear Santa…

  • Kav

    Years ago i bought the Wii with Zelda twilight princess for $400, that was a ripping off bundle, but it was the only store in LA that had the Wii at the moment, it was months after the launch day, march i think.

  • marioU

    ive come to decide i will be getting deluxe wiiu and zelda skyward at meijer around 12:01 am on Nov 18. wish me good luck

    • JumpMan

      good choice! LoZ:SS is one of the best Zelda games ever (under OOT, MM, & Minnish Cap)!

    • nintendofreak

      y dont u get skyward right now?

      • marioU

        im a ps3 user now since i lost interest in wii a seveal year ago, due to lack of pro controller. finally wiiu now has it. oh i miss zelda and mario *eyes tear*

  • nintendoododo

    Useless information for me(I don’t live in greedy usa). I buy Wii U when it is released from real shop(not internet shop).

  • podge79

    Theres millions said jeffery all under one roof… Its called toys r us,toys r us TOYS R US….i used to love that advert. Reminds me of christmas. And this will be the best christmas ever. GET N OR GET OUT!

  • Shane

    I’m pretty anxious to get my hands on one… I pre ordered the Wii U Deluxe bundle, and haven’t decided what other games I will be getting launch to say the least. I want to download them straight to the console and take advantage of the external HDD options, but what isn’t available online via eShop I GUESS I’ll have to get on the 25 GB Blur ray disc… I expect to spend around $700 or so and am on a tight budget right now. I have $150 savd up as of now, but I definately want to get at least another game besides Nintendo Land when it comes out, and I’ll already have tons of games that are on my Wii already. I’m so spoiled because of me… I want another game pad too, even though I might not be able to use it yet, and a couple pro controllers. Gamepad priced yet?

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    @marioU your gonna love skyward sword it’s such a great game!

    and it’s hard to stop playing the game once you start Lol xD

    So good luck!

  • Tehtriggerman

    I own the PS3 and High end PC versions of Batman. I will follow this game to the grave. Now through the Wii-U looking glass it will be an all new experience.

  • wellsberg

    batman I did’t think would be out at launch day but I guess they changed that now. 23 games at launch not 15!! Even if they’re both good games they don’t fit together AT ALL. Batman and AC3 I’d be all over it haha.

  • Novum Magus

    Definitely a secret meaning behind that price. Toys-R-Us is run by a bunch of tokers!!!! 😀

  • nintendofreak

    anyway me waiting for the deluxe edition to become available againg cuz well however u look at it u win

  • u mad bro

    I hope the wiiu doesn’t get sold out in stores before Christmas.

    • Paul

      it will buddy, get your pre order in

      all im doing is buying 2 or 3 games along with the console and nothing more

  • NesToWiiU

    This is why I don’t go to Toys’r’us for anything video game economics related.I can’t believe they would try to trick casual and Nintendo gamers out of their money.This “bundle” makes me sick.The American economy is already broken enough.

  • Tehtriggerman

    I got my Deluxe at Walmart last Tuesday. By the next day they were sold out!

  • jak tu

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