Oct 12th, 2015


The Villager was a very popular amiibo in Wave 1 and with Nintendo beginning to reissue these rare amiibo, we thought we’d see him popping up in several new places. Turns out if you want a chance at the Villager amiibo, you’ll have to head to Toys R Us.

The retailer sent out a tweet this morning announcing the Mii amiibo 3-pack, but it also contained the shadows of the Villager amiibo and the Mega Yarn Yoshi. These are touted as exclusives alongside the Mii fighter 3-pack.

Many amiibo fans are already up in arms on Twitter about Mega Yarn Yoshi being an amiibo exclusive, as Toys R Us does not have a huge presence in rural areas. Will you be getting either of these when they’re released? The Mii fighter 3-pack debuts on November 1 and will be in-stores only. No release information was given for the other two, but we expect them to be in-store only as well.

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