Jan 18th, 2013

The Wii U started with a fantastic launch line-up, but Nintendo has pushed several releases out of the launch window including Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101 and Game & Wario. We’re still eager to see those games when they’re ready, but there’s tons of other third-party games we’d love to see have a home on the Wii U platform. These are our top five picks for third-party games that should come to the Wii U. If you agree, let us know in the comments or let us know what games you’d like to see.

5. Mass Effect Trilogy

Mass Effect 3 was a launch title for the Wii U, exposing many Nintendo fans who may not have played the previous two games to the wonder that is a BioWare RPG experience. It only makes sense now that an official trilogy pack has been released that it eventually makes its way to the Wii U. It would allow fans of Mass Effect 3 to play the entire series on their Wii U console and it would definitely bring more hope for a new game in the series to launch on Wii U.

Why we want it: Who doesn’t love Mass Effect? The epic world created by BioWare has been loved by gamers since its inception and it makes sense to experience the games on Wii U where inventory management could be off-loaded to the screen at the bottom.

4. Watch Dogs

The trailer for Watch Dogs blew me away at E3 last year because it wasn’t something anyone was expecting. The open world Grand Theft Auto style game puts a new spin on hacking and stealth, as nearly everything in the game can be manipulated by the player, from Subway systems to lights and stereos at a party. The Wii U GamePad could be invaluable in assisting the player in their hacking endeavors as well. We can’t imagine a better experience for Watch Dogs than playing it on the Wii U.

Will it happen? That’s up in the air. The Wii U was announced at last year’s E3 along with Watch Dogs, so it could be early enough in the game’s development cycle that publisher Ubisoft will consider adding a Wii U version. Ubisoft has been one of the better third-party publishers working to support the Wii U, with both exclusive titles (ZombiU) and big budget IPs (Assassin’s Creed III).

3. Battlefield Wii U

We’ve already got Call of Duty: Black Ops II on Wii U which is great if you’re a fan of mindless shooters, but what if you like a little bit more teamwork with your online experience? The Battlefield series has always provided a nice balance between requiring teamwork to win and letting you do some of the crazy vehicle stunts you see in YouTube videos. It’s a superior experience to CoDBLOPS in my mind, which is why I’d love to see a Wii U version. Even John Riccitiello agrees. In regards to his thoughts on usage of the controller in a Battlefield game, Riccitiello said, “playing the game from a commander mode” or “being able to drive from a different position while in a vehicle” could all be possible. While that’s no confirmation from EA or DICE that such a thing could happen, it’s still reassuring.

2. Fez

Developer Phil Fish was adamant throughout the six year development cycle of Fez that it would remain a console release. He received support from Microsoft for its platform exclusivity, but that’s ending soon. In a recent post on Polytron’s blog, Fish stated that Fez would come to multiple platforms. Many people are angry at him for calling PCs spreadsheet machines since they assume Fez will be available on Steam soon, but what if Fish went for another console release? The Wii U would be perfect for Fez, even if there’s no exclusive use made of the touchscreen GamePad. Nintendo has been great to indies so far and Fez would absolutely bolster the eShop ranks.

Why we want it: Fez was one of the most intricate games released last year but not many people were able to experience it due to limited release on the 360. If Fez is to be released on PC and an additional console, the Wii U is the perfect fit for the game since it captures the child-like wonderment many of us had when we played games when we were young. It’s something you can share with a child of your own, or simply sit on the couch and scratch your head at trying to figure out the puzzles.

1. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Ni No Kuni will be released on January 22 for North America exclusively on PS3, but it’s one title we’d dearly like to see on the Wii U. Studio Ghibli has done a wonderful job on bringing the world that Level 5 created to life, so much so that we can’t imagine why this game is PS3 exclusive when there is a 3DS companion game available in Japan. It seems like a no-brainer that Ni No Kuni would find its way to Wii U soon.

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  • Solid list. I’m looking forward to seeing how some of the Wii developers leverage the platform with the new tablet style experience. Another “Trauma Center” could be really cool with the GamePad being the main screen, and the TV being the stats/etc. A fresh take on “No More Heroes” could be cool… maybe Travis gets a new weapon or you can just control it more with traditional controls via the gamepad. Some of the point-and-click adventure games like Sword and Sworcery and Machinarium would work well on the WiiU.

    There’s a lot of exciting stuff that could happen if the tech is utilized well with different series. Hopefully we see it start happening rather than the WiiU just getting ports of everything made elsewhere.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    nice list…i see your Ni No Kuni and raise you Fire Emblem

    • I am a fan of Fire Emblem but I can say the Ni No Kuni is far better. Probably because its completely different from Fire Emblem¬†

    • You’re getting Fire Emblem on your 3DS! Tell Level 5 to give us Ni No Kuni 3DS here in America. ūüôā

      • RyuNoHadouken

        i dont play handheld games

  • I’d love to see Fez on the Wii U. The other games are great choices too, and I didn’t even realize Mass Effect 3 had a Wii U release. It only makes sense to release the rest of the trilogy, then.

    • I have a copy of Mass Effect 3 on Wii U and it is fun and awesome looking =3¬†

  • I would LOVE to see Sword & Sworcery and Machinarium on Wii U, but I’m a huge adventure geek anyway.

  • Laud

    “We‚Äôve already got Call of Duty: Black Ops II on Wii U which is great if you‚Äôre a fan of mindless shooters, but what if you like a little bit more teamwork with your online experience?”
    Hey jerk, ever heard of Search and Destroy? Probably not, considering all you ever do is jump on the bandwagon anymore. 

    Seriously, what was the point of throwing in that subtle insult? It isn’t a mindless shooter, it requires fast reflexes and some strategy, multiple game modes with different objectives… Did you really think at some point while writing this article, “Man, this needs something… How’s about a subtle insult for the people that like CoD.”

    Articles are supposed to be informative and if this was meant to be an opinionated article then what is the point in bringing up other games just for comparison? Funny thing is that I don’t even like CoD but I’m smart enough to realize that there are elements of team work and skill in the game.

    I say if you want a little bit more team work then find a group of people to play with or play Battlefield but never compare them to each other, that will only cause chaos.

    I expect this kind of stuff from the other websites but not Udaily. 

    All these articles ever do is promote controversy and when people start arguing in the comment section it brings in more ad revenue, it’s shady.

    As for whether or not I would like to see Battlefield on the U… Yeah sure, why not? Competition in the industry is what drives innovation.¬†

    • You’re the only one who’s arguing here. I prefer Battlefield if I’m going to play a mindless modern military shooter. Sorry.

      • Laud

        My intention isn’t to argue but rather prevent WiiUDaily from turning into a war between two sides.¬†

        As for what you like, it really doesn’t matter so long as you don’t start a war.¬†

        It was simply a warning, once you start a war between these games you can never stop it.

        • Greg

          Apart from the obvious arrogance of handing out ‘warnings’, you’re right that ‘fanboy’ wars really get annoying & detract from the essence of all articles they start on. Anyway BF3 is in many ways superior game then CoD, but with the glitches & exploits can be a flawed gaming experience. Having fast reflexes is by definition ‘mindless’, they require no conscious thought & rely on a combination of sub-conscious thought processes & muscle memory. There a few chances to utilise true military style tactics & strategy in any CoD game, but the Black Ops franchise seems to provide more opportunity to express tactical skill then the Modern Warfare series. It’s a shame that BF3 is so flawed, otherwise it would’ve been the perfect blend of fast paced action & thought out strategy.

          • Laud

            I’m not trying to be arrogant, I’ve just seen it happen before on other news sites.¬†

            Once an author opens that door all hell will break loose and eventually comments will end up being monitored meaning the freedom of speech we’re suppose to have will be gone.

            I’m not saying this WILL happen, just that it’s happened before.

          • Greg

            I think we all wish to avoid fanboy wars, we’ve all seen them & it usually descends in to the ubiquitous questioning of parentage, coupled with treats that can never be actted upon. You were being a bit arrogant, but probably no more then the way I pointed it out :0)

    • Mauricio Guaura

      “it requires fast reflexes and some strategy”


      • Laud

        Emphasis on ‘some’.¬†

        But yes, it does require a decent reaction time and enough strategy for flanking and learning when to run away etc. 

        While it is the basics of the basic when it comes to FPS games to say there is no strategy or reflexes is just denial or maybe you don’t want there to be anything like that because you already hate the game for some reason.

      • Captain Falcon

        Strategy isn’t a big thing in CoD, fast reflexes… yes

        • Revolution5268

          ¬†true and don’t forget map strategy.

    • DragonSilths

      The people who like COD are brainless. Buying the same damn game year after year and screaming waaaa no it is different. NO ITS NOT. COD is not even a game anymore its corruption on a disc. COD has severely crippled the gaming community in the 7th gen. Most kid gamers now just want to shoot people in the head. Great work COD bravo. You people made you’re choice to stick with COD so live with the fact you will be insulted for making a dumbass decision.

      • Laud

        You people? 

        I can’t even say anything because I have no idea what goes on in the realms of CoD as I only play RPG games and action adventure but what I will say is that every game series eventually dies and if people feel like this already than CoD doesn’t have much time.

        Instead of being aggressive with your approach, I suggest being polite and explaining to others rather than telling them they’re dumbasses for liking a specific series.

        • Greg

          “You people” Ah hem, that’s a bit of arrogance right there lol.

      • LolWatTurtles

        You’re a fucking idiot, foreal foo.

        Call of Duty hasn’t “Crippled the gaming community” at all. You’re just one of those foo’s who hate on it just because everyone else does, with no real reason at all. You can keep saying “Because it never changes”, but even if it had a massive change you would still hate on it just for it having Call of Duty in the name. ¬†I find it funny how you go onto say “People who like COD are brainless” then go on to hate it for absolutely no reason. I’m not even a COD Fanboy but I do enjoy the games and the fact they at least TRY to change it with every game. Call of Duty isn’t gonna die anytime soon, in fact it’s sales keep beating it’s previous game. Unless Activision actually WANTS to end COD. Deal with it, foreal.

        • Greg

          Too many kids playing an adult game, that’s what spoils CoD. That & people singing, rapping, beatboxing, playing rediculously distorted music down their mics.

          CoD in of itself isn’t the worst game franchise, the Black Ops franchise is pretty decent. Modern Warfare is pretty terrible in relation to the campaign & MW3 was basically a ¬£40/$60 map pack.

          I don’t think people who buy CoD are lesser people then those who buy other games, why should people be put down just because they buy a particular game. I like some CoD campaign, though I avoid multiplayer because of the afore mentioned reasons.

          I would like Activision to do something with the game, give it a new engine & really put some thought in to the campaign.

          • LolWatTurtles

            ALL of that doesn’t just apply to COD, plus it’s all foreal exagerated. I played MW2 for a foreal long time and ¬†ran only into a few kids, and during those times it made the game a lot more fun and interesting to actually hear them talking. You could say the same thing about any other game’s multiplayer like Halo, full of kids that are annoying. Which isn’t even true about both COD or Halo. People just hate on COD for no reason. Like I said, they could change Call of Duty entirely but foo’s would still hate on dat shiyeet for still having Call of Duty just in the name. It’s not dying anytime soon.

          • Greg

            It still could do with a overhaul. I don’t think CoD has had a new engine since CoD 4. You’re not wrong squeakers (kid gamers) aren’t just spoiling CoD, but many others. I only play online multiplayers in 3 games CoD, BF3 & FIFA. I can’t complaign about FIFA it’s a game for all ages, BF3 isn’t too bad for squeakers, plus BF3 is usually only squad based communication, so you never really get to hear what the lobby is made up of. In my experiance MW2 & Black Ops had far too many squeakers, maybe MW3 & BO2 haven’t had as many. Didn’t bother with MW3, it’s basically an MW2 map pack & didn’t bother with BO2, as since I finished BF3, I’m done with online gaming. Can’t comment on Halo as I’ve only played a couple of Halo online matches, played all the campaigns though.

          • LolWatTurtles

            “You aren’t wrong, squeakers aren’t just spoiling CoD, but many others”. Das not even what I just said. Did you read my comment properly? I said that the FEW kids i’ve actually seen on CoD out of the long ass time i’ve been playing it, it wasn’t even annoying. And the fact that most people over exaggerate it when you could find way more kids playing something like Halo instead of CoD.

      • Revolution5268

         so you called people who like FPS are dumbassess? man you have issues.

      • Captain Falcon

        I don’t buy CoD annually. The only CoDs I’ve enjoyed were CoD 2, CoD 4: Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and Black Ops II. Other than that, CoD is dying…

        • Greg

          Couldn’t agree more

    • SethLaw

      STFU!!! Fanboy !!

    • The_European_WiiU


  • How on God’s green earth is GTA 5 not on this list?

    • DragonSilths

      Because GTA sucks…Same type of game each time. Steal cars, run over people, kill people, run away from the cops…While I can see why people want it on Wii U, I say screw that. I have never liked the GTA games.

    • Henry Hotspur

       Because Rockstar is already looking into it.

      This list seems to be more about games that are most likely not going to be on Wii U.

  • I want to see Watch Dogs, Ni No Kuni, and maybe Battlefield (I say maybe because I already own every one on my PC and PS3, but it would be nice to see it on nonetheless)

  • These are the top 5 games I want on the Wii U:

    1. Ni No Kuni2. GTA 5
    3. WatchDogs 
    4. Splinter Cell: Blacklist
    5. Star Wars 1313 

    • I had a hard time not including Splinter Cell Blacklist, since it’s one of my most anticipated 2013 titles. If the list was 10 games long, it would definitely be on there.

  • those games look and sound rubbish except 4 Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

  • Matt Lambourne

    Fallout 4 please.  They could easily use the gamepad as a Pip-Boy.

    • SYates

      Totally agree with you. I made a petition on Change.org for it to come to the Wii U. Not many signatures as of yet… Interested? ūüėÄ

  • Greg

    I’m quite happy with the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines. As a big Aliens film fan, I’m looking forward to what happened on LV-426 after Riply, Newt & a slightly acid burned Hicks escaped. Though not sure how many Aliens could be left as there were only 158 colonists. The original band of colonial marines despatched a good couple of dozen, then the colonies fusion reactor went critical & detonated with the force of a rather large H bomb. Apart from this game, there only a few others I’d like to see.

  • =)

    What’s with GTA 5?

  • Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch………i’ts looks like pokemon!


    • That would actually be a pretty good game on the Wii U ^^¬†

  • Retro Cool

    The only two I would be interested in seeing is Fez & Watch Dogs. The others I can care less for.  Specially anything Mass Effect.  I would like to see more original and exciting titles to come to the Wii U. 

    Maybe even a reimagined of Faxanadu, Shadowrun. ¬†Otherwise I am ok of what is going on with the U these days…

    • Greg

      Shadowrun? Why?

      • Retro Cool

        Because that game was awesome.  I am getting the Shadowrun Returns now from the Kickstarter, not to mention there was another Kickstarter for a Shadowrun MMO.

  • DemonRoach

    Mass Effect?  Na.  We rather have GTA5.

  • Nintendo lovers in the house.

  • SethLaw

    Power Stone series , Project Justice , Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia , Final Fanasty, Ncaa Football , Wave Race 64 …ETC

  • Elitepwnsface

    after watching the video for the number 1 spot. I would love to see an rpg such as this on the wii u

  • Srpg2ishere

    I would buy a ps3 just for ni no kuni but if i do that then i will have to deal with those other games that I probably don’t want. But it would be a great addition to the wii u. Makes me wish sony and nintendo would join forces…

  • Never heard of Ni No Kuni before, until about an hour ago in a game magazine I read before coming here, the game¬†got a wopping 90 score on PS3¬†after seeing the trailer here I too would add it in the top 5.

    +Sequals to some classic games one was mentioned by someone else, how about indeed Faxanadu, one of my favorite titles on the NES even now I still love it, then I would also add Wizzards and Warriors (nes classic again)¬†other then that the list¬†Ashley made feels complete to me. We know that both Mistwalker¬†and monolith are working on stuff, and probably Ganbarion won’t stay behind to far either.

  • Julius Swerving

    Starfox anyone?

    • seriously… I’m ready for some HD Krystal :3

    • Greg

      I think because in all likelyhood we’ll see a Starfox game (or Starwing here in the UK, copyright reasons for the name change), it wasn’t mentioned on here. I think it’s a list of games that we want on the WiiU, but unlikely to get.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    My list is completely different:

    1. The next “Tales” game (i.e.Tales of Xillia, Abyss, Destiny, Symphonia. etc)
    2. Mass Effect 4
    3. Dragon Age 3
    4. The new DarkStalkers game that Yoshinori Ono is supposedly working on.
    5. Killer Is Dead -the new Suda51 game that was announced.

  • Jorge Almeida

    games i want to see on wii u… hmm watch dogs, splinter cell blacklist, tomb raider, castlevania lords of shadow 1+dlcs&2

  • MetroidZero

    SSBU is all I want.

  • diqus sucks

    I would love to see MineCraft on the wii u as well. Battlefield, watch dogs, starwars 1313, GTA 5, and the next Final Fantasy. That would be awesome…AND Left 4 Dead 3 ūüėÄ

  • john madsen

    what i would like is a remake of shenmue 1 with the game pad being used as ryo’s notepad¬†

  • Revolution5268


  • Why Isn’t Mario Kart there!!!!! ?

    • The list is specifically for third-party games. Not Nintendo properties.

  • While you guys are down there arguing I just want a new Trauma Center, with beautiful HD graphics. Add online/ local co-op for the surgeries. Something that would be perfect with this system.

  • Here’s a petition for Nintendo to make a Super Mario RPG WiiU. No¬†guarantee¬†it will work but worth a shot.

  • őĪ | Take it easy bro

    Well, about Battlefield: Battlefield 4 is comming to Wii U… i still can wait. About MF: i don’t like a lot Mass Effect, so… i don’t care. About Whatch Dogs: i rather to see GTA on Wii U

  • Dex

    Who doesn’t love Mass Effect? I certainly don’t. Granted, I haven’t played the first two(the first is supposed to be phenomenal), but I’ve played the abortion that was Mass Effect 3. Stale combat, horrific voice acting, boring and uninteresting story, female characters only used for fan service, choices meaning absolutely nothing… Bioware are has beens that happen to hit big with three games (ME, ME2, Dragon Age), and then totally destroyed any credibility afterwards.

    • Greg

      Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire & Neverwinter Nights were also awsome.

  • Marius Valasinas

    Fez? Are you serious? How old are you, 10?

  • MujuraNoKamen

    A good list, i haven’t really thought about some of the games on this list but I’d be happy to see any/all make it to Wii U – just as long as the ports don’t come to much later to Wii U than other versions.
    The games I want to see on Wii U (not including 1st party games we know will be done like 3D Mario, Zelda etc) are:
    1: A proper Pokemon game on Wii U
    2: Eternal Darkness 2 – How has this not been made yet? Nintendo and Silicon Knights could work something out and make this happen.
    3: GTA – maybe a port of 5 as long is it comes soon or Rockstar could focus on another one that’ll come to Wii U day 1.
    4: Ni No Kuni – like you said, it makes no sense that there’s a Nintendo companion game yet it’s currently only on PS3
    5: Watch Dogs.

    I could suggest a lot more but those are the stand out new games that could come to Wii U

  • Laura Hagin

    I wish Skyrim was on here.

    • MujuraNoKamen

       Not much point releasing it 2 years late, they should focus on releasing the next TES game on Wii U.

  • Val Berger

    The one Game, I am really missing is Bioshock Infinite. Bioshock 1 was one of the greatest games in years and BI is even optimized for Sony Move Controls. So they could easily port this game to support Wiimote controls. I don’t give a fck if it would come with gamepad specific features. If you’d be able to play the game on the pad, that would be enough for me; only exclusives should offer deeper gamepad integration anyway as with mass effect 3 for example, I raely use those gamepad-features, except the Map can be handy some times.

    Too Bad, Ken Levine already eliminated all hopes for a wiiU version.

  • thanos1984

    A wii u remake of Valkyria Chronicles!!!One of the most under rated games which matches the philosophy of nintendo,is published by a company(SEGA) which is not bypassing nintendo consoles,and the gamepad would add a lot if properly utillized.

  • Fuzunga

    The features of Watch Dogs they advertised last E3 made it sound like the game was specifically made for the Wii U.

  • Mr. Iwata, Ni No Kuni 4 WiiU Pliis!!!