Nov 30th, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 31st, 2012, 4:52 pm

Wii U best sellerNintendo has released a list of the top 20 best selling games on the Wii U eShop during the very first week of operation. These list is only for the North American sales, obviously, as the console just launched hours ago in Europe. Here’s the full top 20 list, although Nintendo didn’t include any specific sales numbers:

  1. New Super Mario Bros U
  2. ZombiU
  3. Trine 2: Director’s Cut
  4. Nano Assault Neo
  5. Sonic & All-Sars Racing Transformed
  6. Scribblenauts Unlimited
  7. Assassin’s Creed 3
  8. Little Inferno
  9. Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition
  10. Nintendo Land
  11. Darksiders 2
  12. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge
  13. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper
  14. Madden NFL 13
  15. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
  16. Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  17. Chasing Aurora
  18. Just Dance 4
  19. Rabbids Land
  20. FIFA 13

What games have you purchased on the eShop? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Linskarmo

    It’s great that there’s so many downloadable games! I wish I had a Wii U now, but Christmas is coming up!

  • Saul Rivera

    How many games does the eShop have by now?…doing a top 20 now is far too soon

  • Fuze013

    It seems just about right… I honestly can’t wait to snatch a copy of the Wii U for myself as well!

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Trine 2 is the ish!!!!

  • tooby77

    I just got home from my job. Went to gamestop and got my zombieU bundle with ninty land, fifa 13, sport connection and mario. Now we have dinner with parents in law. They ate up and asked me when shall we play wiiu. Damn i love them. Sadly i know i have to update some before we can gocart.

    • Myron Bernard

      You can update in the background (at least I could in the US). When you first turn on and are given option to update hit “cancel” and play your game off disc. After a while check back and the game will tell you “download finished.” Google it mate. Happy Gaming!

      • tooby77

        Tnx m8 but i started updating. Soon done. Taken 40 min so far. Its like 95% now.

  • Myron Bernard

    Just fyi though… if you’re already downloading and installing update, DO NOT interrupt it then. It could brick.

  • Seth S. Scott

    Little Inferno is the best! Loving it so much. I wrote a small, spoiler free review if you’re interested….

    • How much is it? I was thinking of downloading it, but I can’t recall how much it is. Was waiting until today when I got paid since my fiance and I did all our Christmas shopping last pay period.

      • Seth S. Scott

         its $15 bucks and worth every Abe Lincoln.

  • Max_Lazy_10

    Well I now have a gaming christmas wishlist.

  • Genesect4ssb4


  • Guhtere

    Why is NintendoLand #10, I would think it would be up higher since it came with the Wii U deluxe set.

    • Dat Guy

      That’s the exact reason why it’s so low. Since most people got the Deluxe set and also got Nintendo Land they won’t have to buy it from the eShop.

    • Srpg2ishere

      Dude. Is that who I think it is on your profile picture???? o_0 No.. My 20 will be used for trine 2!!!

  • Threinfhir

    Hey there you non American dolt. Twenty three hours is “hours ago”. You would be correct if they had said “days ago” but as it stands at the time of your posting, YOU are the stupid one. So quit talking shit on America, fag.

  • Stephen

    Hey, guess what? Everyone already knows all Americans are the most stupid people ever created and the scum of the earth and we need to get off your precious soil. Am I right? We’re stupid for celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas that are just stupid holidays and aren’t even ours and we’re ridiculous for using silly systems that we’re forced to use, and so on. It all makes sense now after this one post even though I’ve heard it a million times yet somehow not understood it until now! Wow!

    Run-on sentence? You deserve that. Just shut up, really.

    We can all be friends here. We’re all human beings. People shouldn’t care at all what race/nationality anyone is. 

  • Revolution5268

     whoa whoa whoa that was racist man, not cool. Plus I can talk trash about Europe but i don’t want to because it has nothing to do with a video game or wii u daily.

  • Revolution5268

    why? why mii, i need some money to buy all these games….why?

  • Mickey Mouse

    The only game I’ve downloaded so far is Trine 2, but I only got my Wii U today at 3PM. I’m playing Mario U first, then Trine 2. Looking forward to the December update, so I can get my 3TB usb drive working, though it’ll only format to 2TB. Knew I should’ve got a 2TB one!

  • Bosmur

    Hey just got my wii u yesterday, where is trine 2? I looked in the e shop and its not there, is it America only or something?

    • Srpg2ishere

      Trine 2 isn’t in your Eshop? 0-0 That’s wierd.. It said that I could download it. Do you have the european wii u or what cuz it may depend what region you bought it in or something. You know (The release date..)

    •  I’m European and I already played the whole story of trine 2 on my wiiu

  • Master

    Well, welcome to Wii U Europe! Hopefully getting your console at launch took less time than it did for me.

    Written from my Wii U.

  • Master

    I may be American, but America is a huge cultural mix. It consists of people from all around the world. Just because you’re European doesn’t make you any better than an American. Try to act civilized, we’re all equals:)

  • Johnny Star

    23 hours is a form of multiple hours. Please don’t show your lack of intelligence. Oh, and this comes from an American pointing this out to you, so if American’s are stupid, where does that place Europeans? Take all the time you need to think about that, take Tylenol for any headaches, Midol for any cramps, lol

    •  Well he is right. If you believe it or not, the American schools (of any kind, from elementary to university) have the lowest bar of entry compared to every other first and second world country and it is still dropping poorly enough (this is partly to blame on how American schools get payed for number of graduates and sports grants (sports grant in it self is something that has nothing to do with school BTW)). So purely based on statistics you are on average the most dumbed down nation, of course you always have some oddballs but so have other countries.

      • Johnny Star

         You said payed, not paid. Yup, stupid Americans we are.

  • Hugh Quinn


    • Srpg2ishere

      Thumbs up for your gravitar man. Totally getting that game.

  • Srpg2ishere

    Dude…It released in europe now so you can go get it! You don’t have to go hating on people who already have it….jeez. Some people have to wait until CHRISTMAS! I honestly wish I would’ve waited so I can get the black one. Oh well. White is still cool tho..

  • I haven’t purchased any games on the eShop yet as I wait to finally get my external hard drive in. I worry about space on my 8gb wii u.

    • Elem187

      I have a 2 terabyte ext drive on order, but in the meantime I just plug in a 32g SD card from my camera…. Which 32gb is more than enough space to hold at least 10 to 13 games.

  • Srpg2ishere

    My top 20 game list:
    1: Rayman Legends.
    2: New Super Mario Bros U.
    3: Lego City Undercover.
    4: Nintendo Land.
    5: Need For Speed Most Wanted.
    6: Assassin’s Creed 3.
    7: Injustice Gods Among Us.
    8: Tekken Tag Tournament 2
    9: Mighty Switch Force! HD.
    10: Batman Arkham City: Armoured Edition.
    11: Darksiders II
    12: Call of Duty Black Ops II
    13. Bayonetta 2.
    14: Scribblenauts Unlimited.
    15: 007 Legends.
    16: The Wonderful 101
    17: Game N Wario.
    18: Ninja Gaiden 3.
    19: Zombi U ( I didn’t put this near the top because I’m not a fan of horror games. They scare me!!! Notice how I didn’t make It the LAST ONE.)
    20: And the grand FINALE!!! A 3DS. Also Pikmin 3, next super smash bros, and next zelda. Thumbs if you agree with my list or disagree about. ( I haven’t actually played the games yet so I can assure you that some games may go UP or DOWN on my list depending on when I can sit down and play them! 🙂

  • Goes to show that anyone who buys Nintendo systems are not looking for hard-core games, only baby games.

    • Elem187

      Thats funny because as a PC owner I look at xbox 360’s and PS3’s as a baby toys because of their inferior graphics and last decade hardware and the same gameplay and controls in game after game after game…. I mean thats cool if all you like to play is first person and 3rd person shooters, then maybe an xbox or ps3 is for you, even though the PC’s mouse/keyboard control scheme blows away the controllers in ps3/xbox in a shooter

      …. See the nintendo always shines because its always innovating gameplay and coming up with new ideas and puts emphasis on multiplayer where Sony and Microsoft seem to only concentrate on graphics, and does a piss poor job of it I might add and gears everything towards solo play. and shooter after shooter game YAWN… A 3 year old PC hardware can run the same games at twice the resolution and game detail as either obsolete console from Sony and Microsoft. I find both offerings from both sony and microsoft as pointless when a PC does the same games far far far better and with a better control scheme (mouse/keyboard).

      People buy nintendo because they are bored of the sony/microsoft same stale gameplay… Sony’s move? what a terrible implementation… Sony rushed it to market and it has this cheesy “me too, me too” feel, not to mention it looks like a womans pleasure toy… I’ll give microsoft props for doing their own idea, but its implementation feels like its in beta, and not something ready for market.

      •  You are full of shit all the way around. You say that Sony and MS have inferior graphics compared to the PC, yet I noticed how you did not mention Nintendo at all because you would have been forced to explain their really inferior graphics!

        You Nintendo nuts are something else. When your systems still can’t compete with almost ten year systems, you bring up the PC!  The PC is not automatically better than the console. Most people’s PC’s cannot handle the graphics on the 360 or PS3.  In case you have not noticed, SHOOTERS have their origins on the PC and those are the main games on the PC and one of the few genres that accommodate the keyboard/mouse combo well!  Nintendo systems are obsolete before they are even released!  A system is only obsolete when they no longer make games for them.

        Most of us don’t care about the MOVE or even the Kinect, we just play the games.  You have no argument, all you do is attempt to shit on the competition because Nintendo is like a man with a small dick on a porno set – always coming up short!  Nintendo is done and I can’t wait because then you paid off posters will be gone.  I don’t mind people promoting a system, but when it is based on lies and constant shitting on the competition, that is a turn off.

        • $39063977

          haters will be haters. sooner or later you will grow up though and, hopefully, get a brain for yourself. WiiU knocks the crap out of PS3 and XBOX. unless you play it you will never ever appreciate its virtues, especially if you only open your ears and eyes to other fanboys like urself. and Sony’s and M$’s next gen consoles will bring nothing new to the market, just a few added raw bits of power (which won’t even match the smoke left behind by even obsolete PCs). so go on, save your money and spend them on a stupid disillusionment attached to a logo by some mediocre console developer. 

          WiiU is hitting the market and soon enough everyone will develop for it in ways that will revolutionise the industry. we are BORED out of our freaking minds with the same software over and over again. WiiU is “our” savior whether u like it or not.

      • $39063977

        nailed. Nintendo innovates, Sony and M$ copy. Unless they come up with something new from their own labs, then they are as good as dead (or alive only in the eyes of their so called fanboys – whom i call victims of their own incompetence to judge things properly). if all you are being offered is raw power then damn it don’t spend all that money on a console (500+ that the new consoles will cost) GO BUY A PC and enjoy 10 TIMES as much power. that’s the bottom line. I have a PS3, i have a MAC and I have a PC. Now I am a proud owner of the most revolutionary console in the market – a WiiU. Never been so amused by any of my other systems. Go Nintendo!

        The WiiU will be all about gaming, HARDCORE gaming. Nintendo is building bridges and they are the only ones who are in a position to do that. Fanboys better start joining the light side, cause they’ve been ridiculously cheated into a severe money making mechanism that offers them very little added value.

  • Matthew Maldonado

    Love that Little Inferno is so high on the list. That game is a bizarre delight. 
    Struggling not to buy Trine 2. Gotta look into its features.

  • i bought zombi u on disk at launch and from the eshop i got nano assault neo. now it seems i will have to spend months and months playing on the ps3 because real stuff is not going to arrive early on the wii u :/ i guess the next release that will get my attention on wii u will be colonial marines in (hopefully) february. sigh.
    for newcomers or nintendo-only-gamers the wii u is just perfect. but if one owned a ps3 or a box the launch lineup was somewhat cheesy.