Dec 28th, 2012

Still trying to decide on a last minute gift for your favorite Wii U enthusiast? Not sure how to spend all of the holiday cash and gift cards you’ve accumulated? We’ve put together a list of the top ten Wii U games based on Amazon‘s customer reviews ranking system. This list provides a quick and easy way to see what other gamers believe are the cream of the Wii U crop. Keep in mind that the number of reviews are also factored into the ranking.

  1. Zombi U: (4.5 Stars / 37 Reviews)
  2. Arkham City: Armored Edition: (4.5 Stars / 10 Reviews)
  3. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge: (5 Stars / 4 Reviews)
  4. Nintendo Land: (4 Stars / 24 Reviews)
  5. Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition: (4.5 Stars / 9 Reviews)
  6. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper: (5 Stars / 3 Reviews)
  7. Scribblenauts Unlimited: (4.5 Stars / 6 Reviews)
  8. Darksiders II: (4.5 Stars / 6 Reviews)
  9.  Super Mario Bros. U: (4 Stars / 59 Reviews)
  10. Call of Duty: Black Ops II: (4 Stars / 18 Reviews)

How do you feel about the games that made it on the list? Let us know if this list will influence any of your game purchases and what your personal top ten lists looks like.

Mario holding present.

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  • Noah Bond

    IGN is so full of it I have ZombiU and I give it a 9/10

    • why does everyone stand up for this game? i’ve played through it fully and the 6.5 ign gave this game seems reasonable. its good but it’s not outstanding.

      • Legion6789

        Because the game is designed very well. It has very few design flaws. The reason people feel like the IGN review is unfair is because the score is overly weighted on the tastes of the reviewer. It’d be like if I didn’t like sports games so I gave Madden 2013 a 1/10. Clearly that doesn’t reflect actual flaws in the gameplay but my personal feelings about a particular genre. That’s why.

      • Christopher Coonan

        I definitely have to agree. They were idiots to complain about graphics, but the lack of depth (among other things) makes the score understandable.

  • Should Orochi really be on there having only 3 reviews?  Or Ninja Gaiden with only 4?  Not saying they are bad games, but these statistics just seem a little bit slanted.

    That said, I’m still on the fence about ZombiU.  I’ve never played a true survival horror game and I’m scared I might be un-consciously expecting a survival action game like Resident Evil 4, even though I know that’s exactly NOT what you should be expecting.

    • CodyTanner

      I have ZombiU. It’s an excellent game.

      Your right, it’s not Survival Action. Though it does have it’s high action moments, it’s definitely more about the whole “stay alive at all costs” aspect. 

      Sometimes it is difficult to find ammo and other supplies, but that’s what adds to the whole survival aspect of the game. It’s really satisfying once you find a stash of goods and you’re ready to kick some zombie ass. 
      This game really makes for quite an intense experience.

      • Drew Aylwin

        I like it but i can’t find a KEYCARD !

  • João Paulo Fink

    meanwhile here in Brazil, Wii U for $1.100,00 !!!!

  • Robert Papageorge

    I believe that IGN is the best reviews spot, because they are probably the least biased reviewer out there.

    I have one problem with this list though. WHERE IS MASS EFFECT 3. It must be the best or close to the best of the games currently on Wii U!

    • Are you serious? At least one person on each IGN team is a TOTAL fanboy/girl. Greg Miller for the Playstation team, Audrey Drake for the Nintendo team, and Ryan Mcafrey for the Xbox team. Greg Miller reviewed ZombiU, not a Nintendo reviewer. He’s a huge Sony fanboy. In my opinion, Joystiq is the best place for reviews.

      • RoadyMike

        All game reviewers are…or rather should be….I really don’t know how to explain this.Go watch ExtraCreditz
        I learned my lesson to not trust reviews the hard way with CoD.The single and truly most
        overrated game of the most overrated genre this gen.Every reviewer gives
        it a 8 and above.And what did I get?A game that completely depends on online to survive.And game consists only on:Run,shoot,die,repeat
        But I do know this.I’d rather go and play the game myself instead of wasting my time with reviews.Only then will I be sure how good a game is

  • Paul Tanner

    is zombiu any good as will pick it up in january

  • Johny

    its really weird to look at these kinds of lists with so little reviews for some games…

    Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper: (5 Stars / 3 Reviews)Super Mario Bros. U: (4 Stars / 59 Reviews)seems legit

  • Celtics_For_Life

    Am I the only one that doesn’t know what the heck Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper is?

  • Hoypaloy

    The IGN and GS reviews of this game are a joke. They are bordering on unprofessional and I would be ashamed to have them posted. The UK IGN team take every possible opportunity to spew about how much they like the game so they’re obviously peeved at the coverage their own site has given it.  

  • Hoypaloy

    ZombiU I’m talking about.