Apr 19th, 2012

tony hawk wii u
Tony Hawk recently did an interview with IGN where he touched on the current state of skating games and the Tony Hawk franchise, which died an awful death with the release of Tony Hawk Skate (remember the skateboard accessory?). In the interview, Hawk mentions his desire to revive the franchise with the HD remake of his older games, Pro Skater. Hawk also touched on creating new skaing games, including for new consoles. Hawk said:

“In a few years I would love to still be here and take advantage of new consoles as they come, including Wii-U and whatever else they have in the pipe.”

It would be interesting to see how Tony Hawk, or anyone else for that matter, would do a skating game on the Wii U. The unique controller certainly offers a lot of options for features and gameplay. So far we haven’t seen any sports games announced for the Wii U at all, but that’s likely to change as we get closer to launch. At the very least we expect the annual EA franchises to make their way to the Wii U, titles like FIFA and Madden.

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  • alienfish

    The old games were pretty fun and addicting. I think they would do better to take advantage of downloadable venues for future Tony Hawk games. I can’t say I would pay $60 for a skating game. They could do addictive arcade style or sandbox priced at $20 for starters.

  • Mecha Streisand

    If you’ve moved to the Skate series then the old TH controls feel AWFUL. They’d have to copy the controls in Skate to draw people in, and, as there will be no more Skate games as EA closed that studio, they could get away with it.

    Also, no more skateboard peripherals, ok Mr. Hawk?

  • mkdhdh

    i love TH but i dont like pro stkater because of the time limit. in THPS4 you didnt have that so that was cool and pretty fun to play. i remember when i was like 3 and my brother came home with his ps1 and he had THPS3 with him and we played all night long (glad it was holiday it was the first time i stayed up after 10 in the evening (i was 3)) and i loved those games but then underground and underground 2 came and i directly bought 2 because it looked better then 1 did and 1 wasn’t that much fun underground2= my fav game in TH history and the last “good” TH game then american wasteland came and well the BMX part was fun but the maps were to well realistic you didnt have like pro skater the map on underground to in space that was a fun map and it was big because you could teleport and then project 8 wtf was that!!???!!!??? and then came proving ground i never even bought that one because it looked boring. and then came ride and shred. i must say. i enjoyed shred and ride probably was kinda the same but i enjoyed it because it had snowboarding to and the way of controlling the board with yr own feet

    and thus the end of my rant i hope they revive it and bring an HD game a completely new one that is exactly like underground 2 played and felt and had a good and funny storyline. oh and great online gameplay because underground 2 had a pretty good multiplayer gameplay but after that it was boring to so if it has a good story mode good maps and great online it will sell just fine and i’ll buy

    oh but the game they are going to “revive” the franchise with is THPS HD a collection of the best maps skaters and modes of all the THPS games and some new features. but i hope they bring out completely new games soon enough.