Nov 2nd, 2012

And we’re off! After showing the first North American Wii U commercial yesterday, Nintendo has released a whole slew of commercials, for both Europe and the US.

Nintendo has several commercials dedicated to Nintendo Land, with a commercial for Zelda’s Battle Quest, Takemura Castle, Luigi’s Mansion. On top of that, there’s a TV spot for New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo TVii, and more. You can find all of the new 30 second TV spots below.

Nintendo Wii U TV commercials

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  • Great Aether

    Now everybody knows about the Wii U!!! This is great!!

    • NavyBlueYoshi

      Yea, but what is it with European commercials and sounds while flicking shuriken? XD

    • PACMAN

      does it say its been removed to anyone else

      • eli


        • link 5

          Meeeeee 2

        • Daniel Dzimega


      • Vextrum

        Yes, same here. I think it has something to do with the region capabilities.

      • darkserpent012


      • Pikmin Adventure

        Yes PACMAN I have got that message 2 plz someone tell me how to fix

        • PACMAN

          Are u all in the usa. that could be it.

      • dr scoobie

        i have not seen a single commercial on tv in the uk.
        i keep getting spammed by microsofts and apple adds.

        microsoft dont even say anything about thier products.
        they just dance a bit and throw around expensive products rectlessly.

        atleast they dont do what apple do and literrally have a whole add
        throwing thier new ipod at the ground.
        seems to suggest we can throw this highly delicate and likely to break in my pocket device and throw it at the ground without breaking it.
        great consumer advice apple!.

      • ridley vs. samus


    • Noteak

      why does it say “this video has been removed by the user” when I click play?

      • Wildman

        Most likely due to the fact that it has been removed by the user. 😉
        😉 ;P

        – Wildman

        • WANKERJERK


    • The Island Of Misfit Toys

      so…. it’s just a controller add on to the wii right?

      • NintendoMan :D

        No, its a NEW SYSTEM.

      • SerodD

        Nope, it’s a new nintendo console

      • Nintendude

        You must be talking about PS3 and it’s PSVita Crossplay.

      • Master of Awesomeness

        Wii U, so awesome you have doubts, but you are the one which we rare doubting, because you have been awesomefied.

        I’m *hiHG!….

  • Armani

    OMGGGG!!!!!! I Pre-Order mine, but I dont have any money!?!?!?!:( I berly got a job, but I also have to pay my dam Cell Phone bill 🙁 Thats another reason why I am Selling my Mustang… anyone interested in buying it? hahaha Man Wii U! I cant beleive im selling my car for you!!! 😀 hahah

    • DeoxKato

      whoa man ._. how much is ur phone bill? n what kind of mustang? well what model

      • Armani

        I pay $150 this month, since me and my GF just added a plan together, and its a normal V6 Engine Mustang, but I customized it to look like a GT its 2007.

    • Nintedward

      I’ll give you 125 pounds your mustang.

      • Name

        you should let people rent your mustang for 100$ per hour

        • Armani

          Dude I sooo would! but I dont think anyone will wanna borrow it for 1 hour xD They’ll probabaly jack it haha.

    • Elite

      Are we talking horse or car here? I guess either way selling your car or farm animal for a console is plan crazy if you ask me.

      • NintendoMan :D

        Have you ever seen a real Mustang, the horse and car? They’re amazing, so it is resonable that he’s selling his car/animal. They both cost a fortune to maintain though.

      • Lazyboy88

        I don’t think that he can affort either one if he’s barely got a job xD

        • Master of Awesomeness

          And you’re the one named lazy boy?

      • Armani

        Its the car x) haha

    • derty

      ur a hero to us all bro. god speed and Keep Calm and Chive On!

  • Superstick

    Nintendo will make some big bucks for sure now that these have been released to the public! I just hope that they show it again on a television network I’m watching. That would make my anticipation go over 9000!

    • Nintedward

      Nice gravatar sir!!! Rayman Legends ftw! I am representing Zombiu :).

      These UK ads are looking great !

    • Wee Yooo Weee Yoooo

      Heyyy now! You stole my line!
      The “anticipation go over 9000!” bit.

      I said that exact same phrase over in that “Shigeru Myamoto talks about the Wii U, Zelda, and more” news article about a week ago.

      It’s okay, I forgive you. 😀


    Its on like Donkey Kong now!

    • NavyBlueYoshi

      Yea, that’s my fave Nintendo land minigame XD

  • Dan

    I want it now!!

  • Zeldazero

    The wait is killing me… 🙁

    • srpg2ishere

      Just keep in mind that there is only 16 days away. If you think of it as 2 WEEKS it will seem like a long time. God november 18 is just around the corner but it feels like FOREVER!!!

      • Zeldazero

        I have cancelled thanksgiving with the family so I can stay home and play my Wii U 🙂 but I told them they are welcome to join me.

        • Zeldazero

          lol, my in-laws are actually coming to my house to play Wii U for Thanksgiving, apparently they didn’t want to do the family get together thing either 😀

      • Ben

        Dude, for Europe and japan its a month and even more!!

  • jellyfish

    These are ok but they didn’t make me want to go out and by one immediately

    • Nintedward

      That’s because you’re a silicon based piece of slime.

      • WiiUFan

        Wow, harsh.

        • Vigo the Carpathian

          there’s a lot of Nintenazis on this site

          • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

            BURN DUDE, someone find a fire extinguisher.

  • seth

    I dont see the Tvii one on here?? There are like 2 of each other one though….?

  • Kamon

    So is that sound at the beginning going to be the Wii U’s chime?

    • Daemonrunner

      It sounds a lot like the first note/chime/sound of the Intel jingle without the added sustain at the end….

      • seth

        so right! i knew it was familiar……i hope they change it.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Seems like it, shame they stuck with the Wii’s old chime, I think they should have used the one from here:

  • Tobbe

    Golden news

  • WarioForever

    Nintendo must put new commercials about Wii U everyday, so then everybody
    will know about Wii U.
    I hope I’ll get Wii U for Christmas. 😀

    • Elite

      Just make sure to keep asking for it. Rofl

  • WarioForever

    What is Europe Wii U price? Still no news about. I’m asking cause it will launch in less than a month.

    • Nintedward

      Well each retailer sets the price but they have to set properly.
      On average it is

      £249:99 Basic 8gb white
      £289:99 Black 32GB deluxe with Nintendo Land and Network premium
      £329:99 Black 23GB deluxe with ZombiU a Pro controler and Network premium.

      This is the price it SHOULD BE. I am getting the ZombiU bundle for £329:99 🙂 . If you’re asking about the price in Euro’s then I have no clue.

      • Tobbe

        In Sweden it is
        In your order of typing
        in my local store i can buy basic for £278 and buy 1 game for only 99 sek in same deal. If i buy 1 more, the game cost full price 499sek to 649sek if i buy yet another game its another 99 sek. So totaly. £342 if u buy basic and 3 games. Its some kind of deal just to make people buy more. Yes ofc i fall for. it

        • Nintedward

          Cool did you exchange Pounds into Sek ??

          I think the prices are reasonable for UK and Sweden. UK and Sweden are both very rich countries with high minimum wage so it’s not a problem for us.

          I see you in a koinegsegg With your Ikea furniture eating a dime bar !!!

          • Tobbe

            Yes i used today exchange rates.
            Naa no ikea for me, to low standard 🙂 btw coming to London 24-28/4 next year. And good gameshop to visit. Been a while since i walked in soho 🙂

          • Nintedward

            @Tobbe. I live in Manchester ! London is a very awesome place though.

            Soho is the most expensive House prices on earth on average lol.

          • Tobbe

            I just love London. Will be my 4th time. Maby will go on Arsenal-Man U 27/4.
            No iam not a fan but when i go there i need to watch good football

    • Reggie “My Body Is Ready” Fils-Aime

      Less than a month? Less than 3 weeks, 2 days more than two weeks, 16 days, less if you are going to midnight launch.

      • Tobbe

        Sadly my store dont have midnight launch. To little pre orders due lack of adds/commersials and knowledge about the U. People still keep asking me about the new controller for wii. Damnit ita Wii U. Everything is nee

        • Reggie “My Body Is Ready” Fils-Aime

          Lmfao ikr. Some guy said he was in gamestop and the mom promised her son the new Wii U controller for his Wii only to find out it was a brand new $299.99 console.

          • Currency

            I got a free app called currency so if it only says the price in dollars or any other currency you type in the currency and it will convert into your country’s currency if you change the settings so it is good for finding out the price for wii u or other consoles :)the app is AWESOME

  • Shad79

    These a pretty good… not gonna lie.

  • Nintendo Power (Wii U FTW)

    Second Video. New Super Mario Bros U at 0:23 TROLLOLOLOL

  • ProWiiU

    Some of these just make me chuckle to myself. Such mediocre acting…on the other hand they get to the point on some of the things the Wii U can do. “Oh wow, thanks SON!!! UR REaly GOdd at DIS.!” lolwut.

    • Britton

      I agree. Only… I would say it was below mediocre acting. Those were terrible. I love the WiiU but if I was an average Joe watching TV and one of those came on, I would turn the channel. Nintendo needs to employ better actors for their commercials.

  • nintendoododo

    only 4 weeks left. I can’t wait!!

    • Reggie “My Body Is Ready” Fils-Aime

      4 weeks, you sir are misinformed! 15 days 8 hours 6 minutes. One day more than two weeks.

      • Nintedward

        In Europe it’s 30 days for us. That is 4 weeks and 2 days :).

        Have Fun with the US launch in 15 days 8 hours and 6 minutes 🙂

        • nintendoododo

          4 weeks and 2 days? No it is 4 weeks and not any more idiot.

          • Nintedward

            I thought it was the 1st, lolfail. Yeh 28 days or 4 weeks till midnight launch.

            Btw you’re in no position to call anyone an idiot being the biggest tit on this website 🙂

      • NintendoMan :D

        4 weeks in Europe, so sorry Europeans

        • nintendoododo

          what are you jealous?

  • KalebTaylorX

    I’ll buy one when I see reviews.

  • TheImaj

    Can’t wait to see a Zombie U commercial on tv..

  • NintendoMan :D

    “I want to watch the TV now.” …………….. “I love you.” – That was strange.

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  • jat

    Why can’t the U.S commercials be this good?

  • Linskarmo

    They’re good. Short and to the point. But I noticed several of the shorter videos are within the longer videos.

  • Anon

    WarioForever, it depends on which country you are from. Prices differ greatly depending on where you live and what store you buy from. Check out different media/game web stores to get some kind of idea of how much it costs. They should have the Wii U up for preorder most places. I checked out sites such as and since i live in Denmark. They both have prices that match fairly well.

    • WarioForever

      Oh, I guess I forgot that…

  • swiss tony

    precise and efficient he says in the zelda video, he forgot 100% lag free cough kinect cough move cough eyetoy cough psvita screen

    the controller screen aiming is getting very cool want to see how fast and real time it can be could it be another fps god sent like wii remote very impressed with the tv and controller interaction

  • Eric wii u




  • Wii U

    I. Love. Wii U. Thats it. thats my whole statement.

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    This video has been removed by the author. WHY?! I couldn’t see any of them!

  • Iceman404

    This video has been removed by the user.

  • Tobbe

    I am going to gamex in stockholm on sunday. Where is the best place to put out some vids on the U? Utube? (youtube)

    • Reggie “My Body Is Ready” Fils-Aime

      I see what you did there. You put (youtube) there for dummies who didn’t understand, but sadly that ruined it.

      • Johny

        exactly what reggie said

  • Angus Young

    I kept saying the videos have been deleted by the user, when I tryed to watch them.

  • Madmagican

    … all the videos say “This video has been removed by the user” …NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • Tobbe

      I can watch them!!!!??
      Cant u or are u just trolling?

      • Tobbe

        Sry. Yes vids are gone. Strange i just watched em

    • prettypinkpanacea


      • prettypinkpanacea

        No. It says content removed by user for me too. What browser are you using to access them?

  • ProWiiU

    Does anyone know if you can play Wii games with the Wii U controller?

    • swiss tony

      no u cannot

  • Nick

    I can’t see them also. When i pree play it says, the video has been removed by the user.

    • Ledreppe

      Same here!

  • TheUNation

    Now these European clips are how U will play next!

  • metroidfusion2

    Ha ha I knew it and this is just the beginning I’m sure there will be many more commercials to come ha

  • Armani

    Why does it say the video has been removed by user? 🙁

  • MujuraNoKamen

    you know I criticised the first ad, and come to think of it, the second one for not having anything in the way of hardcore, well the same applies to these. These didn’t show of the diverse array of games coming to Wii U or the tech demos, and instead relied on showing uses of the Gamepad, now that’s all well and good to a point but in showing only the new controller, they make it seem like a gimmick, especially since all of this is group/family gaming it looks like an entirely casual console with nothing to offer for the hardcore. If I didn’t know about Wii U and saw these, my interest would not be captured, sorry Nintendo but you’re letting yourselves down. Since Wii U appeals to both hardcore and casual gamers equally you could dominate the market by making commercials to appeal to both ends of the spectrum this is only going to damage your and Wii U’s reputation and hurt sales. TURN IT AROUND!!!

  • NinTobias

    They’re all gone…

    • Noteak

      no!!! I never watched them.

  • pipebknOT

    nintendo is uploading the commercials in her youtube channel

  • Bob Singh

    Theres no videos…

  • Johny

    please reupload

  • ha!

    lol all the vids r down

  • Linskarmo

    Heads up Wii U Daily: The videos have “been removed by the user.” I think that’s from the source, but if not I can’t imagine why you would remove them. So maybe the ads are also somewhere else, and you could re-attach videos here or a link for the people who haven’t seen them yet?

  • Behind you

    IT’S BEEN REMOVED I’ve been trolled troll patrol help

  • Teves153

    That’s nothing all the videos are gone and my iPod crashes

  • Wayfarer

    You guys are SOOO lucky.Here in Brazil we don’t even know when the Wii U will launch,no ads,no commercials.

    But one thing we know for sure,it will cost no less than 750 DOLLARS,the games will have the same prices as their ps360 counterparts which is 100 DOLLARS,and like always they’ll come in english which is NOT our language.

    And analysts say the future of games is here in Brazil…sigh

    • Kirbymon123

      XD, I’m Brazilian and when I bring my wii to Brazil theyre like: “Caramba! esse technologia americano e bacana!” So when the Wii U comes out and I bring it they’re minds will explode! And the price of games there is pretty absurd

      • leeroy

        when i bring a wii to the dominican republic they dont care. i swear every person in that country everybody is a sony fanboy:(

    • Unhasu

      Yeah right… future of profit

  • Nick

    Amazing two negatives for mentioning the obvious, that the videos are removed, oh well.

  • ZuLuuuuuu

    These ads remind me the esthetics of 80s. Nintendo could have come up with much better/creative/interesting ads. For example, the ZombieU trailer here: would be a perfect Wii U ad, of course it should be shorter.