Jan 29th, 2013

Crystal Dynamics has been working on the Tomb Raider reboot for some time now, scheduled to be released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in March. Many people have been curious as to whether or not the game will see release on the Wii U since many ports have been made, but it looks like the game won’t be stepping across to Nintendo’s latest console.

Noah Hughes, creative director at Crystal Dynamics, recently gave an interview with True Gaming and among the topics were specifically why Tomb raider won’t be on the Wii U:

I’m always a fan of the Nintendo systems, in particular they really push interface design, and from a game design perspective it’s fun to play with new interfaces. Having said that it’s something that I think we would want to tailor the experience to if we were going to do it.

Having to tailor the experience specifically for the console means more development time, which is something the team most likely doesn’t want to increase considering the game is nearing completion already. Because the Wii U offers such a unique way to control games, Hughes feels as though a Wii U release needs more than just a port of what’s being released on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC:

All three of those are really trying to deliver roughly the same experience but delivered best on each platform, and I think something like the Wii U often asks you to do something unique based on a unique interface. That’s something as a gamer I love but it’s something you don’t want to do half-heartedly as a developer.

This is good news for both fans of Tomb Raider and the Wii U, since it means if the game is ever considered for a port, Crystal Dynamics is prepared to take their time and do it right. Do you agree with Hughes decision not to port the game this close to launch? Let us know in the comments below.

[via true-gaming.net]

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  • link2nintendo

    Nope, don’t agree. They should just port it. Obviously, the Wii U has a unique interface, but it should be considered more of an inclusive ideal rather than exclusive. The gamepad may have an extra screen, but it doesn’t always need to be used for the sole purpose of using it. The game could be ported, and they could simply throw a mini, somewhat interactive map, OR nothing at all. The Wii U has all of the same buttons as the other controllers, and could easily be used in the same way. AND even still, there’s the pro controller that people could use. 

    • RyuNoHadouken


    • Balázs Mészáros

      although i agree with you, you copied and pasted this whole comment from ign

      • link2nintendo

        sorry to burst your bubble, but no, i didn’t

    • Sidney Majurie

       While I get where you’re coming from and can agree to an extent, I think a game like Tomb Raider is the kind of game that should utilize the GamePad. Most straight forward shooters, sports and racing games should just be ports that add maybe a real time map, or off screen play, etc. Games like TR where there is some emphasis on exploring and using tools (my assumption based on past Tomb Raider games) .

      COULD add something unique and fun with WiiPad controls. The obvious uses are there (Uncharted Golden Abyss as reference), but there could be some other cool applications as well. Honestly I don’t know enough about the game to speculate, but Wii U, for certain types of games, should have developers thinking out of the box to deliver something pretty cool on the Pad. I’ve got a lot of cool GamePad ideas for say GTA 5…

      • Elem187

        The developer isn’t being truthful… Its the relatively small install base. They don’t think it will make enough money to cover the port to the new system. i has nothing to do with the touch screen.

        • Jay

          you are right. it has nothing to do with the screen. I hate when devs use this lame excuse.

    • val berger

      I also think they should just release ports that are well working with off screen gameplay instead of any specific gameplay integration. gameplay integration doesn’t really work with ports, in AC3 or ME3 it’s only good for the map (which actually is really nice) but in general, games that aren’t supposed to use the Gamepad are still making fun on the WiiU. Actually they’re at least as fun as on all other consoles and with off screen gaming, you can play them wherever you want, which makes them even more fun, so goddamn, those developers just need to implement off screen gaming (which shouldn’t be that hard) and there you go. 

  • Gilbert Nicks

    If he was honest  then sure  that would be great  and im happy  he isnt just going to half A$$ a port.  But  this seems/feels  more like a  nicer way of saying the game wont come on Wii-U  without saying  the CPU is shiz or some other BS like other developers seem to be saying  for the reason they wont release on Wii-U  and end up getting backlash from Nintendo fans

    • I think the only reason why developers are saying the Gpu and Cpu are “Shit” is because they are too damn lazy to come up with unique ways of using the gamepad in game. 

      Ubisoft gave it a go and hell they did a pretty good job at it 

      • I agree.

      • Jay

        ironically they dont call the PS3/360 shit although its waaay crappier than the Wii U’s.

        Has anyone seen Pikmin or X??

        As a PC gamer, i must say those are the best graphics i have EVER seen on a home console.

  • Nintenjoe82

    Utter BS. The publisher doesn’t want to pay to port a game that might not sell enough copies. It’s understandable when there will be 5 million or less Wii U’s but they should just come out and say it. 
    Why do the money men think Nintendo fans only buy Nintendo games? It’s just that we don’t buy crap games for the sake of it. I guess they are kind of saying that they don’t want to make a shoddy wii u port which is a good thing. The worst part is they are all there looking at the sales of Rabbids Land, Epic Mickey and Sports Connection and thinking; “better not invest in Wii U, only Nintendo games sell on it”. They also probably believe all the fanboy crap about the Wii U not being powerful. The only real option they needed to add was off-tv play anyway!

    • Elem187

      If developers only add that feature to ports, I’d be about as happy as one can be.. I use the off tv play feature every single time I sit down to play the console.

      • Nintenjoe82

        same here, I couldnt believe how little time it took me to rack up 300 hours of play time in 2013!

  • Destiny64

    wii-u is difference 🙂  LOL!!!

  • You know you could have summed up the Article in these few words: 

    Crystal Dynamic are just too lazy to put the money and effort into finding out new ways to use the gamepad.

    There you go, you didn’t need this long of an article 

    • Laud

      Except that’s not what it is.

      It’s just not a good business move. While I love the Wii U and all that, If I was a developer I would wait to see if people who own the system would even want it. 

      The fact that we’ve brought this much attention to them obviously shows them that we do want it so they’re definitely going to release future titles for the Nintendo system.

      • But you are forgetting something, what does a console need to be successful? Games. 

        So really they are lazy and they aren’t taking the risk meaning they already doing a bad business move already 

        • Laud

          Yeah, there’s one thing to take a 50/50 risk or a 30/70 risk but when you know 100% you won’t make any money back then you wouldn’t do it either. The economy is shit, it’s not about being lazy, it’s about being smart.

          I guess you wouldn’t understand though, since you live under a bridge and all.

  • No I disagree just more excuses

  • Arthur Zennig

    porting takes time, and that is money. Wii U will just have 5million consoles sold until March. They did simple and ridiculous math: “porting for maybe 5M? no profit on that, i am out.”
    I just feel sad for that and he can’t say he is a fan. (little profit and realized dreams make a lot of sense for a TRUE FAN).

  • game without extra wii u controls or no game at all….. easy dicision for me

  • Steven Scott

    I just hope this is not a trend for he Wii U 

  • Another one bites the Dust! That’s another designer that has said they don’t wanna #$% with Nintendo… What’s going on HERE! Where is the love?!?

  • tronic307

    This is best on the PC anyway: PS360 are dead.

    • Elem187

      They were dead back in 2006…. The only selling point for the PS360, acccording to fanbois, is its “GRAAAAPHICS” … and PC has been murdering both of those consoles in that department.

  • Stupid. Forget doing fancy crap with the gamepad. Just treat it like a controller. Cop-out response.

  • Crystal Dynamics want’s us to play in unique ways on gampad! I’LL wait!

  • Andre’ D’Arcy

    Well I think its actually really understandable since the Wii U is pretty new and all the big games that aren’t coming to Wii U is because they have been in development for a long time, some have even started before the announcement of the Wii U but I’m sure titles from now on will be on Wii U since it’s already out like Resident Evil

  • sdmac200600

    Wow this comment section is just how i knew it would be. Do you guys really think that with the 3rd party games on the wii u right now that is not selling, developers are going to keep putting games on the system while there is no demand for existing 3rd party? Come on guys stop being so blinded by nintendo. This is why us nintendo fans are considered a joke. We think that every company is against nintendo when in reality, there is not type of motivation for developers to put their games on a nintendo console. And now that I have said this, I’m gonna have a bunch of people responding to this message calling me a sony drone, xbot, or just a troll but you guys know that I am correct. Stop being blinded by nintendo and actually by third party games. We scream “We want third party! We want third party!” then when we get it, and excuse my language, we don’t give a rats ass about them and don’t buy them.

    • Desiderio Lazaro

      Disagree. I bought ME3 and Batman. But in the end, yo´re right, had much much much more fun with ZombiU, Mario and Ballon Fight. Its true, Nintendo games are the best, why fight? It´s a pitty we don´t get GTA though…

      • sdmac200600

        I mean I’m not saying that every single person isn’t buying the multiplats. My thing is that the wii u has sold over 2 million units, yet the sales numbers of multiplats are, for the most part, not even above 80,000 which makes that a very wrong picture when it comes to having multiplats for the wii u. I think the reason why I think the wii u isn’t getting GTA V is the lack of the install base of the multiplats already on the wii u. Well that and the fact that GTA V is pretty much completed.

        • Desiderio Lazaro

          Only said I bought them to state Nintendo games are superior (to my taste), and that´s the real reason I´m sticking with them since 1992, when my parents bought my beloved NES. I believe Nintendo fans often forget how lucky they are: we get the best games (exclusive), and we also want the good games of the other consoles. Sure, but we can´t have it all. These are times where human values are dropping yet Nintendo stays true to itself

          • sdmac200600

            Oh okay. The way it was worded somewhat threw me off lol. Yeah nintendo hasn’t changed since they first started and that non change is one of many reasons why they haven’t went under. Nintendo fans are pretty lucky considering the fact that nintendo makes sure that their games are up to their standards before releasing them unlike most developers who think the game looks goods and release it come to find out it’s barely playable.

          • Jay

            The problem is… Nintendo games are far superior to 3rd Party efforts and if I have $60 in my pocket Will I buy CoD or Pikmin 3??

            Some Transformers multiplat crap or this:

          • sdmac200600

            I mean who wouldn’t? But if nintendo fans don’t want the multiplats, why ask for them. See what I’m saying? It’s making the nintendo fans very VERY hypocritical.

          • Desiderio Lazaro

            It´s still a young machine. I believe if GTA comes out every nintendo fan will buy it.

          • sdmac200600

            Even if the machine is young, the multiplats could at least have an attachment rate of 35% if nintendo fans really wanted it. instead, it’s below 10%. I don’t want GTA on the wii u just for the fact that it will be a piss poor port of the game and it won’t be optimized specifically for the wii u

  • john madsen

    Actually he didn’t say they where not going to release a tomb raider just not the reboot also i have to agree why just port a game over versus doing it right from the beginning 

  • HannesEckenschneider

    That’s BS IMO. If people buy the game on several platforms without a touchscreen gamepad, why wouldn’t Wii U owners buy the game just because the touchscreen isn’t used? I think it’s a “nice” reason to just not do the porting. On no other system devs to such crap.  A PC/PS3 game does not have to include Kinect controlling on Xbox360 to be bought. If people WANT to play the game they play it, if it is at least nearly as good as on other platforms.

    BTW I own a Wii U and I wish all this voodoo touchscreen crap wouldn’t be that “mandatory”. The system has so many unnerving things, it doesn’t need this one too.

  • Guilliman

    Agree with Hughes.  The Wii U already has a fine selection of half-assed ports and doesn’t need another.  The gamepad offers so much potential it does seem a little pointless to just port a game over without spending time catering to the controller.  Also, deciphering the myriad claims, counter-claims and comments about the Wii U’s internals, the summary seems to be that the console design is very clever, but a little different to what developers experienced with PS360 are used to.  So I agree with him that if as a developer you’re going to do a Wii U version, you have spend a little more time on the side working specifically for the console for it to be worth while and done right.

    Despite this I still think it would be a shame if we never saw Lara on the Wii U, especially as this series reboot looks really good to me.  Although we might be lucky, and when the price on the other versions starts to drop the publisher might give the developer a nudge and suggest the time is right to do a Wii U version so they start selling a full price game again.  In which case I’ll wait even longer for that price to drop 😉

  • Elem187

    what a cop out… What they mean is the install base isn’t big enough to justify a port.

    I could careless about doing anything creative with the touchscreen just because its there… I’m fine with it being used as a map, or the best feature on this console is OFF TV PLAY.

    I use Off TV Play every hour or so while playing. After having it for a week I couldn’t imagine playing any console system that didn’t support it, it is that essential to me now.

  • InterTripleteWorldChampion

    This is a terrible mistake for Crystal Dynamics. That’s it.

  • When I read these lines as a Tomb Raider Fan AND Nintendo Fan it angers because it means that I wont get to to play the new tomb raider, even though I have a brand new console which is right the most powerful one. I don’t demand that crystal dymanics give us usage of the gamemap. Minimap/inventory or off tv play would be just right. I would even buy the game without any wii u gamepad features. But why can’t Hughes see that Nintendo Fans are not only zombies craving for the next Zelda game but also people who like other games.

  • Zelly Jeffers

    Lame. People basically think too much. Something as simple as map and inventory on the gamepad is fine. Or like The Cave, a great game, that didn’t do much of anything with the touch screen. Just because it’s THERE doesn’t mean it HAS to be used. It offers unique experiences but I have no doubt the game would be enjoyable without bells and whistles on the gamepad.

    Reasons like these always smack of not only laziness, in my book, but also a certain closed-mindedness that really shouldn’t even be in an industry which boasts innovation, art, imagination, and design.

  • Kirzan

    Same excuse as everyone else: “Oh yeah… Yes… It looks very nice! I’m a big fan. But no kthxbai.”

  • Joseph Parsons

     Crystal Dynamics you fuck up you need to put it on wii u

  • Rinslowe

    I think he should stop insinuating excellence and put out a fresh title complete with all that tailored, full hearted excellence instead…

  • From the developers standpoint either could be the case. Yes, they could have directly ported the game to the Wii U with just plain ol’ gamepad and pro controller support. BUT If the game didn’t sell well the install base and gaming sites would complain that the game didn’t do well because it was a sloppy port that didn’t use the unique properties of the Wii U to their full potential. On the flip side look at what was done with Need for Speed: Most wanted Wii U. They finished up the PC, PS3, and 360 versions and went to the Wii U and made a superior game all the way around Graphics included. AND in only 3-4 months…. So, yeah It could be done.Most likely they just didn’t want to pay for the extra development cost and get nothing in return for their investment on the console. Just my 2 cents. It look like a decent game and I will probably pick it up in a few months if they announce nothing for the Wii U.