Oct 2nd, 2013


Prolific military author Tom Clancy has passed away at the age of 66. He died last night in a Baltimore, Maryland hospital. While Clancy is known primarily to the rest of the world as the author of books like The Hunt for Red October and The Sum of All Fears, gamers perhaps remember him best for the titles spawned from his works. Clancy co-founded Red Storm Entertainment in 1996, which then went on to release Rainbow Six.

After Ubisoft purchased the studio in 2000, several game series using Tom Clancy’s name have been produced including Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, EndWar, H.A.W.X. and the upcoming The Division. Polygon reached out to Ubisoft to see what impact Clancy’s death will have on the upcoming release of The Division and future titles such as Splinter Cell.

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  • person

    RIP Tom Clancy
    thought your books were pretty damn good

  • Shota

    passed away on my birthday. R.I.P. Tom Clancy

    • IBlock

      Hmmm… your username sounds familiar. Are you the same guy from TV Tropes? Just asking.

      • Shota

        no XD

    • discuss


      • Shota

        thanks pal! i’m now 18!

  • I absolutely loved both his books and the games inspired from his works. If you haven’t played Splinter Cell on Wii U, the plot is worth it alone.

    • kevin

      My friend has a rough draft of Patriot Games from him. He didn’t get it directly from him, but from his dad which was in the military and he knew him from the Army. Hate to say this but that copy is going to be worth some money now. It actually has hand written comments and changes in it from him.

  • Guest

    Sad. Let’s hope Ubisoft keeps future title on par with the Quality we have always expected from Tom Clancy.

  • SonicLucario

    Rest in peace Tom Clancy….I never really got a chance to experience any of your books and I recently started playing the games based off of them but you will never be forgotten

  • Zuxs13

    This is sad new. RIP

  • Jack5221

    I never read Sum of All Fears, but I did read Red October. Its a really good book if you have not read it. Rainbow 6 was one of the very first shooter games that I ever played and I loved it. Great games, great books, a true legend in entertainment. R,I.P Mr. Tom Clancy.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    That’s a shame. Only 66? That’s too young. RIP Tom Clancy. You will be missed.

    • Ducked

      I know, I hate seeing people die in there 50’s and 60’s.

      • Guest

        Me too. my nan’s husband died yesterday and he was at the age of 92 and he lived a great life and now Tom Clancy has passed away. R.I.P Tom Clancy

        • Ducked

          Sorry to hear for the loss

          • DarkLegacy

            That was my comment but thanks. by the way who’s downvoting everyone’s comments? everyone is telling him to R.I.P and all of a sudden they are being downvoted

    • Merrfn

      I wonder what took his life… any details on the cause? Family probably doesn’t want the public to know I guess.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Nothing yet as far as I know. It’ll probably be mentioned sooner or later. They prefer to keep it under wraps in times like this.

        • Merrfn

          Yeah, it’s best to keep that stuff private while you grieve.

          Personally when a close one dies, I don’t want to even know how he/she died for a few days after I find out.

  • Ducked

    Wow, the man wrote such great books and such amazing video games were made after him. I’ve been a huge Splinter Cell fan since the series started back in 2003. Prayers go out to his family. A great man.

    • readypembroke

      its 2002 actually

      • Ducked

        I guess I played it a year late

        • readypembroke

          the GameCube and PS2 versions came out 2003

          • Ducked


  • Sdudyoy

    It’s sad when anyone dies, but I’ll be honest I have no idea who this was, RIP Tom.

  • Peter Lythaby

    R.I.P Tom. Your books were excellent.

  • kaygivs

    … michael crichton and tom clancy are gone and we still have justin bieber….

  • YogiGRB

    R.I.P. Tom