• Sama

    I don’t care for the 3DS version buacese the graphics suck as bad if not worse than the level list. I think the console version sucks level list wise too. Classic Sonic’s stage in Radical Highway should have been the third part of the stage where it was daylight and had that perfect techno music. Starlight Zone should have been the cOnsole stage that led to Metal Sonic in my opinion. Over all in the end both versions will suck and be boring as he’ll in a few weeks time. Both versions should have had at LEAST the same amount of levels Sonic 3 had when locked onto Sonic & Knuckles. With that many stages the game would take quite some time to beat and get 100% but only 8 or 9 worlds? Some big 20th celebration. In a few weeks everybody here and on every Sonic site are going to be complaining saying Man that was short Booorrriiinnng Moving onto Zelda Skyward and Mario Olympics now.