Sep 10th, 2013

toki tori-2 wii u

Two Tribes have announced that their cute puzzler Toki Tori 2 will be receiving an update to the Toki Tori 2+ version that was released on Steam. This version update offers a ton of improvements over the original game, including reducing backtracking and improving the world map to make it easier to read. Some small visual improvements have also been made.

If you already own Toki Tori 2 on your Wii U, you’ll get this update for free. If you don’t and want to check the game out, you can find it in the Nintendo eShop for $14.99.

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  • Petri

    This is a very nice game.
    These improvements should only make it better.

  • Seems like a lot of companies are doing this on Wii U. Spin the bottle is doing it where as they update it, the price on the eshop will go up, but early adopters get all the updates free. That’s the power of letting developers set their own prices. Makes things a lot more fair and competitive 🙂

    • Fred

      It’s also the power of Nintendo not charging these companies for patches.

      • huge part of it, yeah. that was partially what i meant

  • Nintedward

    It’s such a great game. One that every wiiu owner should play!

  • Arthur Jarret

    This was already known… (Collin already said this on miiverse back before the game originally released)

    But this game does deserve more attention. It’s a fantastic game – if you own a wii U, get it now! If you don’t own a wii U, get it too (on steam)!

    They have also promised to give us a free level editor somewhere down the road… I’m not sure if this is already included in + or will be offered later, though. People on miiverse claim it’s not included but haven’t listed a source – I have reached out to Collin van Ginkel of TwoTribes through miiverse on further details about the release of this level editor.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Already got it on Steam. It’s worth its price. 🙂

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    I have it on PC. I recommend it for any Wii U owner. It’s a huge improvement over the first game, no doubt.

  • Nintendo4life

    I got this game and to me it’s not that great..But each to there own but how the game looks is very cool but i got bored real fast with it

  • Gregg

    Awesome. Love me some free updates

  • Peter Lythaby

    That’s nice 🙂

  • Arthur Jarret

    As always, I’m posting next thursdays european e-shop updates on tuesdays in a random topic.

    Nintendo Wii U

    Wii U download software
    Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara – €14.99 (£11.99)

    Virtual console
    Super Mario Bros. (NES) – €4.99 (£3.49)

    Special offer until 19th September
    Toki Tori 2+ – €8.99 (£7.79)

    Nintendo 3DS

    Retail download
    Sonic Generations – €24.99 (£19.99)
    Secrets of the Titanic 1912-2012 – €10.99 (£9.99)

    Chronicles of mystara is a compilation of two classic capcom D&D games, ‘tower of doom’ and it’s sequel ‘shadow over mystara’. Both have updated HD graphics.

    Super mario bros. plays extremely similar to new super mario bros U. While you have less powers at your disposal and the graphic quality is reduced – the game is a bit more challenging.

    With the windmill-adding update hitting the same date as the discount, toki tori 2 is a no brainer if you missed it the first time around. Unless you hate life, happiness or gameplay – this game is made for you.

    Sonic generations finally gets a digital release for the 3DS. This particular version offers a completely different set of levels than it’s console counterpart – and even includes online racing.

    Secrets of the titanic 1912 – 2012is a hidden object game. Presumably the plot revolves around a boat that either has sunk or will sink, somewhere between the year 1912 and 2012. As in most hidden object games, you will most likely look inside the rooms of mass hoarders, searching for certain objects you apparently need to have, but never use in the story.

  • Donaald

    That is so awesome coming from the devs.