Jan 31st, 2013

The Wii U TVii function has been one of the best additions to Nintendo’s latest console, allowing users to control what they watch and when with a single remote. TiVo was supposed to be part of this package and Nintendo insisted that it would be coming in the month of January. With today being the last day of the month, Nintendo has revealed that both TiVo and Google Maps functionality will take more time and they have set a tentative “early 2013” release window.

Google Maps with Street View was supposed to be available in January as well, but there’s no word on what the delay is in getting the service to work with the Wii U GamePad. With both features being pushed back to early 2013, this means another of Nintendo’s early promises for the console has gone unfulfilled. There’s little wonder investors are starting to doubt Nintendo with all the pushbacks and delays. What do you think of these developments? Should Nintendo have waited to launch the Wii U this year instead of pushing it out the door for the holiday season last year?

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  • TheGuyWhoLies

    hate to admit it, but with their low sales, now the delayed features and iwata maybe leaving nintendo, this looks worse and worse by the minute :O

    • Laud

      Iwata is not leaving Nintendo, that was speculation and bullshit. 

      • Moluks

        He can be “invited” to do, if WiiU become a Dreamcast 2.

        • Yeah, right, only in your dreams. Go learn the difference between Sega and Nintendo. Sigh… these “gamers” from nowadays…

    • Moluks

      I feel your sorrow bro…

    • Devilus

      New leadership in nintendo is a good thing, they need to stop dummify all of their brands, yoshis island became story and now yarn, mario rpg became paper mario, every metroid game compared to fusion and other m. There are lots more but i think ive made my pont. These moves fom the top was for broadening the buying base and that is not a bad thing but there is a bad way to do that. its like those people changing their vocie and using dumb words when talking to kids, that does not help one understand or experience soemthing better, it makes the kids dumb and talking wierd! They need to back to the thinking in the age of the snes.

    • Tobias Naustdal

      i think that the reason for the wii u to have low sales, is because of the non existing advertisement.


      • Takarashi282

        That is true.  I really hope that Nintendo takes the opportunity to advertise the product during Super Bowl.  Even then, there needs to be more advertising around the globe.

    • NkoSekirei

       u need to stop believing in rumors and iwata is not leaving

    • Jay

      WTF? This isnt even bad news…

  • Steven Scott

    it would have been nice to have every thing working from the start,but getting the system out early so that people have something to look forward to is a better idea, at least in my mind.

    If they released it this year even if it was before the other 2 systems came out they could have lost some of the people that just wanted to own a new generation system.   

  • Ford Crews

    Support for Tivo does no good, 10 years ago, Tivo was relevant, not any more, 99% of all dvrs aren’t Tivo.

  • bizzy gie

    If they released the console after Christmas, sales would have been even worse. I wouldn’t even be typing this comment on my deluxe Wii U if it weren’t for the pre-Christmas release. Nintendo definitely needs a better advertising strategy. The commercials they have now are laughable (i hate to admit it) and fail to show the true capabilities of this incredible console. Put up a real ad or two and I’d bet they’d reach that 5.5 mil goal by tomorrow.

  • I’m not sure whether or not it would have been better to release the wiiu this year instead of last year, I don’t have a wiiu yet myself (didn’t even play it yet) but imo there seems to be going so many things wrong in the beginning, massive update, many bricked wiiu’s, the most shitty advertisements ever for any console from any hardware developer, I keep hearing complaints about the slow OS, many stories this game won’t come to wiiu, this game won’t etc etc. Apps being delayed all the time, many ports and many seem to be plain ported, noone even bothered to optimize it for wiiu so most ports can hardly compete with the same games on “weaker” systems.

    Perhaps it would have been better to release it later this year instead of last year. I sound very negative now, but I’m not, just a little dissapointed on WiiU thusfar. I’m pretty sure it’ll get better this year.

    On the bright side a friend of mine who hasn’t owned a Nintendo console since the Snes days is seriously considering to get a deluxe WiiU. The only thing that held him back so far is that he has to save some money for now, else he would have gotten a WiiU allready. That coming from him, I can only realise that the WiiU really must be something very unique, personally I don’t see it just yet. But I should play it soon at a games stores and get convinced.

    Again a long rant sorry.

    In short I think it would’ve probably been better to release WiiU this year, so they could have fixed all the many issues with the system before releasing it instead of the way they did it now by releasing it last year, but that’s my two cents.

  • Adam Porter

    right, there are a couple of thing nintendo should have done before they released this console.

    1. they should have had a better ad campaign, they had no ads out before it released in the uk or ireland and still have none, i don’t know what the campaign in america is like but the ads are crap.

    2. the wind waker HD remake should have been a launch title(majora’s mask would have been better though), to give us a feeling how a serious game would feel on the console.

    3. better games for the virtual console, N64 and gamecube games confirmed already, games like harvest moon 64, FF crystal chronicles, etc etc not balloon fight, come on we already have that in nintendo land

    4. nintendo land should have been included in the basic console set, casuals want cheap, and they will want nintendo land

    5. a steady supply of games should have been prepared, and they should have met release targets, think about this if pikmin 3 was moved from a launch title to releasing nearly 5 months later when will the next zelda be here or the next 3d mario, how long till their announcement and then how far will that be pushed back. 

    • Adam Porter

      it’s a sad thing to say but this consoles release was terribly organised, but wiiudaily and sites like it aren’t helping by publishing nothing but bad news, i want some good news already. the next thing i have to look forward to from this console is pikmin3 and monster hunter ultimate, and then it’ll be 6 months until the next game i’ll want wind waker.

  • DemonRoach

    Nintendo is in such a sad state right now.  I think what they really need is new management, Iwata and Reggie (and the Euro guy) gone.  Nintendo had a golden opportunity this Xmas, at they completely blew it.  Xmas of 2013 will be owned by Sony and Microsoft…with much of Nintendo’s games being pushed to 2014.

  • Destructonator 101

    Nintendo hasn’t heard of mass advertising or explaining differences. They hardly advertised and parents over christmas thought, oh another add on for wii like the balance board.

    Nintendo needs to advertise, explain the console and the third, most important is confirmed. Nintendo will kick serious ass this year at E3, so the first two, once fixed, will allow the wii u to kick balls and ass.

    Google maps is not needed for a home console, its needed for 3ds. TiVo, I don’t have, but I know its important. Yet its because Nintendo making the wii u better, that TiVo and GMaps are pushed back.

  • more delays means these features will be good since it is taking this long to be available.

  • jjmesa14

    I own a Wii U and have thus far been disappointed. All of the push backs for apps and games have left the Wii U just another box in my family room. I was really looking forward to playing Pikmin 3 this holiday, as I have never played a Pikmin game before, but was sad to hear that the released date was pushed back to spring. Nintendo TVii, one of the biggest (launch) features of the Wii U, was delayed for a month and still does not have all of the features promised, although TiVo is obsolete at this point. Nintendo probably made a better move releasing the Wii U before Christmas but since they were sleeping on advertisements, games, and apps they didn’t sell as many as they could have. The lack of games have caused the Wii U to collect dust.

    • jjmesa14

      Lets all hope the the new Uper Smash Bros. doesn’t get delayed and is not shown any at E3 because that is by far the most anticipated game for the Wii U.

      On the lighter side, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is a great game for the Wii U. The GamePad isn’t much help if you are playing on the TV but its nice for off TV play. The graphics look great and so far I have not had really any server problems. One downside is that since hardly anybody is buying the Wii U there not many people on the server but I think that will get better over time.