Dec 5th, 2013

White and black Wii U

Now that all three next-gen consoles are out in the wild, many publications are scrambling to tell consumers what they should buy this holiday season. Many are opting to ignore the Wii U, but Time writer Matt Peckham has listed 10 reasons why he thinks the Wii U is a better purchase than either Sony or Microsoft’s offerings.

While Peckham has good things to say for the Wii U, he also lists a few of Nintendo’s faults with the system that need to be addressed. They’re pretty valid points. Check out the list below and if you want to read the full article, you can find it here.

  1. Because it has the games you want to play now.
  2. And it’ll have the games you want to play next year.
  3. The Wii U GamePad is a portable console.
  4. It’s just $300 — $100 less than the PS4 and $200 less than the Xbox One.
  5. There’s no annual subscription fee.
  6. It’s High Def enough.
  7. Wii U games are cheaper on balance.
  8. Nintendo has the Virtual Console and backwards compatibility. Sony and Microsoft have nada.
  9. It has a decent indie lineup, too.
  10. It’s more than just a game system. (TV, remote integration)

Nintendo needs to work on:

  1. Dropping the system price again.
  2. Needs a killer Zelda or Metroid or new Nintendo IP we haven’t seen before, ASAP.
  3. And it needs more third-party games.
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  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    11. I’m all hyped about X

    • Jerry Garcia

      SSB with Megaman.. (Jizzing as I type)

      Plus, I played Wind Waker for my first time on the Wii U, and after completing the game.. Oh man, I again….Jizzed.

      • Dรกibhรญ wotshissurname

        Personally, I’d find watching porn and looking up game sites cancel each other out, and it’s hard jizzing when you need both hands to type.


        • Guesty pooh!

          Ahhh, the old one handed mouse clicker!
          For the love of hygiene, wipe your drool.

          On topic, Nintendo need to release Metroid using the gamepad as a scanner and other control ideas we haven’t even dreamed of yet.
          The first time I booted up Metroid Prime with those beautiful water effects running down my visor I knew I was in love, I want that feeling again please Retro. Now I need to wipe the drool.

      • Dave May

        get this guy some tissue or a x box one to climax on

  • Peppet

    Good points. All the Wii U needs is a really good game (ie Zelda) and more public knowledge and it’ll be selling like hot cakes.

  • harelsen

    the wii u might turn into another gamecube or n64. those consoles were epic but they had rather low sales in comparison to the competition. it think it’s just hype. i usually only by about 12 games for one platform. and nintendo do give you that amount of insanely good games.

    so i would recommend the wii u, because wii u has better exclusives (more) ^^

  • Vitor Samuel

    You should buy a Wii U cause the Xone and Ps4 has nothing new to offer, if i want a PC like console, i just buy a PC.

    • wiiucompl

      Wii U will not need Antyvirus software installed ๐Ÿ™‚ I always prefer dedicated systems, than all-in-one. Wii U is great for games.

      • HungryMetroid

        the xbox one and ps4 can get viruses?

        • wiiucompl

          I dont know, probably not, but I think – maybe I’am wrong – it’s easier to do some malware for x86 platform than PowerPC. I just guess

          • Rob

            That is right. Software is programmed differently for PowerPC processors. The Wii U has one, I believe. It also uses it’s own OS. Xbox will use some variant of Windows, which is alaways virus-prone. While Sony is using Linux. Linux is actually mostly virus proof too, though.

        • DragonSilths

          Well…COD is a Virus…so any system can get it lol.

    • Entropyguy

      Pretty much. I have a Wii U because you can get games that flat out aren’t available anywhere else. The games on the PS4 and XB1 will likely also have PC versions.

      • Dominicruz

        what games are those? beside mario 3d world and wonderful 101 and pikmin 3?

        • olajuwon_patterson

          games like mario kart super smash bros metroid and zelda all ofthem are godlike games and they are coming so what do you mean what games. two of them are coming out 2014 so yeah you should probably get ready my boy.

          • Dominicruz

            I’m a nintendo fan but my hopes are down now i feel bad about my wii U

          • olajuwon_patterson

            i understand that as well they took too long to start coming out with the good games

  • Eduardo

    Off the subject.. Ashley when will there be a new podcast?

    • We’re recording one today. Sorry for missing last week, but Thanksgiving happened. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wilson Shane Keel

    I believe Nintendo is getting the advertising for the Wii U down because I have seen a lot of advertising for it on tv within a few days.

  • harelsen

    it’s christmas…

    Tim just got an xbox one and he got cod ghosts, he is now enjoying his present playing cod with real fish AI.

    Gunderson just got a ps4 and he did not get any games, because he did not like anything at launch.He is currently playing with vr robots.

    Garry got a wii u, with super mario 3d land and wii fit u. He now enjoys playing alone and with his family!

    • Kay Wrobel

      “World” not “Land”… Sorry for being a stickler. Now, who has the most fun? Tim? Gunderson? or Garry? (I bet it’s Garry)

      • harelsen

        sorry. my mistake ๐Ÿ˜›

        however! i think Tim is the one having the most fun ^^ who does not like fish AI? ๐Ÿ˜€

        • MujuraNoKamen

          Super Mario 64.

        • Swordey

          SPOILER ALERT cod has 1, count em, 1 level that uses fish ai IN THE WHOLE GAME

    • Swordey
  • Jack5221

    11. It has MORE 1080p 60fps next gen games than PS4 / Xbox One do.

    • Swordey

      12. Those high-def games are actually very fun

  • Nintenjoe82

    11. Nintendo has not tried to stick DLC costing treble the price of the game on us:

    • NintenScience


      • Nintenjoe82

        I was adding an 11th point to the list.

        11. Nintendo has not turned Wii U into a microtransaction machine (yet)

        • GermGerm


        • Wait.. so you don’t like to buy a game that is barely a game at all until you have to purchase things like the individual cars to race with or characters to fight with because they only give you a handful to begin with.

  • Michaล‚ Pasternak

    Well, I think Wii U community around this one particular site does have a problem. One headline about a game, ten headlines if the Wii U is worth buying and how does it stand against the competition.

    • Andy White

      seriously, also they need to update the review section and the game list BADLY

      • Michaล‚ Pasternak

        Agreed. I love my Wii U, this is my first Nintendo system since long time, and currently I have more Wii games than Wii U ones. Is Wii U worth buying? It is as worth as the rich software library it has. But I can’t read about “best Wii games you would like to play today” here, because I keep reading if it is worth to buy Wii U. I think most people who read this site may already own a Wii U, so why there are articles about if is it worth to buy it?

        • Rinslowe

          I think despite many people commenting on this site already having Wii U’s does not make your point of certain articles being more relevant or not…. But I do agree 100% that it would be a very good idea to have which Wii games are great to play this week etc… That is certainly relevant to Wii U owners as well as those with Wii’s only. It creates a good dialogue where people can see, that with Wii U it is also fully capable of direct backward compatibility with Wii games. And that for top tier titles worth owning on Wii you can get on Wii U just the same. It could be a good vehicle for promoting the differences in a positive way.

  • wiiucompl

    double screen play (and off-tv) is one of the most important feature of Wii U

    (sorry-article translated by google translate)

  • A few things:

    A. The $300 MSRP price tag includes a game or two of a $50 value so the console in reality is about $250. If they want a more accurate comparison they should tack on the cost of a game to the PS4 and XB1 and that will show that the Wii U is about $150 cheaper than the Playstation and $250 cheaper than the XB1

    B. I do not think another price drop is necessary at this point and sales have picked up with some big sales spikes here and there.

    Other than that I think the points are pretty good.

    • GermGerm

      Agreed. This was the only point that I had a problem with. At $300 the Wii U is a great deal. People are expecting too much if they want it for less…

  • CEObrainz

    I’m pretty sure there are things here that are wrong (point 3 being an example), also some don’t make the Wii U that unique such as the last point where the XBone is clearly superior in terms of other things you can do on it.

  • Jan

    There is just one real problem. The lack of 3rd party support! The console is powerful enough to bring a lot of fun into ours homes!

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Fail. Its not a portable console.

    • NintenScience


      Wii U = Home video game console.

    • GermGerm

      It’s portable… to a very small extent ๐Ÿ™‚ Unless we are using the actual definition of portable

      Carried or moved with ease

      But then we could say that they are all portable…

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Did you see the guy who builds his own portables on You Tube? Kind of cool ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Kenshin0011

        Wrong, wii u can be played anywhere with an electrical outlet without the need for a tv. Xbox One nor ps4 can do that

        • icebear80

          I’ve played my Wii U several times on longer train rides. Makes time fly ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sydney Ultrasyd

      Well, almost ๐Ÿ˜€ Once, on my way to holidays, car trip, I pluged the Wii U on the cigarette lighter and played : ) I didn’t plan that, and only thought about it once in the car. It was fun to play on the Gamepad haha.

      • Guest

        Awesome idea!

    • Marcos Parreira

      Sometimes it feels like one. When I was playing CoD only on the GamePad, I felt like it was a HD portable.

    • I didn’t think they meant it as straight-forward as it seems.

      All you really need is a power-supply for the system; and boom. You can play a lot of games on the Gamepad and can fully operate the system through the Gamepad’s screen.

      There’s a company that’s even made a car-adapter for the Wii U, to operate it on the road.

  • Guest

    AD 1 –

  • Con

    Am buying a Wii U as soon as it drops to $250. Or I might just buy it used.

    • Guest

      I bought mine for $289 plus got a $40 gift card.

      • Con

        Where did you buy yours plus get the gift card??

        • Curtis Hofer

          Walmart, they had this deal on.

  • Guest

    194 games

  • Magnus Eriksson

    “1. Because it has the games you want to play now.” (my scores on exclusives/semi-exclusives)

    – Super Mario 3D World : 100/100
    – Zelda Wind Waker : 90/100
    – Zombi U : 90/100
    – Pikmin 3 : 85/100
    – W101 : 85/100
    – Rayman Legends Wii U pad ed. : 85/100
    – Nintendo Land: 75/100
    – New Super Mario Bros U : 70/100 (if first time you play NSMB, then add 10)
    – New Super Luigi U : 60/100 (Same as above)

    • GermGerm

      I actually REALLY liked Nintendo Land. The thing that would have made it much better though would have been online play with your friends. Zombi U was awesome too. It deserves more attention.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Nintendo Land needs more DLC. More levels on Mario Chase, Animal Crossing and Luigis Mansion. And I would love to get some more levels for Metroid too. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • GermGerm

          It’s not too late! Maybe they will still come out with some DLC. I would totally go for that. Yeah maybe some bigger Luigi Mansion levels. The Zelda ones were my favorite! Metroid was an easy second!

        • Andrew W Garttmeyer

          That is a GREAT idea…which sadly means NES won’t do it.

        • Squid

          Why not A Kirby, Pokemon, Ice climbers, and so on game?

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Hmmm… actually thought of the same. Nintendo Land would have been the perfect place for trying out Ice Climbers in one or another form.

          • rp17

            Earthbound, Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, Star Fox…

      • incoherent1

        I think Nintendo Land is the most underrated game on the console. Luigi’s Mansion or Mario Chase are BRILLIANT with friends and family, and everyone loves it and says they’ve never seen anything like it.

        No other game, IMHO, represents how awesome the Gamepad can be.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Metroid is better than Mario Chase

          • incoherent1

            I think they’re both awesome — and agreed, all would benefit from some DLC!

          • rp17

            Mario Chase is better when there is 4-5 five people. If their is 1-3 players, Metroid is better. But they are both awesome!

      • Dave May

        its like im speaking to myself man, i dont think ive been more scared, more like terrified playing zombiu, the whole not dying thing almost makes me want to play COD but if i get killed i have to throw the game away, less is waaay more with that game i hope capcom is paying attention for res.7 but knowing capcom they will make a game where zombis steal cars to try to take some gta sales

    • Rinslowe

      Yep, pretty spot on. IMO

    • Entropyguy

      Nintendoland is a totally underrated game. Online play would be an awesome addition, but there’s just something special about getting friends together to play right there with you.

      • GermGerm

        True. But most of my family live across the country and I would love to be able to save Hyrule with them ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Patrick Starman

      I feel that NSMBU and NSLU are criminally underrated. I’ll gladly consider them Mario’s best 2D platformers!
      Before you rage at me, yes, I’ve played both Super Mario World games, and I still prefer NSMBU.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Rage because taste differs? Nope. Just disagreeing ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • MetroidZero

      Zombi U, oh man oh man.

  • Rinslowe

    Oops I kinda linked that in a previous article earlier, lol
    Looks better here.

  • Marcos Parreira

    Nintendo needs to work on: 4. Advertisement: people have to know they can play Call of Duty and Mario in the same system.

    • Agent721

      Big time!

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Yeah, it’s crazy that they’re not publicizing this. With CoD driving the sales of the PS4 and XBOne, it could do the same for Wii U too. If they did an add featuring CoD on Wii U with Off-TV play and free online they’d steal the spotlight from the others. If Consumers see that all the best next-gen games (CoD, AC, WD) are on Wii U for $100 Dollars less with free online, Miiverse, Off TV Play out of the box etc Wii U would gather steam. And showing that Mario, CoD, DK, AC, Bayonetta, X and SSB are all on the same great system would be game changer this Christmas, but I think we’re losing hope fast.

      • Marcos Parreira

        Last year I was a little disappointed with Nintendo, I just saw no reason to buy or play any Wii games. So I saw the Wii U on youtube and gave it a look. At first, was yet disappointed with graphics (007), but them Activision came and had exactly that: One person playing with the Wii U Pro Controller on the TV, and the other only on the GamePad. Since then I don’t want to even see whatever PS4 and Xbone have to show.

      • Coffee

        Call of duty on wii u is the definitive version, I am not kidding, 1 word, nunchuck controller. more accurate than analog sticks and mouse and is more immersive since you are pointing and aiming like its a real firearm

        • MujuraNoKamen

          right on. Off TV-play seals the deal for me, it’s great to have [free] multiplayer at any time even when the TV is in use.

    • Eva Amore

      Duty means poop.

    • Coffee

      They need to work on advertising the dang game lineup in general show games from hardcore to casual! that is what people want to see, not kids begging their parents to buy a wii u on a commercial

      I am starting to agree that the marketing team, iwata and reggie(sorry if they are the same things, not really a business expert) should be fired as cruel as it sounds, maybe not fired but dethroned and replaced with people who can bring the games people want and advertise what people like to see

  • Maxwell Baumgarten

    The wii u gamepad is NOT a portable console, time.

    • Kenshin0011

      You can take it anywhere there is an electrical outlet and play console games without a tv. That’s what he means. Which honestly isn’t that hard to do, I do it all the time

      • iamserious

        Wait what? How close does the Wii U have to be though? Oh were you talking about the actual Wii U or just the gamepad? Lol.

        • C4

          Both, you can take the Wii U console anywhere and then play on the GamePad without the need for a TV.

  • Kenshin0011

    That TIME article is the best wii u article ever!

  • Leo

    portable? uhnn… that is a bit of a stretch lol

    but really, every single people that i showed the WiiU immediately smiled and said “oh great so this gamepad is a portable system that you can go on a trip with it???!!”… and i was like “not really… lol”

    Nintendo should consider this on their future consoles though… for the ordinary joe it seems just logical that you can take the gamepad everywhere and play, but in reality you can’t.

    • Jon

      well, it is more semi portable, I actually have Wind Waker HD playing right beside me while my Wii U is two rooms away.

      • Denvy

        And I think more or less that’s what they meant. No, you can’t bring it in the car, but within reason, it IS portable. I can play in my bedroom upstairs from where it sits, no TV needed on several games. Pretty enjoyable. It actually makes buying VC titles I already own on their respective systems worth it. I can’t do that with my NES/SNES.

        • Jon

          well….. I had mine in a car on a road trip. but you need the system with that.

          • Denvy

            I suppose if you have a car that has a standard power outlet it’s possible, sure.

          • Jon

            yeah, mine is an adapter that I got for like $15 that plugs into one of those power sockets.

    • iamserious

      The next portable console from Nintendo WILL have this functionality with Wii U. Or at least it should. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Agent721

    I actually have a friend, mid 30s, who is now considering a Wii U, due to the games available vs what is out on PS4. My little brother, who had ceased gaming on the Wii u due to the lack of games, is now all over Wii Sports Club & Wii Fit U. Business is looking up, but it really couldn’t go much lower either! I just hope it’s not too little, too late.

  • They dont need to drop the price AGAIN though

  • InterTreble

    Wii U is the only next gen console with good games this Christmas. Xbox One has poor games, PS4 has nothing. But I don’t think it will be enough, because I do think 70-80% of videogame buyers are “ignorant”. I mean they ignore what they buy. They will never read neither this comment nor this article nor any web site like this one simply because they never read anything about what they are going to buy. They just follow the ads and what people say. And people say PS4 and Xbox One, because the ads tell they are the best. The problem of Nintendo is not its consoles and games, but only the buyers of today, that are too blind to recognize that they will pay 400/500$ for a PS4/Xbox One to play the same things, in the same way, and – don’t tell them… – with the same graphics (omg!!!)…

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    LOL, The GamePad as a portable console

    • iamserious

      Yeah that is pretty misleading but I think we all knew what he meant. Non-owners of course would not know what he meant though. :-/

  • Tecpedz94

    Dropping the price again? Are yous serious, you want it for free?? The price is good enough i doubt they will drop the price again at least not until the next few years.

  • Andrew W Garttmeyer


    Itโ€™s High Def enough.

    What does that mean?

    • iamserious

      I laughed when I read that too. The Wii U is hi-def period.

    • The ‘core’ gamers insist that because the PS4/X1 are more powerful; their games will already surpass/will trump anything on Wii U.

      While of course the graphical fedlity of Wii U games will be lower than what’s on PS4/X1; one can’t deny that the Wii U has already proved it can produce some awesome looking games; and this is just 1-year into its lifetime.

      It’s not like the Wii vs. PS3/360. Wii was a standard-definition system going against two HD systems. The Wii U is a high-definition system going against two other high-definition systems. That alone makes the gap MUCH smaller.

      • Simon Stevens

        Nintendo are the core gamer, they are the company that inspired us all, gamers, developers, everybody in the industry

    • Simon Stevens

      It’ll have to do *sigh*

  • Zach Cruz

    I feel like Im the only one that hated ZombiU… So many issues with the game for me. that said I love the WII U especially with the new mario game pikmin3 and windwaker its a good console and easily worth 300$ without needing to lowering the price with just those three games already available.

    • Agent721

      You’re not alone, I thought it sucked.

      • Zach Cruz

        Okay I’m glad I am not the only one here. Cause 1 melee weapon in a zombie game…. stupid… took to long to kill them with it as well. Wasn’t very zombie survival with that one weapon… If they infused like a dead rising first person feel to it then that could be cool. grab whatever you find laying around and use that as a weapon then that would be a zombie survival game for me..

        • Rinslowe

          Personally I thought the cricket bat was pure genius. But yeah, more variety would’ve been nice.

    • Rinslowe

      I agree with everything except Zombie U being a bad game. I thought it was pretty good overall. Granted, I went in with little real expectation about it….

    • Coffee

      $300 is a steal honestly, you are getting a controller that acts as remote play on the ps vita and a HD console

      buying a ps4 and a vita is $600, wii u is half that price, if you have a $600 budget then a wii u+ a 3DS is an excellent gaming combo

      I also find the wii u to be a great in house tablet, it can do youtube,a good internet browser,hulu,netflix and more

      • Zach Cruz

        The console is great and will only get better, my question though is how relevant will it be later on 4-5years down the road when companies arent showing nintendo support because the hardware just isnt up to par like xbox one and ps4. The hardware is good but there will be games that the Wii U just wont be able to run.

        • Coffee

          Nah, I am not worried, remember the wii? It went into the HD console era with 6th gen hardware( gamecube like hardware) but look at the wonderful games it brought

          xenoblade chronicles

          zelda twilight princess

          zelda skyward sword

          super mario galaxy 1 and 2

          red steel 2

          I can keep going but I dont want to make the message TOO long, the power gap this time is not as bad as last gen, a lot of the wii u exclusives are 1080p 60 fps, bayonetta 2 is a good example of what the wii u is capable of, 60 fps and 1080p on a game like that COULDNT be dont on ps3 or 360 at that resolution and framerate together, one would have to sacrifice for the other

          But I am not wanting wii u for multiplats, it is the exclusives that sell me, I learned to accept that developers are too lazy to port their games to the wii u so I am viewing the exclusives as the main course and whatever multiplats there are, are treats. People already know by this point what they are getting into when they buy a wii u, if you cant live without multiplat franchises like borderlands,elder scrolls,fallout then wii u is not the right purchase, but if the exclusives make up for everything and you are ok with whatever multiplats there are then wii u is supreme

          • Zach Cruz

            I still play brawl, but I think it was missing a lot of good games on both xbox and ps4, i stopped playing my wii after the second galaxy and never got to skyward sword although i heard it was awesome. The Wii just confused me on how it didnt go HD, when i have a 1080 large screen I wanna play in HD not 480. Not everyone feels the same way but pixels and blurs just bothered me on the wii quite a bit when I’d go from play pc or xbox 360 to wii I just felt like I was losing something.

          • Coffee

            The wii was made at a time when hardly anyone owned an HD TV and both microsoft and sony had really espensive consoles, $500-$600 vs $250 with a unique controller, too bad a lot of people assumed every wii game was like wii sports

            I dont know how you have a problem with the resolution on the wii,it is not HD but the games look fine, I heard that wii games look better on the wii u actually…..

            If graphics and resolution mattered then current smart phones and tablets would be better than 3ds for gaming because the specs of a tegra 4 tablet blow away the 3ds but the games arent nearly as good…..

  • Squid

    That’s true. Add a new Megaman, some IPS and I think we’ll be awesome.

  • john

    I’d like to see a new F-Zero game too. I mean, no duh we’re getting a Zelda game, we’ll very likely get a new Metroid game, and we’ll probably even get another brand new Mario too. But Nintendo has other great series too. It’s been forever since we saw a new F-zero or Starfox game (the remake for the 3DS doesn’t count). They should definitely keep on doing new Mario, Zelda, and Metroid games (and Kirby and Pokemon too) but they should never forget to give some love to their other franchises too.

  • iamserious

    Just checked recent VGchartz sales of Wii U and it’s still climbing. This is really good news for all Wii U owners.

    • Rinslowe

      VGchartz being an iffy place to go for accurate no’s on current platforms and titles. But I agree 100%. Wii U is obviously on a consistent climb in popularity and sales. Hopefully Nintendo can maintain their schedule for 2014 and there is every chance that trend can continue. As a Wii U owner I am fully hyped for 2014’s lineup. I doubt there’ll much time for a lot of gaming elsewhere in my household.
      Well I’m off to get in some SM3DW time…

  • DragonSilths

    I am getting tired of hearing this over and over again.

    1.Because it has the games you want to play now. โ€“ Sure

    2.And itโ€™ll have the games you want to play next year. โ€“ Yes

    3.The Wii U GamePad is a portable console. โ€“ I guess so

    4.Itโ€™s just $300 โ€” $100 less than the PS4 and $200 less than the Xbox One. โ€“ No shit

    5.Thereโ€™s no annual subscription fee. -No shit

    6.Itโ€™s High Def enough. โ€“ Enough? Its 1080p and 60fps. No console goes higher then that for the 8th gen.

    7.Wii U games are cheaper on balance. โ€“ Uhโ€ฆwhat? They are all $60

    8.Nintendo has the eShop. Sony and Microsoft have nada. โ€“ PSN store and XBL MarketPlace?

    9.It has a decent indie lineup, too. โ€“ True

    10.Itโ€™s more than just a game system. (TV, remote integration) โ€“ True

    Nintendo needs to work on:

    1.Dropping the system price again. โ€“ NO THATS NOT THE FUCKING ISSUE.

    2.Needs a killer Zelda or Metroid or new Nintendo IP we havenโ€™t seen before, ASAP. โ€“ 2014โ€ฆwe all know all the good stuff is coming

    3.And it needs more third-party games. โ€“ Fuck off, just fuck off. Besides Destiny, It needs NO MORE 3RD PARTY.

    • Prince Ali

      If you read the actual article:
      7. There are quite a few games that have debuted at less than $60. TLoZ:WW HD, Batman Arkham Origins, etc. Also, this point is to address that today, the Wii U has these advantages. In that light there are several other games now that are below the $60 mark, Nintendoland, NSLU, Lego City: Undercover, etc.

      8. This point is that Nintendo has backwards compatability and the others have nothing. Don’t know how you read eShop…

      • DragonSilths

        Nope, what I say is correct. I am incapable of being incorrect.

    • Coffee

      What? wii u needs more third party games, that is why it is struggling, at least one of the reasons
      need for speed rivals, dying light, gta 5, elder scrolls online, final fantasy 15 should be on the wii u but developers dont want to port for a low selling system

      • DragonSilths

        GTA 5 isn’t on any 8th gen system so that’s invalid. Need For Speed is meh. Dying Light….hmm cant recall that game is that Ubisofts? Elder Scrolls fuck off with the Elder Scrolls bullshit. I don’t know anybody that likes it in real life. Final Fantasy HAS BEEN SHIT SINCE 8 FACT. Monolith Soft is the best talent from Square Enix, SE sucks now adays.

  • Sdudyoy

    “Dropping the system price again” I really can’t agree with that.

  • MysticDude97

    Thanks, TIME.

  • greengecko007

    Great article. The only point I disagree with is 8. Backwards compatibility isn’t a big deal, and the Wii U virtual console is a joke.

    • Joey

      Virtual Console is not a joke, i got plenty of them and enjoyed them, i disagree with you.

      • greengecko007

        That’s great fot you, but there are many people not satisfied with paying $5 for obscure NES games.

        • Rinslowe

          Obscure ๐Ÿ™‚ Contemptuous and unnecessary. Name 3 NES VC games which you believe suits the description of being “obscure” and why.

          • greengecko007

            I’m saying it’s intentional, but I feel the need that to tell you that the way you are wording your replies makes you seem like you are being a jerk.

            I have no problem explaining my opinion though.

            Obscure NES games on the Wii U virtual console…


            Urban Champion
            Clu Clu Land

            Nintendo may have famous classics from the NES era, but these are not them. I’d much rather see the original Final Fantasy games on the virtual console. But why stop there? What about N64, gameboy, gamecube, and gameboy advance games? Additionally, these extremely simple games are criminally overpriced at $5 each.

          • Rinslowe

            None of those games can be said to be obscure. All of those games being well known in fact. Perhaps just not for you. Also referencing titles with higher exposure is just that, It does not make any of those titles listed obscure for any reason as again they are well known to me. And many others as well. Making a point of yet more titles from other era’s also does not change this fact. Even though fundamentally I can agree with you on the overall point being made that there are a plethora of more interesting titles to choose from in Nintendo’s back catalogue of quality titles…My issue is solely with the use of the word ‘obscure”.

            And I’ll be the first to admit that in your case, my actions to you can be correctly described as “being a jerk” as you put it. That is very intentional on account of you being the exact same to most others. Most often.

            – Golf was the eleventh highest-selling game for the NES.
            – Tennis was used in Animal Crossing and Warioware + Wii and Wii U. The original received broad exposure and relative success for the time selling over 2m copies.
            – Baseball again quite popular back in the day and went on to sell over 3m…
            – Pinball, yet another well known title selling nearly 2m
            – Urban Champion was a popular title to own during the NES era despite being negatively reviewed. It was crap IMO. But not obscure.the same as Clu clu land.
            (Made more popular unfortunately due to the infamous “multicart”, no doubt hurting sales)

            There is nothing obscure about any of the above titles on account of being VC games made relevant to a particular period in NES history from 1983 to 1985. Obscure being the word in question….

            What I can agree with is the pricing… VC games are overpriced for the most part.

          • greengecko007

            Obscure – not important or well known

            In my OPINION (because I actually think you have a hard time identifying what is an opinion), these titles are not necessary and are a waste of time. They may have sold well in the past (I’d ask for a source for those numbers but that’s not really the point) but they are not relevant now, as shown by how poorly they have sold on the virtual console compared to games people actually want.

            Please, give examples of when I am a jerk to people. I don’t place myself higher, and lose my temper just like everyone else, but I’m a jerk “most of the time”? I feel that I am more than fair the majority of the time. Either way, does that justify you intentionally targeting me? You’re just being immature, and I feel sorry for you.

            I have no problem discussing my opinion with others, nor do I except people to agree with me, but you being snide about my opinion and acting like it isn’t valid to have one because it isn’t “factual” (which isn’t possible) is absurd.

            If you want to actually have a discussion, feel free to post something meaningful and I will be more than happy to talk to you.

          • Rinslowe

            Lol, exactly to this…. “Obscure – not important or well known”

            My previous post has proven that this word does not apply

            I am very clear on identifying what is an opinion, lol What you fail to see is that I was making reference to the incorrect use of the word “obscure”. Not a debate on your opinion. Whether or not you choose to accept that is your problem, but obscure as in “someones opinion or not” – does not aptly describe those titles in any way. Again, I was clear enough in the previous post as to why I believe that is a fact. Not opinion.

            I know very well that you are an intelligent individual. I’m not in any way trying to debate that fact. It’s painfully obvious. However perhaps we should both concede to not putting that to best use… For eg; perhaps you have some interest in psychology or the human condition/ nature and are quite perceptive – but what good is it if it only serves you to preach to everyone how they may be incorrect. Surely there are more constructive ways to debate with people. I have seen your many posts and frankly I believe on occasion I share the same problem. I studied social and experimental psych among other things … But have an urge to be argumentative. This is a fact, not exactly redeeming but a fact nonetheless. You on the other hand tend to patronise. And that you can say is simply my observation.

            I guess ultimately I don’t like that…

            Lets see how this goes from here and I can continue to argue, but I would much rather enjoy browsing Wii U news and information. Not actually wanting in any way to have a last say as has been incorrectly labeled to my character once again.

            Lastly you mention if wanting to have a discussion… In fact I believe I was quite on topic in the previous post with one exception (I apologise for that) and even agreed with you on two occasions. How that warranted overlooking my entire first paragraph when pointing to the meaning of the word “obscure” and the fact that it was proficiently addressed is a little strange.

          • greengecko007

            If you feel that I patronize others, perhaps you are reading too much into my previous posts? I have no problem with differing opinions, and I believe the only time I could even remotely be labeled as such would be when I am correcting certain people who are just plain wrong, for actual provable points.

            I find it interesting that although we agree in areas, you, for unknown reason, refuse to acknowledge that describing things is opinionated. You cannot tell me that “obscure” is the wrong word, because that is exactly what I think those games are, and that’s my opinion. If you think they are important additions to the virtual console, I’m fine with that, but you cannot tell me my word choice is wrong.

            I’m also confused as to why you would intentionally patronize somebody, when in reality, we are both very similar, as I’m sure you are aware of.

            As far as actual discussion, I’m curious what you think a more fair price range would be for virtual console titles. The topic usually comes up in articles related to that, but I’ve noticed almost everyone has a different idea of how much they should cost. Perhaps that’s part of the problem to begin with?

          • Rinslowe

            The whole reading too much into arguments is in my opinion a redundant statement. I am perfectly fine to disagree with you on that point. I’ve heard the same thing from another individual on here who is consistently claiming people to misunderstand intentions. So be it. We disagree there.
            I understand what is your opinion, but what I do not understand is that after being provided with suitable information to the topic of those titles mentioned, that you still cling to that opinion. It may be yours but that doesn’t change this fact and is not the pertinent topic either. As I said, my problem is not in your opinion but the incorrect use of the word “obscure”. Not that you are not entitled to your opinion. If you want to collapse this argument down to “just being your singular opinion” then I’m cool with that too – naturally.
            I’m interested in why you think I’m patronising anyone? I’m argumentative and have already confirmed as much. Patronising is more your habit. If you don’t like that or believe I’m “reading to much into it”, then again I’m fine with that as I mentioned.

            I believe VC games should not be more than $1 – $2 each. This is solely because it has the chance of reaching almost everybody’s ability to pay on a whim. Or buy on impulse. This should be the sole focus on VC to begin with. In a similar way to how companies approach apps in the mobile space. $5 is not expensive per se’ but far easier to notice if you’re intent on picking up VC games often out of curiosity, nostalgia etc…
            Lastly, I don’t see the connection you make to VC having any problem to begin with… Other than the price is higher than it should be. This is because the perceived problem towards VC belongs to you, as part of your “opinion”. And unlike quantifying the success, worth and exposure of a physical object I.E; The VC titles listed – this part of your opinion is purely subjective.

          • greengecko007

            You admitted to intentionally patronizing me. I was just asking why.

            I have pretty much the same view in terms of pricing NES virtual console games.

            I am also dissatisfied with the virtual console for general lack of content and support, as well as quality. Of the two virtual console games I purchased, both experince lag and framerate issues. These problems are commonly associated with emulated versions, and to me, are unacceptable on games I am already choosing to pay money for rather than get free.

          • Rinslowe

            “You admitted to intentionally patronizing me. I was just asking why.”
            No, this is an assumption. I admitted to “being a jerk” but that does not automatically imply the term. I’m sure you can agree…

            I am not dissatisfied with the VC for the reasons mentioned above. In fact I am not dissatisfied with VC at all. I believe the content and support as well as quality is not a problem. Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with the two games you had bought. But too early to attribute that in the general sense.
            Regarding the VC I think it’s very existence is a positive differentiation of available content on the platform. I also believe that it is too early to judge VC for one obvious reason. I believe Nintendo are working rather diligently to find suitable games worth upgrading. There is a structure to it, it’s not just pick an era and throw out whatever they can… Call it a work in progress for this reason.
            Yes as mentioned, I believe the pricing should be adjusted accordingly to suit meeting everyone’s lowest expectations on such software. And this should be well, well within Nintendo’s ability for the moment, profits being the lesser focus.

          • greengecko007

            As a fellow person who enjoys arguing, I am not going to continue to debate diction with you. I don’t know why you would do that if not just for he sake of being difficult.

            I will say I have always disagreed with the too early to judge philosophy. Everything can always be improved, and criticism helps us understand where we need to improve. I see no point in holding off on judgement, especially since the virtual console has already had 8 months to improve. I can assure you I would just as displeased if I had paid $60 for a game only to have it be riddled with bugs that inhibited my ability to play.

            You are correct that the virtual console is a work in progress. When it looks like progress is being made, and the service improves, I will be very happy.

          • Rinslowe

            Your first point I can agree to let go. Of course. It is not my interest to be argumentative for arguments sake. Now that we have a clear understanding of each others ability to argue. Let us use that as a healthy deterrent then, lol What do you say?

            I agree absolutely in certain circumstances it is better to go with critiquing given and available information, stimuli etc… To gain a baseline understanding of the situation from various angles to begin a framework for improvement. In this case though, I personally don’t see how it applies. Of course no-one wants to have a product which doesn’t perform to specification. I haven’t experienced that problem, so it’s hard for me to agree further than that.

    • Rinslowe

      Well that is just your opinion and hardly factual.

      • greengecko007

        Obviously it’s my opinion. Why would you even need to say that?

        • Rinslowe

          Why? That would be the “hardly factual” part, obviously. Being quite self explanatory…
          In other words, I am implying your opinions to be “hardly factual”. lol…

          • greengecko007

            That doesn’t make any sense, and doesn’t answer my question of “why?”.

            My opinion of a topic is very obviously my opinion. Why comment saying something completely obvious and redundant that doesn’t further discussion?

          • Rinslowe

            Again, totally missing the point. If you can’t accept that I’m implying your opinions are “hardly factual” then you need to just get over it, lol.

          • greengecko007

            If you can’t accept that fact that opinions are, by definition, not factual, and that your replies are pointless, you need to get over it. Feel free to type something meaningful anytime, but I fully expect your next coment to be redundant, and simply fulfill your desire to have the last word.

          • Rinslowe

            Lol, so predictable. In fact I knew you were going to reply with that exact comment. Opinions are subjective of course. And yet still you miss the point. The only thing redundant at this stage is your ability to comprehend sarcasm, your tendency to make cheap shots and your belief in knowing what others desires actually are… which you are obviously challenged in that regard on all points.
            Feel free to have the last say – any time.

  • PS4/WiiU

    It’s high def enough -_-
    What’s that supposed to mean

    • MujuraNoKamen

      I thought that was selling it short too. I think they were trying to say that PS4 and XBOne have the advantage in terms of graphics but it doesn’t matter – which is true but they failed to mention Wii U games are running smoother than other next gen games right now (or so I hear) and games like Bayonetta 2 and X look so damn good, few PS4 games can rival them.

      • PS4/WiiU

        Yeah, the xboxone and ps4 graphics are slightly better
        Especially when you look at the Zelda tech demo. Better than most games on ps4 and xbox one (graphically)

  • Simon Stevens


    • Mario

      That’s funny!

  • Austin Burn

    >The Wii U GamePad is a portable console.

    • Rinslowe

      Technically speaking no. If it was, there would be no need for the memory set up, GPU and CPU + other hardware components to be housed in the console….
      Although if Wii U’s design is anything to go by. Nintendo’s next system or handheld could very well be a truly portable “Wii U” like system.

      • Austin Burn

        that’d be amazing i just dont understand why the article said it was portable, i mean sure you can play the games on the game pad, but you cant really play them everywhere unless you bring the console.

        • Rinslowe

          If the guts of the system is in the console as it is. Then absolutely it is not a portable system in the true sense. But it does allow some freedom of choice in that direction when gaming close to the console. Of course.

      • Decker Shado

        Indeed, when I look at the things going on with the Wii U now.. it does look like making it completely portable is the next logical step. The whole system uses a negligible amount of electricity – and if something equal power to a Wii U were released in 6 years, but with all the guts shrunk down and fit into the gamepad.. that could work out pretty dang well.

        A “tv adapter” for such a thing could then instead take the wireless video signal from the gamepad to the TV, instead of the reverse setup we have now. It also means we could have multiplayer games with multiple gamepads… but.. that also would be a ton more expensive.

        Nevertheless, it’s all an interesting thought and not too outlandish.

        • Rinslowe

          “A “tv adapter” for such a thing could then instead take the wireless video signal from the gamepad to the TV, instead of the reverse setup we have now. It also means we could have multiplayer games with multiple gamepads”
          I even said as much a few months back on another site… Therefore If two completely random people can come to the same conclusion so easily and see the merits in a design like that then surely the peeps at Nintendo are thinking about it? Ya never know….. But it’s solid. IMO

        • Lightno19

          It would be cool as nintendo’s next handheld system in the future, maybe the Nintendo HDS. It could work as a console but then as a portable if you want to go somewhere else. It would be like combining the Wii U with the 3DS which would be awesome.

  • Noah Hood

    Those are some compelling reasons to buy a Wii U. I agree with ALMOST everything. I’m not so sure about a price drop. I feel like $300 might be just the right price point. Maybe I’m wrong? I don’t really see it selling for any cheaper though.

  • JumpMan

    is nobody else bothered by #3?

    “The Wii U GamePad is a portable console.”

    no it’s not ok bye

    • C4

      It’s an horrible shortened explanation for Off TV Play, you can use the GamePad “like a portable” at least in the same room as the Wii U console is, like they explained in the linked article. It’s worded poorly though, I agree.

      #10 is also arguable. At least in europe there’s not much use for streaming with a Wii U, although the browser is good for YouTube when it works.

  • Angelo G

    Don’t forget…WiiU Console comes with $50+ game(s). Maybe Nintendo can make a price drop by removing ‘free’ game. Or the ‘basic’ system should not include game pad?

    • dinos24

      Although this would lower the price, the gamepad is necessary for functions such as Miiverse or the eShop. Unless they released an update allowing Wiimote usage on these features, it doesn’t look like they would remove the gamepad from any bundle.

    • Coffee

      No! The point of the wii u IS the gamepad

  • johngmc281

    Maybe on this sight I maybe will be safe from trolls I love nintendo not so much for the games I love them too don’t get me wrong I’ve decide a long time ago that I’d always have whatever console was out in my home only for the memory’s I can remember sitting on between my grandpa and my uncle who both passed away. It was funny as hell being 10 years old and them cursing out super mario world on snes you can’t replace that. I have a hard on for Sony as well but the money isn’t there if it was I’d totally get a ps4 but all the hate and stuff that people throw out at nintendo or any console or each other is just awful it’s just stuff it’s not life and death your xbone or ps4 or wii u isn’t going to make you live longer it’s fun but just stuff but if nintendo fails in the console market they’ll all fail they all need each other if nintendos gone who are xbox and playstation going to get inspiration from the kinect is an amazing piece of technology and I don’t throw that word out lightly but you can’t say for a second that they didn’t get the inspiration from the wii sensor bar I’m just one person I can’t force people what to think because people need options that’s why there are three to choose from it’s not fair to compare the wii u to the xbone or ps4 they’re for a totally different audience but I guarantee you if the had a wii u as a sidekick to those they wouldnt be disappointed

  • TULFich

    Buying it ยดtill mario kart 8 ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Completely agree on all points. How is Time doing a better job of game journalism than most major game sites/blogs?

  • Adecentboy777

    OH my GOD! What a list!!! IT WONN’T WORK ANYWAY!!! WII U IS A F* WEAK ONE IN EVERY ASPECT (3rd SUPPORT, HARDWARE, FUTURE, POSTPONED GAMES, ETC..) PS4/XBONE sold already more unists, than WII U in 1 year!!! IT’s a laugh! AND I laugh too, since I have this crap console!!! It’s gonna be even worst than Game Cube, much worst! F* YOU NINDENTO, you have no clue about F* gaming!!!! THE only thing you know something about is MARIO and CO., F* cheap after all the years!!! You will be doomed just like SEGA! :)) AND I WILL PISS ON YOUR GRAVE!!!!

    • InsaneZucchini

      No. They haven’t. They have outsold the Wii U in a single market, and certainly not the largest one. They have outsold the Wii U’s lifetime sales in the UK.

      The Wii U has actually outsold the PS4 in North America over the past two weeks. This may be attributed to PS4’s supply, but that’s unclear, what is clear is that Wii U sales are continuing to pick up selling around 500k units in November, a great climb compared to recent quarters where it barely pushed 160k over the course of 3 months.

  • Steve

    11. Wii U doesn’t ban you from online play for using foul language. Lol

  • ItzameyaToad

    Really Nintendo needs to work on getting another price drop? Ummm no it is perfect at $300 for that you get a console and a game which is a great deal and in some cases 2 games a console for $300. IMO a price cut is not needed anytime soon even if I didn’t own a Wii U I would think it’s a huge bargain at $300. And the needing a new IP or Zelda, Metroid is all opinion really but holds no water. All signs are pointing to Nintendo being A-Ok well in to 2014 but I will say that if anything a reveal of a new IP or Metroid/Zelda could help peak more interest but is not needed. I agree with the article on the other points though about why Wii U is a worthy buy.

  • Lunatic

    10 is a bit of a joke. I love that I can pop open the TV remote menu and increase the volume on my TV without having to take my hands off my controller, but aside from that I never use the TV stuff. I occasionally use the input button when I can’t find my remote, but I have to press it repeatedly to cycle from one option to another, and without a select button I just have to wait for the TV to recognize that my selection is final to change it. It’s awkward compared to a real remote, and I feel like it probably wouldn’t work on some TVs.

    I just got an Xbox One, and it is now my primary input. It can turn on my TV (and itself) without me touching a remote or controller, and then it can switch between games, Netflix, YouTube, the internet, and live TV (complete with channel selection) without ever going through a single menu or pressing a button. Last night my girlfriend and I were watching Netflix, and she had to go to the bathroom. “Xbox pause, go to YouTube”, and BAM, I was finishing a video I was watching earlier while she was away. She comes back, “Xbox go to Netflix” and BAM, back to the show, still paused at the exact moment we stopped. It was magical.

    I’m a huge Nintendo fan, but they really can’t tote the TV integration as anything special. I’ve used Nintendo TVii approximately once, and unless I was missing something, it really did nothing for my TV experience aside from show a picture of the show logo and keep my GamePad on, draining its limited battery (the same problem that Netflix on the Wii U has. Is it too much to ask for the ability to turn the screen off?). I use off-TV play all the time, though. That’s a good feature to brag about.

    Oh, and using the web browser on the Wii U GamePad for YouTube is also amazing. More features like that would be great.

  • Kev

    Points 5 and 8 resonate strongest with me.